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June 15, 2010


Puggled - means confused or not sure,

"I'm really Puggled about that!"

I love this word and use it lots... I'm no dizzy blonde though ;-0

schmuckle - a stupid laugh (combination of a smile, schmuck, chuckle and cackle

yokeambob- like thingymabob. Used when you cant think of the name of something eg. ive lost me yokeambob

A fitter (somebody who sits on Facebook ie a facebook sitter but isn't really your friend). "I thought you and Suz were friends? Nah she's just a fitter.

A flitter (somebody who occasionally tweets late night on Twitter) From the verb to flit like a bat.

'facerape' - Its not a rude word but it describes when you accidently leave facebook logged onto your phone or computer and someoneelse uses it and changes your status to something funny!

hopefully you dont consider it rude and yuo may not use this in everyday talk but we've used it for ages! and find it funny :)

Clamming: when 2 people are sleeping in the same bed in oppsite directions and your bums touch! 'we're clamming'

twangled.. ..means twisted and tangled, but all in one word

Coinkydink -
Like its a coincidence, but a cute one.


It's a bit long I know, but it it the perfect word when something has gone wrong, it is something out of your control and the word 'Bugger' just isn't quite enough!


It's an abbreviation of 'fear of missing out' but a very useful word in its own right.

An example - have two glasses of Innocent Smoothie just in case someone else finishes it before you do. You have fear of missing out. You are a fomo.

'brillo-pads' - (hypenated in this case to make it one word)

Meaning brilliant - "this competition is brillo-pads"

Someone can also be a brillo-pad if they are a brilliant person.


This means fantastic or fantabulous. Has the word 'rhubarb' in it purely because it's a great word, and of course, because it is very tasty. Could typically be used by posh people instead of the usual 'spiffing'.

"I'm having a great time tonight, aren't you?"
"Yes, darhling, rhubarborous!"


When something is spectactularly fun.


My friend Eve and I once found a desperately badly spelled article, and had this word instead of "disturbed". However, the article showed a headshot of the author, who had a terrible haircut... And that's what dirstubead became to us!

In a sentence (usually as a hissed aside): "Eve! That man! Dirstubead!"


It's for when something's too good to just be splendid (certain smoothie recipes gain this accolade).

This smoothie is "pure dead brilliant"!

OK, I know, its three words.


A form of very very funny hiccups. Normally followed my squeeks, or hamster sounding sounds. My Gramps used to call my hiccups that!

Fairy snuff.

Is not actually a drugg, to be used instead of fair enough, just because fair enough is not quite as exciting as saying fairy snuff, and it really confuses people who aren't in the know and think you are offering them something.


Something's a bit 'oouie' - unpleasant, nasty.

"I don't want to touch that, it looks a bit oouie".

"That soup looks really oouie."

"Frou-frou and Hooflaan" - applies to extraneous but fun things, like "the smoothies were delicious, full of all sorts of frou-frou and hooflaan" or "We went shopping for frou-frou and hooflaan! Look! We got false eyelashes and face glitter!"

COOLTH... which means the opposite of warmth!
Why is this not a word already?


Like thingymebob, but so cool and funky you have to tell everyone about it.

Bill and Ted would have put it like this

Hey dude, have you seen that funkydodah downstairs, it's most excellent! But it's weirded me out, big time man, you know.

A cross between being puzzled and confused.

A stunning but stupid person!

When an animal has a nose so cute that you just want to prod it saying "Boop!"

"Blangy". A soft texture, like velvet or the skin of a peach.

'Superflous' (Superflowse)
Meaning something is exceptionally good. Derived from superfluous (meaning in excess of what is required, usually in a bad way)

PS I really like foxymoron :)

fabtastic (fabulously fantastic)

barfalicious (something that's really gross)


It's a double-barreller - posh, eh!?

It means much of a muchness or, if you will, 6 and half a dozen or two threes.

AND, it sounds cute.

Use: you: "would you like a kiwis, apples and limes or a cranberries, blueberries and cherries/". Me: "it's ixie-pixie. Whatever's easiest..."

Blurch - Hid in a sinister way.

For innocent bottles you could say 'only real fruit and nothing blurch'

A policeman could report 'the man was picked up blurching behind the wall'

Senseful. Full of sense. makes sense..?


An accident but in a cute way. "Uh-oh I think there's been an accidonk"


A silly way to say recognise. "I recogonise that person..."


mix between hey and hello :)

We had a student teacher a few years ago and we thought it would be funny to make up a word and ask her what it meant. Cruel, I know, but we came up with:

sev•rip•ro•cal [sev-rip-ruh-kuhl]
- Adjective: behaving in an abnormal manor, contrasting to what one would perceive as a persons normal behaviour; "She was showing sevriprocal behaviour changes", "there's nothing sevriprocal about the fruit we use in our smoothies"
- Noun: something that is the sevriprocal to something else; converse; reverse; opposite; “Innocent smoothies are the sevriprocal of all things processed and concentrated”

And it worked! It was hilarious watching her search through the dictionary. Maybe one day she will find the definition in her concise oxford ;)


I'm launching a campaign to bring an old word back into useage because it is so wonderfully atomspheric and descriptive. It's autumn, the leaves are off the trees and you drive through a big pile of them. Look in the rearview mirror at the fiery cloud you've created. That's a "werbel of leaves". The word appeared on an episode of Call My Bluff on the BBC many, many years ago when Frank Muir and Patrick Campbell were team captains and I've never forgotten it. I have forgotten how to spell it, though! Werbel or werble, (pronounced like "burble"). Please help bring this lovely word back into English useage.



Does what it says on the tin, the anniversary of when you and your bezzies (best mates) became friends. Everyone has them and they should be celebrated!


It means absolutely, completely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt

ie "I disquinsively remember what I did last Sunday afternoon"

totems [toht-uhms]

totally; wholly; entirely; completely.

“This statement is totems ridiculum”


Like a prized nut-Something so good a squirell would take it into hideing and not share it with anyone!

"That tastes squrrielicious!"


When something is not just fun, its whole basis for being is fun, all activities lead back to being fun e.t.c.

-based can also be attached to other words for ultra-emphasis.

Such as: 'my week was mainly work-based' or 'he was nice but quite self-based' e.t.c.

Skinny- Wiggle! Cuz squirrels kinda wiggle a bit. Haha, get that on a smoothie bottle

Thrump (I thrump, you were thrumping, we had a thrump e.t.c.)

This is a verb which describes the feeling you get 'the day after' when you feel like you did something wrong or bad but can't decide what it was or if its your brain chemicals making it up just to spook you. Generally a comforting phonecall to a friend and a good movie and a nice bit of cheese on toast help dispel the thrumping.

Yazimak - microwave meal.

i.e. that yazimak definitely didn't contain one of my five-a-day!


When someone is feeling sorry for themselves, being a bit moany, or generally being a bit of a child..."Oh bubba-jubb!"

Stranglish - this is the version of English that many of the Eurovision entries are sung in and especially when the singers don't really understand the lyrics either!

Heyy :)
My word is Frujel and it means colourful; tasty or even fruity :)

('WOW' or 'ouch!')

(a mixture of cow poo and mud)

Juicylicious. Definitely a good smoothie word.

Splurt. When you open a smoothie carton the wrong way and it spurts out, spilling down your front.


(an expression of joy / happiness)

Origins: From mishearing Take That sing "Hold Up A Light For Me"

"I have just been promoted"
Response: Herluppalah!

"This smoothie is utterly gorgeous"

Currently in very heavy usage amongst a select group of librarians ;)

my word is belmf... it's used to quantify a really big amount of something... e.g it's raining belmf's!

/ that bath if full to belmf.


yokeambob-like thingymabob. used when you cant think of something ie. ive lost me yokeambob

"Portillo Moment" (pronounced por-till-oh . Mow-ment)

Soumething that is rather disastrous

e.g. Oh gosh, Flo, that exam was such a portillo moment" "gee, my life is just one big portillo moment"

(during our election party the phrase 'portillo moment' came up in our game of political bingo. We didn't really understand what it meant, so, while munching on Cameron Cookies and scrambled Cl-eggs, we decided that it was something really really bad. It quickly became our favourite way to describe our AS exams, which were rather disastrous)

Stumpig- for people who are vertically challenged!

"But you're so stumpig, it doesn't matter!"

Yibber - used when you cannot remember the name of something or someone. ie, "I'm looking for that yibber I had yesterday," or, "you know, Yibber, we met him last week." Can also be used as in 'yibbing' about - messing about

Delumptious - A word used to describe something that is both delicious and scrumptious. As in "that smoothie was delumptious!"

confidancing, taken from the (made up) noun confidance.
'to be joyously confident'.

Innocent smoothies are so good they confidance over the rival brands...

that tom cruise was confidancing all over the place on that oprah interview

Marmant: More, used in the same form as less or fewer. Same use as fewer.

To beadle - which is basically to fart around i.e taking ages to get ready, holding up the rest of the group i.e. "are you ready to go out yet?"
"well I am but Raggers (or whoever)is beadling"
Or to be a 'beadle(r')is to make a hash of something you're doing - i.e. coming back from somewhere with an armfull of smoothies and dropping one would result in "you beadle" from the group

kaboodle- one's backside =)

Redunkculous (re-dunk-cu-lous), its like ridiculous but cranked up to level 11. Also it makes you sound like a wizard - you cant go wrong...

Intaxication - The temporary euphoria at getting a tax return, which last only until you realise it was your money in the first place!


We use it all the time, it can mean any word ever!

"Hiya Ronald"
"I'm ronald roasting"
"Thats very ronald"

Love it!

'totes mcgotes'

just like totally, but cooler!

'it's warm today'
'totes mcgotes'

"Geezy" (pronounced 'djii zii')

- To be as easy as GCSE exams

Cosmicious ... the whole shamazal, the big game, the sky's the limit, the oooh ahh of the cosmic whiz!

Fabalicious ... you know what that means!!!! How you feel when you drink an innocent gogi berry smoothie!

trigonomepythag (trig-a-nom-a-pi-fag)

Anything in relation to maths :)
Example: 'I'm just working on some triganomapythag' or 'he knows his triganomapythag'

Can we do an old word with a new meaning? I have lots of those...

Falafel means kafuffle
Pavlova means palava


verb:- To squeeze inbetween or move through very close things.

"To perlungicate through the crowd to the bar"

"A rose perlungicated between two thorns."

"I shall perlungicate myself into my trousers"


I think it's wrong that you can 'have an inkling' as a noun, but there is not verb that fits with it. Thus I propose the use of 'to inkle' as a verb.

'John and Jenny are getting married'
'Really? I inkled they might'.


adjective:- Gross, disgusting, grimy.

"Eeew - I'm not eating that grummy sandwich"

"Those pants are way grummy, man!"

"It's grummy, but I like it!"

doobryfurkin (doo-brie-fur-kin)

When you can't think of the name of something, you know...where's the doobryfurkin gone?...Oh what's it called?.... You know, the doobryfurkin!!.....Oh you don't....

Fushnicken (Foo-shnick-en)

A term of endearment

"You're my little fushnicken :O)"
"I BEG your pardon?!!!"
"Umm....ahem...(shuffle, shuffle) little fushnicken? Darling?"

Ponky - all-purpose word for anything lame, unpleasant, sub-standard, annoying.

That was a really ponky episode of Doctor Who (which this season could apply to practically all of them).

Yumalicious, yummy and delicious for all things tasty.

That smothie was Yumalicious !!

CHILAX - noun.
Funky cross between chill and relax.

(or CHILAXED - adjective: chilled and relaxed)

This word undoubtably deserves its place in the dictionary.


A combination of confused and puzzled.

Trampolined - as an adjective to mean drunk.

"After that party I was completely trampolined."

"You should have seen her, she was so trampolined she could barely walk!"

"I'm a fan of getting trampolined, I just don't like the hangover."

okeydoke a shortened version of okey dokey

One of those meaningless words which can fill awkward silences, or a slightly negative response to the question 'How are you?'


An Innocent enough word, meaning Fresh & Fruity, and Fresh and Cool, and even Fresh, Fruity and Cool. Just like someone I once knew...


As in.... are you joining the pinkarally this year?

Shortened version of Pink Car Rally as in


A drink which is so tasty and delicious that it is 'gluggable'.

Eg. 'That Innocent Superfruit smoothie is so gluggable'


To tell someone how silly they are;

Oh you shmoo!

Mooey (moo-ee)

Meaning 'mouth'

"Stick it in yer mooey"

(I'm a bit worried about the amount of made-up words I seem to use - does anyone ever understand what I'm going on about I wonder?!)

Swidgle (or swijjle):

Action of using a loo-brush to clean the loo, as in 'Please can you swidgle the loo before you use it'

FOUST or FOUSTING - amazing ''that was totally foust(ing)!) with a high 5

TOTES - totally

FOSOH - for sure 'are you going to havea smoothie?'


Another vote for 'Confuzzled'
It's a word that a lot of people I know have been using for years and no one ever needs to ask what it means.

Great to see others suggesting it too :)

Guesstimate - an estimate/guess

'Snazz-cazz' - a good way to let everyone know the appropriate dress code for an evening is snazzy, yet casual. Or snazz-cazz!


both mean a cross between a pumkin and a unicorn!

Rummle; when a person rumbles around to get comfy, restless.

For example - I was a big rummle in bed last night.


used to describe basically everything :)
Mostly means fit young men who are quite ripped and butch, but then again, I use it to describe everything, from strong through to awesome.
eg. that graph is so hench.
eg2. she's so hench! (when pushing a boat)


I really think this should be in the dictionary. Short for newbie, and can be used for everyyyything that has noobs in it :)

eg, paha, karate noobs :)

"Specialishnessifying" - when something's so unique and amazing, boring old "special" is NOT SPECIAL ENOUGH!!
For example:
" innocent Smoothies are specialishnessifyingly super special!! "

This is one that my dad made up as a child, and he used it whenever he got angry (like his own swear-word)..

Politeful - is the act of remembering your manners! Term coined by 'Big Paul Shutler'

"Windsquipers" ... a cross between the word Windscreen and Wipers. Used accidently the first time but became a family favourite but it says exactly what it does on the tin! Has an onomatopoeic quality about it, that squeaky sort of sound when there isnt enough water on the windscreen!

It's what we call the stone gates between fields in the countryside. If you're too chubby then you can't get through. Quite funny when you have a backpack and are on your tiptoes to try & get it over.

"Optiglurgle" - The proper process of drinking a smoothie. You have to get a generous and optimistic glug to capture the flavour and freshness - it's the only way to drink an Innocent smoothie.

Chilax - a mix of chill out and relax

Terribad - when something is terrible and bad

Dooby Whatsit - very similar to Thingymajigs, when you can't remember the real name for something.

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