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November 20, 2008


humpty dumpties

moustaches on the chopping block

smiling hairy people

Open auditions for the skin flick brought out droves of Britain's finest.

The Village People had fallen on hard times.

"Snow White and the Seven Innocent Dwarfs"
Photo Shows:- l-r
Back Row, Sleepy,Bashful and Sneezy.
Front Row. Dopey,Happy,Snow White,Doc and Grumpy.

Stop looking for a caption, let the facial hair speak for itself!

the rough with the smooth

Hirsutism is a condition caused by elevated levels of male hormones.

These guys use Hydra Energetic Turbo Booster from L'Oreal.

Because the're worth it??????

where, where, where, where's wally? (sssshhhh he's left his stripey red & white get up & stuck with his super specs & facial hair - tremendous guise !!!)

Exhibit A: Visual representation of speed dating for people looking for partners with multiple peronsalities and moustaches

Nominees for the Hairiest BIG NIT Award 2008.

And the winner is.........!

"No, gentlemen, the barber does NOT do BOGOFs"

The coconut shy had finally hit puberty

The Freddy Mecury rugby scrum struggled to even beat a table

The UK's newest and brightest Boy Band......"BUMFLUFF!!!!"

Innocent came under moral scrutiny when adding "Mr Potato Heads" to the ingredients of their next smoothie range.

"Non, non, Messieurs, Madame Guillotine can only do it one at a time"

based on the guess who game - take a look,

"Listen very carefully, I shall say this only wonce...Shave!"

Snape Harry Snape Harry Snape Harry

(courtesy of

The contestants in the 'Magnum PI' look-a-like competition go head to head...

The Magnificent Shaven! (i know there's 8, but it's still funny).

At the beggining of their Movember quest, little did the boys realise that for each tash hair that grew their bodies shrunk until they were just left with their heads!

How's been at the Chocolate smoothies guys?


Welcome to day 26 in the innocent house here we can see the species of growest your moustachest

The Brandon Flowers lookalike contest came one album too late...

'Tache for the memories.

Times were hard at the bowling alley. When the pins ran out the staff had to step in.

the ginger in the middle needs to work alot harder on his. from jt

Free life size model inside special cartons - start collecting today!

Go, Go Gadget Moustache!

No moustache, no smoothie

MOve over and let me muscle in!

Hair's one I prepared earlier!?*

Woaaah - Moust 'ache you're scaring me!

How about joining the moustache team .......

The boys were finally ready for Saturdays mo-down at the local village hall

The remake of Black Comedy '8 heads in a Duffel Bag' hit the buffers as the catering company realised they had replaced the smoothies in the fridge with Industrial Strength Hair Growth Formula for Yaks.

The Innocent amateur Gynocology club meet to look up an old friend!

little tasty tashes

Wide range of standards in moustache growing competition. The Singer from The Killers is in the lead!

"my nose itches..."


Heads will roll.


Good evening, it's time for Kazakhstan "Blind-a-Date-ah"!!

What a fan-tash-tic(kle) line up !

Mike couldn't explain his sudden urge to foster a family of caterpillars...

"hey guys, I found some more of my lunch..."

"We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Beard!"

Are you tache enough?

The Innocent Family... Open to all.
(except pogonphobes)

Arrested simultaneously for attempting their 'velcro trick' on passing ladies, the dwarves posed for their group mug shot...

must dash - no beard :-)

Instead of cutting our bodies off, why didn't they just cut our taches' off??!

It's a' me, Mario!

attack of the killer moustachios!

These moustachio-d bandits are on the run from the law after breaking into homes and gluing false moustaches on the occupants.

OK, so who mistook the superglue for wood polish?

heads - you lose!

the words to the song we're singing -bar,,barbaran....

you'd think someone must actually 'o (mustachio) seen us

ever had that 'wooly headed' feeling?

There was some confusion about whether it was a 'Freddy Mercury' or a 'Mr. Potato Head' look-a-like competition but the boys all turned up anyway!

From left: Bashful, Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy, Dopey, Doc, Sneezy and Jeffrey Dahmer

i'm sparticus!

do you think all this facial - hair - suits me?

The grapes had mutated at an alarming rate.

they should have gone to specsavers

Is that all you can grow? from the weekly email I thought I´d see a bunch of Rasputin look-a-likes...
well, actually, am glad I was mistaken!!!!

Innocent or not they're a load of smoothies, ladies watch out!

Give us the smoothies and nobody gets hurt!

El Rancho and the gang decicded to have a party this was the nest they could come up with

When Santa refused to donate his whiskers for Innocent's 'fuzz and pine needles' Christmas smoothie, several members of staff bravely offered theirs for the chop.

Don't knnow why they're growing that fluff under their noses when it's growing rampant up their a...s!

Like the Innocent boys said to the barber mustdash

*hits drums* Ba-Dum-CH!

I moust-ache, (pronounced must ask)but do you save crumbs that fall into your moustache for a light snack later on? anyway, mustdash!

"Becky began to suspect that the Movember speed dating event was not going to secure her 'Mr Right'"

So many 'taches, so little time

Santa baby, slip a razor under the tree,for me, got some shaving to do

Only Real Men drink Innocent!
To make them big and strong
with nutrients and yummy stuff
It makes their hair grow long!!

No heads harmed in the making of our smoothies, honest!

mini people on the table.

This years applicants for Beauty and The Geek!

Real men have fur.

Movember Motley Crew !

Global warming blamed for unseasonal freak plague of furry caterpillars invading unsuspecting top lips through the west of London

Toys R Us has reported bare shelves today as stocks run low of this year's must-have Christmas toy, the Guy's World Hair Styler.

The New Innocent Headsecutive Smoothie Bosses

Velcro,velcro...what do I think of velcro?It's a rip off..

Hair today, gone tomorrow,

Buy them food and shelter for just £10 a month, and you'll even recieve a letter from your furry friend

we're watching you watching us watching you (and it's not a pretty sight) a bit hairy scarey!!!!!!

"we all come in peace"

In the depths of an English winter - proof that some things CAN grow in the shade!

Who needs pirates when this lot are about?

Ahoy there me hearties!(or is it me hairties?)

Heads will roll.

The Unusual Suspects

Wot. No Razors?

Somebody pass me a bowling ball!

One ball (two if you check yourself regularly, boys!) 8 hairy pins..... Stttttrike!

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