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May 19, 2011


Only bring me freshly brewed coffee, only an Italian blend and never EVER in anything other than a bone china cup. I cannot bear mugs which aren't white on the inside. (that's not a demand is it? Just decent human behaviour no?) Wendy B

Blue smarties, green grapes (de-seeded and peeled obviously) and acres of red roses. If it's winter, I shall be expecting my smoothies to wearing bobble hats - must be striped with a large impressive bobble. That is all, thank you!

well..I would demand to win this competition of course..oh, and please would you mind a ribbon on top of the box? I like pretty things :)thanks

My diva demand would be an unlimited supply of innocent smoothies, peppersmith chewing gum, the psychic ability of knowing what'll be on my gcse's, and a crisp one dollar bill - just to keep as a reminder of my Looooovee for America!

My diva request would be to have an army of trained cats to guard me. I am after all the crazy cat lady.

I would demand for anyone travelling around London to be deodorised before getting on public transport! [Currently sat next to a very smelly man on the 390 bus going through Oxford street!!] Quick squirt of febreze would do the trick!

My diva demand would be a supply of popcorn to be fed at my command. Whatever the flavour it would be one to savour. Yum yum!!!

1000 brown M&Ms in a brandy glass

For spectacle-wearers to switch to wearing two monacles instead, just for a day.

Hi Innocent,

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be a diva!

Being a company started by three young friends, we hope you appreciate our request. We would absolutely love the opportunity to challenge Diva to a public tasting session.

Love Da Pop is a young popcorn company who make and pack each bag by hand it would be our dream to challenge the big boys and let those who know best, the British public, decide whose popcorn tastes better.

If this sounds like a diva demand, kernel to kernel, then name a time and a place and we will be there.

Speak soon,
Love Da Pop (

My Diva Demand would be a personal assistant who transcribed everything that was going on for me on paper – from gossip in the toilets to whispering behind me. I want to know it all. I want to know what hearing people hear. I want to read about what's happening when it's happening and if anyone said, 'It doesn't matter' when I didn't hear something, I'd fire them immediately.

My diva demand would be plenty of innocent smoothies!

Make sure that the grapes I eat are de-skinned before they come anywhere near my lips and trust me when I say I eat a lot of grapes, and it's not as easy as you might think!

A chauffeur to take me anywhere I wanted. Said chauffeur must be a man who is 28, called Rupert and has a pet goldfish; also called Rupert. Whenever he is not able to drive me somewhere (for example going from my desk to the loo), he must give me a piggy back.

Constant supply of Peanut M&M's and Strawberry and Banana Innocent Smoothies

I'd demand my tortilla chips to have someone put the perfect amount of salsa and sour cream on them for me. And I'd want a room filled with baby bunnies.

A pure white space for me to chill in, with a large glass of something chilled (preferably an Innocent smoothie, but will settle for Innocent juice) relaxing music, and a lock on the door so that the 4 year olds can't get in!!

To doze on a golden chezlong and have three men in togas fan me with palm leaves and feed me grapes, whilst drinking accai berry innocent smoothy from a martini glass. Yum!!!!


A specially altered sink that pumps tea from the hot tap and smoothies from the cold...something with blueberries and coconut preferably...when should I expect it to be delivered?

Would love after a hard day at work to come home to fresh handmade rice noodles for dinner. Then having a coconut split in front of me and drinking the fresh coconut juice. Face pack made with pureed papaya with honey made for me every evening before bedtime.

I would want a scribe to write down all my notes in my classes at college and a genius to do my exams :D

I would want a matt black Harley V-rod,to ride to and from my dressing room, which would need to be kitted out with a trampoline and the back catalogue of Def Leppard. Some Caramac chocolate would be nice too...

I have to have fresh strawberries and champagne (only the best) in my dressing room before and a nice chocolate cake with cream afterwards and only the best also I have to have a cute snow leopard travel everywhere with me.

My room would have to be EXACTLY 30 by 30 feet, perfectly straight silk curtains (ehh, throw in a mathing silk dressing down while im there :D ) , a very banana filled Banoffee pie on a dust free worksurface, with multiple cups of tea on the click of my finger at all times. Then some scrummy berries ALL over the room in little cute tubs for me to eat when i feel ive been to unhealthy with the banoffee :)

Someone to make all my furniture at right angles to each other and get rid of all of the annoying pieces of fluff and dust in between my iPod screen and its case.

A pair of gymnastic rings on every entrance that every person attending had to use to access the building. You could video the inevitable fallers too and send them to a certain tv show for £250 a pop!

I think I would request champagne on ice and some fresh fruit - strawberries, raspberries, melon, grapes, kiwi and pineapple. I would also want some Saterthwaites (northern bakery chain) chocolate japs as these are delicious! and of course some no banana innocent smoothies!

I would like a me-sized bag of Revels with all the coffee and orange ones taken out, an Aston Martin and a handsome chauffeur to drive me around in it and a pet panda.

Also for no one to judge me when I dip my Kit Kat in peanut butter.

I demand a chef to make all my meals healthy & fresh, a beauty therapist and hairdresser on hand 24/7, the whole cinema to myself when I bless it with my presence, my laundry done as soon as is needed (nicely fragranced) and VIP tickets to all the decent music festivals. That is all. For now.

I would like the woman of MasterChef to do a voice-over for everything I eat.

well my diva moment is popcorn plenty of it and of course lots of innocent smoothie to was it down

The best burger I have ever eaten in the world ever shipped all the way from sunny Tenby and a huge bowl of Wetherspoons tomato relish to dunk the chips in. Yum.

Fresh cherries straight from the tree, got to have the stalks on so you can hold them properly too!

If I was a diva for a day I'd demand (in diva like fashion):

Coffee from Columbia
Passion fruit from the Maldives
Stuffed crab cakes from Texas
Margaritas from Mexico
oh and
Johnny Depp from France!

My Diva demand would be to be served my popcorn in a crystal bowl by a hunk wearing a thong and dicky bow. He would have to hand feed me each tasty piece, yum.

Lots of bowls of pork scratchings and big glasses of smoothies and biscuits.Also somebody to give me massages.

A puppy to cuddle, strawberry ribena, smoothies, and lots of chocolate. :)

EASY! A GAZILLION innocent smoothies and a hugely ginormus ST.Bernard wearing a berat!

Diva demands?!
Peter Andre serving me coffee!Only orange smarties,lots of Innocent orange juice to go with my champagne,Jack Johnson and Bruno Mars music-pretty please with big hugs!!xx

To have everyone smile and treat each other with respect as humans expect and deserve no pre madonnas or divas just real people with real perspective on life

A kingsize bed with fresh crisp white bedding that always smelled of fresh lavendar.
Jonny Depp giving me a foot massage.
That the sun should always shine when I want it too and that fairy dust should scatter on everything I touch!

Water - chilled to precisely 9 degrees celsius.

Maltesers - carefully peeled of their chocolate - fed to me by a gorgeous young thing.

My diva request would be a freezer full of hagen daz and ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Must have Chilled Innocent Special Fruit Smoothie Pomegranate, Blueberries and Acai flavour and only bottled water please :)

I would demand a massive smoothie mixer filled with a smoothie made of fruits to spell my name (Cherries- Logan berries- Acai berries- Indian fig- Raspberries and Elephant apple-CLAIRE)For everyone to share.
Everything covered in the softest faux fur and scented with jasmine and lotus flower.
5 undocked cocker spaniels running around chasing and chewing slippers.

I would like my popcorn lightly toasted in the flames of a fire breathing dragon. And I would like to keep the dragon as my pet. Oh, and I will require my own personal set of fire men to deal with any accidents arising from my new pet.

I would demand to be driven everywhere in a rickshaw, and entertained by britain's funniest comedians. I would be cooked only freshly caught meats from endangered species and drink pure crushed fruit (none of that conentrated nonsense!)
And i'd have a labrador puppy follow me on the lead of a personal walker :P

I would demand that simply everyone I came into contact with had to dance like a monkey. Only reasonable right?

i would demand my bath to be filled with warm mud and order people to keep the room constantly smelling of hot buttery toast yummm!!

My two favourite things are fruit and cake. I'd demand there was always lots of fresh fruit around - no old squashy wrinkled ones please and also lots of cake - carrot cake, coffee & pecan, blueberry etc. That way they balance each other out :)

I want fresh flowers in every room with Innocent Smoothies of every flavour chilling so I can drink one whenever

My Diva demand is definitely for an 'ironer' so I can bring my huge pile of washing and she/he can lovingly iron it all - especially sheets, towels amd underwear. Lush!!!

lots of diva snacks, innocent smoothies to entertain my friends

A lie in just for me enveloped by crisp white linen, breakfast in bed. And then when I finally get out of bed: a maid, a gardener and cook to enable me to live in the manner I can presently only dream of, keeping the house spotless despite my four teenage boys, producing wonderful fruit and vegetables from the garden and keeping the fridge full so they are not always telling me that there is no food to eat. That's all!

Sean Bean in a loin cloth fanning me while I eat popcorn on a chaise longue !

every one has to have green eyes and be monsters!

A supply of ice cold innocent smoothies ready for me to drink at the top of a mountain, after I've climbed it... pretty please with a cherry on top xxx

Diva demand - pah, why would I want that. I don't think a bottle of gold tequila to mix with Innocents Strawberry smoothie is diva! But the bottle of Cristal to be shared with Kanye West just may be...

Peanut butter and jam sandwiches with the crusts cut off, a kitten that never grows up and a bath of milk and cinnamon.

(And a wonderful smoothie whenever I want, but that's just a given, isn't it?)

My own personal Concorde to take me around the world to stay in 5* hotels. OK First class will do, or maybe even Business class.Oh and lots of tasty treats (low cal) to ease the boredom. Thank you.

My dressing room ryder would have my two beautiful boys right at the top of the list, swiftly followed by the softest ear plugs (I am currently ill) The newest Harry Potter DVD and some nice munchies to enjoy. I don't want the moon on a stick. Diva's are not that cool : 0

Someone to cook a lovely roast dinner for me (and do the washing up), so afterwards I can put my feet up with a nice glass of wine and watch my favourite film with popcorn and strwaberiies to snack on.

Each bag of popcorn to contain exactly 75 pieces (no more, no less). A glass of Roederer champagne, chilled to exactly the correct temperature (I'm not going to tell you what that is - you should know). Oh, and what's this about watching a DVD? I demand George Clooney et al to perform the whole film in person, in front of me. That's all (for now). :D

I want a rainbow fruit salad with a rainbow outside my window but no rain in sight! I also want a kitten that stays small, a strawberry scented coat, and 2 pet lambs :)

Just a foot and head massage would be great every day after work.:)

A vanilla thicky, my twin sister and best mate for company, and a huge pile of Lego!!

I'm such a diva if you don't know the demands I want by now then you wouldn't be the person getting me my demands.

My Diva demand would be a tap that runs chilled innocent smoothies on the cold tap and cooked veg pots on the hot tap! Hehe

my diva demand would be to do nothing for a whole day and that includes no changing of my little girls nappy. Oh the bliss

I'm not a diva but if I had one demand in the world it would be for my mum to have a nice relaxing enjoyable day in which we would do whatever she asked because she has never in her life been allowed to act like a diva.

bring me cup fulls of squirty cream trust me id eat emk all ;)

I demand reliable hot water in my Halls of Residence. Its the little things...

My diva demand would to be to create my own new bank holiday on condition that everyone that has the day off work does something nice for someone else, cook nice meals for your friends/family, do diy jobs for your neighbour, walk your nans dog, donate some money to charity and of course innocent could donate a free smoothie to anyone doing something kind that day to cheer everyone up :)

A selection of Innocent Smoothies (especially the limited edition ones, preferably specially made for me now if not in current production), a Staffordshire bull terrier to cuddle and play with, rose and violet creams, Neom candles, my reflexologist on standby and a really comfy big sofa I can lie down on.

Matching manicures for myself and all the sheep in the world. the manicures would have to be the exact colour of the sun when viewed through a LCD 40-1600X 3.5 Inch microscope on the first sunday of november, between 3am and 3.01am. Oh, and i would then like all these manicures to be removed precisely 0.56 seconds after being put on, because i would never share the same nail colour as anybody else, even if they are baaaaa-rely human!

A fridge full of Innocent goodies, a chaise longue with extra soft cushions to recline on plus a bowl of the finest exotic fruits washed, peeled and served to me by Brad Pitt holding a silver spoon.

A fridge full of innocent smoothies, a roomful of flowers and naked chef to cook dinner while I relax :O

I would love a fountain that is full of innocent smothie and fishbowl glasses with umbrellas and whimsical stirrers,hulla girls a popcorn volcano and a wave sound machine. yey x

My demands you say? right ho ... bring me the following:

tartan paint
1 tub of elbow grease
14 spirit level bubbles
a left handed screw driver
5 long weights

and if you could rustle up a throne made of the bones of 1000 tyrannosaurus rex's, and painted a lovely shade of aubergine, that'd be grand.

Champagne on arrival
A Hunk fanning me down with a palm leaf
Thats all.........

I want to be floated on a synthetic cloud to all meetings. In which I would be hand fed the most delicious specimens of every fruit in existence. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. I love clouds and fruit I dooooooo.

Besides being carried everywhere in a rose & vanilla scented palanquin; I am to be handfed cubed-cut kiwi’s and have a constant source of black & white Russian cocktails (in a short tulip gold trimmed glass). I must be told every 15mins how wonderful I am, whilst constantly having my felt massaged by the world’s finest looking men and women – one per toe, heal and ball of feet!! I demand no rain or harsh sunlight upon my delicate body as this could set-off my mood… which nobody wants:)

See... i'm not used to thid! Normally i have someone else write this. Type on feet!
Besides being carried everywhere in a rose & vanilla scented palanquin; I am to be handfed cubed-cut kiwi’s and have a constant source of black & white Russian cocktails (in a short tulip gold trimmed glass). I must be told every 15mins how wonderful I am, whilst constantly having my FEET massaged by the world’s finest looking men and women – one per toe, heal and ball of feet!! I demand no rain or harsh sunlight upon my delicate body as this could set-off my mood… which nobody wants:)

I demand
1. to have only people who smell clean around me
2. my male family members to date and marry only females who do not constantly talk about dieting; or I am entitled to break all contact with them
3. have my favourite snacks kept for me so never again I open a cupboard to find they are gone
4. be fast tracked to adopt a child from each of the continents
5. to have Christian Louboutin name a fabulous pair of heels after me

Have a small basket of baby lion maned rabbits by my side so i can cuddle them when I fancy, a selection of my favourite chocolates on my other side, and a lobvely gentleman at my beck and call when it comes to bringing me over my wool for knitting innocnet smoothie hats and all my favourite dinners.

Oh wait, thats just my usual evening at home!

Just Brad Pitt please, freshly bathed in Innocent smoothie, and a 10 mile radius ban for Angelina, hmmmmmmmmmmm

This working Mum's diva demand would simply be...

a stonking big "MUTE/GO TO BED" button for the kids.
So that a) I don't have to share the goodies (if you saw the feeding frenzie in my house whenever a big bag of crisps or snacks gets opened, you'd totally understand that demand!!), and b) it'd give me the chance to watch something rated higher than a PG or 12! ....Mmmm 15, mmmm 18 Oh, such fading, distant memories now.

Would I be allowed to keep the button after the movie though? Please let me keep the button, please!

I'd like to relax to the sound of a harp being played by a unicorn (tricky with hooves but if I say that's what I want then that's what I get!)

a waiter that could get me anything i want (O;
and anything Innocent ...

someone to massage my temples ,iron and lay out my clothes every day and make sure that there is copious quantities of red wine

Celebrate like it's Christmas everyday with..
12.. Rock stars drumming
11 ..Top chefs cooking
10.. Darcey Bussell leaping
9....Cast of Glee dancing
8....Jersey cow for milking
7....Warm pool for swimming
6....Geese, gold eggs laying
5... Diamond Rings
4... Exotic birds
3... French cuisine
2... Pure white doves
1... And..A juicy, Innocent Smoothie just for me!

a....fl vours

thats all i want Darling nothing MORE nothing LESS innocents ARE THE BEST XX

My diva demand would be innocent’s on tap, blue m&m’s only, and someone to sing me a montage as I chill, also no animals must be harmed during the making of my wishes

Tea. Now. Milk, no sugar. Off you pop... go on... quickly please! Get that kettle on!

A girls just gotta have steaming bubble baths run for her on demand, with fluffy white towels, low lighting and a glass of relaxing SMOOTHIE by her side! Cheers!

Everyone must travel everywhere by space hopper. ONLY.


Fresh organic fruit especially berries of any kind at the ready all times of the day for smoothies or snacks. I think a personal fruit bearer who would follow me and carry a gorgeously designed chill box with these specific fruity nibbles fresh and ready at all times :) My own pastry chef who would whip up amazing delicious delicacies all the time, croisants, fresh bread, tarts cakes, quiches all good stuff! And a puppies. I would like puppies wherever I go. Cute fluffy cuddly playful puppies anytime I need one :)

Now dahlings, you know that I dont like to make a fuss, but the introduction to this competition is all wrong. The pictures both have exactly the same profile as eachother with the same dents in both sides of each of them so there has obviously been some airbrushing going on here. Also Arial font is so last week and upsets me. Now if you could be a sweetie and run along and fix these teensy little problems, then I would be delighted to offer my response to your simply super competition. I am sure that you understand.

In the meantime, I'll be in my trailer enjoying the new yummy Innocent Orange Juice with bits - of course if there isnt one with bits in it in the chiller, there will be war!


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