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October 25, 2010


I just love to get my clothes dirty when I cook.
No apron needed... just wipping my hands on my shirt, jeans, sweater or whatever I'm wearing.

am I the only one to comment?

Favourite way to get my clothes dirty: sledging even though there isn't that much snow (and in fact rather a lot of mud).

letting pidgeons do their thing

I love getting my clothes dirty in the park with my lovely boxer, Henry. The muddier the better!

Mentos + Diet Coke = a very messy but fascinating scientific experiment.

Best done in the garden though, or it will be more than your clothes that need washing afterwards...

I definitely get my clothes dirty when i bake, i wind up with flour hand prints all over the place!

Decorating! Getting rid of beige paint in the house is the best! And obviously drinking Innocent smoothies or juice afterwards :D

Shovelling the output of my elephant Emmett at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park.
Lovely boy, but really does stink.

At the moment I like to get my clothes dirty by going to the park and kicking piles of leaves about (sorry park keeper) - there's always a bit of mud splashback, but oh it's worth it! :)

Mucking out the horses and then taking the dogs for a walk - one makes them smell the other covers them in mud!

Gardening, it's worth getting your clothes dirty for a spring full of daffodils!

I go running with my friend's dog, great way to keep fit and I get to run through all the puddles and get covered in mud!

I love to get my clothes dirty by carrying my little girl when she decides that she's tired after jumping in the muddiest puddles she can find. Welly boots can transfer a lot of mud!

Gardening with my 3yr old, mud mud glorious mud whilst digging out spuds :-)

I just have to sit down to dinner. I'm hopeless and always spill something on the table-cloth or myself!

Embracing my dog after he has had his muddy walk in the fields.

I still down with my Innocent Veg pot and then I always manage to drop some down myself because I am a messy eater.

baking a giant batch of chocolate cookies and covering myself in flour and cookie dough in the process!

By standing too close to my dog after he has been for a swim in any nearby water, the muddier the better in his opinon!

spending every day with my daughter is a sure fire way to persnalise our clothes with memories of the day in food, mud and paint form

I love to get my clothes dirty when i eat i always have a little something for later!

finger painting with my 18 month old - although the paint seems to go everywhere apart from the paper in front of her, messy but lots of fun!

I have a favourite shirt and sometimes I have to wear it every day. For several days running. My record is 15. It's quite dirty by then...

Going running on Wimbledon Common in the rain and running really really fast straight through the puddles when you get to them. Lots of fun :o)

Nothing like getting on my mountain bike and getting completely plastered.

I was stopped for a breather once and an old boy came up and said

" I never understand why you blokes don't use mud guards?'

I replied

"Well if you don't go out and come back covered in mud, you haven't been for a proper ride have you!"

cuddling kittens

By crushing grapes grown on my vine at my allotment.

I love using the power washer and letting all the muck, dirty water and grubby bits fly up and land on my clothes...

Getting out in the garden, digging up a fine beetroot crop. Mud stained knees and elbows and beet stained hands!

I love to get dirty by jumping into mud:

Being an amateur coffee geek has, it transpires, got certain assocaited risks - an error in judgement once resulted in my espresso machine spraying an increadible amount of water and coffee grounds all over the kitchen, and my clothes. Was it fun? Well, I quite enjoyed smelling of coffee for the rest of the day...

Not so much dirty as stinky from mosh pit beer and sweat!

my favourite way is cooking with my kids - 6 & 3 - we all end up dirty but the results are delicious, always followed by a Innocent Smoothie as a baking treat!

Taking a long Autumn woodland walk, involving climbing rocks and trees and often slipping over in the mud!


There is a special Indian festival called "Holi", it's once a year and involves dressing in white clothes especially and throwing around coloured powders at family/friends and in the air, everyone ends up looking like a rainbow, it's so much fun and shows up on the white as you can probably imagine! (nightmare to wash out though)

There is nothing messier than taking my bike out on the common - dips filled with muddy water, hills to speed down and spray flying everywhere. Awesome!

Experimenting with food colouring in my cupcake baking extravaganzas. Pink might make the boys wink, but it don't half stain!

Playing football in the garden with my 6 year old son who is a big cheat and I always end up in the mud!

my cat uses me as a doormat when it rains...and we live next to fields...! Paw patterns are nice but mucky all the same!

How do I get dirty; let me count the ways, there is no greater love than jumping in the rain puddles with my grandaughters,then there is eating,just looking at dinner seems to make spillages happen!!!!

traipsing through a muddy field on a lovely autumnal walk in the countryside. (and jumping in the occasional puddle)!

cycling through london traffic, working up a sweat even when it's freezing, absorbing grit and exhaust fumes but feeling oddly victorious having spent nothing on petrol or parking.

Playing with my little neices and nephews - they love to paint and sculpt, and often most of it ends up on me!

A bit of S&M and you're clothes will be well dirty! Sweat and make-up that is of course- every girls washing machine nemesis!

My favourite way to get mucky is to repaint and decorate my very first flat, which I have just bought and will be moving into in December, and will hopefully be filling with beautiful eco cleaning products (including the Method Omop) to make me feel virtuous, and delicious Innocent vegpots and smoothies to make me feel full, warm, healthy and happy!

I get my clothes"dirty" by squirting Method detergent on them when I enthusiastically start a new bottle.
And so all I need to do is take my cloth off, throw them in the wash, ad rush upstairs before anybody sees me : )

My best mate works for a Paintball company so not only do I have to master the rolley polley around Muddy fields,
I have to avoid bright fluorescent balls of paint flying at 200mph....
So on a good day mud and water would be a result!!!

i dont like getting my clothes dirty its not nice to them, the only way i can condone is if it results in grass stains ;-)

Picking blackberries and trying to reach the really juicy ones at the top of the bush. Always ends up with blackberry juice everywhere which is a pain to get out, but loads of fun is had!

Splashing in muddy puddles with the kids

Playing rugby :)

Creating with my kids

My favourite way to get my clothes dirty is by eating doughnuts and chocolate ice cream! Actually, any scrummy food if I'm honest..

Crawling around in my veg patch on my hands and knees. I always end up sitting right in the middle of it covered in mud and smiles. I have to get undressed outside the back door!!

I once spilt a whole 1 litre carton of innocent smoothie down me, which was not my favourite way to get dirty as it was such a waste of tasty smoothie.
My favourite way to get my clothes dirty is at a good old British Festival- nothing quite like not washing for five days and wandering through muddy fields in the same clothes you've been wearing for a week.

My favourite is mealtimes with my baby nephew. Nevermind my clothes through, I wish I could machine wash his highchair, the floor, the walls, even him sometimes!

Oh where to start the hole in my chin that appears every time I drink something dark coloured so it pours over my freshly laundered top, or exercising the dog with the Frisbee and seeing the waves of muddy as he gleeful captures said Frisbee mid air coming down to earth with an almighty splat, mucking in the garden with the fruit and veg showering your self with mud as that parsnip is yanked from the ground, too many fun ways to get yourself filthy!!

Splashing in the mud.

I like running through woodland paths near me and kicking up mud as I go!

Visiting a friend's farm. Usually end up covered in sheepdog hair, sheep and cow poo, mud, grain and who knows what else! All worth it though for the big smile on my son's face. And he doesn't even realise he's being educated at the same time :)

Bog snorkling is my passtime for both fun and seeing just how dirty I can get my clothes. It is fun and seeing your kit standing up on its own by the washing machine is a sight to see

painting with my 2 year old goes all over clothes, hair, furniture and makes us both very giggly and happy!

Scooping goop out of pumpkins so they can be carved...then making pumpkin soup & toasted seeds, of course.

Mmmmm!!! {{{^_^}}}

Cooking, eating and then wiping my hands on my clothes....creating a flavour saver!

a big hug for a mucky pig - couldn't be muddier :-)

brushing against dirty cars in the carpark i go through to cut about 30seconds off my walk to uni.

By wearing them for days and not washing them!! haha

By play fighting/wrestling with my six year old son on the lawn :)

The best way to get clothes muddy has to be walking in the rain! A day in the hills when its raining and I look like ive been rolling in mud!

Cutting up tomatoes and beetroot are top of my list as the juice tends to land everywhere. Followed by my cat treading my lap after coming inside from the garden.

I play football, and horse ride. And I do one or the other, or both, every single day. I need all the help I can get with my muddy, sweaty clothes!

kicking through huge piles of autumn leaves and jumping in puddles never fails to ruin the bottom of my jeans! :D makes me happy tho

jogging in the rain - mud splatters all the way up your back!

Digging at my allotment on a rainy day, very peaceful but also very very muddy!

Doing a 2 a.m. slug & snail hunt with a torch in my veg patch...I always manage to get some slime & mud on my hands & then onto my nightie....yuck!

Paintballing in dense woodland!

I particularly love it when you attempt to stay clean, and then think 'screw it' and just go for it - diving to the mud to duck for cover, scrabbling through undergrowth and of course getting covered in luminescent paint :-)

my favourite way to get my clothes dirty is baking with my children, followed by playing in the garden with them, then sitting down and enjoying an innocent smoothie trying not to waste any as i drink mine from the carton :o)

Where to start? ... Where to STOP!

For the eldest .. Football .. Crunchy socks!

For the youngest ... Sliding down a muddy hill on his bottom is his weapon of choice

For he who shall be disobeyed .. Anything worth eating is worth spilling down his front!

For the dogs ... Anything smelly to roll .. step .. or wallow in .. (No dogs were put through the washing machine during the making of this comment .. only their towels!)

... and for me ... I will choosey the simplest of pleasures ... 1 Hot Dog (Ketchup & Mustard aplenty) .. 1 Bag Popcorn .. 1 Darkened Cinema ... how it happens I cannot say ... :^)

I am a student need I say more.

My clothes are forever having drinks spilt on them,
I always have kitchen issues (i.e. something in the microwave explodes)and
I am doing a biochemistry course and it isn't a good practical until I spill dye down my crisp white labcoat.

Just eating! At 6 months pregnany my food is magnetically attracted to my clothes especially the bump! :-)

I just cuddle my little daughter after she ate her dinner and you can read from my clothes what she had :)

I just need to eat to get my clothes filthy, I am guaranteed to spill something down my front if I am wearing a clean blouse.

At La Tomatina every year in Valencia....gotta love squished tomatoes....( in fact innocent you could do a special veg pot to mark the event....)

My favourite way to get my clothes dirty is definitely in the kitchen. Occassionally I practice safe-baking and use an apron, but I generally like to just throw ingredients around recklessly (all in the name of delicious cake, ofcourse) :)

tripping over the tent pegs in clean pjs when its nice n muddy out there!

Playing with my grandchildren! More ways than you can think of - starting with mud, fingerpaints, glue, glitter, cake mixture and icing, food and drink of all kinds as well as all the unmentionable stuff. :O}

I love to get my clothes dirty by getting hot and sweaty down at the gym. Should I have replaced the word 'dirty' with 'sweaty'?! lol

Eating my veg pot at work, tasty but always seem to get a stain on my shirt!

Gardening and then transforming the fruits of our labour!
The kids and I made Bramble Jelly from the last of the Autumn Berries and the washing machine won after picking the berries. The next day we made Pasta sauce from the last of the ripened home grown Toms. Messy, yes, but a satisfying kind of mess!

With 3 young children, everyday it's a very dirty day... no excuses needed!!!

When eating spaghetti bolognese.....impossible not to flick tomato sauce everywhere!

Slipping over in a dirty night club


Pressure washing! It's loads of fun and very very dirty.

Running around the park with a football and my 3 nephews and 1 niece. They use any excuse to put me in a goal they've strategically placed near a puddle or pile of mud. They are not affectionately known by the family as "the 'orribles" for nothing!!

Feeding my ducks and chickens in their muddy outside area, the ducks just love to splash and chickens scratch away at the soil!
The eggs are sooo fantastic though, bright yellow and definately free range.

No matter how hard I try and stay clean ... my dog always seems to share his mud from the fields! Plus the odd trip on a lead into the mud! So I blame it all on Hector :)

cleaning out the chickens, that we have just re homed.

Do I really have to pick just one? I can't choose between playing with my toddler in the park or at home with mud, water, even play dough, having a cuddle after he's finished eating, eating my own meals, splashing in puddles, doing DIY to make my home look nicer...

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