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show and tell

We had a show and tell in our creative monthly last week where we all had to bring something we'd seen that we liked.

Zoe brought in some photos of handpainted shop signs from India and Tansy brought a map of London, marked with all her favourite routes and places.

I brought in a leaflet from Hans Schabus' exhibition Next Time I'm Here, I'll Be There which was all about the chair and how chairs and sitting have become such a central part of western culture and society.

In a nutshell, it talked about everything from how sitting is not a natural position (hence why we all suffer backache) to the how kings slept on their thrones so as not to be parted from the seat of power and how chairs can control large groups of people (in theatres, football stadiums, concerts etc). 

It also talked about workplace hierachy being demonstrated by chairs. 

Apparently the boss has the best chair, the visitors' chairs are always uncomfy and the employees get somewhere inbetween.

Same same 
My chair is on the left, Dan's is the on the right.

The only difference is that his has a cashmere jumper casually draped over it. Case in point right there.

Ben brought in lots of beautiful books. This one is by a chap called Andy Smith

The blue inks 

They're limited edition, screen printed and brilliantly done.

All in blue 

This one is all about the blue inks and is printed in all different shades of blue (apart from one page which is in magenta).
Ben also brought in a book of sticky labels by Ivor Cutler

Ivor has been making and collecting these labels since 1964. It's definitely worth a read.

Finally, Kat talked about her baking obsession.

Having mastered cakes (and pretty much most culinary disciplines), she's currently trying out biscuits, using these cookie cutters for her first attempt.

Rubbish cutter 

Batch #1

Attempt 1 

Batch # 2

Attempt 2 

Batch #3

Attempt 3

 Her learnings from this foray into baked goods were:

1. Experimenting is good.

2. Sometimes old school is best.

3. Using rubbish cookie cutters = rubbish biscuits.

More show and tell (and hopefully biscuits) next month.


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