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January 20, 2009


1. Enter competitions for food (pretty please).
2. Attend small intimate gigs with bring your own beer door policy.
3. Go to work by skateboard, Michael J Fox style. Spread the power of love baby.
4. If in need of something new to wear for that unavoidable birthday party, cross dress with your partner.
5. Don't go out - host a curry night for friends.
6. Sell your unwanted Christmas gifts at your local car boot sale.
7. Set a daily budget, at the end of the day, if you've been good treat yourself to a good listen of an M. Ward album. If you've overspent your budget, it's Shane Ward all the way.

Having children! Some may disagree, however you have a constant source of entertainment, they keep you fit so no gym membership needed and they make you laugh like nothing else. All free... kinda!

1. Cycle instead of car driving, been doing this for a few months now, am fitter, leaner and have saved money and the earth (a little)

2. Stay in and drink if you like drinking and have friends over, you can amuse them with your own games (digital or not).

3. Goto deli's etc at the end of the day - they'll often have carcasses fresh for the grabbing - great for soups

4. Save a little back from that caserole etc for the next days lunch at work

5. Use Ebay free/cheap listing days to get rid of clutter

6. Keep smiling - this will make it seem all the more better!

7. Use your hobby to bring in extra cash - do you make cards etc? Sell them on eBay!

1. Use the public library - I am a compulsive bookworm & save loads of money this way!

2. Bring breakfast & a hot drink to work instead of stopping for it on the way.

3. Run all your errands at once; saves petrol and time.

4.Sell unwanted stuff on eBay or Amazon.

5. Learn to knit snazzy accessories instead of buying new ones all the time.

Choose Morrison's smoothy than the innocent! (believe me, im really skint)

1. Put all your 1p, 2p and 5p coins in a jar. After a couple of months you're bound to have lots, which you can count up and pay into the bank (don't use the machines you get in supermarkets though as they steal some of your hard-earned cash)
2. Instead of eating your left-over casserole out of the pan before you go bed make some pastry (or buy some) and use it as a pie filling - two meals for the price of one!
3. Don't go out for coffee and cake with friend - take it in turns to meet at each other's houses. One person brings homemade cake and the others can relax and enjoy
4. Give us alcohol for a month - your jeans will fit better and you'll save a packet
5. Consider getting a veg box - ours means we have to go to the supermarket less (so there's less temptation to buy things we don't need) and any left over veg can be used to make yummy soups for lunch

1. One pint of water added to four pints of full-fat milk gives you five pints of semi-skimmed for the same price as four. (Add more water for skimmed milk.)

2. Rock hard stale bread microwaved for 10 seconds comes out soft, warm and delicious.

Ashamed to say it, but my top money-saving tip is not to buy Innocent smoothies unless they're on special offer!!

Innocent is gooooooood, but maddeningly expensive!

This is the week we eat up the back-of-the-cupboard food :D all that stuff that sits there all year, and then just goes off - go digging in your tinned and dry foods cupboard, and get creative with the contents!

for the last week before payday dont go food shopping. Instead try and eat just using the ingredients you've got at home! this helps to save money, get rid of food you don't even realise you have and its fun to whip something up you'd never normally have like chicken cooked in beans! surprisingly nice! The concoctions you can come up with are amazing

To the boss

Dry out used paper towels. Re-fold and put back in the dispenser. No one will ever know...

Use up all your holiday time in January so you don't have to pay for travel. You'll probably be quite depressed for the rest of the year, but you'll have saved money (well, you did say 'extreme', didn't you?!)

start a book club with friends. you can get your books from the library (or read the super-inexpensive penguin classics) and host the get-together at your home. everyone brings some home-made treats and you have a nice evening in with your mates and a bit of culture.

Turn to buddhism. Pray all day and negate your need to eat or do anything at all.
Nirvana, for cheap.

take to the streets! A walk down a road with a school will produce a surprising amount of money on the ground, children seem to have no worries about flinging their small change at each other and not bothering to retreive it!

Save on toilet paper - poo at work!

My top money saving tip is to not buy the things you can't afford... it's amazing how effective it is!

My extreme money saving tips peeps are;-
1.Do some shopping at Lidl.Whilst you wouldn't fill yer basket it's worth a trip for cheap groceries and they do good deals on household & electrical goods.
2.Buy half price Innocent Smoothies at Sainsbury's NOW!
3.Shop at Waitrose just before they close on Sunday's you'll find mark down's on fresh foods and yummy fresh bread.
4.Blag free day or week guest passes at your local Esporta or Nuffield gyms work's for me!
5.Go to Ikea for a cheap breakfast and then hit their bargain corner for cheap stuff!

My most extreme moneysaving tip is to save tissues I use so that when I have to put a bit of tissue down the loo prior to poohing to soften the blow and eliminate 'splashback' it isn't wasting brand new toilet paper.

Well you did ask.

Teabags: use, dry-out near the radiator, reuse. Can do this more than once until you start to realise you're not drinking tea anymore! Also when you do use a fresh one it's a real treat. Note: Don't put milk in before you take the teabag out - ick.

Don't waste money on expensive ipods. Simply think of your favourite tune and hum it. If you want to "switch tracks", simply think of another song you like and hum that instead.

Cancel your gym membership if you can and cycle to work.

Thats a double whammy saving on not just your membership but petrol or public transport fares.

You'll also probably get a lot more exercise!!

To get the best value Innocent smoothies I buy them as part of a Boots meal deal.

£2.99 for a sandwich/salad, a snack up to £1.35 and any drink. I always save over £3.

- make loads of vegetable stock with veg reduced in the supermarket. Freeze the surplus in small amounts.
-sell sell sell on ebay and amazon
-use freecycle, you'd be surprised what people give away
-walk, run, cycle everywhere if possible. There is something lovely about running in the rain - honest!

This isn't supposed to be entirely serious people, though I understand in Victorian London it was quite common:

I suggest that you request your children to cry in the street, palms out saying, "My cruel parents sent me out to sell some home baking, as we are so very poor. However, my hunger overcame me and I ate the food I was supposed to sell. Now I must return home and will surely be ill-treated unless you give me your charity."
The child should then be showered with cash and you can then move them on to the next busy street. Bingo!

1) Using teabags twice
2) Gross but true - not flushing the toilet at night, saves on the water bills & good for the planet too
3) Rather than buy things enter as many competitions to get the item you want - recently won a Wiggly Womery for composting that we wanted but couldn't afford


A daily smoothie might be all you need!

2 top extreme tips
1. Squeeze a loo roll into an oval shape. It doesn't rollout so easily
2. Dilute milk no one will notice

Chop the tops off of Innocent Smoothie cartons and use as seed pots ready for spring vegetables.
Cut side of pot to release seedling when it's ready for planting and recycle carton.

Make things. I bought a Simpsons duvet cover for 50p in a charity shop and made it into 1 funky shoulder bag, 1 make-up bag for a friend with the Simpson surname, three shopping bags for her, her sister and mum and a range of small stuffed toys for babies... Oh, and I bought a box of left-over knitting wool for 50p and knocked out 27 woolly hats for Age Concern because keeping our older people warm and safe is PRICELESS!!


KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED for the yellow stickers in the supermarket. Most "reduced" fruit, veg, yogurt, bread, is still perfectly fresh. (OK, use your eyes, you can see if it's rotten.) The stuff I pick up — £1+ reduced to 10p — has another week's life in the fridge.

Each day's use-by dates are marked down in the afternoon, and again later in the evening.

Imagine... You're not only saving money, you're redeeming perfectly good food from the tip.

It has been so bitterly cold recently but rather than put the heating on I have done one of two things - either gone to the library for a morning and sat in the warmth reading, writing letters, etc, or I have taken my dogs for a walk. It's surprising how much dropped change you can find in the car parks, shopping streets etc :-)

1) If you rilly rilly can't give up the gym and you have a gum buddy, change your membership to "partners" saves a chunk o' cash
2) Leave your debit card at home, go to the cash machine once a week and get what you need, once it's gone it's gone
3)Take brekkie and lunch to work, no more disappointment when the sandwich shop runs out of your favourite
4) Have a beggars banquet instead of going out for dinner. Each guest brings a dinner course and a bottle, not so much slaving over a hot stove!
5)Have a clothes swapping session with your friends, you end up with new clothes that you don't have to wear in, and it's free!
don;t try making your own smoothies, they never taste the same as the ones in the cute little bottles :(

1. Eat tuna and pasta exclusively until you get paid again, that or beans on toast

2. turn off all your heating and invite your friends over, tell them to bring jumpers. The extra people will heat up your place, and the company means you don't need to go out and spend money.

3. drink apple juice and try to imagine that it's cider

4. make flipbook animations, get someone to stand behind a frame, and pretend that you're watching TV/Gaming

- become a pirate (yarr)

- don't buy books - write thrilling adventures of your own. You might even get published and MAKE money

- save your food: grow a beard

- throw away your TV and act out films with your friends

i'm following my husband's example and not spending 20p coins. we put then all in a jar and end up with enough to buy our christmas pressies. feels painless!

1.Start making food from scratch..Mutch more fun, keeps you and the kids Amused for hours!!.

2. Wash at 30 degrees and invest in laundry maides, cheaper and helping to save the enviroment!

3. keep a sealed pot, put all your loose change into it...dont peek!, and after a few months you will be amazed at your savings!

4.Use your local markets, lots oflovely freah fruit and vegtables, cheaper and you will be supporting you local farming community!

5. Try alternative uses to washing powder,soap nuts are excellent, helps the pennies and you enviroment!

Lend money to other people via Zopa - they get a loan for jam-making or whatever, and you get your money back plus interest.
And not a bank in sight!

Put £5 notes in that tiny front second pocket of your jeans that you never look in. They'll survive being put through the wash, and by the time you remember, the credit crisis will be over! Hurray!

1. remove hands so unable to reach into pockets to spend money

2. Sew pockets closed = unable to carry money

3. lose wallet = no available money to spend. Although risk of identity theft = emptier bank account

4. disconnect from the internet = no impulse purchases from

5. renounce consumerism and live in a hut in the shetlands with only guinea pigs for company

6. buy a lottery ticket for the wednesday draw = greater chance of winning

7. go and live in dubai where credit crunch is a breakfast cereal

Someone I work with has just owned up that all the fruit he is eating today came out the bin. Interesting.

stop shaving. on top of the considerable savings you'll make on your personal de-fuzzing equipment (razors, shaving foam etc), you'll also benefit from having an in-built insulation layer, significantly reducing your central heating spend... not to mention jumpers, cardigans, scarves & balaclavas. This will have the added benefit of an increase in moustache wearers, which can never be a bad thing. I'm calling this 'Dont Shave, Save'.

Re-use the old tea bags three times and you save a fortune. The tea is just a srong as the first time and really is lovely. I know it sounds disgusting but it is not honestly!

Find a cause you can really believe in, my preference is to stay small though, "Quieter Dustmen for Moorlow Street" is better than, "Bring Back Woolies". Now go on hunger strike in support of it. This saves a huge amount of money. And you'll find people will cook nice things for you and be chuffed to bits when you finally give into their fairy cake or chicken pie.

Become a nun and/or monk - this works surprisingly well - free clothes, accommodation and you can usually expect free meals. Again, don't see it as something permanent - when you want out use a little of your savings to get drunk during Sunday service and they'll ask you to leave.

Learn to walk everywhere on your hands - this will save on shoe leather.

Strain your bath water through a pair of socks (must be clean) bottle it and use for cooking and hot beverages during the week.

And finally, my last top tip and a family favourite, convince the major of your town that you are a visiting dignitary from some little known eastern bloc country (anything ending in stan is good) and that you're on a fact-finding tour looking for a town to twin with your capital.

You can now look forward to a month of official functions, luncheons and dinners and if lucky use of the major's official car.

Stopping off at my mum's house on the way home...eating her food, absorbing her central heating, watching her telly. Sorry this isn't a very good tip though because I don't think she has room for you to all go round there....

I've been wearing a pair of old ski-ing trousers, a fleece, bobble hat and gloves while at home to save on heating bills! (& helping to lower my C02 emissions!)

This one is extreme so not for the faint of heart. Rip out your gas boiler, replace it with a log burning stove with back boiler. Collect wood from skips, peoples drives and even offer to cut down trees for them. Burn wood, keep house warm, have free hot water and you can even cook on it. Even better buy log burner second hand. Ours cost £160 and has saved us over £1000 in three years!!

As I said extreme but saves load of cash.

Home Brew.. it's the future...
Home baking
Home cooking
Home food growing!!

If you like Pizza, but can't afford a take out, keep your left over bits of baguette or even slightly stale bits of bread, toast under a grill spread on some tomato puree, pop on left over bits of veg such as onions and peppers, sprinkle on some cheese and grill until golden and bubbly. And there you go, cheap pizza and you have used up some left overs!

1. Save all your Christmas cards, cut them up and then buy some cheap craft paper from the early learning center and make your own cards next year (works well for birthdays too).

2. Don't flush the loo if you've only done a wee.

3. Don't buy Tupperware, use old ice cream, margarine or Innocent veg pots instead.

4. Having a romantic night in? Switch the lights off and use candles instead.

5. Put a Toilet Hippo in your loo so when you flush, you only use half the water in the tank (which is all you really need).

6. Get your kids interested in stuff like sports or Scouts/Guides, then they won't be watching the telly all day!

7. Play more board games, they're great fun and don't need any electricity!

8. Check out charity shops and Freecycle.

9. Bored in the evenings? Why not volunteer somewhere in your local area.

10. Have showers not baths, they're quicker and use less water. Save a bath for maybe once a week and really treat yourself.

11. Sell your old stuff on eBay, even if it's broken (as long as you state it's broken, you'll be surprised at the crap people buy). Look out for free listing days and it's even better.

12. Tired of walking? Buy some roller skates/blades. You'll burn off more fat and it's quicker (remember to always keep a pair of trainers with you though!).

Wait till you get to work to use the toilet - hence cutting down on toilet roll and handwash - saving that go to a friends or family members house!

1) Save your pennies, two's five and tens (literally!). Soon adds up.

2) Take lunch to work don't buy it.

3) Don't order out but invite in friends and better still each friend brings a course with them! Make a theme for the food such as Spanish.

4) Read !!!!

5) Shop around and compare prices.

6) Accept that most people are in the same boat and don't feel you are missing out or being 'tight'

7) Hope for a free box of smoothies (lol!)

Let mum cut your hair.

You might end up with a bowl cut, something from the 60s or look like you've been attacked by an angry cat with a chainsaw...

but it'll save you 30 quid!


1. Watering down tip ex – even lower in fat than soya milk

2. Home dentistry – a knife, a fork, a sharp protractor

3. Lathering up in the local car wash – saves water and suds

4. Permanent marker make-up – stays on forever – literally

5. To keep warm at night, recycle your surplus hair from trims. Fashion into a fetching ‘coat of human fur’ and wear with slippers (can also be made from surplus hair cuttings – depends on length of mane)

6. New umbrella? Easy. Get a coat hanger, a plastic bag and get bending

7. Fancy a Chinese? 2 very sharp pencils. Great for diets rich in lead (or is that meant to be iron…)

8. Cling-film tights – can come in a variety of colours (permanent markers from no.4 could come in handy here…)

9. Kids love hamsters. But hamsters cost money. A fancy cage, wheel and nibble-sticks could set you back £40+. Introducing the rat – the poor man’s hamster. ‘Adopt’ a rat by setting a small trap with the finest Swiss cheese. Give it a cute name and kids will be none the wiser.

10. Treadmill too expensive? Jump on the nearest Tesco conveyor belt. And remember, the next time you’re in the supermarket and you hear the beep, think of the fun you could be having for super dirt cheap.

1. Watering down tip ex – even lower in fat than soya milk

2. Home dentistry – a knife, a fork, a sharp protractor

3. Lathering up in the local car wash – saves water and suds

4. Permanent marker make-up – stays on forever – literally

5. To keep warm at night, recycle your surplus hair from trims. Fashion into a fetching ‘coat of human fur’ and wear with slippers (can also be made from surplus hair cuttings – depends on length of mane)

6. New umbrella? Easy. Get a coat hanger, a plastic bag and get bending

7. Fancy a Chinese? 2 very sharp pencils. Great for diets rich in lead (or is that meant to be iron…)

8. Cling-film tights – can come in a variety of colours (permanent markers from no.4 could come in handy here…)

9. Kids love hamsters. But hamsters cost money. A fancy cage, wheel and nibble-sticks could set you back £40+. Introducing the rat – the poor man’s hamster. ‘Adopt’ a rat by setting a small trap with the finest Swiss cheese. Give it a cute name and kids will be none the wiser.

10. Treadmill too expensive? Jump on the nearest Tesco conveyor belt. And remember, the next time you’re in the supermarket and you hear the beep, think of the fun you could be having for super dirt cheap.

1) Stick tinfoil (out of sight) on the wall behind your radiators. Instead of the heat being absorbed the the wall, it is reflected back into the room. This really works!

2) Run your washing machine / dishwasher etc at night. As well as reducing the pressure on the National Grid, some electricity suppliers have a few hours during the night which are cheaper.

3) Don't throw food away. If groceries are going off before you have time to use them, make sure that you take a shopping list to the supermarket with you, and plan meals in advance so you know what you need.

5) Shop locally. Instead of heading to the nearest Tesco / Asda etc, stop off at a nearby greengrocers / bakers / butchers on your way from work. You'll be supporting local farmers and businesses, eating more organically (most of the time) and it doesn't take that much longer.

6) Spend what you have. Try to avoid buying things on credit unless you really have to.

Pay careful attention to always spend slightly less than you earn. If you are utterly incapable of doing this, pimp your pets.

My top tip is to reverse park, as it uses less fuel as your car is already warm. When you have to manoevre your car when it is cold it uses more fuel!!

Wear pants/knickers and socks for 3 days in a row, then turn them inside out and do the same thing again! Although I do not suggest this if you have just had curry.

The BEST way to save money is to set aside a NO MONEY day. This can be once a week or once a month and you have to be strict.

For twenty four hours, no heating, no electrical appliances, eat only what you already have in the house, if you want to go out somewhere walk or cycle (rember to take a packed lunch) and only go to places that are free!

Spending is addictive. Once you've spent once in a day, it becomes easy to spend later. I find the no money day a really good way to get around to seeing an exhibition or finish a book I'm reading and as far as the no heating/electricity it is just like camping! (Cold beans and everything)

I have always been a fan of thrift-tastic crafts and at Christmas I made a snowman decoration from plastic bottle tops (for its body) with a laundry liquid lid for its hat. The nose was a used orange ink cartridge barrel.

In the same session, I glued strips of denim around a veg pot type container, and cut out a pocket from my old jeans to embellish the lid - it looked surprisingly cool.

I also created a chess board from an old transparent Ferrero Rocher box with a grid etched into the lid - I collaged gold foil and squares of fairtrade chocolate papers to provide the contrasting tones.

So... my extreme money saving tips involve never throwing away bottletops (the non-craft ones helped a fundraising appeal) or chocolate wrappers, and seeing what you can do with them!

For your children or partners who insist on branded cereal, buy one box (to keep the box) then value brands to "top up" as used - they NEVER know. Been doing this to my boyfriend for years.

Instead of going to a musical, dress up your cat and put a cd on. Great times.

Sign your boyfriend up for medical research. Gets you some cash and personal time.

Don't spend any £2 coins that you get! Save them instead and you'd be amazed at how quick your money builds up, I've successfully saved up for numerous 2 week holidays (including spending money) this way! :-)

Ignore use by dates.

1. Last night when I realised I had run out of tin foil, I retrieved some used stuff out of the bin, washed it reused it, and wow, good as new...

2. Not throwing out tights with ladders in them, but embracing my grungey side instead....

3. Freeganism- stuff from supermarket bins, oh yes!

I hate to be vulgar, but surely i'm not the only one who saves on toilet paper by waiting until they've got a class at university?

Call mobile phones and then hang up. Nine out of ten people will call you back thereby saving your bill.

I have spent most of January visiting friends and family at the weekend - saves on heating and food bills!

Collect Tesco clubcard points - our family holiday last year in France cost us nothing (apart from food!)

We re-cycle our newspaper into paper logs logs by stuffing soggy newspaper into toilet roll tubes very tightly and letting them dry for 6-8 days. Free fuel :-)

I've had to think about this a lot over the last year or so, and have compiled my top ten tips for saving cash:

1. Make all your food from scratch, it's fun, you get exactly want you want, and if you make a little extra you get lunch for tomorrow as well!

2. I used to buy a cuppa every morning from the station costing me 80p as I'm too lazy to get up early in the morning. Now I have travel mug, which cost me £ do the maths.

3. WALK EVERYWHERE!!! OK, I don't have a car, and therefore have no choice, but it keeps you fit and saves money and the environment.

4. Wear more clothes instead of putting on the heating. It drives my mum mad when she comes to visit, but that just serves another purpose...(sorry mum!)

5. Sounds boring, but make yourself a speadsheet of your incoming and outgoing cash, make yourself a budget, and stick to it!! It scared the hell out of me when I realised how much money I was throwing away every month, and now I'm actually managing to put some away for a rainy day!

6. Check your mobile you can get it cheaper if you ask your provider.

7. Buy the new washing liquid that you can use on a cold wash. Not only does it save you money on electricity, you can also use just the right amount if you're only doing a small wash...unlike those silly wash tab thingies.

8. Do your food shopping online. You can go in and replicate your last shop, and just add in any extras. No temptation in the cakes aisle, it's much quicker, and you don't have to deal with a trolley traffic jam!

9. Never take your debit card out with you on a night out. Visit the cash point earlier in the day and get the money you need. No drunken temptations for buying the house a round!!!

10. If you're really bad with cash, give a friend you credit, and tell them not to let you have it back unless it's a real emergency - and no, buying the perfect pair of shoes doesn't count - yes, I tried it...

1. Turn off your clock/radio alarm and use your mobile phone instead - you don't need to use all that electricty to keep it on all day and night - your phone is on anyway.
2. work overtime - use their heat and light etc. instead - they were using it anyawy!

Put a bucket in the middle of the office & then everyone can discard their unfinished/unwanted fruit & veg in there each day. Take it home & then you can make your own smoothies. Alternatively, you can look out for the innocent special offers in stores - still a cheap way to make up your 5 a day fruit & veq quota!

When shopping at your local supermarket, haggle with the checkout operator over the items! ie:
you: "how much was that bunch of bananas?"

operator: £1.46

you: £1.46??! 50p tops, come on that ones not even yellow!!

operator: excuse me?

you: ok ok 95p, but that ones more straight than curved! and it got a dark patch!

operator: ummm...sorry that's the price, i can take some off the bunch if you want?

you: and then id only have enough till Wednesday...ok ok how about £1 plus this luxury
chocolate penny? go on you know you want you..,

Security officer: everything ok?

you: no im being robbed! £1.46 for 6 bananas!

Security escorts you out of the store and tells you not to come back for a week...
End of the day you've saved the money you would have spent!

Damn efficient if you ask me....

- Boil the kettle once a day and keep the hot water in a flask
- Do the washing up by hand – I use the dishwasher as a recycle box!
- Don’t cut your hair – keeps the head warm
- Don’t turn the heating on – wear more layers!
- Buy EVERYTHING in bulk – batteries, toilet paper, chicken, pants…
- Don’t waste money on air fresheners – open a window!
- Dilute smoothies with water 3:1 (sorry innocent, but it lasts a third longer!)
- Share your bath/shower – more romantic + saves water!

And my personal mantra... 'never buy anything at full price'!

1) Remove the batteries of your clocks when you go to bed and replace them in the morning.Correct the time using your mobile

1. any left over dinner you can freeze and then you can make another dinner out of odds and ends

2. when you go shopping make sure its after a meal so you are not hunger shopping, stick to you list and only bring enough money for the items you need - then you cant put extras in!

3.small cuts of meat costs a lot, buy a whole joint or chicken its a lot cheaper and you can cut up and freeze the rest and take out bits at a time for other meals!

4. loose tea is cheeper than tea bags, it doesnt take much extra time to use a strainer so invest in a strainer and save loads!

5. use post christmas to buy stocking fillers or small birthday prezzies for children, wait for 75% sales and get small bits and bobs that would cost £5.00 for £1.25! (check food for best before.)also dont forget bargins in pound shops or simular.. its also a great time to get lots of wrapping paper (if you dont like recycling old) and cards for next to nothing, it can go in the loft and you have saved a bunddle for next year!

6. use post christmas sales to get good christmas puddings for next year, tesco finest for example is usually £10 per pudding but you can get it for £2-3 in the sale and most (check date) will last for 2 years!if not freeze!

7.buying tea and a snack at work every day costs around £200 a year, bring in snacks and if your work doesnt have free facilities invest in a flask!

8. if you commute via train, take advantage of the metro (the free paper) it's great and saves you 50p (ish) a day on another paper which is £2.50 a week...thats worth your friday drink in the pub! or can be put in a jar to go towards a treat such as a cinema visit...!

9. cards cost a lot, why not try making some? it can be fun, cheap and a more personal touch to your gift

10. christmas again...if you have a large group of friends and work and family to buy for why not try secret santa or agree on a spending limit. with work friends you can do funny things such as all buying a christmas present for £1, you can be inventive and it saves a lot. also consider the same for birthday.

11. will are strong enough not to buy thngs you dont need, keep saying that to your self as you shop, when a challenge presents it self stop and think if you really need it what are the alternatives you already have?! you can do it!!

12. family fun time, instead of paying for a decorator let your family loose, it can be a fun family project and more rewarding when your done! (stay patient!)

1. Switch the fridge off and keep all the perishables outside in the winter.

2. Don't waste money buying expensive binoculars. Simply stand closer to the object you wish to view.

3. Eat breakfast in the office. Take in your own cereal but use the office milk. Eat cereal for lunch for double the savings.

4. Shave your head - no need to buy shampoo or conditioner! Then sell your hair dryer/straighteners on eBay.

5. Change your phone number to a premium rate 0891 number.
When people call you, you'll get cashback!

6. Sellotape over keyholes in doors you don't need to lock to help keep heat in.

7. Cut toothpaste tubes open to use the last bit of toothpaste.

8. Save old laddered tights to use as stuffing in soft toys.

9. Cut up an old washing up glove to make elastic bands.

10. Re-use plastic food bags. Use the plastic bags magazines are sent in to store food etc. Re-use bread bags.

11. Re-use the reply envelopes sent by companies by sticking a label over the reply address.

12. If you give your child a second hand present in his/her Christmas stocking and the box is not new, tell them it got squashed in Santa's sleigh.

13. Cut up old Christmas cards to make gift tags. Use old birthday cards to make new ones.

14. Call people, identify yourself and chat for a minute; then suddenly hang up - they will almost always call back - then you can say:
"Oh gosh I don’t know what happened there".
This saves on your phone bills!

Eat breakfast cereal with a fork. You get your morning fix of soggy-cereal satisfaction, whilst saving precious milk that would otherwise be drunk from the spoon. You can then pass the bowl of chocolate-tainted milk around your family and save money on costly cartons of milk.

1. Buy less alcohol/don't go out to drink it - if drinking at home, use innocent smoothies as a mixer to perk vodka up!

2. Cycle everywhere rather than take the car - you can weave in and out of traffic that way, but not run traffic lights, that's bad :P

3. Volunteer at your local charity to occupy yourself, rather than paying lots of money for cinema tickets or computer games.

4. Have 'whatever's left in the cupboard' dinners occasionally - tuna, pea and mayo with fajita seasoning pasta anyone?

5. I'm saving a lot of money at the moment as my radiator is not working! Hmm...must get that fixed...

1) Search on the streets and in macdonalds for dropped coins and collect them in a jar. Amazing how the money collects.
2) Sell old phones on the internet can get about £50 for old phones.

Has anyone mentioned the mooncup yet?

I'm all for saving money and saving the planet, but I'm afraid even I wouldn't go this far :D

I was redundant for 6mths (til last month - yay me!) and have devised a number of good savings techniques:

1 - Put all coins, 50p and smaller into jars and save them for when you run out of food - the coinstar at your local supermarket will be your new friend. I put mine in after doing this for only a year and was amazed to have saved £130!

2 - Cook lots in the evening and take it for lunch the following day. NEVER pay for lunch during the week.

3 - Buy a chicken for Sunday roast. Pick the carcass clean and boil the bones for stock. Learn from Hugh F-S how to make 3 meals or more from one "bird".

4 - Buy meat from the reduced section of your local and bang it straight in the freezer - defrost and eat on the same day and provided it's cooked thoroughly you will have no ill effects; only untold riches!

5 - Impose upon as many friends and family as you can - "oh, just passing and thought I'd pop in (at dinner time) - ha; fools!

6 - Stop going out to the pub at weekends. Get all your mates over and tell them it's bring a bottle - but that you'll supply the mixers - there's always loads left!

7 - Sell your car and motorbike - I had to and was amazed at how much they cost to run... have had to buy shares in Timpson to cover all the soles I now need though ~:o/

8 - Eat seasonally and use markets - they are SO much cheaper than supermarkets.

There's loads; become a miser and you'll be suprised at how hard it is to give up, especially if you try and out-do yourself every time...

Am I weird??

Make lunches to take to work during the week and leave your wallet at home, taking only a pound coin in with you every day for emergencies! You'll be surprised at how little cash you can get by on (and how much useless stuff you used to buy without thinking when you had your wallet to hand!)

Dont drain hot water from potatoes straight down the sink.Let it stand in the pan with the lid on until cool.That way you get the heat from the water.Not a lot of saving but why throw money down the drain

Fork out a little for a gym membership, get really fast at running (as the machines force you to run supersonic) and then just steal stuff and run away really really fast. Works a treat.

1. I get £10 a week for my dinner, instead of buying my dinner with it I save it and eat the bits of my friends packed lunch that they don't like instead!

2. Save 1p,2p,5p,10p and 20p. The 10ps go in a tennis ball tube and you cant count any of spend any coins until the 10p tube is full! I saved over £100!

Top 5

1. learn to make tasty things with leftovers - i saved quids.

2. Make friends with the reduced to clear areas in the supermarket - bargains galore if you know when to go.

3. Car share - started when petrol was expensive - kept going - probably save 20% of original fuel bill

4. Take a yummy packed lunch to work - reckon i save around £3 per day - which adds up.

5. Charity shops - especially in well to do areas. People give away the most amazing things - brand new coffee pots, great 2nd hand ( sometimes not even opened) books.

6. Enter competitions to win stuff.

I like to leave money hidden in nooks and crannies in my bedroom, so that when I eventually get around to cleaning up my stuff, I have a nice surprise!

Want to save some cash?

Walk everywhere on your hands - saves the soles on your shoes and we all know how much they cost! Although it does make carrying your smoothies home a little difficult...

I find that if I have money in my purse I am tempted to spend it. Instead, I only put in a certain amount, say, £5, so that when I go out, I know that I won't end up spending huge amounts. This is a great way to save your money. Leave any credit cards at home just incase you're tempted to stick it in the cash machine!

What you need to do is to start your own country in your bedroom/kitchen/whatever, so you can make your own currency and have unlimited money (get some friends to join so they get out of the credit crunch, but make sure there isn't an uprising, so you keep the status of supreme leader)
An added advantage of this is that you con sell your belly button fluff as a foreign export, along with toenail clippings and nasal hair!!

Showers instead of baths?

5 minutes in the shower instead of 10?

NO! Just don't wash until you really need to. I regularly go 4 days without washing and have yet to have anyone comment (and they would). This probably equates to at least 70% reductions in my use of hot water (for washing).

Aside from this, I make regular use of jumpers (no heating)sewing kits (no new clothes) and the mighty bin food. (no food bills)

Save up all those little pennys and and coppers that you get from shopping or off the floor, put them all in a big bottle, box or even an innocent smoothy carton, get the whole family and/or freinds doing it, then at the end of the day/month/year you will have a lot of money that will most probably go to waste otherwise.

great way to do it and it can look quite classy as a decoration or it can be a game!

Everytime you hear your cat scratching in his cat litter tray, quickly grab him and throw him out the front door and let him relieve himself in the neighbours garden. Saves on expensive cat litter.

Put on more winter clothing rather than running the central heating so much. Good for the planet too!

Freeze your credit card...

Basically fill a tupperware container with water, put your card in there and stick it in the freezer. That way if there's something you think you want, you have plenty of time waiting for the thing to defrost to consider if you really do need it. No cheating, because you can't put the card in the microwave!

Much safer than leaving your card at home, especially if you're like me and like to shop online (too much)!

My top tip is if you live alone may meals like bolognese from scratch and freeze what you don't use then you can heat it up another day and maybe turn into chili con carne with kidney beans and chili powder! It tastes well yummy!!

One tequila,
Two tequila,
Three tequila,

Get really fit and you'll only need a few drinks...

Simple pimple. Bring back the piggy bank and dont crack it open until your desperate, and you'll have a lovely suprise.

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