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March 25, 2011


I really must fix the legs on that camera stand.

Alan, ALAN, ALAAN!, is that you?

Christmas? Baaaaaah humbug!

Yes! Definitely! That jumper you've got on. One of mine that is. You can see the quality of the wool...

Guess how many fingers am I holding up?!

What's that ewe say? Counts as one of my five a day?

My nose is a love heart.

You are feeling sleepy, very sleepy.

Is someone doing rabbit ears behind my head?

Have you never seen a sheep before?! Take your picture & move on. Loser.

I wanted to be a Unicorn...

Keep walking Bruce, I'm married...

It's a good thing I'm bilingual, coz I don't imagine you speak sheep...

Wonkey Donkey is expanding his fan base to those who favour wonkey sheep...

Oh Innocent Drinks, there'll never be another "ewe"!

I can smell a barbecue

Every day Albert would go out and stand sideways on his mountain, he'd long forgotten why, yet still he tilted.

Oh no not the Paparazzi again!

Sorry to bother you but do you know what time the number 9 is due?

Can we have our ball back please?

And I,I,I,I will always love ewe!!!

I know with innocent I wont be fleeced.

Am i on the right road for Milton Keynes?

look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, eyes, not around the eyes, don't look around the eyes, look into my eyes... And your under...

How are ewe doing?????????

what ewe looking at?

Hey! why are they picking my best berries..

Ram, lamb, thank ewe, Mam

Why is that photographer only wearing one shoe?

Oh no! I can smell mint sauce.

But it’s perfectly flat here! Why did they send a drunk photographer?

Who's that nun over there singing about hills being alive?

Hey Ewe! I'll make your day!

Ewe looking at me punk? Eh! ewe looking at me?

You alright down there? What's that? NO, I did not push you!

La Ta Tee, La Ta Taaaa.

they call me inocent what do they call you sweet thing

Don't look so sheepish, I'm innocent!

Can a moose drink orange juice?

No but i'd be barrrrrking mad if i didnt try it

Where has my innocent orange juice gone? Did you take it? Don't lie. I can see you holding it.

This IS as innocent as I can look!

What's the picture like now!

No, I am not a sheep. I am an apple in disguise. Fooled you.

No! I won't 'give you a twirl'...Toilet roll is hard to get hold of in the mountains

Hrm... 'Just for Men' you say... My grey's aren't that bad, are they?

I don't understand why you don't get it, man... I'M A VEGETARIAN!

Say I'm acting sheepish one more time and I'm coming to get you!!!

I said 'burp', not 'baa'.

There's something familiar about that sheepskin jacket.....Uncle Cedric???

"Steve, what are you doing all the way over there? I told you, LEFT at the thistle bush and then RIGHT at the yummy dandelions."

They put mint sauce on WHAT?!

I't meant to be a CHEESE rolling contest not SHEEP rolling!

Stop acting Sheepish

OI! hands off my juicy bits!

"Do you know what? If you tilt your head slightly like this and squint, you look just like Bob Hoskins."

Gerald has just noticed that leaning to one side is actually really fun, for about thirty seconds

Please come back, be my friend. I'm nice and ever so squishy. Don't make stalk ewe.

Definitely not asking him to take my photo again, last time he only got my ear in the shot.

That's the last time I order shoes off the internet, I'm sure one heel's shorter than the other...

He was getting annoyed having to use his horns as antennae for the other goats to watch tv

Sheep Devil: Follow me off this cliff, like the lemming you are!

Oi! Have you seen me hat?

Love the jumper. Is that cotton?

How do you wash your jumper? I always find just shampoo makes my hair flat.

I'm not wearing anything below my waist! :-D

Where's me woolie jumper?

Have ewe seen Bopeep? I seem to have misplaced her.

Are you going to eat that?

Which one of us is standing squint?

If you could see what I've just done behind this hill, you wouldn't think I was so sweet and innocent

If I stand still enough I'm pretty sure I won't get spotted...

Does my butt look fat on camera?

Shaun's impression of a reindeer was falling short.

are ewe Innocent?

FREEZE! And put your hands up. Sorry hooves up.

not me I'm completely Innocent!

don't be a woolly jumper get your Innocent juice here!

There's nothing sheepish about Innocent!

I'll show you if you promise not to laugh...

Innocent juice. It has legs ewe know!

Innocent juice. Plenty to bleat about...

Just has my first shave..I'm 100% Ram baby!

Now if I could only remember where I put the oranges.....

I'm succulent, I'm juicy, I'm yummy for lunch, I'm innocent!!

Hey, Dave! Try Innocent's new Crushed Grass and Strawberry. It's baa-rilliant!

It's gonna be a colorful one, right? I look so dull on Black & White photo!

My haircut brings all the ewes to the hills. Yeah!

Ooh. I feel naked...

...Not /to/ sure why I'm on a juice carton...

Stand still long enough and i'll eat your hat

'Hello, is it me you're looking for'

Ewe talkin' to me?

I'll be there in a min, i'm just updating my blog!

erm, sorry, what? was it me you were talking to? what's that you say?...fruit - yeah, of course I love fruit, what's not love?...tch, blooming time wasters!

Here's looking at Ewe kid!!

"Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, i wear mine on my face"

No, sorry I can't come out - this outfit only works from the waist up.

That cactus/ rabbit was right, innocent does make you feel less sheepish.

Oi, you've not seen me!

This isnt where I went to bed last night, flippin hen parties!

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