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January 19, 2010


I made a firm resolution to make no New Year's Resolutions this year and so far things are going rather well :-)


I resolved to keep on breathing in 2010, and I haven't stopped yet :3

Pink ^_^

I've got 101 things to do in 1001 days (which started on the 9th, to further the point of it not being just a new year's resolution doomed to failure) which I'm making rather good progress on if I do say so myself...I have a blog for it and everything!

Does that count, maybe? :) (Green!)

I resolved not to miss any uni lectures in 2010. So far so good (if we don't count tuesday; a combination of very cheap rosé, snow, a locked out neighbour and a broken door handle) :)

Not to eat meat for Jan. Not just because I love rabbits (which I do), but because I'm too greedy. And because the environment needs us to care a bit more. I explained it a bit better here:

And I've kept it up. See - Twitter says so, so it must be true.

I'd like a nice blue hoody, please. I'll hug it.

I rarely make resolutions, but this year I have resolved to make more of an effort to see/stay in contact with my friends and family. So far so good :-)

Green please.

To enter more competitions

I quietly resolved to myself that I would be more tidy, keep in touch with my friends and do more crafty stuff - that is, arts and crafts, not sneaking about. And so far I have tidied up my wardrobe so that I can open both doors without things falling out, put nice big storage boxes in said wardrobe for storage of my craft stuff, finished my model bonsai tree and then made contact with my friends to tell them all about it. I feel it's going well.

Green please :-)

I made 2 resolutions this year:

1. To no longer eat a certain round honeycomb confectionery covered in chocolate- I failed this one on the 13th Jan! :(
(It was an unrealistic goal any way!)

2. To drink no alcohol in January. It's day 20 and I'm still going strong! Yay!

ps, I'd like the green or pink hoodie please! :)

This year I have resolved to lose at least half of the ten stone I need to lose (the other half next year) So far so good with 7lbs coming off already.
The other new years resolution was to make sure my partner and I kiss more often throughout the day. That is going well too. And is taking my mind off food.

Purple please

I made a new years resolution to become a "clean living vegetarian" this year, and with a little help from Innocent Veg points I have managed to stick to it with not too much trouble.

Violet Please... xx

Eat my 5 a day...and yes, innocent smoothies and yummy veg pots are helping with this!

Purple (rather, violet) please.

To not speak to my ex who broke my heart and we still work in the same office. So far so good and a new hoody would be perfect to help me when I'm next on the pull.

Purple Please, goes with my hair xx

I resolved to do the things that scare me rather than being a wuss
as long as they aren't actually life threatening, well, not too life threatening anyway and not illegal or immoral or slightly unplesant for passers by.......)

So far so good!
(Though maybe I should have resolved to use less codicils)

(Blue or purple please!)

I resolved to learn to knit.
Firstly to ensure that my friends and family all have very personal christmas gifts for next year, and secondly so that I can get involved in the big knit!
So far I am coming on in leaps and bounds - I have a dedicated knitting bag, and have learned knit and purl stitches. Big knit here I come!
(Pink or green please!)

I've resolved to eat more healthily - so far I've managed to stick to it! I've lost a bit of weight, I'm slowly but surely learning to cook actual meals and my skin and hair looks better too....result. Woop!

I'd be happiest with the pink hoodie, but the green one is also pretty cool :-)

Last year, I vowed to stop smoking... I have so far not touched a cigarette! Which has been 1 year and 20 days and still counting...

I have never felt better!! For all my willpower, I would love to win the Green Bunny hoodie!

No alcohol Monday-Thursday (ie not on a work night).

Working out OK so far but could really have done with a drink after walking 5 miles home in the snow ...

Green please.

I decided that I wouldn't argue with my mother. I haven't broken it yet, to make matters even more amazing I started it early on the 30th Dec 2009, and maintained my digified non-arguing face throught the Hogmonay period.

The best part is I don't miss arguing (or having a heated debate) with mum- we're getting on so much better!

If I win, I'd love the green size 12 as I'm more of a Netherland Dwarf than a Begian Hare.

Hi I 've resolved to feed my goldfish each morning, & not too much! Love a pink one please in small

My office are having anti-resolutions , Kates going to drink more, Malcolm isnt giving up smoking, Claires going to eat more berry tarts and im biting the bullet and bought a round the world ticket for the whole of 2010! Spending most of my time in Aus my resolution is to cuddle more kangaroos! (any colour would be ace)

To not drink any Jagermeister for the first week of 2010 - bingo! Job done!

Pink please!!

To have more fun! I mean violet.

My resolution was to not make a resolution - hurrah

(not the pink one - ta)

To bring my own lunch to work instead of forking out a small fortune every day at one of the posh sarnie shops near the office... so far I've made a variety of pasta and couscous salads (some more of a culinary success than others).

Of course, I also count bringing tasty innocent veg pots from home as being within the rules of this resolution! (The pots also get reused when I do make my own food).

I would love the green hoodie. :)

I work on the 5th floor and have resolved to avoid the lift and take the 120 steps to the office which doesn't sound like alot but by the third floor I am ready for a lie down and if I meet anyone at the top of the stairs (usually someone coming from the lift) I cannot speak to them for about 10 mins. I'm sure it will get better as the year progresses. So I could really do with a hoody to hide the red face and sweat marks. The green one would be perfect. Thanks x

By the way going down the stairs is not half so bad!

To eat more protein - I'm unable to eat enough good stuff to keep me going for various digestive illness reasons, so I've been adding seeds to my diet as well as more smoothies to build me up and it's working.

Green please!

I vowed to be more environmentally conscious and as a first step, I recycled last year's resolutions, which were still as good as new! :-)

(If it were mine, I would love, honor and cherish the blue hoodie...)

I made a small and quite pathetic new year's resolution with my friend (inspired by watching My Fair Lady over the holiday break) to bring back golden oldies expressions.
So instead of the usual "How are you?", we are consistently and faithfully saying "How do you do?", and "Good Day to you" instead of boring "Hello".

It's spreading!

Purple for me.

So far I've managed to keep my resolution to push myself harder everyday in following what I want to be come.


To be honest and to live open-hearted and with no regret. That means that I say the things I need to say, my children, friends and family know I love them and I laugh a lot... (green, or purple please. Or blue. Less people want blue. It'll end up on my daughter in the end no doubt, she steals all my clothes)

I've made a few resolutions:

1. To find a partner - so far i haven't found one, but it's been fun trying!

2. To be more healthy and smoothielicious - i'm well on track with this one!

3. To grow my hair - getting there very slowly...

p.s i'd like the green one please - it's my favourite colour!!!

I promised to finally finish my PhD (after four years and four months) - and I have! I'm just sorting out the typos now and it'll be in by the end of the week :) And what better way to celebrate than with a fabulous new jumper...?!

(Purple, please, or failing that, blue would be just dandy!)

mines to have an innocent a day, its helping me eat more healthy, and keep to my deit as well

pink or green please.

To eat dinner at the dining room table most evenings - it's going well.

Green Please.

Well, we've hit middle age, developed spare tyres and started thinking diabetes, cancer, heart disease.... Now is the time to do something about it! At the end of last year we bought a multi-gym and have now embarked on a strict exercise programme - so far so good, despite my slightly dodgy shoulder and thighs that feel like water!
Please could we have either a pink or a purple hoodie.

To stop entering random competitions when I should be working.
Oh no!

Green please. x

I have resolved to embrace my Greek heritage and finally learn the language (after 25 shameful years of only knowing a few words, mostly learned when my mother was angry at me). So far I have listened to my language tape every day, and can say things like 'I want a beer' and 'I'm hungry' and 'where is the supermarket?'. You know, all the useful things.
I would like the pink hoodie please!

I resolved to get eight hours sleep every night. In fact I've been a little too successful and am already well on my way to supping horlicks at 9pm of an evening...


I'm taking and posting to flickr a photo a day. its been hard (sometimes up to the line to make it each day) but ive made it, so far anyway! haha
have a look:

(blue please)

After a rather rubbish 2009....(apart from getting married which was bloomin brilliant!!) job losses, having to live with parents for a few months, losing a car to a tragic bout of broken cam belt on Christmas eve, Our 2010 resolution was to have a little bit of good far so good. New job for my new hubby, a new house for us, a new nvq course to boost the strings on the bow of knowledge and a new car...may the good luck continue with a shiny new hoody?! And may 2010 bring you all lots and lots of good luck! :)

Suse xx

Green one please.....i will hopefully fit into it if i can keep to the keep fit resolution too!

I vowed to keep trying new things rather than sticking to what I already know.

So far I have discovered :
* banana free smoothies are great! (Kiwis Apples and Limes)
* Ardbeg Whisky
* Cyder Vinegar is better than White Wine Vinegar for egg poaching
* Snowboarding is painful but fun

As I'm trying new things ANY COLOUR WILL DO! :)

Hi Innocent!!

My New Year Resolution was to rescue an animal.. Lo and behold, I rescued a very cute Lionhead rabbit called Scruffy. She was abadoned when she was a mere month old and came to me in a very skinny, ragged state but has now blossomed into a mini lion... well... rabbit type anyway! will email a picture also!

Any colour or size would be lovely.. another NY Res was to NOT be fussy... 2 down, 20 more to go!

My New Years Resolution was to read and absorb the Innocent Newsletter everytime it arrives in my mailbox. I am pleased to say that I have successfully managed to do this and would be happy to take a quiz to prove I've retained all the information contained within.

Pink please!

1.To actually get things done rather than just making endless to-do lists and re-writing the same things on each new list!

So far, so good. I have hung 2 pictures up (and even managed to stick to my no swearing NYR when I hit my thumb with the perhaps not quite a DIY domestic goddess just yet!)

2.Take advantage of living in London...tourist-tastic times are working a treat! And it's helped with my other NYR to keep in touch with friends/family more. Climbing monument wasn't so popular! (Tip: pick your friend trying to keep fit as their NYR)

I don't mind which hoodie, I think they're all rather sweet!

This year I resolved to develop a more affectionate relationship with my rabbit, Carlos (though not in an inappropriate way). She likes her personal space though, so it's tricky, but so far so good. She actually initiates contact these days. Though i think it's more to do with my new soft sleeved blanket I wrap myself in, than anything else. Still, I'll take what I can get.

Purple please!

My new years resolution, being as I am so skint and can't afford any nice treats :-( is to try and win some nice things off cool websites. So far, I am still trying but so far have won nothing. Please help me keep my resolution - pretty please? The green or pink hoodie would be very cool.

My resolution was to keep an HONEST food diary. So far so good! Even when I've eaten a dreaded malteaser bunny it goes on there, although it gets accompanied by a note of (v stressful teary day, big woops, no excuses I am just being a pig).

I am resolutioning to GAIN weight... sounds odd I know but I'm only talking about half a stone or so, just to give me more love handles (apparently, my boyfriend likes them - who knew?) lol

Pink please :) x

To drink one glass of innocent smoothie a day.

Pink please x

My resolution was to cook more adventurous food at home, which includes nabbing my flatmates Innocent recipe book and making my own smoothies. I think it is important to get a balance between fruity goodness and all the delicious cakes I've been making. Maybe the next step is to combine the two...roll on 2011!
Green please.

I resolved to try all the new flavours and guest limited edition flavours of the smoothies as well as all my fave ones!!!!!
Also to be more confident about myself and more spontaneous - as long as it does not involve glass walk of faith floors at very high heights or roller coasters!!!!!
I'd like the purple or blue one please. Look, confident and spontaneous.

I've kept to my resolution so far. It is to smile at a stranger everyday!

If I wiin can I have the purple one please?

This year I resolved to develop a more affectionate relationship with my rabbit, Carlos (though not in an inappropriate way). She likes her personal space though, so it's tricky, but so far so good. She actually initiates contact these days. Though i think it's more to do with my new soft sleeved blanket I wrap myself in, than anything else. Still, I'll take what I can get.

Purple please!

I recommend this to everyone - steer clear of the scales until February. Gives you a chance to get back to "normal" after the festive excesses without the depression that comes with knowing how much weight you have put on. Let's face it, January is miserable enough! (A green hoodie will cheer me up when I do step on the scales next month...)

This year I made a resolution to spend more time with my kids. Things get so hectic sometimes with working full time, housework and other mundane stuff.
2010 has seen me leave the hoovering and sit with my girls for more time in January than I have for the last 3 months.

Green pleasexxx

I am going to work though my stash of wool, finish all the WIPS (works in progress), get rid of the ufos (unfinishable objects) and only make things for people that actually like/appreciate/will treat them well.

I'm also going to lose weight (ha!) win the lottery (yeah right) and get at kitten (distinct possibility that last!).

violet (or purplish) please.

To make sure i make time for breakfast even if an innocent smoothie! Blue XL please.

I fail to keep my resolutions every year, so this year I have made just one and I plan to keep it. This year I am going to be happy! Which ever and all areas of my life I SHALL find happiness...(this may include receiving a lovely blue rabbit hoody - I think this would make me very happy indeed :O)...)

Caroline x

I resolved to eat a varied breakfast everyday. Innocent smoothies to the rescue....I'm very quickly making my way through the full range!!

If I win, may I have the green hoodie please.

For 2010 me and my boyfriend have decided to call our grandmas every Sunday.

I made a resolution to buy Heat Magazine for my elderly neighbour every Tuesday (she's like Doris from Gavin & Stacey - very cool) and I've managed to so far - even in the snow! If I win a hoodie I'll share it with her. Hello Esther if you're reading!!

Green please!

P.S. I've converted my office into "Innocents" and we buy a batch every Monday now. Yay!

I've ensured that my rabbit's water is changed on a daily basis!

(No animals have been hurt/contaminated whilst writing this message).

I resolved to get a life, rather spending it updating my status.

So far i have only updated facebook once - in response to people who kept mailing/texting me asking where I was.

Mine wasn't made this year, 3 years ago I made the resolution to quit smoking, I've managed to keep it and it is by far the best one I've ever made!

I'd love either of the XL ones if I were lucky :-)

Apologies... I'd like the violet coloured hoodie please!

I have done a bit of office desk yoga every day.


I think I am less grumpy as a result (not verified).
Pink - obviously!

I resolved to help out the birds in my garden this year, and not miss a day I have put food out every day and now have one chaffinch, a blackbird a robin and an obese ring necked dove.
Also have Bill Oddie fat balls swinging in my garden its true!!!!

Green please

This year I have resolved to take my friend's dog for a walk every lunchtime, even if it's raining. She lives just round the corner from my office, and mere moments away from a big park, so no excuses! And so far it's been rather fun playing in the snow with the hound, and splashing about in the sludge when all the snow melted. And fresh air is good for my brainpower in the afternoons too - everyone's a winner!
Green hoodie would be a magnificent match with my welly boots.

I made two resolutions. One is to 'be more focused' *said with a nod of the head* It's going well! My flat is now covered with lists and postit notes reminding me of every last corner in my life and I have to say I am feeling 'more focused' because of it! (I used to be an absolute scatterbrain!)
The 2nd was to be tidier.. but the postit notes have said goodbye to that one! ahhh well.. guess it was too much to ask for! May the scatterbrain live on!

Any would be delightful! X

green or pink would work by the way

more of the same was my resolutuon, so still living green (solar panels on the roof, Lush products like palm-oil free soap and solid shampoos, semi-vegetarian foods) and staying healthy with lots of fruit and veg :D


My resolution is to make more effort to write to the members of my globally spread family- And so far, it is the best resolution I have ever made and i've kept to it!.

All members of my family got thank you cards for any gifts or even xmas cards they sent me with an added letter and even those who didnt I didn't get a Xmas card from, also got a letter. some short, some long, some with photos of old family pictures with them it to cheer them up ( they were received with the most gratitude out of all).
I've spread the word of this resolution and it has inspired a couple of friends to send a letter or two to their loved ones, not an e-mail, not a text, but a real letter with a real stamp on it-coz it's gtreat receiving mail int it!.

After a series of awkward moments saying goodbye at pre-Christmas gatherings with my boyfriend's extended family I have decided to become a more active social kisser in 2010!

No more will I be haunted by the "Do I / Don't I" wonderings which inevitably lead to that awkward look at the floor and trying to make a quick exit while waving "bye then"...

From now on I've been taking the lead from my European colleagues and getting in there first and taking the pressure off us all.

Kiss kiss!

(oh and a pretty pink bunny jumper would be lovely)


I resolved not to go to any fat classes (weight watchers and the like) this year. I don't need to pay someone to tell me I could shift a few! Anyhoo, I'm doing a swell job of sticking to it so far AND, at the risk of being twee, am getting far more of my 5 a day since I accquired a morning Innocent habit....I'll be buff of my own accord in no time.

I like the hoodies in the following order:
Violet, blue, green, pink!


Apologies for the double post - not trying to increase my odds of winning, just - I posted the first, and it didn't appear straight away, and then I panic-posted.

Sorry, forgot to mention- PINK please!!!.

My resolution is to make more effort to write to the members of my globally spread family- And so far, it is the best resolution I have ever made and i've kept to it!.

All members of my family got thank you cards for any gifts or even xmas cards they sent me with an added letter and even those who didnt I didn't get a Xmas card from, also got a letter. some short, some long, some with photos of old family pictures with them it to cheer them up ( they were received with the most gratitude out of all).
I've spread the word of this resolution and it has inspired a couple of friends to send a letter or two to their loved ones, not an e-mail, not a text, but a real letter with a real stamp on it-coz it's gtreat receiving mail int it!.

Posted by: Louise Brandreth | January 20, 2010 at 12:36 PM

My resolution is to buy a guninea pig for my new house. I haven't done it yet but i've been doing a lot of guinea piggy research which included wanting to drive over 100 miles to fetch one from an RSPCA rescue place just because it had cute hair! (I love the pink or green hoodies)

Ive decided to stop being so miserable and and be more positive and have kept it up so far

I like the blue hoody but would be happy with any of them :) x

Mine was to give something back and so far I have given back recylcled pots to Lush!! Not quite what I had in mind but hey ho!

Pink 14 would be super-duper

I resolved to only eat bread a maximum of once a day, and have so far kept to it (I know it doesn't sound like much of a resolution but it really was getting out of hand).

Purple please!

At the age of 8 I made a resolution to never ever pick my nose again... I am now 27 and have been nose-pick free for 19 years. Although I do worry that it must have been a real problem for me to make such a resolution.

(Green please!)

I have resolved to drink champagne at least once a month. And so far I have kept this, aside from supping champagne just after the stroke of midnight on Jan 01, and treated myself to a bottle last week to celebrate buying myself a new beige cardigan.

I would love to sup Feb's bottle of champers in a green hoodie please.


I have resolved to face and conquor my fear of sponge. so far i have beed given a packet of dish sponges that were not immiediatly throuwn away. i am hoping to get them out of the cupboard this week end

Thanks Dawn

Blue or purple (violet) would be lovely thanks

My resolution was to open my bank statements instead of making a nice pretty pile of post !! (A boring resolution but we all need to grow up at some point)

Please send me a green hoody to make the pain go away! as I cant afford any clothes at the moment .. apparently according to the nasty bank statement ! :-)

Having never been one to make resolutions before on the grounds of not liking being told what to do (even my myself), I decided to go all out this year.

1: Get to sleep by 11pm. (am definately getting in bed but still watching TV til midnight!)

2: Stop snacking all day on bits of food and picking at things from the moment i get in from work til the moment i go to sleep. Am working on it!

3: Gym three times a week. Going strong on this one!

4: Eating my five a day. And yes, thanks to Innocent mini smoothies for providing my two a day!!

5: Lastly and most importantly, I made a resolution to win a brand spanking new jumper with my favourite animal on it, by the end of Jan 2010, and require Innocent's help to keep my 2010 great, positive start going :)

Green is my first choice, Purple is second

My boyfriend and I have resolved to walk to the pub every Sunday afternoon (unless it's raining heavily). We've got a bit lost, and managed 3 different pubs so far, even venturing out in the light snow. Each of the pubs have been about 3 hours walk away, apart from the one where we ended up really lost on a housing estate with no way out and deciding to cut our losses and go back to the pub only 30 minutes walk from home!

I'd like the green hoodie if I win...

my new years resolution was to "choose my attitude" every morning! i've been doing well & my typical choices have been good, great,excellent & my personal favourite... marvellously merry. hurrah 2010 looks set to be wonderful.
if you choose to pick me my attitude will be of the marvellously merry variety & i'd be happy with any of your hoodies. this is my order of preference green, pink, purple or blue. enormous smiles :-)

My resolution is to walk past the gym at least once a week.

Oh, and more importantly to discover a new city every month!

January: went to Stockholm with my best mate (we had loads of fun in the snow:
Future destinations include Barcelona, Cardiff, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Rome and many more!

Purple please!

I'm getting married in December and my New Year's resolution was not to fall out with my mum again over wedding stuff. We've had a couple of very polite discussions about our different preferred directions for the wedding, but so far no fights or fall outs!

I would happily wear any of the hoodies, but I like the pink one best

To stay positive - not easy with January being the first month and generally being best know for a not so fab month. But i have to say i have beaten back those january blues with a positive outlook. Looking forward to every day and making the most of it is most definately the best results i have had from any resolution made before!

Green please if i'm lucky x

My news years resolution is to wear more hoodies in bright colours especially with Bunnies on them ( I didn't just make this up, it's a real one what are the chances?!).

The brightest colours will be perfect!

I have resolved to:
a) go for a 30min jog every other day whatever the weather
b) not be grumpy with the recycling men when they won't recycle my veg pot cartons.
I still have a huge bruise on my knee and bottom from doing a) in the snow but a blue or purple hoodie would make me feel much better.

Happy Newish Year!

My resolution was to take up Hula Hooping (after not trying it for 15 years it's pretty difficult!) and be good enough by summer to hoop in the park without looking ridiculous!

Well, I can keep the hoop up for ages, and hoop in both directions...just need to master the not looking ridiculous bit...

Hmmm... a green rabbit jumper might help me look cooler...or a pink one...

My resolution is to be more punctual. I'm nearly always late for everything (including my wedding). However, this year I'm going to on time and even early.

So I definitely won't be like the White Rabbit as I won't be late for an important date!

Pink in small please!

in 2009 i lost 4 stone in 14 weeks. during this christmas just gone i put on half a stone. my new years resolution was to get back on track i've lost 6 of the 7 lbs in 3 weeks. please please please PINK.

Purple or blue please!
I resolved to stick to a vegan diet for another year, already done 18 months. This includes no sugar, low caffeine, and no booze. So far, I have managed to resist the temptation of proper "jelly belly" jelly beans, a Christmas present from my Mum, my son's chocolate fridge cake for his birthday and the bottle of port, which my husband has now taken care of.

My 7 year old daughter and I have resolved to remember to feed her imaginary puppies twice every day and if we manage it for a whole year she can have a real one (I attempt sabotage of this resolution at every opportunity - but so far the puppies live....)

Pink please - so we can share!

My new years resolution was to finally give in to my friend and go to a poledancing class. I went, I love it now my revised resolution to stop crashing into the pole.

I can but try.

A green rabbit jumper would be great, it will match my colour when I finally get upside down on the pole :-)

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