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August 17, 2010


well, maybe it does not work with the French? I answered potatoe...

nice try but what i had in mind is squash.

Also very good juiced :o)

I'm afraid I answered cauliflower! But hey I would be different!!

Me and Cha and of one mind - potato all the way.

Like Uri Gellar and the spoon 'cept waaay cooler.

I got carrot too!!!

I said cucumber but that's coz I'd just been thinking about them otherwise I probably would've said carrot because it's my fave veg!

nah this is rubbish i got beetroot


Burn the witch!!!! (Don't really)

Whoops I didn't do it out loud and I said tomato, which isn't even a vegetable. Fail.

Carrott as well, amazing!

After saying banana and really it was vegetable and not fruit, I said courgette!

AMAZING!!! I said carrot!
How bizzare!

Carrot!! That is truly amazing.

waaah I said courgette - whats that about? I hate courgettes!

I've been doing this for years - about 14 years ago I sat with three other work buddies and got them all to say their answer at the same time. The looks on their faces were priceless!

I was even eating a carrot at the time!

I said carrot. I did. I did. My face just dropped.

i wanted to say something beginning with c, but my brain couldn't come up with anything fast enough so i just said ''

lesson for life kids; dont mix jet lag with alcohol...

I said carrot! Crummy O'Reilly!!


Sweetcorn ! Did anyone else say sweetcorn?

What is it with carrots? And what is it with those of us that said other veggies (or cheese for that matter - LOL)?

Answers on a postcard please

weird. carrot 'twas indeed.

All carrots in this office!

Yup, carrot for me too!

I said zucchini...
(weird aussies...)

Duh - I don't unnerstand.....wot wos the question ? and wot wos the answer ? 'ave I missed summfing

Courgette I'm afraid

I said Tomato as well lol

I struggled to think of one, but then.......carrot!

PEAS, I was counting PEAS . . . :O)


I didn't read it properly and said orange. Then saw it said vegetable and said carrot. Freaky.

i got potato

Beetroot for me.

so how did I get avocado????? - not a vagetable, not orrange?

I said cheese...that can't be right?!

Ummm..32 courgette? something didn't quite work in my brain too then! I'm guessing it plays on the association of 32 carat gold? Or is it actually the dark arts...?

I said Mango.
Cos you'd said mango earlier on.
Then I felt stupid for not saying carrot. Then I realised mango is a fruit. (But at least it's the right colour.)


His picture made me think of brocolli and it didn't change despite the numbers game :(

Possible theory: the B of Brocolli comes after the A of Atha?!

Oops, I said orange. Then I realised that, strictly speaking, it's not a vegetable. But the right colour? Maybe rather than ooooh, it's just oo.

I thought of Brussel Sprout but then again i had to eat one for lunch even though i hate them!!

I said carrot! AWESOME.
Although tbh i think its just luck when someone says carrot :/

Also said Cheese... :/

I did think carrot, though. Talk about crossed wires!

Aubergine :(.
But it would be okay if that was the vegetable you had to eat for the rest of your life since I do like Aubergine.
And carrots come to think of it.

I was skeptical about the game at first - but then I answered carrot and found out the rest of your office have too. Pretty amazing!

Marrow... so close, but not quite right. Maybe my brain is wired slightly wrongly...

Cabbage but I hate cabbage (except raw, sliced or quickly stir fried in very small quantities)

This is a well known phenomena(?) this sequence of numbers produces an orange flash of light in the brian!!!!

First, I said pineapple. Whoops. Then broccoli. Then I thought "huh?" and looked at the answer you had given, but didn't click on the link and so thought the words in red were what 180 people had said, i.e. they all chanted "this vegetable". Which freaked me out, and I concluded I must be not quite right for not thinking that, but then it eventually dawned on me and so now I feel like a right plonker. That was quite a boring anecdote really wasn't it. Sorry. Happy Christmas though! xxx

First thing I _said_ was carrot. But that was after I thought of lettuce, cabbage, broccoli and cucumber in a split second (in pictures). Couldn't think of their names fast enough to say them so ended up saying carrot, the fifth veg I thought of! Weird...


For what it's worth:

tomato = fruit
potato = tuber
sweetcorn = cereal
cheese = dairy

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