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August 03, 2010


I once worked for a company that had a Dutch office with 7 people in it. 3 were called Kim and they once got a CV from another girl called Kim - they threw it in the bin because they didn't want 4 Kims, even though she was very qualified. I hope you don't do that to any future Bens, from the chart it looks like they thrive over there anyway.

Mike was on holiday last week and when he got back on Monday his mug had gone missing. We are currently on the look out and we're going to stay late tonight and interrogate the cleaner. We reckon she's broken it.

We don't have a ping pong table in our office, but we do have a fun little Donut-related hide and seek game. We have a collection of five doughnut magnets that usually live on the fridge, but they have a habit of disappearing and turning up in very unusual places. If you spot one you can hide it somewhere else, so nobody knows where all five of them are. The fridge is getting very lonely though.

I feel sorry for our office fridge. Quite a lot of people here think that our fridge likes mouldy food, that's why they leave their houmous pots and half opened soups or even Veg pots (how dare they?!)to fester for weeks on end. When will people start being nice to it again..?

My friend Chris nearly choked on his massive calcium tablet this lunchtime, he's ok you'll be pleased to know. Yes, it's fairly quiet in our office at the moment...

We had a Wayzgoose (no, me neither) at our offices on Friday and Levi Roots himself came along as the special guest. He is very lovely. We also had a steel band, hog roast and sports day games! Not a bad afternoon at the office :)

We have a small collection of toy goats - each morning, the goats are mysteriously in new positions, sometimes all standing in a circle, sometimes in regimented lines, and this morning, forming a very acrobatic goat-pyramid...

I don't think your tasteful blonde wood magazine rack is for magazines. I think you will find it is actually a giants toast rack (so watch out for the giant!)

Here it's been all go with an office move. We're now in lines with the boss at the front, just like school, but they've put the white board at the back of the room rather than the front.
Just need to pluck up courage to write on it...

Something interesting that happened at work?? Can anyone beat a customer actually BREAKING a window by mooning against it??? I wish I was joking! :-D xx

My exciting news is that I've just secured myself a job! I'd make friends much more easily if I had some smoothies to share with my new co-workers!!

I added a new monkey to my collection! (I collect how to say monkey in diff languages, you can't just google them you have to meet people and ask them or it's cheating). Number 47 is Danish - Apekatt. It has now settled in nicely next to number 46, gujarati - Vandri. A new monkey week is a good week.

One of our Nutritionists got engaged and another was so busy at a show that she ran out of stock. The swallows are having a third brood and the bees and butterflies in the organic garden are lapping up the necter from the fabulous flowers.

I was involved in a conferrence call, aimed to try and solve some issues our client was experiencing. Everyone was getting a bit tense and stressed. My boss asked the guys what flash player version they were using. Without missing a beat, one of the guys on the other end sung 'AAAAA-AHHHH', like in the song Flash by Queen!

today we had a denim seminar at work, with the company from the states. We all got to dress up, make up, photo shoot the works and do a catwalk around the store. Then we had a jeans raffle and tasty breakfast...all before we opened at 10am!!!!

A cat jumped into my bosses open office window and spent 10 minutes happily strolling round meeting us all before being coaxed back outside by Rob with a fish paste sandwich!

After work Rounders was cancelled last week due to a wterlogged field. However, after work cricket did go ahead and the office staff beat the activity centre staff in a thrilling (if rather amateurish) 20twenty game.

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