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April 20, 2009


Yay! Can't wait to try it, sounds delish!

Oooh this sounds fantastic...never had a problem with the bananas personally, but I do love lime!

Thinking about banana's got me thinking about imported fruits and CO2...
is there a section of the site (if not, could there be in the future?) that lists the carbon foot print of each smoothie?
It would be a nifty piece of information.

Oooo... My Mum loves kiwis so may get her to try this one out.

(I'd like to think I played a small part in sowing the seed of this in your brains. I mentioned in a blog post aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago that she likes them and maybe it'd be a good idea for you to use them...)

Anyhoo, yayness!

I would happily bath in this smoothie. It's luscious, seriously lovely.

Hi Suzi,

Glad you asked about carbon footprinting. We have a bit of the website dedicated to it... If you go to 'US' and 'OUR ETHICS' you'll see it. Or just copy and paste this link:

What would we like to see you do next? How about answering some of the serious questions about the business ethics and moral history of your new investor!

strange new flavour! Not my first preference, but I could get used to it.

Another hit! How much do you have to have before its too much? Is there any chance i might OD on this stuff? Its just very quaffable!!

Woo, no bananas, FINALLY. :D

PJ Smoothies had a green one ages ago, you can probably nick their recipe as PepsiCo abolished their brand in favour of Tropicana concentrated juices. Now, how many juice brands do Coca-cola already own...

After years of campaigning for a banana free smoothie the ABF (anti-banana-federation) finally scores a victory.

ps Mango works very well as a banana subsitute as well, maybe you could do mango versions of all your smoothies?

I am pleased you are asking for ideas. I want to spearhead the Pepper campaign. Those Green, Orange, Yellow and Red peppers are so dam juicy and full of great Vit C. They have got to be tried with maybe a bit of mango, or banana

Here is a facebook group about it. Would be lovely to see any supporters join now at this initial stage.

I've been asking for non-banana since for years and years and years... every poll and questionnaire and comments... I am so glad... I can't wait to try it... Thank-you so much for being a nice, happy, healthy, and socially responsible company... well done guys and Happy 10th Birthday! Yippie :-)

Yay, i am so excited! Bananas the work of the devil, so now i can enjoy an innocent smoothie without feeling on edge that i might get a taste of the evil yellow fiends!

thanks xxx

I'd go for something involving that grass (not the class 'B' type that you can get arrested for but the stuff you can actually eat and whizz up to drink) that's supposed to be a 'wonderboost' to your metabolism and tummy - that'd be a good way forward me thinks!!!!

You really are amazing!

Yay for no bananas but boo to kiwis as I'm allergic. Bums.

Will have to wait, fingers crossed, for a different variation.

Still, thank you for doing it in the first place.

Loved it but thought the apples were the main flavour, maybe a splash more lime to balance it?

Just a tip - don't eat mango at the same time as drinking the smoothie it really doesn't work! You end up with a yucky flavour in your mouth.

At last my husband can drink your drinks!! He's the only one in the family who was missing out on your fab drinks - 'cos he doesn't like bananas but now he's as happy as the rest of us!! My fridge is very multicoloured now!!

Thank you!!

I think you should try a butternut squash smoothie mmm, not sure what with maybe carrots, apples or oranges?

AT last a smoothie without bananas, I love them all and so does the rest of the family including my 3 year old grandaughter who loves the information on the carton read to her, but sometimes the banana flavour overrides the rest of the fruit flavours. I love the new banana free smoothie, thank you

Hi Guys,

Just to chime in for those who may not know. A banana free smoothie is great news for people with KIDNEY DISEASE. People with this condition CANNOT eat bananas - too much Potassium. My wife has Kidney Disease, I have been onto Innocent about this a while back - to my surprise they kept us in touch about this new smoothie idea. People with Kidney Disease also have to be careful about too much fruit, but bananas were the big serious no no,

Thank you Innocent
Aidan, Cork, Ireland

love this/ bought it specially for my sister who h8s bananas.

Can't bear the flavour of bananas or the stickiness they give to everything so have pretty much missed out on the smoothie revolution. But the counterrevolution's here at last! This is absolutely delicious, sweet but not too sweet, and a gorgeous thick texture with none of your bothersome banana nonsense.

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