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February 23, 2011


Lemur is the new Meerkatt

She only has herself to blame for being so big maybe if she lay off the insects for a while and concentrated on some fruit now and again!

Leila the Lemur turns detective after a recent spree of Innocent carafes thefts.

If I stare at that Innocent carafe long enough, it's going to levitate over to me. I just know it.

Larry the Lemur plots revenge after being mistaken for that annoying Meerkatt off of the telly again.

Esmeralda considered getting her eyebrows threaded, but thought better of if it after watching Betty go through the agony.

One false move Meester Bond and you will be mine!

Larry fixed the hippo with a steely gaze. He wouldn't lose the stare off again!

I will watch you and when the time is right, I will exact my revenge!

You humans think you're so clever with your hands. One day I will learn to open the bottle, and I'll show you all!

"What's that you say? My eyes aren't the orangest thing in the jungle any more? We'll see about that - this new juice everyone's drinking may be innocent, but I am most certainly not..."

rotate 90 degrees clockwise i'm doing a push up, rotate 90 degrees anti clockwise i'm a sloth. push-up, sloth, push-up sloth. shake it up baby.

Touch my banana again, and you WILL get it.

Larry the lemur was great at musical statues but really rubbish at hide and seek.

I'm telling you, that dude just gives me the heebidabajeebies...

My name's actually Liam. They made a mistake. I hate the name Lima, its not even a real name.

I think its safe to assume that nobody else has realised my name is an anagram for MAIL.

Look into my eyes . . . I have ways of making you drink

So Mr Bond. We meet again...

Oh no, naked in public again, how does this keep happening?

Get away from my Gurkin, he's mine, all mine, I don't want you innocent guys makin' him into a smoothie!

I'll get you meerkats, if its the last thing I ever do. Mwah ha ha!

1000 new orange trees in Madagascar by 2015. That's more juice for Innocent and less habitat for me. Thanks guys.

They told me I'd be shocked...if only I could stop looking at them. Ok a few minutes more then.........

well you just earned yourself a well deserved silent treatment my recycled my bottle and i WASNT. FINISHED.

Best strike a pose here comes Attenborough!

i despise hiding games.

"I'm starting to think that pole dancing isn't for me..."

Eugh, non be-LEMURS! They don't know what they're missing!

"These eyes are the eyes of a lemur in love."

hand...stuck...stay calmmm concentrateee

Finally my evil plan is coming to FRUITion....

Lenny wonders why his brother was cast in a Disney movie, when he won the statue competition for the 4th year running!

Lenny tried to look innocent but the other lemurs knew he’d eaten all the oranges.

Oh good grief, did you SEE that!

Dont....look......behind you!

So you think you can replace my forest with giant cucumbers, eh?

Hey paparazzi! Lemme sleep will ya? You'll find the meerkats next door.

Lem knew, when he found the giant gherkin field, that this time would come. Totally focused on the inevitably of the task that lay ahead he felt an eery sense of calm wash over. This was his destiny.

now where can I get me an opposable thumb?

Must learn not to play Hide and Seek with Meerkats - they just disappear and leave me every time!

This pretending to be a statue job is easy money

Nobody ever suspects...the lemur!

I am the Dalai Lemur, everything I touch is back away from the tree..

Darling, I'm way too good for you. Stop trying it on and have a banana.

Glenda didn't consider herself a 'curtain twitcher', but watching the neighbours argue proved too difficult to resist.

i could eat a banana phone right now...

This time, it's the teddy bears who are in for the big surprise...

Lemur hated waiting for her Amazon delivery.

"What do you mean crowd sourced advertising is lazy?"

I'm glad no-one can see the ridiculous shoes they made me wear for this shot.

As Lorraine looked out at the breathtaking view, she couldn't help but think of what could have been...

Tonight Matthew I am going to be Ol Lemurs!

I have been stuck to this tree for a week now. I hope someone is recording LemurEnders, LemurOaks and Lemurnation St for me.

"I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking.."

Lemur(noun)- Endangered Madagascan mammal of strangely sinister appearance.

Antonym: Innocent fruit.

Kumer the Lemur keeps watch whilst his friends stash the Innocent Carafes!

hmmmmmm, I should have known that cow would play a dirty trick like that.

"I can no longer take the humiliation of these compulsory pole dancing classes."

"You can take the kingdom, Lion- but you cannot take my tree-dom!"

Hey I may be going grey but I am perfectly innocent!

That man over there thinks I'm not watching, but I am. I take my job as store detective very seriously.

Colin had had his suspicions- now he caught her with some younger, better-looking, and clean shaven

I am so excited right now. Just look at my excited.

When playing Star Wars in the jungle, it is perfectly acceptable to use a giant cucumber as a lightsabre replacement.

"Pay attention! Or you're going to miss out A LOT"

Damn it, I wanted to go on a veg pot.

Wanda from Purchasing could no longer ignore what her colleagues had been hinting at for some time ...

That her regular Thursday injections were doing more than smoothing out a few wrinkles!

Due to them looking like ET's, Geoff was stern with the photographer about keeping his fingers out of shot.

Mmmm looks like Dave has got himself one of those innocent drinkies...

Pssst ........ wanna buy an empty smoothie bottle?

Larry got bored easily in meetings... fortunately he could sleep with his eyes open.

Any chance of a bit of peace and quiet in here? Some of us are trying to get some sleep upstairs, you know.

I wanted that veg pot but my hands are super-glued to this trunk

I could jump to that tree, but why bother? Oh a bug, OK then

whadda you mean you stole the juicy bits? (seeths)

"Look at my face, is my face bovvered? Face? Bovvered?"

Rob once again reminded himself to get his eyes tested

I simply won't get out of bed for less than a hundred bottles of orange juice, dahling!

Hybernation is only for the Innocents among us!

He makes one more move and im gunna launch an orange at his head.

You aint seen me, OK?

Hmm. What does that guy have that I don't?

Oh. Innocent juices and smoothies

That lemur over there, with wind and roller blades, has Made-a-gas-car!

A little homosapian hanky panky, perhaps ;)

Those Madagascar jokes are getting lemur and lemur!

I like to move it, move it!

See this juice? IT'S MINE!

"so that's what he's doing when he's working late!."

seductive eyes, come to mumma, i want your juice number...

"I like to smooth it, smooth it!"

"You think you got me, ay? Just you wait when I get out of here, I'll come and get you and your vegpot too!"

I'm a smoothie, innocent and so full of goodness dahling

Next time Gadget, next time...

Hmm, those humans really ought to know that less is definately more. Fake fur and talons are never a good look.

Im a "Limahl" and im to shy shy

"Who is that fineeeeeeeeee looking lemur?!"

Sneaky sneaky that was mine to eaty!

I hope nobody is looking,you can never find a toilet when you really need one.

First to blink loses.

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