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November 10, 2009


I cannot watch it in Germany due to country restrictions on Youtube. Any way you could change that?

Oh how I love it... Fine screaming from the lady.

Absoutely brilliant!!! LOL!


Absolutely brilliant!

Classic! I wondered what the strange undead creatures were doing on Goldhawk Road recently. I assumed they were just going home from the Shepherd & Flock.

Hi Rika. Try popping over to our facebook page to watch it. It might not have the same restrictions.

You are crazy dudes!
Very funny, especially the donning of the wig, LOL moment.

It is brilliant - I laughed out loud - at work - whoops
I especially liked the signs
exit - probably not exit etc

Genius. Loving the dude at 3 minutes 32. Never seen a better zombie. That is true committment to the role!

Amazing! Can't believe you did that for £1k!! V impressive.

Fab, loved it, thai veg pot & "Chiller", best lunch break in years!!!

Follow up? Alexandra Burkes Bad boys would be a walk in the park for you guys

Wonderful, laughed & laughed. Made a dull day shine!

Absolutely brilliant! Well done! Best Zombie award defo goes to the guy at 3.32, likeness to the original is quite uncanny!

Beats the original! Fab!

EPIC, that brightened my day

O nice one, had a very good giggle, thank you so much and WELL DONE to all, espcecially the baby altho she may be scarred for a while!

ace - love it!

Evil and fantastic. Great screaming. An idea for a new innocent smoothie - will be reading ingredients carefully Mwah ha ha ..

awesome! You put a lot of hard work into the video - will be sending this on to everyone I know

Wow. Happy 30th Birthday, Jim! What a terrific way to remember turning 30! Better get started on the 40th Birthday project now, you've got expectations now ;)

How fun! Wish I could of joined in too! All of you must really love your jobs, what an excellent example for other companies to follow. Well done everyone! I'll be thinking of you when I buy my next Innocent product.

Have a top day!


i love you guys you rock coool i want to thriller!!!

Brilliant! Loved the funny signs around the office. Great stuff!

Relly, really good - I laughed out loud. And inspired "how to motivate your staff"ing by Innocent management.

Fandabbydozey! that's an old Berkshire saying for 'Brilliant'. All the moves were awesome!

Excellent - can I please come and work for Innocent - you have such fun!!!

Fabarooni. Well done. I think your initiative that you do at work giving £1000 away is a great scheme and could be entered into business awards for employee retention/benefits/innovation. I work for Awards Intelligence and if you think this may be of interest to you log onto or email me at and we can talk you through what we offer. I think you're potential leaders in what you do.

Terrorific!! ... and what a horrible twist right at the end! Could anything be more shocking than finishing a sentence with a preposition???!! ;)

I love it! Really truly made me laugh out loud! What a fab thing to do. Wish I could come and work for you!

Wow, fantastic! I laughed and laughed. Do more please, you must!

brilliant!!! a work of mastery!!


fab... you've obviously all god too much time on your hands! I'm not jealous. Much. :-)

Arrrgh! do you know i was actually quite frightened by this - seriously! if I don't sleep tonight I'm coming looking for you lot! (or maybe not thinking about it!)

Awesome stuff, You guys work at the best place in the world ever. Mind you, you could have asked the IT guys to dress up for the video though ;o)

This is SOOOOO AMAZING!!! I definately want to work with you guys!!! Don´t you think that a brazilian girl would make a difference?? LOL
It must be the MOST AMAZING place to work!!

When I was sixty (now 63) I wanted to roller skate along the seafront at Weston which I did much to everyone's concern. They were worried that I would break a leg and it would take much longer to repair due to my age!!! Little girl next door even brought her barbi protection pads for me toborrow.

Belated happy birthday from Val Stinton Worcester.

Thank you for giving him the grant to do this--brilliant stuff! Loved the 'out takes' too.

really good, and Jim's bum looked fab in his tight red trousers ha ha
how about a dance scene from a musical next say 'Hairspray'

ooooh that was very good. Fab screaming indeed and loved the signs. This has helped calm me down after a very annoying evening!

Undoubtedly the best thing I've seen all year. You all deserve a big pat on the back, well done, :-)

Brilliant! Think the 'scholarship' is a wonderful idea, OK I know the film is fun not serious but we all need some fun in our lives for when an Innocent just isn't enough!!

I thought it was very good,almost like a spoof of Thriller but Innocent smoothie style!

well done!

Genius! Utter genius!

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