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new stuff

 We've just made a smart new POS kit to send to all the shops that sell our drinks.


For those not au fait with the giddy world of retail acronyms, POS stands for Point of Sale.

Table talkers, wobblers, shelf edge labels, barkers, barkstops, fins - POS is basically anything that tells customers your stuff is being sold in that shop. It's usually positioned by the tills or on the shelf next to your products to help draw attention to them and hopefully sell a few more.

Here's a posh stand to sit next to a till (or infront of a filing cabinet)


But my favourite bit of kit has to be this little cube with 'five ideas for improving your life in small but meaningful ways'.

It's meant to go on tables so that people have something to read whilst they're waiting for their soy chai latte to arrive or if the chat starts to stink.


There's enough to keep you entertained for a good 4 minutes and 38 seconds


And if you get really bored (or are just rather nosey), when you open the lid, there's more stuff inside

Inside cube 

Maybe we'll make some little men to go inside next time round.

Man in cube



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