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June 02, 2011


Not impressed - this is just a marketing and price point rip-off - you should be ashamed

I'm not 100% convinced by this - IMO, 1l is perfect for two ppl to get through 1 glass each per day.

However, I expect I'll get used to it, although I suspect I'll probably just buy the smaller cartons and drink less...

I wonder if this is a new "standard" box size - I'll be interested to see if other juice/smoothie producers follow suit (maybe we'll see 750ml/1.25l own-brand OJ cartons soon...)

Surely this is just a pricing strategy - I assume the 750ml cartons will now be the same price as the "retired" 1L cartons and the 1.25L cartons more expensive still.

Poor show from a company that's supposed to be customer-centric!

Hey people, lets give Innocent the chance to answer the price per 1L/750ml query before we pull the trigger !!

I noticed that Copella (apple juice drinks) did this a couple of months back and, to my disappointment, after the introductory price being reasonable, their 750ml has now been priced up at pretty much the same as the redundant 1ltr was. And their larger 1.25ltr size has seemingly disappeared from the shelves (I shop in sainsburys and tesco).

It would be a massive shame if Innocent followed this pattern too. I love Innocent products.

Please keep what we know and love!!

sneaky. and disappointing. this isn't what people want. This decision has made me feel more than any other that innocent is changing for the worse. May sound overly dramatic, but it looks like the start of a slippery hill.


Thanks for your comments guys.

We’re always trying to work out the best carton size for our drinkers, and over the years we’ve had quite a few requests to make smaller or larger cartons.
In terms of pricing for our new cartons, we want to be absolutely transparent.
Ultimately, it’s up to individual stores what they choose to charge for our drinks, but the RRP* for our new 750ml carton is £2.79, and for our 1.25L carton it is £3.69. This means our 750ml cartons are cheaper per pack, but cost a bit more per ml than our old 1L cartons. Our 1.25L cartons are a higher price per pack, but are the same price per ml as our 1L cartons.
Since we launched our 1L carton in 2004 we have not increased our prices. In that time lots of things have happened** which mean it now costs more to make our drinks than it used to (namely, fruit prices have gone up, and we use quite a bit of fruit).
We know that some people will be disappointed by this change, but we felt that introducing two new carton sizes at two different prices was the best way to react to the fact that, put simply, fruit is more expensive these days.

* recommended retail price
** some of us have grown a beard

personally, i'm not sure what all the fuss is about. i could do with a bigger one as mine always runs out. thanks for being open with us!

What a bad move - the 1 litre box was 4 glasses, just right for 2 glasses a day for 2 people. sad.

Hi- I am also not a fan of this as it will not be cheaper to buy but you get less - this was the same with the new 'carafe' of juice we pay the same but get less juice.

Maybe it is naive but I expect better from Innocent. If everything costs more to produce I can accept a price rise, but not when it is hidden behind new pacakging. Consumers are not stupid and loyal brand followers will notice and start to change their buying habits plus their views of the company.

Get over it guys, it dosent matter what the size of carton, an innocent smoothie is still the best value fruity healthy drink around. If your really that miffed about the price start pestering your local MP to get rid of the VAT on healthy food/drink. Innocent are still awesome but even awesome people have to make a bit of profit otherwise they wouldn't exist. and sometimes guys a bit of a change in volume/packaging is a good thing, and even if it's not you've got to try it out to know. LAY OFF THE GOOD GUYS

jennifer - but it says the smaller one is cheaper. it costs less. with innocent you get quality, and if it costs a small bit more to get fruit into my kids then its worth it.

I have to agree that the 1litre carton was ideal. Two days when I was sharing or four when I was on my own. The 1.25litre probably won't fit in my tiny fridge and the .75litre will end up costing me more. :(

I drink Innocent by the pint glass, 1 carton = 2x pints (-with a little leeway to prevent spillage as i'm naturally clumsy!)

Now i'll either be drinking less goodness per day, 250ml to be precise, else i'll be spilling the same amount.

Very concerned... the influence of big bad Coca cola is coming to the fore... very worried... first it was Copella... now Innocent...

I have to agree with the above comments. I like 1L too, it has been a standard for many years and I already hate the fact that soft drinks now only come in 2L bottles that don't fit in the fridge. Is that the way that smoothies are going? I also see the Coca Cola influence there. Why not just bring out a 1.5L and keep the 1L, that would make much more sense in my opinion. (FYI, I drink my 1L alone well within the time it goes off, 1 drink a day, so don't understand why people need smaller packs. They can always just buy a bottle?)

No offence to anyone commenting but to be honest I buy innocent smoothies because i like the taste and the company behind it, whatever the size bottle it comes in or price it is sold at, so have your say but overall quality prevails

Hello innocent!

I think the value pack is a great idea! Although I liked the original size, I think this is a good way to give a bit more variety.

The value pack means that I won’t have to fight my boyfriend for the last glass anymore! (So this may save our relationship! Lol)

I think people need to realise that innocent are probably doing this to make their drinks more accessible to people - smaller sizes may be better for some families and larger cartons are better for others. So give them a break!

I would much prefer to pay a little bit more for a lovely refreshing smoothie than pay less for one full of artificial rubbish.

Love Lauren xxx

P.S my favourite is kiwis, apples and limes! Best flavour ever!

I have to agree with Darren, I guess some people just don't like change.

Regardless of price or size Innocent Smoothies are by far the best available on the market, and well worth every penny.

I will continue to buy Innocent Smoothies no matter what the size of the carton and this is definitely a case of bigger the better, besides our breakfast glasses take just over 300ml so practical perfect in every as always Innocent, would be happy with a 1.5L or 2L as well or instead of... Bring it on :-)..

We have a large family and go through about a litre and a half every day. It's always good to have options and Innocent have always kept their prices reasonable, so what's the problem, just buy a smaller or larger carton, and get on with your life. Life is too short to be worrying about the size of a carton of the best tasting smoothies in the world.

Kind regards
P.S my favourite is the mango and passionfruit, the kids love the strawberries and banana, and my husband loves them all..

We love your work Innocent keep it up....

Disappointed, noticed that you'd made the apple and orange juice cartons smaller with the repackage too but they still cost the same. Love your products but this is worrying.

If the 1.25ltr carton ends up being the same price per ml as the litre one was anyway then why fix wot ain't broken?! The only changes are size of packaging which it seems to most isn't good news! Still love innocent but not too keen......! Will stick to buying the small ones when on offer in sainsburys! Lol

Raised prices are understandable but don't fiddle around with the packaging as a means of shrouding it! Consumers are still meticulous enough to notice it.

People are getting their knickers in a RIGHT twist over this - If you enjoy the smoothies, it makes not one iota of difference as to what size the carton is; Times change, prices  change. It's all very well saying '1L was fine for me, whinge whinge whinge', but think about it, if they had started out with 1.25L, you'd probably whine that 1L wasn't enough! People need to stop shooting down a company that, through economical ups and downs, have done their best to remain fair ad as innovative as ever. Keep it up, Fruities :))

Now that innocent is just one of coca cola's many brands it's obviously going to lose it's original uniqueness. Big companies care about profit above all else and it's clear that the size alteration is probably a more generic packaging style, costing less to produce and of course resulting in a bigger profit margin. I like fruit smoothies but i'll always buy the cheapest option. Still miss pj smoothies, but pepsi bought those guys out...

gutted to lose 1L,it was the exact amount to use by the use by date and it fitted in my fridge door perfectly. I used to get 6 in there to take advantage of the 'buy two' deals. The wee ones will make cost per litre too pricey for regular purchase and the big ones won't fit so I guess there'll be a bit less Smoothie in my life now. Unless... any reason I shouldn't wash and use my 1L packs to decant big ones into? Are they designed only for short use or could I use for ages?

Sell outs.

Very very very poor show as others have pointed out. Just saw the new 750ml in Sainsbury's - priced £2.79 each. Previous price for 1L carton was £2.85.

So what we're talking about here is your average shopper seeing the same product at the same price, but in reality unwittingly paying a back-door approximate 25% PRICE HIKE.

Very very sneaky. :-(

So disappointed! We know times are tough but stop ripping us off like this! First the juices got waterier and now the cartons are smaller. (And, no doubt, they'll soon be the same price as the previous 1L cartons!) This kind of behaviour really leaves a bad taste in the mouth and we are checking out the compeition to find something better (which is not difficult!)

Popped into my local Sainsbury's just there as they have a £2-per-carton deal on.

Thought I was going mad - either the cartons were smaller or my hands had grown!

A quick Google led me here.

Disappointed with the new size, as others have said 1L was ideal for me. Doubt my local city centre supermarkets will stock the 1.25L carton.

I thought I was getting a good deal from Sainsbury's when I saw that Innocent smoothies, usually priced at about £2.80 were now £2.

But I just opened the carton and noticed it's now only 750ml. Was there really any need to change it? And if so, why not just keep the 1l size as well, and inform people that it's a different volume?

I see nothing more than a cunning marketing ploy - the carton size LOOKS almost the same. It's just a SLIGHTLY smaller carton that isn't even filled right to the top!

Not impressed...

Just had a look at the new packs. Can't say I'm impressed either.

The "750ml" writing is in a small, horizontally-squeezed typeface. Took me quite a while to find it!

Very sneaky...

Sainsbury's:- 0.75 litres for the same price as the old 1 litre - rip off!

Not impressed at all. All the jokes about 1L cartons taking a cruise to Antigua does not change the fact that i will be paying same money for less smootie.

Yes, my Sainsburys has the new smaller cartons at £2 - but there used to be "2 for £4" offers quite often. and the unreduced price, £2.69, which we'll be paying soon, is barely less than the old 1L price. Rip-off.

What's more, they have no 1.25L packs - just a sticker on one empty shelf showing one flavour.

Transpararency is the key. If you raise prices, demonstrate why; i.e higher raw material costs etc; customers resent feeling like they have been manipulated however if you are up front then you can work with them....

As others have said, if you had just put the prices up, I think we would have been satisfied. Or even if you'd stuck on the new smaller cartons that they are in fact smaller, then that would have been OK. It truly feels like you're trying to sneak it in, which feels really insulting to your customers (an unfortunate first for you guys). I know, as a lot of your customers will, that fruit has increased in price massively, but trying to pass it off as a benefit for us is disgusting behaviour.

I'm also slightly perplexed by the choice of plastic for the bottles of juice...I used to believe in the tone of voice that innocent had, but now it just seems like marketing spin, and comes across as hollow and fake.

You're usually pretty good with admitting mistakes, let's hope that this is one of those times. I know it won't be, what with the high set up costs of changing sizes. But I hope. Don't get greedy.

I feel betrayed by the silent introduction of the new packaging scheme. I have been a loyal customer of Innocent for years not only because of the quality of your smoothies but also because I have liked the company's attitude and the honest relationship with the customers. But what has happened now feels like a big step down. Passing off that a smaller size (for almost the same price) is good for us is very offending for me. I would not mind if the prices of the old 1L cartons were slightly increased (of course if you have underpinned the price increase with factual data about the increase of the production costs), but sneaky moves as this one disappoint me a lot. I know that the times are tough and that the company has to find ways to survive, but I am sure you know that whatever you do will work only if you do what's right for your customers.

I love Innocent drinks. This morning my wife told me the carton was smaller. I didn't actually believe here because it was me that picked them up in the supermarket and I didn't think that INNOCENT would change the size without announceing this on the packaging. NEWSIZE. But you guys didn't and that feels sneaky.

I've got no problems with you changing the size. Profit is important but to do it on the sly is cheap and not really ethical.

Dear Guilty Smoothies,

I noticed in Sainsbury's that Innocent Smoothies were reduced to £2 for a 1litre carton! Wonderful!

Oh... wait! Get rid of the old 1litre stock on the cheap, clear the shelves, introduce the 75cl cartons for the same reduced price! Then go back to normal. Nobody notices? Right?

This is a blatant attempt at maintaining profit, whilst giving less to the customer. It is especially offensive as inflation is at its highest in years - the shopper's income buys less - which isn't helped when companies are offering less for the same price as before. Coca Cola don't give a toss. Their profit margins will remain sky high, regardless of economic climate. So why are we being so obviously ripped of?

Oh and also - please don't pretend that 1litre was too big, and the 75cl is 'perfect'. Belittling your customers for the sake of profit is not fair - it just isn't Innocent.

One more thing - the old style colloquial talk on your cartons just hasn't felt the same since you let Coca Cola into bed. A small company writing friendly, funny things on their products is endearing. A massive worldwide corporation doing the same thing is embarrassing. It feels false.

A saddened customer.

I am appalled by this. While you have publicised it on your website, there is nothing in the stores (e.g. Sainsbury's) to indicate that there has been a change. The new cartons are presented as a special offer with no mention of a change in size.
As mentioned above:
"I noticed in Sainsbury's that Innocent Smoothies were reduced to £2 for a 1litre carton! Wonderful!

Oh... wait! Get rid of the old 1litre stock on the cheap, clear the shelves, introduce the 75cl cartons for the same reduced price! Then go back to normal. Nobody notices? Right?"

Quite right!

The 750 ml is deliberately quite hard to spot on the packaging.
Very sneaky, and designed purely to increase your margins. I've been drinking your smoothies virtually every day since you started and I am now going to look at alternatives.
How stupid do you think your customers are? I will not be buying any of the the new undersized packs - so that's about 60 or 70 litres a year you've lost just from one customer. Bye.

I love Innocent Smoothies but agree with the negative comments above. The 750ml carton bought today at Sainsburys was the same price as the 1 litre pack bought a couple of weeks ago. It also took a while to spot the pack size. Whatever the actual motive, this comes across as sneaky profiteering.

This is very sad: cynical, sneaky and treating your customers like mugs.

Innocent/Coke clearly WANT the consumer to pay an amount for smooties that the public is largely unwilling to pay: they are nearly always on offer and I suspect that when they're full price, sales probably collapse. This would make the Recommended Retail Price argument by 'Joe at Innocent' a bit disingenuous.

Faced with this they've made the packaging smaller so that if you want to keep drinking Innocent you're finally forced to accept the higher price many people didn't accept before.

I'm sure it was high fives all round in the Marketing team when this was dreamt up but there's no congratulations from me. Remember PJ Smoothies? Maybe that's the future for Innocent.

BS dressing up of a price increase... sad to see such a "customer focused" company motivated by nothing more than pure greed.
Have the balls to simply put your prices rather than underhand tactics like this :(

Why treat your customers like five year olds?

Look, I have no problem with the price going up. Rising food prices have been well reported ( That's life.

What I find objectionable is how you present it. The obvious thing to do would be to treat your customers like grown-ups "Juice prices have gone up. We haven't changed prices since 2004. We hope you understand."

Instead we get some corporate doublethink about how "750ml is a good size for those who've always struggled to finish our 1L cartons."

Come on.

Read that again.

Are you serious?

Do you really think there are thousands of disssatisfied customers going "Gosh. This 1L carton is so big. I mean a litre of Tropicana is one thing but a litre of Innocent... That's just TOO MUCH."???

Please don't treat your customers like five year olds.

Surely the change in size should be reflective in cost.. But no, still the same price but we get less product...


(Not so) Innocent; you dissapoint me


I echo many of the comments above, as I had to search around the carton to discover it was 750ml rather than 1000ml. Before I realised the volume decrease I naively thought "excellent, Innocent are doing their bit to reduce wasteful packaging by reducing the amount of carton material, but the size seems so similar, it must be the same volume".
Now it is clear it's a cynical price rise by the back door. I would be wholely understanding of the argument "we haven't raised prices since 2004, commodities have increase in price significantly, therefore we've had to increase price proportionally". Instead Innocent offer some spurious justification of more sizes meeting the needs of consumers. If that was the case then the profit margin per carton would remain the same, but I guess that isn't the case....... the 25% effective price hike will certainly offer the customer less, and the company shareholders more.
Fine, we live in a commercial world, but stop pretending to be a soft huggy ethical company, be honest and be just A.N. Other corporate business..... you're loosing/have lost one of your key market differentiators!
I will be looking elsewhere in the future.....

and a small PS.... 1 litre cartons are clearly the industry standard for just about every juice carton you can find, so the customer need of 3/4 of original size or 5/4 of original size is highly questionable; perhaps a bulk 2 litre etc would make sense, but a tiny tweak in volume is clearly driven by another need (profit)!

Congratulations innocent you've lost a 10 year customer.

You must really think your customers are dumb! In a couple of weeks the 750ml will be £3 and you'll be 33% richer.

Most greedy manufactures have done it over the last few years (Dolmio e.t.c_ but I expected better from you.

I'm glad to see I'm not alone in my annoyance at the new carton sizes. If fruit prices are going up, fine - increase the price of your 1-litre carton. It's a great product - we'll still buy it. But price rises are no reason to mess around with a perfectly good and sensible carton size. 1 litre lasts two people two days - ideal. I've yet to see a satisfactory explanation for the size change. Clearly it's the unpalatable one of commercial greed. Shame. I'll be looking for an equivalent that's still available in 1-litre sizes.

I saw these in the supermarket today, and having come here to check, I can now confirm that I will never buy another Innocent product ever again. I would accept a price rise, after all, I've always felt the Innocent smoothies were an indulgent up-market brand, but instead of just putting the price up, you've ripped us all off and tried to pass it off as some nonsense about mythical people who couldn't finish a litre bottle. I shall also be doing everything I can to publicise this amongst people I know.

Dear Innocent. I do love you so - especially with the beard. But the question you need to get close to answering is how your Trade prices have changed in light of your new packaging. If you have taken the opportunity of the new pack to increase the price to your Customers - like Sainsbury's, then it follows that they will put their shelf price up. (1L to 750ml in Sainsbury's on Sunday showed a 25% drop in volume for a 10p (3%) price discount). You are right of course that the RRSP is absolutely at the discretion of the Retailer, but this trade price increase is the nub of the issue. In the old days, you also would be right in saying that on an absolute and likely margin basis, the nasty old retailers make lots more profit than Innocent and so please pick on them instead(although now that you are part owned by big fat Coke we discount this line of argument). You would also be right in saying that this is none of our business. Which is true. I guess that's the downside of having a blog eh?

I have to agree with most of the above comments from aggrieved customers - we've spotted your underhand move to sneak in a price hike without being honest and up front about it in the stores - there's NO clear sign on the carton to let people know it's smaller - this is really disappointing. As most people have said, a price rise might have been tough but we can accept that - but a marketing ploy like this? Shame on you!!!!!!

Oh yes, and "bye" too......

sure innocent don't really care about losing a few customers, but I won't be buying anymore. Hiding price rises is wrong

Your reasoning does not wash....just ripping off the customers. Very sneaky. You have made handsome profits despite your claim people cannot finish the 1 litre carton. Why make a 1.25 litre size if the 1 litre is not viable! Garbage! Will not be buying you again bye bye!

'Value Pack' Ha what a joke!

P.s You have stolen 2 of our 5 a day in reducing the size of the carton, please can we have it back?

I noticed the weight difference in the shops immediately, even though turning the carton over and over I couldn't find the volume label.

We all know about rising commodity costs, and raising the price to reflect this would have been honest and acceptable. But shrinking the packet really bothered me for two reasons:

1) It was done quietly, which is a bit insulting. Did you really think we wouldn't notice when our carton only gives us three cups instead of the usual four? I'd have expected better from a brand which makes "honesty" the centre of its marketing campaigns.

2) As the price differential between your 0.75 and doubtless short-lived 1.25 container (which I see is only available in a couple of flavours, none of my favourites) testifies: a smaller carton is a less efficient way to distribute your drink. With 0.75 litres, I'm not simply paying for the higher global cost of fruit, but I'm also being charged a premium to cover the fact that you've chosen a less efficient way to distribute it in order to try and deceive me. Not cool.

I have been a voracious consumer of your smoothies for over 5 years (and wasn't the least bit fussed when you were bought up by Coca Cola), but as of last week I've been giving your products a rest. Happy to resume consumption when I see the return of the honestly priced 1-litre cartons, but not a moment before. (There's plenty of other smoothie brands in the market in the meantime.)

The Age of Innocent is dead!

This is a sly and underhand ploy to increase profits and goes completely against the values of Innocent.

I for one am now a disgruntled ex-lover.

I love Innocent drinks. In fact, as my friend Alistair Graham might say, “Innocent is well wicked, innit!”

Having a larger, better value 1.25l pack is all very well, but if my local Sainsbury’s only stocks the smaller, more-expensive-per-given-volume 750ml pack, then I end up paying more. Plus, the 1l packs were a convenient size for my fridge.

I notice that Sainsbury’s have started their own range of smoothies apparently based on the Innocent ones (even the wording of the descriptions is similar). And they come in 1l packs…

Are you planning to change your name too? This is a hardly an "innocent" price increase. I love your product but the 25% price increase means I won't be buying it in the near future.

Just adding my voice to those who are disappointed by the small package sizes. I appreciate that some people want to have different size packages but I cant help feeling that the "we've had lots of requests for it" doesn't quite rub as surly lots of people who like the 1L package just haven't told you so (yet!) ;)

Anyway hope you do a "new coke" and bring back 1L

I have to say, I am so dissapointed in your company. I bought 12 cartons of "750ml" juice few days ago without realising it wasn't 1 litre, as others did I bought from sainsburys. My local said it was a into offer but I didn't take any notice. I also bought 6 veg pots. I find it a disgusting, sneaky, under the table dirty trick. I only noticed when I found this thread and went to my fridge to look. My bf did mention that it wasn't lasting as long as it should and now instead of a extra glass, as we have large glasses, we have a stupid amount left at the bottom which isn't even a glass. Omg I'm so damn angry. Yes I know its cheaper than making your own, but the petrol I burn to buy more if the smoothies ain't! Make a bigger 1.5 carton. Nothing wrong with 1l it's industry standards. You are now to me a selfless greedy corporation and I dont want anything to do with anymore. You will now notice a massive loss in your company as this will backfire and cost people jobs. I know as I own a business too. So instead of buying at least 8 cartons a week, 8 veg pots and other products, I am boycotting (not)INNOCENT for another brand which is conveinetly next to your brand in sainsburys. I will also not be stocking small bottles at workplace, and I will be letting my friends and family know. So much for a company I used to admire...

But of course you don't give a damn about your customers otherwise you wouldn't have did this. Don't tell me there is more demand for smaller sizes?! Buy the small bottles! But even if you lose 1/3 of your marketplace it doesn't matter... As your making it up by increasing price anyway!! I will now have to tell my children that because of greedy men that we can't have innocent anymore, but here is another kind which is just as nice! Bring back 1l and tell people next time instead of hushed tones on a blog. Maybe then you might increase customer numbers yes?

Sad times... 1l was a great size. 750ml feels inadequate. I too was disappointed when I saw the change today (and consequentially didn't buy from Innocent).

'From Innocence to Experience' (William Blake)

Wassup people? This is good old-fashioned hoodwink your customers into paying more by deceiving them tactics. It's lower than toothpaste manufacturers widening the nozzle so we run out of toothpaste quicker, but from the same school. No PR spin (see above attempt by bloke at innocent and the language he uses) can sugar the pill. An act that stands at the polar opposite of the ethical spectrum innocent started with and profess to hold so dear 'Pop by to innocent towers and tell us what you think' they used to say on the side of their cartons as if you wouldn't just get a boring office full of boring office workers who didn't give a *** about what they were doing with their working lives if you turned up. I think to be fair you should now be morally obliged by us the unhoodwinked public to rebrand as Experienced. Come on people, the 3/4 size cartons now cost practically the same as the old 1 litre ones. That's cheating in anayone's book. You'll see massive customer switch over to other brands like XXXXXXXX who never claimed to be anything other than what they are. Maybe you shouldn't have started so holier than thou in the first place. OK fruit costs more? Then implement an honest price increase to the 1L carton rather than attempt to hide behind re-packaging. Has the fat lady sung for the genuine innocent smoothie?

over 60 comments already on this post, far more than any other on your blog. Ignore at your peril Trendy Towers!

how obvious is it that the smattering of defensive 'who cares if it costs more it's still the best' are posted by insiders ;)

Love Innocent smoothies but only ever buy them when on offer at the supermarkets as they're costly as it stands.

I've yet to see the 1.25L, which i doubt will be too successful at £3.69.

So my prediction is the 1.25L will be dropped due to demand and all that we'll be left with is 750ml that'll replace the 1L as standard.

The problem i have is not that the 750ml is the same price as the 1L now but that the 1L was dropped in the first place, it was just the right size. I wouls have preferred an open price hike on the 1L container as it now feels like they're deceiving their audience by dropping volume but not price.

I would be interested in the decision process if they're being so open, would you guys elaborate on who decided 1L was too big?

Disgraceful, outrageous, cynical marketing ploy - the complete opposite of "innocent". What more to say. Except that dressing it up with the twee "to our 1L cartons we say thank you" etc makes it even worse. You really should be ashamed.

INNOCENT should be rebranded as DISHONEST.
You have attempted to deceive the consumer which you are reliant on by being less than forthcoming about the change in sizes. Why not highlight the new quantities on the packaging and be transparent about this. If you need to increase your prices do so but don't be underhanded about it. I challenge you too see if your 1L packages at an estimated new price of over £3 would sell in comparison to the supermarket alternatives. What is even more disturbing is that your response to the numerous comments above. Instead of coming clean when given the chance to do so, It tries to tactfully and politically talk around the issue without addressing the fact that this is purely a marketing ploy to deceive and cover up the excessive price hike.All of your customers are not complete morons. I will NEVER buy innocent smoothies again. Unless of course you rebrand them as DISHONEST.
Best of luck for the future.
Dr Pierre

If you need to increase the prices then fair enough, but making the packs smaller at the same time without making it obvious to customers just smacks of trickery. Not so "Innocent" anymore, and no longer do I feel like paying extra compared to supermarket own-brands.

1L was a good size, I used to get through a pack a day but not anymore. 750ml just isn't enough, its fruit, not wine!

Sainsburys sell 1L packs for less than the previous Innocent 1L packs that taste just as good (as I've just discovered).

Agree with everyone above. 2 years ago, you could always get 2 for £4 from the supermarket. When it went up to 2 for £5, the price was still reasonable. 750 ml is just not a great size, 3 glasses doesn't do much for 2 people sharing. 4 glasses was perfect.

The 1.25 ltr is never available, comes in less flavours, and is never on special. RRP is irrelevant to customers. What they actually pay is what matters.

See you when the 1ltr is back.

Dear 25% Less Innocent

You of all people should know about customer trust & support. I never post comments on company web sites but I genuinely feel uncomfortable with what you have done.

The first I realisd was when I got back from Sainsburys & thought "that feels a bit light" and then realising that is was nopw 750ml.

What really kicked me in the guts was the fact you have tried to make the cartons look bigger by leaving a bigger air gap at the top of the carton so on the shelf it still looks the same as the own brand & competitor cartons.

How stupid do youy think your customers are and how many punches can they take before they look for a moral & ethical replacement smoothie supplier rather than the thinly disguised Coke Cola you are morphing in to.

Hope the abov helps yopu make a more informed decision next time.

Agree with the majority of the comments made above by people far more (er, and far less) articulate than myself, so will just echo the sentiments of those who feel that a straight forward price increase would have been more acceptable than insulting our intelligence with a stealth increase

bye bye!

Hi Matt's brother!

I liked the 1L size - it meant that my wife and I could share a carton each over two days.

I sincerely hope that this is not cynical marketing policy - we liked the refreshing way you seemed to do business.

Please explain to us what this does for your claim of saving 20 million tonnes of plastic per year by removing the plastic ring-pull (claim still on the 0.75 litre carton) - aren't people likely to buy more 0.75 litre cartons now - there is still one plastic pourer per carton.... and what about the carton itself - proportionally larger to hold 0.75 liters against 1 litre - what is this doing for your cardboard useage?


Should have just raised the price, this is really sneaky, the 750ml looks very similar to the 1 liter, and the 1.25 liter looks square when you see it on the shelf, SNEAKY MARKETING!!!
Saisbury's own brand is still £2 for a liter,I'm buying that instead.

What's worse is this gimmick will probably work and make you all richer, just don't forget how upset your loyal customers are.

I know how you can cut costs, pay yourselves less you greedy cant's!

I just bought 2 smoothies on the 2 for £4 deal and thought the cartons seemed smaller but couldn't see anything on the pack or in the store saying the size had changed - the packaging was the same as before. It was only when I got home and found this thread that I double checked the teeny volume size and, sure enough, it was 750ml. This is such an underhand tactic - at least the copella change in size was clearly labelled on their bottles. I wasn't happy as the 1l are a way better size for one person, let alone 2 or more and would have preferred a price increase - we understand fruit is more expensive! But to do it in such a sneaky way as innocent has done makes me feel cheated - I won't be buying innocent again.

I've always thought Innocent was a fantastic company but I've got to say I'm not impressed with how you've gone about this.

I haven't read all the comments above, but in my local Sainsbury's the old cartons vanished for a couple of days then the new ones appeared in the same place. There was no indication that they were any different, and it was only just now when I poured my usual glass out and noticed the carton was emptier that I hunted around and found the 750ml stamp. I've received the Innocent newsletter for years and I can't see any mention of the change in those either.

Now I don't know what market research you've done, but I live alone. The old carton lasted me 4 days, this new one will last me 3. With that in mind, what numbers are we talking about in terms of "those who've always struggled to finish our 1L cartons"? Also, I live in central London and so only have access to smaller supermarkets, at the moment only the 750ml are being stocked, is it likely they'll ever stock the larger ones?

At the end of the day, it's your product, you can do what you want with it, but I've always thought Innocent might make a bit more effort to communicate what they're doing to their customers. I started drinking Innocent smoothies in 2005 and have done ever since, even though there are cheaper brands about, mainly because I thought the company was run well (and I've been a full-time student all that time, that money did mean something) but this really does make me think you're just another profit driven company and all the ethical/fete crap was just PR.

Just echoing the comments above from disappointed customers.

A price increase I would have understood and happily continued as an Innocent customer. Clearer marketing to explain that the new sizes are simply due to increased production costs would have been more acceptable, but the "750ml is a good size for those who've always struggled to finish our 1L cartons" feels insulting.

I will be switching to the supermarket own-brand smoothies from now on.

When I got my 1L-sized carton home and started pouring a glass I thought maybe it had been leaking or someone had tampered with the carton as there was obviously loads missing. I was thinking of taking it back to the shop.

Then I noticed that - despite being a 1L carton, the contents was labelled as 750ml. I thought it was pretty sneaky; if fruit's more expensive I'd rather just pay a bit more.

I think it's optimistic to assume that customers simply wouldn't notice that the cartons are now full of air, which seems to be the assumption you've made.

Very sneaky - not what we have come to expect from Innocent. I would buy Sainsbury's own brand but they say to drink within two days. So I now stretch the 750ml carton to last 4 days. Not sure if I will continue to buy when the offer in Sainsbury's finishes.

I have to comment as I'm also so annoyed by the tactics used!

I agree with other annoyed customers the way they have done this is totally sneaky and trying to cheat and hide it from the customer!

I went into tesco the other day and they had not 1 carton of innocent on the shelf and I thought it so strange never seen all sold out before - EVER! Now it makes sense you didn’t want old larger cartons on the shelf with the new smaller ones at almost the same price! Clearly you have told retailers to do this - another example of trying to hide this change! Now today I go in and all flavours fully stocked. I’ll be honest I didn’t even notice smaller size until I got home. Also 25% decrease in volume but not a 25% packaging decrease! That would be too obvious wouldn’t it Innocent! BE HONEST! save more money on packaging and make it smaller so its right size for the amount in it. 1ltr didnt use excess packaging!

I would have expected Innocent to be upfront either increase your prices and like you put funny messages around the carton put a little explanation why you're increasing etc. Even if your set on doing a different size put in big letters NEW SIZE* then on back explain why you have had to change the size. This should have been your marketing strategy and not the deceiving tactics you have used. I would sack your marketing team as what you have done goes against all Innocent's original values about honesty and customer relations - Disgraceful!

I have bought Innocent for years and now will change to alternative brand purely due to the deceit!

smaller pack = more packaging = more waste. Rip-off! Who came up with this? I used to get 4 litres a week - Goodbye!

There are very few companies that I feel any sort of "relationship" with, but innocent was a brand that I trusted and liked. I felt "engaged".

To cut the size of the carton and leave the price largely unchanged, and then try and justify it on some spurious "customers asked us for it" type argument is just nonsense.

Whoever thought this up in the marketing department should be sacked - it's both sneaky and underhand. I feel cheated by a brand I once trusted.

Bring back your 1L bottle if you like - don't really care if you do. I'm not voting for a company that treats you like a child any longer. Price increases I can understand, moronic marketing ideas: no thanks.

I quite like the idea of having the 2 different sizes as that'd work best for me.
My only issue is that when I went into Tesco this morning for my weekly shop is that I didn't have the choice of a smaller and larger carton, I only have the 750ml oprion.
Like I said I like the option of the smaller and larger cartons but only if the supermarkets actually give you the option of all flavours in both sizes.

I only noticed today that the cartons have become 33% smaller, with virtually no difference in price. This is a cynical marketing ploy, and the patronising BS you write at the top of this blog just makes it more insulting.

I dislike being taken for a mug, and you've lost another customer.

Very very sneaky.

Another customer lost.

I went to Tesco today and saw it was 2 for £4. I thought 'awesome, it's back to its original 'offer' now'. Wrong! I picked it up and I thought to myself how it seemed smaller than before. I had my phone on me and did a quick google and sure enough this came up. Very sneaky! I bought Tropicana today instead. I'm really disappointed that you're trying to hide behind new packaging. This website certainly won't reach as many people as it should. I bet you're not advertising your new sizes too much. The prices stay the same and the quantity goes on. Really, really sneaky and such a shame. I loved my Innocent in the morning. Not any more. So sad. It's just got too expensive to drink.

Have the idiots that write the nonsense on your cartons taken over "Innocent Towers"?

It's a pity - but perhaps not surprising - that no-one from Innocent feels able to make the effort to return to this blog and justify the sneaky price increase. Perhaps even they believe it to be unjustifiable?

I understand that inflation and the weak pound affects everyone, including Innocent, so I could have accepted an honest, straightforward price increase. What I can't accept is this sneaky, underhand, duplicitous rip-off. You assume your customers are too stupid to notice that you are ripping them off, adding insult to injury. Innocent was once an ethical business. Not any more.

Very disappointing. :(

I noticed this when I bought the Kiwi smoothie. This is an image-breaker, I hope the people at the top actually read this.

Terrible decision for consumers. Rip off. I have gone back to supermarket's own brand smoothies now the 1 litre has gone.

Don't treat us like idiots innocent...we all know this is just a sneaky way of fooling customers with a smaller volume and pretty much the same price....well you can only fool someone once. Big mistake...

Thanks again for all your comments. Just so you know, we read every one of them. We're really sorry that introducing these two new carton sizes has caused upset and people feel we've not communicated our new sizes clearly enough. We stand by our belief that introducing two new carton sizes was the right thing to do. Fruit is far more expensive for us to buy now - we needed to do something to ensure our smoothies continue to be affordable for us to make and we weren’t willing to sacrifice the quality of our ingredients or our commitment to sourcing those ingredients responsibly. However, we agree that we could have communicated our new pack sizes more clearly, and we’re very sorry that this has caused disappointment and confusion.

Quite a few people have also mentioned price. We just want to reiterate that our 750ml cartons are not priced the same as our 1L cartons. Whilst it’s up to individual stores what they choose to charge for our drinks, the RRP we've set for our new 750ml carton is £2.79. This means our new 750ml cartons are cheaper per pack and you can find them on a 2 for £4 promotion more often than was the case with our 1L cartons. We're also working closely with our retailers to ensure all shelf labels are as clear as they possibly can be to highlight the new carton sizes.

I went into my local Sainsburys and saw that there was an offer of buy 2 Innocent smoothies for £4. This offer normally comes around every 2 months or so. I purchased said cartons and went home. On putting them in the fridge i noticed something was wrong......eek! They have 25%. A subtle change and one that was not mentioned at point of sale or anywhere else for that matter.
As far as I am concerned that is deception. Both Sainsburys and Innocent know what has gone on but have failed to mention it. I therefore returned the cartons and got a refund as I was really unimpressed. A)with the small cartons but mostly B)The underhand methods used.
I will be writing to Sainsburys and not purchasing any more Innocent products as I don't like the way they conduct their business.
A case of not-so innocent!

Same here as most of the comments - have bought the products for years and the 1L size has been just right for me to drink in the four days.

I can't get through the "value" 1.25L size within the time of expiry so it appears that I will be stuck paying more by default.

Looks like I'll be switching brands on this one guys.

(and don't get me started on the shelf pull of the 1L and subsequent offer labels in Sainsburies stating the offer on the 1L smoothies, of which there were none)

There's no deception here, just change, which is inevitable and some people like and some people resist.

At the end of the day, the £/ml is exactly the same in the 1.25L carton so what's the problem again?

If you're still peeved... just buy them when they're on offer. Or make your own? :)

Shocked at price hike! The carton size is just a smokescreen to mask an unacceptable increase of 25%. Your customers are not that naive! Think again Innocent if you want to keep your customers

Anyone who would like to know where their nearest 1.25L stockist is please drop us an email with your post code to [email protected] and we'll let you know where your nearest one is.

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