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January 26, 2010


I would call my rabbit "Number One" as I have sadly never had a pet before. I would take it with me everywhere.

My wabbit will be named Colin and he'll probably be garden based, so the dogs don't hassle him.

I would call him George and I would love him and hug him, he would mostly live under my bed where all the dust bunnies could keep him company with occasional forays into the ironing pile where he would be able to rest undisturbed.

I'd call mine BOING! because when I was little my parents called me bunny as I'd bounce about the house like a rabbit. He would live on my window at uni to keep me company as I miss my pets when I am there =(

... also he'd cast an awesome shadow when the sun came up!

I'd call my lovely bunny Pancake, as she is as flat as one.

I'd keep her on my desk at work to freak out my colleague who had an irrational fear of small, nibbly animals.

She would be called "Ruby Radish" the raddit and would live right next to my 2 yr old daughter's bed. She loves "raddits" (rabbits) immensely - not sure why, but she does. Ruby could also go and visit our chickens Angelina Ballerina and Optimus Prime in the garden and talk lettuce and carrots with them.

I would call mine Stanley, as my 5yr old daughter is following the story of Flat Stanley as a topic this term at school. I'm sure the class would love a flat rabbit stanley to look after while they make and send their own flat personas around the world!

I will call my rabbit Hutch and he would live looking out of the window by the front door to smile at the postman (or scowl if he brings any bills).

Mr flatpackrabbit is called Reginald. He told me this via the medium of digitals, and also told me that his favourite past-time is Spirograph, so I would buy him a spirograph set and install him in my sisters room so they can be friends and spirograph all day long. Also, my sister once had a real rabbit called Thumper - she still pines for him so this might help ease her pain, and Reginald said he would be delighted to help in such a selfless way, as long as he has his spirograph set. Also, I once kissed Chesney Hawkes too, like your lovely new workmate Emily. Reginald does not approve though.

Mrs Jolly will live at home in the kitchen and occasionally visit Moss the dog (who is a mini dog collection sheepdog) george the black (jelly)cat angus and shaun (jelly coo and sheep) and george the house hippo, they will indulge in teaparties and adventures and generally have good times.

i would call mine perry and he would live with me. when i say live with me i dont mean just in my house but everywere i go perry will come too and we will have the coolest time together taking pictures of everywhere we go :D

I have 2 house rabbits that currently live with my ex-fiance, who I miss every day, so I would love to have a flat-pack bunny to live in my bedroom with me at my parents house :)! I would call her 'Mikksey' because my rabbits are called 'Ramsey' and 'Mikki' Thaaaanks!!!

Twiggy Bojangles!

Twiggy in homage to the 60s model's slight frame, and Bojangles because he's a happy bunny.

And he would live a life of merriment and wonder in and out of my bag so he could enjoy the delights of the pub/park/library with me :)

Mine would be called Holy Grail (because Monty Python rules all), and would live in the office on top of my computer with my little teddy bear. I think Holy Grail would win any arguments between them. :)

I would call mine Sigmund and he would live in various places around my halls of residence to confuse drunken students... not that its difficult :)

i would call her marina, and would keep her near my wardrobe to help me choose what to wear, which is the hardest part of the second half hour of my morning. hopefully knowing that the second half hour of my morning was going to be a lot easier would make the first half hour (getting out of bed) slightly easier as well...

I would call my bunny Burton as it was my dad's middle name but never thought to ask him why.

I live in a flat so a flat bunny would be perfect.He would be company for my one-eyed snowy owl Wighead (he's not really real,doesn't wear a wig but does wear an eye-patch and is very fat and fluffy).

If bunny came to live with Wighead and me there would be no pea-green boat or runcipal spoon but there would be honey for tea and a fiver to the RSPCA.

I would serenade them with "The Owl and the Bunny"

The owl and the bunny went to see
If smoothies were as good as they looked
They took some money but didn't need honey
Because they were packed with fruit
The owl looked peckish and down to bunny
Licking his beak with glee
O tasty bunny O bunny my love
What a tasty bunny you are
You are
You are
But a smoothie is better by far.

Claud for a Cat :)
or Siphur Cat - as in C for Cat!
Imaginative huh :)

My cat will live in the ma-hoo-sive mansion I will build with my own 2 hands :)

Bob Steve Van Son IV :D
He will live in the airing cupboard where its warm and fluffy& wont get attacked by the cats :)

Actually, I've changed my mind. It would be called "Bongo Pete", regardless of the creature's flat sex organs.
Bongo Pete would live on my shoulder.
Like a Parrot might live on my shoulder.
If I were a Pirate and I owned a Parrot.
I'd almost definitely draw an eye patch on it, to give it an air of mystery tinged with menace.
When anyone asked why I had a Rabbit on my shoulder, I'd deny all knowledge of it & suggest that there was something wrong with them, for thinking that anyone would have a flat pack animal, let alone, a flat pack animal with an eye patch - that sits on their shoulder.
I'd keep the "stars out of it's yawn" stuff though.
The ability to do Voodoo I'd swap for being able to make a noise like an air raid siren when it wants to do a poo - far more practical as it would save on potential dry cleaning bills.
These are alive once fully assembled aren't they?
They're NOT?!
Oh, just forget about raising your hopes...

but you can't cuddle them, and they won't do funny cute things which make you laugh when you are fed up.

Nigel rabbit will appropriately live in the living room where it is sunny and bright all day :) he can be lazy and listen to tunes when I'm not around when read with me when I am!

I would call my bunny Sir-Hop-A-Lot.

I would put him beside my bookshelf full of fairy tale books so that he could read all about his epic adventures when there aren't any fair maidens needing rescued nearby.

My beautiful flat rabbit will be called Basil after Basil Fawlty :) and he will live in the window sill, to keep our tasty basil plant company since he (?) is struggling in the scottish winter, and to make me smile when I look outside!

Dave's the name and carrot crunching's the game. Dave, a keen cake baker and cyclist, will split his time between the kitchen and the local Velodrome.

Tyson, he will sit in my sons room and scare off (imaginary) wolves at night, this is logical if you are 2 and 3/4.

I would call it hop art, because it's like pop art.
It would sit on my chest of draws next to bony bob my flat pack skeleton.

My bunny would be called Mr. Fluffyface. He would live in my real rabbit's hutch as Pipkin (said rabbit) gets very lonely when he is on his own all day. Currently Pipkin is nibbling my LK Bennett shoe - and stupidly I let him. He loves all things suede although Ugg boots are his favourite.

Colonel "Keith" Mustard. He'll live with my cat Senor Esteban, ruling the house with an iron (yet lucky) foot.

He shall be called basil and live in the herb and spice cupboard. :)

Name: Shakespeare
Habitat: on top of the piano, so he can watch my mum giving singing lessons (+maybe join in once he's learnt the ropes)

He would be called John Claude jaquettie and he would live on the windowsill to watch and cofuse passers by. :)

He would be called Jean Claude Jaquettie
and would live on the windowsill to watch and confuse passers by :)

Misha non-penguin

erm ... guess I should've thought of a reason before I started typing.

But it's a good name for a rabbit with dimensional limitations

oh ... sorry. Forgot a location. Would buy a wooden box and call it Starsky

I would call him SAAB (Stiff As A Board).
Depending on how big he's grown, he could live on the mantlepiece or on the hearth keeping warm and cosy.

I would name him Biffo, and he would live on the door of the cereal cupboard, opposite the 'frosties' and 'just right' in the perfect position to converse on all matters of breakfast.

Shabba the Rabbit would live in my Sydney flat with Trevor the Panther my other low maintenance pet and watch the boats go by on the harbour - don't worry about Shabba's safety though, Trevor's teeth fell out of natural causes some time ago.

i would call her flopsy because thats the name of one at shepreth wildlife park that my brothers fiancee likes and i would give flopsy to her because she cant have any real pets at home because her mum is allergic to them :(

I would call my bunny Vladimir after my flat pack coyote, who sadly passed away last year. I would keep Vladimir at school and only take him out to put in someone else’s locker with a recorded scary message by someone with a Russian accent. This should put them off the scent about who really stole the flat pack hamster.

I would name him Moon after the Black Rabbit of Inlé - The Rabbit 'Grim Reaper' from Watership Down! and he could live in the garden with our cheese gnome (after he gets a good coat of varnish)

I think my bunny would have to be called bunbags!
I'm living at a hostel in oxford at the moment so he'd have lots of company and people to make a fuss over him. (not to mention alices white rabbit)

The kitchen would be nice and warm for Bunbags while it's still a bit nippy, but in the summer he could come join us for bbq's in the sunshine (strictly bbq'd carrots only!)
With so many people coming and going I'm sure he could go on lots of exciting adventures and we'd love to have a companion for all those long coach journeys!!

He would be called Bromsnorren (the Netherlands word for policemen which translates as 'grumpy moustaches'.

He would enjoy rummaging about the depths of my bookshelf, reading some fascinating novels to pass the time until I came home from uni. From then he shall enjoy playing on my sketchbook!

The Honourable Lord Snufflington the First would reside on my bookshelf with Lavanina (the cuddly purple dinosaur) and together they would read and discuss Eighteenth Century History, Modern Literature and Feminism (I do a strange Masters course...) If they tired of the higher levels of intellect they could peruse my cookery books togther and make tasty snacks.

i shall name her Toodee and she will sit by the video screen outside my building so whenever someone answers the bell they will think a giant rabbit wants to come in.

(i don't really have a video screen, or a doorbell for that matter, but if i did, this would be brilliant.)

Name: Sminchy
Location: Under my sisters duvet until she finds it there and screams!

I would call Him 'Percy MacLuncheon' and he would be entrusted with the very important job of 'veg bowl keeper' in the kitchen. He would remind us to put our veggie peelings in the bowl for the bunnies outside :D

I would call him yum and keep him in a cool, dry place...

Jeffrey Ponsonby-Smallpiece will live in the bathroom amongst the plastic plants.

I shall call her 'HEFNA'S LAST CONQUEST' and she shall live in front of the tv watching Girls of the Playboy Mansion revelling in her lucky escape!!

Mine would be called Bedsit because of the line in Spaced: "It's not a bedsit, it's a flat."

He/she would have the run of the flat, because bunnies like that - and could look out the window and watch the foxes outside without any risk of being eaten.

I would call the rabbit Bouncy bethany

My Rabbit would be called Radish and would watch over the soon to be vegtable patch from the window. Assuming the cat doesn't chew her to death. And of course she shall be fed printer carrots of the finest quality ink.

I would call my rabbit Chubby and he will live on the kitchen counter because that is where the carrot cake is kept and from there he can look out the window and bond with my two real life bunnies called Pippin and Scooby!

The ginger cat could be Genghis and it could sit by my computer to deter my real ginger cat called Dorothy from jumping onto my papers with her muddy feet while I am working.

Evil question... so hard to choose a name... if were to chooose a name it would have to be Mr.Gongall. He would live everywhere. He would be a magical rabbit who appears wherever you happen to be. You would never have to remember to pack him in your suitcase if he followed you around. You always forget something important when you go on holiday... like your sunnies. Or your new purse.

Clever rabbit. :-]

snuffles and he will live in my kitchen so he can have yummy carrots

I would call him Choncho and he would live on my shoulder or if he preferred, in a basket I would carry around with me.

I would call my bunny Poop Niet, (short for 'poop niet op de stoep' in Dutch (don't poop on the step/street)). Because I had two fluffy bunnies when I was younger and it would be nice having a non-pooping rabbit.

P.N. would sit on my windowsill and keep a look-out over the canal I live by for my year abroad in Amsterdam, for swamp monsters and swimming dutch men. We would work in shifts of course.

We would call him "Flintstone" as we have a dog called Freddie already! This could also be a suitable name in homage to one third of the best British group ever (Keith Flint from The Prodigy). Flintstone the rabbit would sleep curled up in Freddies dog bed and be protected!!!!

I'd call my bunny "Innocence" and it would sit in my knitting corner, encouraging me to get on with making little hats.

Squish the rabbit would accompany me to work to remind me that there is a world out there beyond my desk and also on my travels so we can both share new experiences

I would call it squash and I would give it to my daughter to live in her 'flat'.

I'll call my rabbit Susie (sounds like smoothie) and she'll live on top of the ironing board which is a permanent feature in my living room.
She'll be perfectly safe there, as it never gets used. And I love giving nicknames, so she'll be Susie Moo for long. Which will confuse the poor thing into thinking she's a cow. Just as well I'm training to be a psychologist...

calling mine chin chin chilly and taking it on my trip to Australia.

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