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April 21, 2009


Notice you're still very much keeping the lid on all that deep research you did into your new cap-italist investor. We're looking forward to you spilling the contents and proving Mark Thomas wrong. You see what I did there? Hilarious.

noticed this and like it very much - i was definitely one of your customers that splashed smoothie all over the kitchen with the previous design - but now, splash free!

thank you very much, fonzie our cat also says that you!

Being a large fingered man I could never get my finger in to pull the ring and had to ask my children to do it. They weren't strong enough, so eventually I employed a part time ring puller. Your new device has saved me money but put a local out of work. Shame on you.

no ring-pulls = no slashes = :)

Awwww - I loved the excitement of opening my favourite smoothie though!

I used to wear a white t-shirt to add to the intensity of the situation.

Good work, I wasn't a massive fan of the ring-pull although I have to admit to licking the fruit pulp off the back of the plastic bit (like a yoghurt lid :D)

mmm to pulp lickage also, but yes good work :)

Good news!

I have to admit that the ring pull sorta hurt my finger, i'm so pathetic.

This is amazing news, i've been waiting years for this, the quality of my life just went up by a factor of 2.5

Hello from Germany,

With all your new money will you be in Germany selling fruit drink soon ? I hope so

thank you for your answer


Well done.

Val Stinton

Well done on saving all that plastic! You make me proud to buy innocent. Keep up the good work. x

Can I add one dissenting voice.

I don't quite agree with the "no expensive dry cleaning bills".

I managed to purchase a carton before the email came round. As I habitually do, I removed the cap and gave it a good shake.

Cue dark purple superfood smoothie over my face, my laptop, bag, desk, phone and my fave Howies shirt. (I shake it quite hard). It looked like a slasher film.

I quickly realised that there was a vital piece missing from the carton - I thought it was a mistake.

One emergency dry cleaning later and I was ready to go out that night.

Haven't done it since, though. And the Howies shirt was fine.

Being a true Brit, whilst I disliked the 'ring pull thingy', I never complained. Instead, I invented a smoothie opening device. I can't go into details; the patent is pending.

I have a manufacturing plant in China making 10000 a day rady for world lauch next week.

The demise of the 'ring pull thingy' might slow sales down a little!

I'll miss the 'ring pull thingy' (and the £1M investment in the smoothie opening device!)

hooray! I was wondering where it was the other day...but good thinking guys!

Halleluia! Thank heaven and all things holy (including my socks) that you've dispensed with the ring pull. I'm a tough lass on the whole but the plugs were often subborn little buggers who not only left spatter marks on my clothes but also a nasty dent around my finger. Aw diddums I know but there you have it. The cheshire cat beam that spread across my grid when I opened a carton last week could have lit up a coal mine. Thank you, thank you and thrice thank you.

I was so chuffed when I opened the cap (it felt different), and noticed no ring pully thing.. And I thought I'd be the only one...
Oh, and happy birthday. I've been a fan for about 9 of those years.

Yey hey! How excellent!
Mind you - makes me feel very silly really. Splashed the smoothie many times round me and the kitchen but never thought to mention it....! duh. Well done you for reading my mind and knowing what to do about it.

Yay! And just when we thought innocent drinks couldn't get any better. Fair play to you, lads (and lasses).

yey - no more hurting finger!

note - now can you make the lids difficult for children to open - my daughter has a habit of getting the bottle out of the fridge and pouring the smoothie on the kitchen floor - the cup is such a small target (she's 2!).

A design innovation (and no more wasted smoothie/extra plastic) hurrah!

Yes, I had noticed the new tops, and give you full marks for a sensible improvement!

Now can you make a carton that is invisible to everyone except the person(i.e. Mum normally!) who bought it. I'm fed up with opening the fridge and finding the carton there.....with a tiny dribble left in the bottom!

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