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flat pack pets

You might have noticed our rabbits hanging around recently


Since we're not allowed to bring pets to work, I bought this rabbit from Garudio Studiage in lieu of installing a hutch in the office

He currently lives on top of the shelf in Creative Corner, near the coin counter.

Flat pets are a perfect for people who don't have enough space in their homes for a real pet or have a tendency to kill houseplants just by putting them on their desk.

As well as rabbits, you can also get White Kitten, Neon Ginger Kitten and Golden Yellow Labrador Puppy.

The best things about these pets (apart from never having to bother with cumbersome things like triggering allergies, emptying litter trays or dealing with worming tablets) is that they don't need a pet passport


Meaning you can pop them in your suitcase and take them wherever you like.




And when it comes to moving house, you don't need to get a special basket to transport them in or worry about them getting lost in the new neighbourhood.

Just make sure you don't lock them out overnight.


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