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November 10, 2011


Hi Innocent loved the programme...fruit towers and all the happy workers. I wish I worked in an office like yours.
I have been having my daily glass of Innocent since it first hit the shelves. I love the one with blackcurrants in so it was good to see where they come from. Keep up the great work.

I was amazed at the environment there. I wish more firms were like this, and trusted their workers to perform, regardless of dress etc.

Hi Innocent, I really loved the interview! Rich really inspired me, and the first I did this morning when I got to the office, was buy a bottle of Innocent :-)
Wish the office location where I work was more equipped to stimulate creativity and innovation like at Innocent.

I watched the programme last night and was so impressed with Innocent's ethos and infrastructure that I think I will send in a speculative application. Getting the most out of people needn't be a painful process. I believe that if you nurture creativity and respect your workers, their brilliance will shine through to allow for innovation and ethical business practices to flourish. This company adds new meaning to corporate social responsibility. What a brilliant example to set to the business world. I am totally enthralled!!

Its good that there is brand like yours, who still believe in helping rather than the greed and getting rich!

Keep up the good work and always stay true to yourselves. I am sure that will bring your brand great success.


Richard you are truly an inspiration, I had just purchased your book from Amazon, was reading your story when my friend (budding entrepreneur-Jewellery designer and maker,) told me about the documentary. Wish more companies developed the same work ethos as Innocent and it takes more than turf and shirts- if you haven't got drive and determination to keep going despite sceptics, you are over. So well done, for defying them - I loved that poster by your desk with the Yes thought reaching out to all the external No comments. You have inspired me to keep going with my dreams, and it was refreshing to see the downfalls (near bankruptcy) as well as the positives.
I hope you achieve your lifelong mission and keep contributing to the poor. Bless you.

I restarted my little business three years ago with a similar kind of attitude to Richards. Then I discovered innocent and it was as 5though there was something in the air. This kind of business model has got to be the way forward. I'm only doing it in a very small way but it's great fun and if it wasn't then I wouldn't be doing it

Just watched the Programme on iplayer. Fascinating and inspirational. I'd be interested to know how you settled on the %10 figure for giving to charity?

Hi, I really enjoyed the programme which provided the audience with a fascinating insight into the brains behind the org. and the colourful environment which instils creativity into the employees of Innocent. What a difference (yet still a number of entrepreneurial characteristics of success) in comparison from the lady who created the Ultima bra empire's OCD behaviour for orderliness, yet both business models work!

Loved the programme - and Rich's attitude. So down to earth. (ha ha). the work environment was interesting - not sure how it would work in all areas.
I need to buy a smoothie - so cynically it was great advertising.

Great programme, truly inspirational. Love the fact the company gives 10% to charity. Ever thought of opening a supermarket chain to take on the big players and use the profits as you do now?!

Never knew much about you guys or the Innocent brand until I watched the programme?Gotta say awesome interview, which really hi lighted Innocents work ethic and ethos.If only more British employers were as laid back, employee focused and ethical - well done guys!

Completely heavenly, joined the family today after watching last night, love innocent, love love love, love and love some more, my little boy (4 years) has been a devoted innocent drinker from the minute he could slurp anything without a teet and little boy number 2 will follow the same way once he finds out there's more to drinking than milk! ( he's 5 months) I mainly wanted to double check that I liked the whole innocent set up enough to keep buying them and... Absolutely I do. Marketing I suppose at it's finest, but just so nice and comfortable with it!

I can't view the programme as I'm not in UK. Shame, I'd love to have seen it.

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