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January 26, 2010


Gunther Von Froufrou who will inhabit the upstairs landing peeking out from behind a picture to startle and entice all those who spot him...

PS I think my job is turning me into a nutter...

Mr Fwuffles and he will live on my windowsill and scare the cats away.

I would call mine Gordon and he shall live somewhere where he'll be forgotten about after May 6th.

Actually, i'd probably call it Easter, and he'll live with the christmas decorations, seeing as that's typically when the chocolate companies believe easter begins these days.

Hi there

I have two 3D bunnies at home, Funky and Cracker, who I miss A LOT when I am at work.

So if I am lucky enough to win a flat pack bunny I will keep her at work to cheer me up during the long, hard days.

And I would name her Topflop after my favourite place (the shop!) and the reason for my financial ruin!

Paws crossed!

The Doctor, and he will live on top of the TARDIS, traveling through space and time.

I think I would call her "Toody"... ;-)

bugs bunny

Can I have a cat instead?

I would call my bunny Tina as she would be 'simply the best' and she would live on top of my work computer, right next to Aston from JLS. Not the real one.

My bunny will be called Mr Thumper and he'll live next to the fridge, 'cos that's where the carrots are!

I would call my pop up pet Mr Bigglesworth, and place him in front of my "real" pet rabbits hutch, so she can have some "Eye Candy" to look at!!! ;)

I would call him Ringo and he would live alongside Fernando the Flamingo, Claude the Crab and Lobby the Lobster in my flat of slightly mad animals!

I would call my rabbit Crumpety Jack. Largely because my husband has made it very clear that this is not an appropriate name for our first born and it would be a shame to waste it. Crumpety Jack would live at work with me, where I would strategically place him so that from my bosses desk it would look like a small rabbit was manning my computer.

I will call mine 'Alonso the Flat Pack Rabbit Wood' and he'll be kept as far away as possible from my real-life miniature schnauzer who is called 'Archie the Miniature Schnauzer Wood.'

Aged 24.

Tilly Lushlops shall be her name and I am going to send her to my parents in Canada. Things are greener there...and everyone wants a greener lifestyle. We also don't run over little bunnies in the road like here in England.....oh the poor bunnies of Oxfordshire. Tilly Lushlops will will be as snug as a bug in a Canada.

I'd call mine Ashley, Ash for short, and keep him very, very close to the fire place!

I love pets!

Lady Penelope is her name and she would sit in her (mini replica) pink sports car, with Parker chauffering her around.

Mine would be named Eric the Second, after Eric (also a rabbit) who has sadly passed on from this world. Eric the Second would live in our lounge, where he would frolic around the furniture and sleep on the sofa (as Eric did before him). Hopefully though he will be so full up on Innocent Smoothies that he wont feel the need to eat the telephone cable or carpet, as Eric did.

I would call mine Snooberry (after those wild and exotic fruits)and I would put it at the entrance of my cellar as a guard rabbit because i'm scared of what might live down there!

squidge will live under the seat on my sofa, and come out to play only when i have visitors... i will keep him fed on yesterdays newspapers and old copies of heat magazine which always end up under there too for 'safe keeping' and space saving.

I would continue the theme of my childhood when I had a cat called Kitty and a bird named Birdie and he shall be called Bunny.

He shall be my guard bunny. Our house has issues with flat-pack mice. Bunny will scare away the mice (which are all named Gershwin. I don't know why.) There is a nice warm spot on the stairs by the kitchen where he can keep an eye on the front door for sneaky flat-pack mice sliding through the letterbox.

My Bunny would be called Rootin' Tootin' Jack, the wildest bunny of the west :)(or midlands coz that's where i live) and he shall live on my desk next to my new moon calender and Feathers McGraw soft toy!!!!

i would call bunny snuffles and keep her by the box of hankies in the bathroom, then she can cheer us up if we have a cold and keep us company when in the bath

I would call him Gwangi - and hope that he was not as ferocious as the original and ensure that he did not get trapped in a church fire!
He would live on the living room beams in my new 1857 corn barn appartment and hopefully keep ghosts at bay


I'd call my flat pack bunny Ikea (Ike for short) and he'd sit on my green carpet, next to the logpile by the fire, thus creating a realistic countryside scene in my living room. The perfect backdrop for an indoor winter picnic.

Senor Fluffiano would live in my window, stroking his moustache (I would provide this) and scaring pedestrians with his steely gaze and his ears twitching like a mad bunny, when in reality he is planning world domination, one cardboard cutout at a time.

My bunny would be called Mrs. Pat Flack!

She can sit propped up and prudish against the burgeoning Amaryllis...

The best name for my flat pack bunny would be Stanley after flat Stanley and i think he would probably like to live in the porch so he could use the letter box as a bunny flap to go in a out.

My cat is Cipher - so it could be pifer (P for Pancake....)

I would call my bunny MFI and I would take him to work and move him all round the office to cheer everyone up each morning.

I would be naming my bunny.. Dora because I like the name Dora, even though it scares me.. Moving on slowly..

The bunny would come college with me and it shall be placed in the theatre for all to see and maybe if it's lucky, it'll end up in the staff room just to make the staff wonder why there is a rabbit in there :) I shall me taking photographs to send you as well <3 Rabbit Dora the explorer.

You dont get cooler then that, COOL RABBIT <3

My endearing 2D rabbit will be called Corbet, and if he so desires, will live on top of the TV cabinet, sharing the miniature jungle that has sprouted there with Ronnie. Ronnie is the stuffed and mounted baby piglet I was given for my birthday, and she has been longing for many moons for a companion to share her potted paradise with. Especially since her previous home was a very lonely antiques warehouse, with only a mangled lion skin for company. I think Corbet will be especially happy there, amongst the dead roses and bonsai trees in coffee cups, and Ronnie tells me she's even prepared to share her pink neck bow with her new companion. I imagine that they will stand perfectly still next to one another, enjoying their natural surroundings in quiet companionship.

Steve - the disco dancing saviour of the universe. He shall live by my window, in order to keep an eye on cosmic battles just in case he needs to boogy on down and rescue a fair space maiden.

i will be calling my new bunny Dorothy as my new puppy (that i'm getting in april ) is to be called Glinda.
dorothy will sleep just off the yellow brick road over the rainbow, hopefully she won't be scare(d by any) crows while lion around.witch is a very scary thing. xx

I would give mine to my wife to love and look after and she would call him Chris Evans Rabbit.

If I won you would really be getting me out of a hole because said wife fell in love with a little ginger rabbit in a pet shop just before Christmas. She dropped some subtle hints about getting it as a Christmas present but they were obviously too, er, subtle as I did not get him for her as a Christmas present.

Now he has been sold and she is heartbroken. She had already named him Chris Evans Rabbit and was really very attached.

"Mummy Bunny" would live in my bedroom and oversee and police all my activities therein.

I would call my bunny "Pancake" because he would be as flat as one, and I would like him to live by my fridge so that he would be ready to scare away anyone who might try to steal my carrots and lettuces.

Floppy, and I would put it by my rabbits cage so they have something new and interesting to look at. Bunnies need lots of stimulous otherwise they get bored and grumpy!

I would call my rabbit 'Arfur' (R for Rabbit, get it?) and he would accompany me to work and become our mascot! We build theatre scenery so a flat pack pet seems very appropriate!

i like animals with normal people names
keith if he looks manly
nina if she is a feminine bunny.

she/he would live in our student flat,overseeing us come and go and sit and watch rubbish on tv

He would be called Thumper and he wouldlive in the bathroom to watch all the big business going on. From K aged 8 who really wants a flat pack pet

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater...

I would name my rabbit Fiver, after the clever rabbit in Watership Down.

And like any good rabbit, he would have no fixed home but wander the house freely, most probably ending up on the couch from where he'd be able to get a good view of the TV.

In the spirit of all that is flat-pack I shall use the 'Ikea method' by naming it after something in Swedish.
I think Mr Kanin has a dignity that alot of pet names do not and he shall life with my other pets, Paul and Steven (A Stegosaurus and Pirate respectively), by the TV table.

I'd call my bunny Bernard, and he'd sit in the window of my car watching the world whizz by.

My bunny would be called Bernard, and he would sit with me at my desk in the library and look disapprovingly on all the students eating or using their mobile phones.

I will call my rabbit toody (2D, 2 dimensional, geddit?! :)
He will live in my hall way with my 3dimensional house rabbit Buttons, so that Buttons has some-bunny to keep him company while I'm out at work.

"Jasmin" would go to my daughter Sharon. She had a real Jasmin but was unable to look after or play with her as Sharon is alergic to rabbits and hay!!I expect she will take Jasmin EVERYWHERE with her.

Stanley of course (Flat Stanley!) and he'd live next to my front door to cheer me up whenever I get bills :o)

I'd call mine Dinner and keep it in the freezer.

I'd call him Rabbit Lionel Blue and he would sit on my breakfast table to inspire me in the mornings with a thought for the day.

Sausage. He would live on my sofa and snuggle ne while watching tv.
Maybe I could get two, then I could have Sausage 'n Mash!

I would call her Doris and she could live with my other rabbit Audrey so she could have a friend on stitch and bitch night.

I would replace the teddy in my old austin mini with the flat pack rabbit so it could travel and see the world and cheer me and others up - i would call it Flopsy attack bunny - fab for short

Estaban Winston Bladimere Rodriguez VII

Predator! I would cable-tie him to the back of my cage o' rats, where he would startle random visitors who would notice him out of the corner of their eyes.

I suppose it would not be ideal, as being a social animal Predator really needs the company of fellow bunnies rather than rats, but perhaps flat-pack rabbits have less specific husbandry requirements than real ones.

I would call him Adrian and he would sit contently under my bed. He would serve the duel purpose of A. scaring away those pesky monsters down there, and B. searching for and returning any wayward socks that may find themselves lost in the labyrinth down there. Although if there are labyrinths involved he may have to be renamed Jareth (or was it Jared? I can never remember) the Goblin King.

Lettuce :)

bunnies like lettuce, lettuce is flat, bunny is flat (!)

Lettuce the rabbit would live on top of the fridge

All pets need a short, snappy name for when you want to call them. So, my rabbit will be called Zod.

Rabbit Zod will sit on top of my roof to deter pigeons, and possibly Kryptonians (in honour of his namesake from Superman II).

I would call mine Bahamut and he would guard my room against intruders and his mortal enemy, my (real) pet cat Tiamat.

My (4 year old) daughter and I would call ours Mrs Fluffykins and it would live in her wardrobe in order to scare the monsters away!!!

I would call my rabbit Wonda Appleberry Bubskin because rabbits luv apples and i luv rabbits and i will put him in my kitchen on display to every one so they can see him and i will luv him to pieces!!!!!!!!!!!

I would call my rabbit Bob - as that is what we call all our pets.

Bob would sit looking out the front window and amuse the passersby who think he is a 3d bunny :)

I would call my rabbit Cotton Tail

I let my bunny roam free around the house and allow her to visit each and everyroom and would also be good company for my 3D bunny Flopsy

My rabbit shall be called Valentine, and he will live in my heart. *lovey dovey music* I think it's appropriate since Valentine's Day is coming up!

he would be called Stew! I have recently emigrated to New Zealand and am living in rented accomodation with no pets allowed. I'm sure I could get away with a flat pack bunny.

My bunny shall be called Horsey and he shall live in my flatpack stable and he shall be mine!

I shall call the rabbit "Rabbit" so everyone knows it is not a dog or cat. It will sit in the window and frighten away all the dogs and cats who think my garden is a lavatory.

My rabbit would be called 'Baby House Bunny' and would roam freely around my little student house where, sadly, no real pets are allowed. even though me and my housemates would give anything for a rabbit...or a dog...or a micropig!!

My bunny would be called Wabbit (all rabbits are in my house) and put be put in various places, but all just low enough to amuse (read taunt) my dog all day while I'm at work yet high enough to not be ripped to shreds by her. Though the cats would probably nibble it's ears anyway.

Cosmic Hoover shall live in my beloved, immaculate 21 year old Ford Escort. I vow to bring her indoors when it's cold and leave the car window open a little when it's warm. Which will probably be never, since she'll be in Scotland!

parsnip, or snippy for short, and she would not have one place in my house, ohno, she would go with me EVERYWHERE!
but she may get left in a teachers office at some point, just to give them a jump... but i'd go get her back afterwards!

I would call him Gav (cos we'd be on friendly terms) and he would hang out on the bookshelf with the postcard of a gerbil, a sandalwood Ganesh, and the money box in the shape of a puffer-fish. That way, when I was at work, he wouldn't be lonely.

Name: Stew
Live: Erm...In a hutch I guess....No wait....A chocolate hutch :D

If I got a rabbit I would call him Galileo and he would live on my kitchen windowsill and guard the apples and pears in my fruit bowl. He would have a good view out into the garden and be entertained by the gently floating pretty coloured blobs of my Galileo thermometer

I would love a flat pack bunny to take to work with me in a school near a lovely wood.. with lots of green fields and Iwould call him Graham, to remind me of the bunny at home..
with the same name

Breeze the Dog, as being flat I imagine he would have to be careful to stay away from drafts if he wanted to stay upright!

He would live next to the kitchen table so that during meal times he could sit with my spaniel and wait for food!

His name is Birthday.
And he will live nestled cosily amongst a bed of comic books and magazines about curtains that I can't bring myself to throw out.

I would call her Princess Fluffy McFluffykins and she would live on top of my wardrobe so she wouldnt be bothered by my cat Princess Miggy Moo :o)

I would have to name her Orchard after the street I am currently leaving! As I will be too busy she and she has all the experience she can supervise the removal men and show them how to flat-pack correctly for a change!!!

I'm just about to move in to my new house, and have been debating for some time about getting a pet but the right one just hasn't come along, until today!

She just ticks all the right boxes: adorable (tick), clean and not smelly (tick), affordable (tick), hassle free (tick) but still welcoming to all my guests (tick).

I would call her Fruit Machine, as I've seen how she eyed those strawberries on the advert and she'd live very happily in my strawberry patch, munching to her hearts desire.

I would call him Mr Truffles Trixibell III.

I would sit him in my window to look out upon the world and contemplate carrots.

He would be there in the morning to say goodbye then hello on my return.

The bunny should be called

Super Hopster

I would call the Labrador

pronounced goldy-licious

I would call the kitten
candy man and he would go on trips with me. He would also sit in my bedroom

I would call the ginger kitten
snuggles Mc cuddles.

i would call the bunny colin, he live be the memorial rabbit for my 3 who passed - harry, oscar and dotty. he will live on my desk where i work as an interior designer and help me design and choose finishes. he will also take messages when im away from my desk :)
ps i will give him a flat pack carrot everyday and adorn him with appropriate seasonal accessories.

What's wrong with keeping up tradition and calling him Harvey? Mind you, I expect most of your readers will be wondering who 'Harvey' is...

Harvey would come to work, because Gertie and Ollie (the house cats) would just love to get their hands on him and tear him to shreds! He'll be safe at work

I would call my bunny Pooky after Garfield's teddy, as he is a faithful companion to Garfield when John is away.

I need one of those for when my better half is pulling all nighters at university and I come back from work to an empty house.

Therefore Pooky would stand pride of place on the radiator shelf in our hall so that he was the first thing I saw and could say hello to :-)

bunny would be called zomberry, and would be seen dancing with other bunnies on my driveway a-la thriller ... when im feeling nostalgic ill call him micheal and sing billie jean which was in the charts when i was erm very young. zomberry will be offered grated carrot in leu of brains ... im a veggie too, after all!

i would call my flat pack pet pancake
(get it, flat as a pancake)
And my bunny would be able to roam around the house and in the trees outside!

I shall christen the wee bunny with the name of Kitty Cat, for this name has a long and important history and because it would baffle people.

Kitty Cat (just Kitty for short once we were properly acquainted) would live on my BF's laptop where she would be a constant reminder of the pet he has yet to condone me acquiring.

Once forcibly removed from there I shall place it in a new and inspired place every day where he would find it unexpectedly each time until he said "fine! get your damn pet!"

And then Kitty and I shall bask in the light that is our hard-earned glory!

I would call my flat pack bunny MacGyver (Maccy G for short) and give him the run of the house so he could make stuff with whatever he wanted just as the real MacGyver did.

Steve. Just Steve.

Mine would be called Bigwig after my real life rabbit that died when I was 10. We saved her from the vets, because no-one else wanted her, she had deformed forelegs so her paws pointed inwards... Would my flat pack bunny be this special?

I would call mine Ikea as he is flat packed. He would live on my desk at work and be a talking point for all my staff.

I would call mine squishy and he would be mine :D In all seriousness, though, if it looked like a girl I'd probably call it Brenda, and if it were a boy, I'd call it Bernie. Either way it would live wherever it would like in my house, and I would take it on many adventures to the park.

The glowing ginger kitty rules!

As does this:

In fact anything ginger rules (being of the ginger race myself)...

So I would spray my rabbit - aka gingerbread - a nice ginger colour and sit her in a little basket in my bay window and force everyone who visits to play with her and feed her carrots...

Well, my FP Rabbit would be named; Mississippi "Mud Pie" Jones (or "Missy" to her friends) and would be attached, upside down, to the top of a door frame.
That way, when the door is opened - only the observant would see her, she may startle some, amuse others but always cause some conversation to ensue, probably along the lines of "Why have you got a Rabbit's face peeking out & upside down from the top of door frame? What's wrong with you Dunford - you prize eejit".
However, when she gets bored & wants to go out, (as Rabbits so often do) I'd attach Missy to a very long stick & have her take sneak peaks, into high up, random windows & over fences etc.
So there.
Also, I've decided she can do Voodoo & everytime she yawns, stars come out....admittedly I've never seen a Rabbit yawn & their ability to perform any magic ritual, Arcane or otherwise, is dubious - but I'd at least like her to have a go.

I would call him sacha which means "mans defender"

He would sit in the car with me to keep me company and to keep me safe when i go to work.. :)

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