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June 23, 2009


ah good luck to him. my husband repairs and builds string instruments but he's in east london so prolly not so helpful!!! x

My favourite place on the coast is at Bosherton, Pembrokeshire. It's somewhere near Tenby. There's a walk down past loads of massive lily ponds through woods and over little stone bridges and things until you get to this gorgeous beach. It's so lovely :)

One of my favourite cafes is Molly Gunning's which is right on the coast in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire.

There's also a lovely cafe in Dunbar near the train station called Coast Cafe run by the same people to run the local surfing school.

Bangors Organic Farm near Bude Cornwall - grow their own veggies organically and feed them to their customers.
Nice stop - have fun

One of my favourite places is a wicked little cafe run by lovely lovely people on the clifs above the beautiful Gwithian beach Great waves too...

Also, another gem is at Whitesands Beach on the Gower - cool cafe powered by solar panels.

We'll give Nick coffee and cake (but we're in Barnes & Chiswick) oh well...

Most of the cafes in Lynmouth (I think that's what it's called) Maybe it's Lynton... Hmm... Anyway, somewhere in northern most Devon on the coast - they all do amazing clotted cream and scones. Nick should go there. Get a bit of a sugar boost.

Sorry - just realised this is a most pointless post. But we tried to help. Honest!!

The Scone Shop in Newbiggin By The Sea in Northumberland is a must stop off point. They hold the World Record for variety of scone flavours and have over 110 different scones on offer including the Jelly Bean Scone...and you get free coffee refills!

Nick, visit the most southerly carpenter and wood carver on the Lizard in Cornwall.

Photogenic house covered in flowers, buoys, old lobster pots and driftwood benches. "Coast" Cafe, with great Origin coffee, Ron Line's campsite (featured in the Guardian 'best of'), and The Witchball pub are all a stones throw.

Doug lives opposite the post office in a house called "Rogadga". Meet his friends Nige the Withy lobster pot maker painter/fisherman and Nutty Noah

I'm in Hastings, and would recommend it for a place to chat to strange and wonderful types, of which there are many. THere's the beach launchng fishermen, the people who create wonderful things with reclaimed wood amongst many others. If you fancy coming to Hastings, I'd happily put you up and I might even buy you some truely brilliant fish and chips!

hiya :D

my husband-to-be dan makes things out of vinyl records:

so if you're in eastbourne, pop in!

(there is also a dickensian tea shop if you want some old-world charm with tea and scones)

There's a brilliant shop in Whitby that sells kippers and also posts them to people. Its down a great little cobbled street and you can buy them and they'll send them recorded delivery to anywhere in the UK. What better than recieving a steaming envelope of fresh kippers or indeed sending them to someone you love. Yum

My favourite place in the whole world (saying that i haven't been that far out of britain) is St David's in pembrokeshire, south wales. it has an amazing beach there too called whitesands bay it is soo beautiful there, u can camp there bu im not sure if u need ur own tent though sorry, and also St Davids is a very beautiful city, i say city but it is more like a village. St Ives in Cornwall is lovely too. have a great time x

You have to visit the east neuk of fife.

amazing fish and chips here:
and a brilliant arts festival for a week in Pittenweem begining 1st till 9th August. heaps of local talent.

Hi matey If you In Llandudno any of the Ham bone shops ok for eats etc best of luck to you


Hi there, We live in south wales on the route 4 sustrans cycle route, you are welcome to use our hot shower! There are loads of good places on the Gower peninsular to enjoy, particularly my chocolate shop in Parkmill! Coco Bean.

Hi, if Nick goes to Southwold he absolutely has to go to the pier and see and play on the brilliant hand made arcade games.. Im sure he will be able to get in touch with the person that makes them but I cant remember his name, sorry!
And theres a lady that sells beautiful crabs from her back door in Cromer - yum yum. Enjoy!

Relating to the Southwold post.. Ive found the guys name who builds the arcade games Its Tim Hunkin.. :-)

Can I come too?!!? perhaps next time?!?will there be a next time?!?! making films and british coastline sound like my idea of heaven :)

My dad (John Sleep) lives at West Pentire, Cornwall, just south of Newquay - right on the coastal path. he makes and repairs wind up gramophones for a living and my mum makes really fab cakes and strong coffee. You should def. drop in on them. You can camp at Polly Joke campsite (possibly the best situation in the world) just down our back lane (and also in the Cool Camping Book)

p.s. website is

Nick has to stop in Maldon (Essex): It has TWO very fine micro breweries. My favourite is Farmers Ales based in The Blue Boar (good place to stay too).
If he's lucky, Nick may find the rope knotting expert sitting on the Hythe Quay....
There is a great tea room at Heybridge Basin (right next to Maldon) called 'The Lock'. It is owned by the Wilkin's Tiptree Jam people - so they know a bit about fruit, too. Good coffee - excellent cake AND cream teas. The Basin also has a some interesting craft shops and galleries. There's a really good one next to the lock keeper's cottage... lovely hand made cards for sale (maybe it's more of a girl thing though).

If you're in Eastbourne you should visit The Plantation Cafe and Art Gallery in Carlisle Road, it's a lovely place, with great coffees, teas and cakes!

Just north of Newquay is Porth Tourist park which isn't for young groups so has a good vibe. Cafe coast for breakfast- you won't regret it.

If passing Inverness stay at the rocpool reserve (hotel), or at least eat there.

I live in Southend on Sea (Home of the longest pleasure pier in the world) and make handmade jewellery and accessories. Ok, its prob not up to the level of some but Southend is one of those odd coastal yet not really coastal places that everyone should visit once (mainly coz once is enough!). You are of course welcome to visit if you think you are brave enough!

Good luck on your journey, rather you than me!

The Greenyard in Bridport, Dorset is worth a look. Really nice veggie cafe (that also serves locally reared organic meat, mostly on Sundays) that uses locally sourced products. I can highly recommend the strawberry milkshake with sultana loaf for dessert.

If you make it to the very north west of Scotland you MUST visit The Cocoa Mountain CHOCOLATE BAR. Probably the most geographically remote chocolate producer in Europe but well worth the journey to sample their hot chocolate and hand made chocs!

When you hit the border of Hampshire and Dorset, you must get the ferry across to Mudeford Spit (near Christchurch) and see all of the beach huts there. You can camp out under the stars on the beaches and awake for a gorgeous fry up in the Beach House cafe which is on the beach itself. Amazing!

PS. Website for Mudeford Beach Huts is

When you're in Devon, then has to be Seabreeze on Slapton Sands for great eats, and an amazing place to stay. There's also very good fish and chips just up the road from them. I would also suggest when you get to Dartmouth, before you get on the ferry, then you drop into Alf Rescos for the best breakfast going. I dream of their cinnamon toast!

My favourite cafes are The Cove in Perranporth - yummy food - and Ragamuffins in Braunton, Devon. Good luck and have fun!

Not really a cafe but here at Burns Pet Nutrition in Kidwelly, South Wales, we have an amazing works canteen which uses locally sourced ingredients (often from the company's organic garden or farm) and he would be welcome to join us for lunch.

My good friend Amie has an organic coffee shop which sells coffee snacks and smoothies at the docks in folkestone, all very tasty and im sure she would love a visit! :D

Ooh, sounds great! Why not look up David Morris, my old Uni tutor. He lives in Norfolk and is a fantastic photographer. Rather interestingly he has photographed a series on artisans and artists, he may give you some leads. Check him out on:
and make a point of having a beer with him - he's got more stories than the bible!!

When you go through The Gower in Wales stay at Three Cliffs Bay campsite. Its on the cliff top over looking the glorious bay. Its very popular so book in advance if you can. Tel: 01792 371 218.

Thank you for all those brilliant suggestions. Oddly some I have already done at the start of the trip. I camped at Three Cliffs on the Gower (you are right brilliant views). And I was in Whitsands Bay this morning. I have got to Cardigan and am taking a day off tomorrow to see all my mates at howies. Thanks again that was an amazingly helpful
set of suggestions. Hattie (partner back in Bristol will put them all on her magic 'do this here' map).

Bruce Crantock is a very talented jeweller/goldsmith as well as lifelong surfer. His workshop is on the road leading down to Trevaunance Cove, St Agnes, Cornwall.

The cafe in the old huers hut (where the huer used to cry out to the fisherman when a shoal of fish was sighted) at Gwithian, Cornwall (if still open) does fantastic home made cakes, and it's fabulous food galore at the cafe in the National Trust carpark on the way to the cliffs at Gwithian (cycle through Gwithian village to get to this one).

Not 100% sure of the name, but I think it's Bumbles, wonderful cafe in Penzance not far from the top of Chapel Street which is worth having a look at itself, wonderful history including the Egyption House, Archie Browns is a great organic/vegetarian cafe upstairs from a wholefood shop on Bread Street in Penzance (excellent cakes & coffee).

Happy cycling.


My dad makes leather clogs (you know the type that everyone used to wear and morris dancers now use) and badges etc. He's in south manchester but not too far from the coast (ie liverpool is close by) and totally worth a quick detour i'd say! are a little co-op on the Norfolk coast making pottery, sculpture, jewellery, and prints/photography. Ros Redfern (my housemate's mum) is one of the potters. We have lots of her wonderful creations all over our house. Yay for beautiful pots!

I don't know if you'll be going round the Pembrokeshire Coast, because if you do although I don't live there I know it quite well! My top recommendations are Prendergast Campsite, Trefin, for camping and Pebbles Cafe in St Davids (Cake is lush) also in St Davids is lots of small shops and galleries selling all kinds of weird and wonderful things. Big bonus, it's right next to the coast.

If you're going there of course!

The Island Cruising Club in Salcombe would be a fun place to go; Salcombe is so beautiful too. The ICC is based on an old Mersey ferry which is moored up in the estuary - a great place to stay but do ring's also where I spent many summers teaching people how to sail
Check out

My favourite place for cycling is the area around St David Wales me and my friend cycled from St David to Snowdon climbed it and cycled back in over a weekend. Camping on the road side is not the best idea by the way, we realised that within the first couple of trunks waking us up in the early morning.

I completely agree with Celia, if you happen to be going along the Pembrokeshire coast, St Davids is a brilliant place to visit. The cakes are delicious in Pebbles Cafe and there are some wonderful shops there. I really admire what you're doing and it will be an excellent achievement, hopefully you'll raise lots of money for charity at the same time.

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