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January 31, 2012


My hubby once gave me super glue....he gave my present to his mother by mistake (got the bags mixed up!) :)

Well I have been together with my partner for over three years and each year we always decide never to give each other a valentine's gift. However being the romantic I am I always surprise her with roses being sent to her work whilst I get nothing. The same again this year. Yes I know I break our rule but you would think she would cotton on by now. Ah well it is the thought that counts.

Okay - I'll confess up...I found a single rose (cheapo, mass-produced rubbish that's sold on street corners in the West End) on the back seat of an ex-boyfriend's car.

So I ask: "What's with the rose - is it for me?"

"No," he replies, " but you can have it if you want?"

Humiliated and embarrassed and desperately unloved, I asked where did it come from?

"I saw that girl from Sugababes coming out of a club in North London and I raced to buy it for her...but I couldn't get close enough to her to hand it over ...and it got crushed anyway," he tells me with venom in his voice.

Fighting back the tears, I turn to look out of the window and find some inner dignity.

Not a thought had crossed his mind about me - the mother of his children!

Waster!! I'm glad I finally had the sense to kick-him-to-the-kerb.

(Have always hated Valentines since then - maybe this hamper would cheer me up)

My boyfriend thought it would be romantic to cook for me. I was impressed by his efforts until he gave me desert and failed to mention the walnuts in them ( to which I have a fatal allergy to). He ended up calling 999 and almost killing me!

mmm still undecided about this one. i had a horrible feeling my husband was playing away so decided to confront him about it. he absolutely flatly denied it. the following day he was very quiet, i was very quiet. by the time i got home from work he took me by the hand and said "i would never ever do that to you and just to cheer you up here is a wii fit board" romantic or punch in the guts? you decide !

A massage from my first boyfriend went very wrong.
He told me he was going to make my head explode with pleasure.
Well that didn't happen, but my back nearly exploded and I had an asthma attack when I came out in an horrific allergic reaction and we had to go to A&E.
He'd used his mums vintage pot pourri refresher oil on me!

My worst was one valentines day when i got nothing! my boyfriend went to work without so much as card for me so i waited thinking he was just pretending and had a surprise for me that evening.
All day i was excited thinking maybe he was taking me out for dinner or had arranged to go somewhere that night but night came and nothing was said so I didnt mention it either. The following day I tried to casually mention the fact that it was valentines day yesterday (and beleive me, after being laid in bed all night furious that id been so stupid to get excited about valentines day, i use the word casually lightly!) he glanced up from his computer and said "was it? its just a rip off day anyway" and carried on playing games.
I went and threw his card and present in the bin!
At the time i was furious but we both look back and laugh about it now. It is quite funny when you think about it.
I must admit, he's never forgotten since.

When my boyfriend told me he'd brought me something back from America all sorts of things came to mind... but not 'Grow Your Own Herd' Cow Beans!

And no they didn't grow any cows :-(

I was the lucky recipient of an ironing board cover with red love hearts printed on it. Ah how lovely!

got given a kettle. a used kettle. a used kettle full of limescale.kettle lasted longer than him. nuff said!

we've been together for 22 years now and married 17, for the last 15 years he hasnt got me anything as he says its a commercialised day. He started off so romantic when we first went out and over the years its gone, but we are still happily married but the hamper would be a nice treat and it might even embarrasse him enough that i told you all he will actually organize something lol

I'd been friends with this guy for ages. I knew he liked me and I kind of liked him. He finally got up the nerve to ask me out so off we went to dinner & a movie. The restaurant had closed down and for some unknown reason he'd chosen the worst ever horror film for our first date! We ended up in McDonald's afterwards, sitting in silence. The whole evening was just awful and awkward! Needless to say it was our last date and our friendship was never quite the same afterwards. :+)

My hubby is not the most romantic soul and never celebrates Valentines but this one year, he decided to buy me a gift..... not flowers... not chocolates... no, I got a pair of hiking boots! Don't ask - never laughed so much! Needless to say, he has never bought for me again :-((

When I was a teenager a boyfriend 'treated' me to a romantic meal-a chip buttie followed by a Mars bar.

My Boyfriend last year got me a Stirling Engine Kit, do you know what that is? Not really? No, nor did I! I tried to assemble it but my boyfriend said I was doing it wrong and ended up doing it for "me", when I saw the finished model I vaguely remember him showing me one and I politely said it was cool...

I think the worst 'romantic' gesture I had was a 'love note' from an ex boyfriend. It was very sombre, and requested that I think seriously before answering his question: was I more happy, less happy or equally happy as I was when we were together? He had drawn tick boxes next to every option! Needless to say, I did not participate in the survey!

I booked a romantic weekend in Paris for my boyfriend and I to celebrate Valentine's day as I had an inkling he was going to propose and I wanted the occasion to be perfect and memorable. Everything went according to plan and during a romantic meal overlooking the River Seine, I noticed he seemed a little distracted and kept putting his hand in his jacket pocket as if to reassure he had 'it'. The meal concluded without incident. I was somewhat dissapointed, but during a boatride back to the hotel, I braced myself when he said "there's something I've been wanting to give to you all day". He put his hand inside his jacket pocket a pulled out a small package. This is it!!!, I thought.My fingers trembled as I opened a small white box where inside I found.... a continental adaptor!! "It's for your hairdryer", he quipped. "I've been carrying it around all day" Grrrr! who said romance was dead!!!

The most embarassing one was a lovely valentine card when I was an awkward teenager, I was on cloud 9 thinking it was from a special someone, only found out it was from my dad after I'd shown it off all day at school. My most ungrateful one was when my lovely husband got me a traditional big box of chocs but had obviously forgotten I had gestational diabetes at the time and couldn't eat any .

The worst gift I was ever given, well it would have to have been being dumped on the eve of Valentines day! What made it worse is I had booked us a romantic Valentines weekend away, Couldnt go after being dumped as, to add insult to injury he was going to drive us there unkown to him, lost my heart and my cash!! Now avoid valentines day like the plague.

This isn't my story but I always snigger at the memory of an acquaintance who was really overexcited because her boyfriend was taking her somewhere special on Valentine's Day and had told her to pack a bag. She spent weeks telling us where it might be - Paris, New York, maybe even Brazil... I bumped into her boyfriend and told him how excited and happy she was. He smugly told me that he had specially booked the hotel at the end of their road for a romantic night to remember. Would have loved to be a fly on that wall.

Our first born arrived on 3rs Feb 7 years ago now and the first valentines day hubby took me out for lunch where my milk suddenly came in mid main course and I had to dash home. The next year the darling boy was admitted to hospital on the day before with chest infection and we both forgot. The year after he totally forgot and we aint bothered since so its just another day for me :(

Valentines day 2010, I was pregnant with my beautiful daughter Charlie, and my lovely man decided to get me my craving; Cherry filled pie with custard!!! I had eaten only a little when I went to get a drink. On my return I sat to finish said pie, I thought it tasted odd, until I spat some out and thought it must be off. No. In fact what my loving man had done was scrape the contents of my pie out, and then re-filled it with last nights spaghetti bolognese, red peppers included. I had been shovelling in red pappers, mince, onions and birds eye custard. I was needless to say I felt extremely ill, and he felt very very guilty as me being so sick I ended up in hospital, watching him crying as he felt so bad for putting me there, he then proceeded to break his toe as he left the hospital by trying to kick a stone and falling wrong. We'll be married this June....wish us luck? ;-)

My ex husband bought a deep fat fryer for me one valentines day. I was told that I could now make his chips the way he liked them! well what can I say, its one of many reasons he is now my ex, lol.

I was given a deep fat fryer one valentines day from my Ex, and told I could now make him chips the way he liked them. one of many reasons he is my ex. lol

I was given a large mug with the words - 'Best Boyfriend' on and an alarm clock. When I looked confused, he said.... The alarm clock is for you to set so you can get up in the morning! Thats my mug for a strong cup of tea! He didn't last long after that:(

I had been nagging my husband for a new carpet for ages so on valentines day he brought home a carpet cleaner that he had hored so that i could make the carpet look brand new!!!

Last year, 2 days before valentines, me and my partner of 4 years were out shopping and whilst walking down the card isle, he picked up a Valentines card and said, "Here, look at this."

I took the card and looked at the cover.

Then he said, "Now read the inside." So I read it.

Then he came out with, "There you go, I don't need to buy you one now!"

I laughed and we continued on to the valetines gifts wall. He then said, "Do you want me to buy you a teddy?" ..I looked at him with a smile, and then he says, "Well, it's the thought that counts and I Thought about buying you one."

Naturally I thought he was joking around, but when Valentines Day came, I actually got nothing from him!

I was give a FACE STEAMER!!!! by a boyfriend..who explained he thought I'd like it as I was always complaining about getting spots!! A FACE STEAMER!!!!

My ex-boyfriend and I had been going out for a while when he started dropping hints about marriage. He would mention things like what our children would be called etc. I presumed he was going to propose at Christmas but he got me cheap plastic earrings which I wouldn’t have worn when I was 12!! Anyway when he suggested we go for a meal on Valentines I was convinced he was going to pop the question.

We had just finished dessert when he brought out a shoe box size present. I presumed he must have wrapped multiple boxes up to fool me so I tore it open excitedly.

No more boxes inside I paused, and slowly moved the tissue paper to reveal.....wait for it...... some USED car jump leads. My jaw dropped and I froze as I tried to process what happened.

He said "do you like it?”, I was completely speechless. He proceeded to tell me “you’ve needed them for a while, especially since you always leave your lights on”. Then he explained why they were used - they were his for years and this was his way of sharing himself with me and his way of protecting me.

“What rubbish!” I thought as I wandered to the bathroom. Then I had the idea of escaping from this hell. He always expected me to pay half when we went out so I thought I'd teach him a lesson and since I drove us there I left him stranded with the bill to pay! As you can imagine, that was the end of us.

I’m still lost about that whole thought process of why a girl would want a pair of jump leads as a present, it ranks as the worst thing I ever received!!

Last year my girlfriend sent me a picture of the St Valentine's Day Massacre. And nothing else.

I moved in with my boyfriend the day before valentines, many years ago. On waking up in our new flat for the first time he gave me a card and a huge box all wrapped up. I excitedly opened it only to find it was a 'start-up' cleaning set of rubber gloves, sponges and dustpan and brush :(

I once received a rhinoplasty brochure on Valentines Day with the romantic message "Fix this and next year you might get lucky!"

I had been on a couple of dates with a gentleman admirer when he invited me to his house for dinner on Valentines Day. I soon learnt he was woefully inadequate in that department when he dished up Chicken in White Wine which he had conjured up from a packet mix, sweetcorn and red peppers. With the plate not looking terribly dissimilar to a bilious attack, it was not too difficult to feign nausea and escape! I have my standards and although my other half cannot cook, he can locate a decent restaurant!

Having read everyone's postings I think I have been pretty lucky over the years with no unromantic gestures unless you count the "I'd like to give you a Spanish kiss, Its like a French kiss but further south" card an admirer sent me one year (I still shudder when I think about it).
The worst that has happened to me is when a boyfriend took me to a lovely restaurant for Valentine's Day and I had crab for the first time ever. Roll on two hours later and he was rubbing my back ... but sadly only because I was kneeling in front of the toilet seeing my meal again. I think we can safely say it was a very unromantic night but thankfully he is now my husband and we have had more successful Valentines since then!

I have never been given anything romantic as a surprise!! this would make up for that tho!!!!

The worst thing that ever happened to me was when I was in
my teens and head over heels with my boyfriend at the time. He posted me a Valentine's card and by accident put his ex-girlfriends name on it

My partner gave me a tea-bag strainer because he had noticed that a lot of my tea bags had split which meant that I had a lot of tea leaves floating around the cup. Not the most romantic of gifts but quite practical I suppose!

My now husband got me travel scrabble one year, not only is the most unromantic gift around, I'm also dyslexic so can't spell to save my life!

I would keep the Valentine's breakfast hamper for myself. No, I'm not being greedy. I think I deserve it because I have been married for 15 years and not once has my husband surprised me with a valentine's gift even though I never failed to give him a gift. Not any more though. Unfortunately, valentine's does not exist in our house and so this prize would let me give a gift to myself and for once I would be spoiled for a change. Please help a lost cause.

My now-husband climbed a lamp post when we were first courting, to pluck me a flower from a hanging basket. It was very sweet and probably quite a daft thing to do but it's stayed with me, a good 11 or 12 years later!

A card saying your dumped!! Thought he was going to propose!

My boyfriend , now husband is clueless, years ago he bought me mud gaurds and a pump for my bike - as i used to cycle to work. This would have been a lovely sentiment, however my bike had been stolen a month before, he had 'forgotton' i no longer had a bike and had been walking or using the bus. He is still just as usless and can be found at bandq most birthdays

My unromantic gift was given to me last year. It was me and my bf's first Valentines day, and he decides it would be good to get me a belt! He even put it in a gift bag for good measure.

Never felt so gutted! but didnt have the heart to tell him.

the worst was receiving a reused teddy bought by myself! i bout him a teddy from the last year and he thought i wouldnt of known soo he rewrapped it and ave it to me :( i was gutted :/a

mine was a set of saucepans ! and my family and I have never given my hubby chance to forget it !! lol :0)

Husband says we are too old for valentines day :(
I would love to share a gorgeous breakfast in bed with him and see if i can make him change his mind :)
We have been together for 40 years and married for 35 and have not celebrated valentines day for years but he is still my one and only valentine

My new hubby had decided to surprise me with my pressie. I had been dropping massive hints for a facial solarium so when he presented me with a large wrapped box I thought I had hit gold! I was less than impressed to find an electric coin sorter! When I asked him what he was thinking he said that it was a brilliant gift because it saved me from having to count out my change. There's some kind of logic there :/

The worst valentine's present I received was a dustbuster. Needless to say I wasn't swept off my feet with it. If it wasn't bad enough getting that as a present I actually already had one anyway. The romance didn't last & my ex was swept well & truly under the carpet. I wish I hadn't been so generous with my gifts as I'd bought him a lovely new watch & a new bike

I had told my now ex partner that we were over so he sent me a parcel from Anne summers hoping this would work. It didnt work x

Awkward teenager. A Valentines card hand delivered through the door. Hours spent analysing the writing, working out who sent it..... to find out if was from my aunty who'd thought it would be sweet to send me a card. Noooooooo!!!

My first ever valentines as a new bride (married a whole 9 days) I thought my new husband would treat to me to something really nice. I'd got him a card, and some naughty undies for me...for him...and all his fav foods for a sumptious meal. He got out of bed that morning and said 'Valentines Day is a load of money making sh*t for big businesses to fleece us. Don't expect anything from me'....funnily enough we had a massive row. He does at least manage to buy a card now!!

I can honestly say I have never had any kind of valentines gift. My hubby doesnt believe in it and points out it my birthday a week later so better to wait til then. Last year I didnt get a proper valentines card just one with some smarties on the front as he left it until the last minute after work and none were left. I was not impressed!

I once flew 7hours to be with my sweetheart for Valentines Day (only had 3 days as well) Coming off an overnight flight I was asked if I wanted to go shopping ... not really! Turned out.. no present as he thought I would go shopping with him for something, no special meal out as 'everywhere had inflated their prices just for Valentines!' so we had a takeaway and watched TV. Wow! Underwhelming to say the least.

I gave my (now) ex husband his Valentine's Card in return he stuck his hand in his pocket, handed me £1 and told me to go and buy my own card!!!

Once took my girlfriend to a local Fish Resturant. Trying to impress I ordered fresh Oysters which she didn't want so I ended up having the whole plate. I ended up being sick for the whole week and had to call of our next date. This was interpreted the wrong way by her and she finished with me!

My exboyfriend once cooked a valentines dinner for me. He wasn't used to cooking. He cooked the chips in a chip pan but they were ready long before the rest of the meal so he just turned the chip pan off and left it with the chips in, until the rest of the meal was ready. Ewwwwwww those chips were very crispy and fatty. I only managed one and later spend the rest of valentines night feeling really ill!

One year my boyfriend brought me a new iron as I always said I hate ironing his shirts and he thought a new iron would help, needless to say our relationship didn't last long after that.

The worst romantic gesture I got for Valentines day was about 5 years ago. The person I was seeing at the time presented me with a half dead flower (not even a rose) and a passport picture of himself. hmmmmmm, I didn't expect much but would've liked a bit more effort put in. I didn't bother telling him about the restaurant I had booked up for that evening and surprise surprise, we didn't last too much longer lol

My husband and I have been married for 5 years this year, first wedding anniversary I booked us a week away as 'our' gift, second year I picked and paid for a lovely bracelet . . . because he used his credit card to pay and bill paying is my job :O, and the last 2 years hes forgotten :( So I dont actually have a worst gift as everytime he's been left to get something he's forgotten :(
Our anniversary is next month, I dont hold out much hope

My worst Valentines gift was a Dyso Vac ! prhaps he was trying to tell me something one gift I shall never forget !

Worst valetines gift has to be a fish. He left me at home and he went fishing, returned with a large Cod which I had to gut etc.

I was brought a Guinea Pig because my then so called boyfriend had passed the pet shop on his way home after going to the pub. I lived in a room with no garden and spent the next two weeks trying to find someone to give it to!

I was in hospital for 6 months & my husband who had never bothered for years to get me anything for Valentines day, was forced (or shamed) into doing something by nurses & other younger females in my ward. so, he ordered some flowers to be delivered. But they never arrived.

when my partner and i went shopping on Valentines,we split up to do our own shopping but he had parked in a no parking area and when i got back to the car he was sweet talking a traffic warden and gave her my valentines daffodils so he didnt get a ticket.

My husband gave me a wok one year. Yes, Ok, so i needed a new one ... but as a present?! Really?!
This year for xmas he gave me an extension lead!

Still, its better than all the times I have had to buy my own presents cause he didnt buy me anything!

Although I've always made every effort on V day & sent my cards out in force, I've never ever had a single one back - apart from the one's I sent (cheeks burn with shame) to myself.

Hubby bought me an iron last year, not hopeful of anything more romantic this year. Kids try hard, but I am hoping this year that the tea they bring me in bed is a little warmer then it has been before - tea bag in cold water - with a splash of milk!! I know they are too young to use the kettle............... maybe next year??

The worst and yet best present was divorse papers

The worst 'romantic' gesture I've ever been presented with was the plans my ex (note- EX) made for valentines day a couple of years ago. First came the gift- a DVD of extreme bloody horror Battle Royal- (thanks... I think), then the romantic meal- takeaway pizza- and then the evening was topped off by his friend popping round 'just to return something'- I later found out this had been pre-arranged- and they ended up watching the football together all evening and completley ignoring me. And who says romance is dead?

Our first valentines day after we got married we had agreed not to buy gifts because our anniversary is so close to valentines day that we would rather celebrate that instead. So I was secretly pleased when I saw he'd bought me a pressie. Not quite so chuffed when I opened it to find a frying pan, box of pancake mix and some lemon juice. It seemed that when I'd laughing said I'd make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday 'if only I had a frying pan' he decided it would be a lovely romantic surprise to get me one....hmmmm. I resisted the urge to hit him over the head with it and since then we've stuck to our pledge to celebrate our anniversary instead of valentines day!

I used to date a guy who lived in Guildford (I was in Bournemouth). He came down to visit and bring me a Valentine's Day gift - a box of chocolates. However, he apparently got hungry on the train and started on the chocs, leaving me with the coconut eclairs. I hate coconut! The relationship didn't last long after that!

When I was university I dated an art student and when he told me he had made a gift for me for valentines I was so excited. I imagined all sorts, a romantic portrait , some modern art to keep forever. He gave me a paper mache head of Dr Spock from Star Trek. I am not a fan of star trek and it was the least romantic thing I had ever seen. Things didn't get any better when he gave me a shower curtain for my birthday just a few weeks later. Needless to stay we didnt last.

my hubby took me to a posh restaurant and bought me a bottle of champagne celebrating (he was about to propose) on the way to our seat we had to go up some stone steps in the restaurant and i fell, the bottle smashed through my finger and severed my tendon. I spent the rest of valentines day in hospital having an operation to fix my tendon and the next 6 month going to physio

I recieved a turbie towel from my ex?.....serioulsy

Valentines day was 6 months exactly after we got together. Because we hadnt had much time together with his daughter having problems, or so he said at the time, i thought it'd be a romantic day when Valentines came round. It was arranged that he would come late morning, to which he finally turned up just after 9pm, and he didnt even come close to me, just went straight to the chair to sit down. He stayed for an hour then left for home. The following morning i found a box of chocolates that had been reduced in price for a quick sale at the back of the fridge, he didnt give them to me face-to-face, and the greatest gift (not!) of finding out he spent all of Valentines days apart from thaat hour with his ex girlfriend who he was supposed to have hated.

My boyfriend seemed very romantic a couple of valentines ago, cooked me dinner then ran me a nice relaxing bath, was great! I was enjoying my bath until, let just say, nature made an emergency call to my boyfriends bowels, and the nice relaxing bath was ruined! How romantic!? x

Been married 14 years come August and my husband has never made a single effort for Valentines day ever.

The worst I can tell you is my other half doesn't do anything for me on valentines day, he tells me it's a waste of money buying cards & flowers don't last, ;( so I buy myself a bunch of flowers to pop on the window sill, naming & shaming andrew (♥_♥) (he did buy me flowers when we were young) xx

My boyfriend (of 6 years at the time) took me out for a meal for Valentine's Day - at the curry house opposite the Uni where we were studying. A 5 course meal was £2.99! Quality. We're not together anymore!

After a year and a half with my boyfriend it was decided that we would have a meal at mine rather than going out on valatines day. After a nice 3 course meal and some wine he decided to tell me that our relationship was over. It certainly wasnt the gesture I was expecting. Don't really view valantines day in quite the same light any more.

My ex- took me to Little Chef one year, for Valentine's Night.
However, that morning he had spent a fortune putting new tyres all round on my student banger, so we both agreed it was a cheaper option for a meal out. We both laughed, throughout the meal, at the absurdity of having a romantic meal in a Little Chef, of being the only ones there etc...and in a way it was a bit of fun, a tongue in cheek romantic gesture.
However, when he surprised me the following year, with another Little Chef meal on Valentine's night...I didn't really see the funny side.
He'd taken his mum out to a smart restaurant the week before, to celebrate her getting a new job...but on Valentine's Night, he chose to take his girlfriend to Little Chef.
Did I mention he's an ex...?

PS - No offence to Little Chef is meant at all! I love Little Chef! We'll often pop in for grub on long journeys....but, not really high on my list of suggested destinations for a romantic Valentine's meal.

A Book about pirates.

The first valentines I was going out with my now husband, he said, I'd have got you a rose, but they were 6 quid, they'll probs be half price tomoro, I'll get you one if they do.

8 yrs on, a wedding & a baby & still waiting for my valentines rose, must not have been reduced! :-(

My ex boyfriend bought me a spice rack for Christmas which I opened in front of my whole family. I can't cook, won't cook so the gift was entirely inappropriate. I took it back and exchanged it for Chanel make-up. Not long after, I exchanged him too.

My valentines day story is a bad one im afraid :( a few years ago my boyfriend (now ex) booked a table in a local restaraunt and told me to meet him there at 8….So i went along told the waiter who i was and that the there was a reservation to which the lady took me to one side and said that my date had been in earlier in the evening and left a note for me i excitedly wripped the envelope open to discover a letter DUMPING ME yes he had decided that morning that it wasnt working and the spineless jerk let me get dolled up to go out and go to the restaurant to get dumped by letter instead of facing me!

I booked me and my now ex husband into a lovely hotel for our first wedding anniversary. While I snuggled in bed looking seductive, he sat and watched the football. Wonder why he's an ex husband????

So last year was the first year that I actually had a boyfriend on valentines day and I was really looking forward to it. I was thirty so I had waited a long time for this moment. He bought me a packet of mini eggs.! No card, flowers nothing, i was very disappointed, more than I thought possible.

Poor me, :)

For my 18th birthday my then boyfriend bought me a battery recharger. Really killed the spark.

Silence of the Lambs video???? I still married him.

Pots!! Nothing more to say as Pots says it all.

Many many years ago when I was a teenager I was really excited about my first Valentine's Day in a relationship. I bought a card and present and baked a chocolate cake for my beloved. He turned up empty handed and accepted the fuss as his due.
My mum had a quiet word and he disappeared off to the only shop open on a Sunday in those days and came back with one of the few left - which were all large, and ludicrously expensive; a fact that he whined on about for the last few weeks I could actually put up with him.

Last valentines I got given a hammer drill and spare parts to a washing machine I have never owned! Truly special! Thanks darling!

i was given a scratch card as a gift by my boyfriend. it didnt even win it was horrendous.

My past boyfriend had invited me round to his so that he could cook me a romantic meal. He then found out he had to babysit and we had to cancel our plans. Around 10pm I heard a knock... he had come round after all to surprise me! How romantic I thought... I then realised he was wasted. Quite shortly after this realisation he vomited all over my doorstep. Happy Valentines day!

well i have been with my partner for 8 years and i don't get anything on valetines day, or mothers day and very occasionally on my birthday, but this year he surprised me with a mug so i suppose it's a start lol x

After preparing a romantic room filled with heart shaped jelly beans, valentine's day card, heart shaped candles, valentine's gifts, rose petals, the works! I receive nothing.... My new boyfriend treats me well though and it's out first one together on Tuesday. Can't wait!

My wife got me an assisted skydive for Valentines day as I'd mentioned once when drunk it would be cool to do.
I spent the full morning being physically sick with nerves then bad weather postponed it to the following day rendering me too ill to even face the romantic meal we'd booked that night....

A tattoo for me, after we'd broken up, cringe!!!

Last year i was expecting something a little special as we were due to become husband and wife that year and thought he would make it a extra special valentines day before we tied the knot. My heart raced when my husband to be suggested we go outside to see what he had bought me for valentines day, i was sooooo excited with thoughts of the new mini id always wanted, or a little puppy only to find him stand in front of our corsa and say " da daaaa, i put some thought into it and had the best new tyres put on" he knew i needed 2 new front tyres for my car but then to put them on as a valentines gift and he thought he'd done so well that year! im hoping our first valentines as being newly weds won't mean i get the windscreen wipers i

a minefield time of the year. Every relationship I have being in has failed to survive it.
Every girl I have ever dated has told me how she finds valentines to be nothing more than an excuse for companies to cash in on our sentiment. How it's tacky and cheap and how they want nothing to do with it. I would listen and agree and the day would pass with perhaps a late pint down in the pub where we would both make fun of the smooching, deluded couples all around us. Yes, I know, big mistake.

About two after it would inevitably come up how unromantic I was and how when she said that she didn't want to do anything for it, that of course she actually did! "A gesture would have being nice!!"

Every year or so there would be a new girlfriend and every year I would convince myself that this one really didn't want anything to do with the whole occasion, with depressingly predictable results further down the line.

Anyways, I've learned from my mistake and this year I met a new girl who was toeing the party line by saying it's a big con/ corporate/ cheesy etc but even though I pretended I was agreeing with her, secretly I was hatching plans for the most romantic weekend ever!

I had arranged a weekend away in the Cotswolds in a small, romantic guesthouse at considerable expense. I was going to surprise her tomorrow and we were going to drive down. i had even rented a car, organized some horse riding, the full romantic package.
She told me yesterday that she is going to Amsterdam to get stoned with her friend for the weekend. She said she may even try and take in a sex show. I'll spend Sunday watching Bridget Jones one and two, alone under my duvet, making sure not to get brownie crumbs all over my bed.

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