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October 27, 2008


if i wasn't a poor student i would have your smoothie all day, every day! but untill that day it will remain a treat :)

Mmmmm, yummy :)

Ooh I dont like to choose one of the things you make, I am a bit of an Innocent guzzler. I am not always keen on the price, but my good conscience kicks me up the butt and reminds me about the cost of a measly 25g of crisps, choccy bar and fizzy drink I used to have.

Smoothies so unique and fresh
make me squeal with delight and shout "yes!"

With fantastic reviews
you can try, taste & choose
the best innocent product for you!

I think the comments posted on the packaging whether it be the large cardboard boxes or the individual cartons keeps us shelf fillers smiling.

I love the lunchbox drinks, as do my children, but why do you have to use the extra packaging i.e. the box that the drinks go in. There are only so many nesting boxes we can have, or play houses we can make, isn't it better to use less,than to recycle?

your smoothies are really the best and my grandaughter loves them more then dinner

Has anyone ever been really brave and poured a bit of each flavour into one big glass and tasted what in theory should be the Ultimate Smoothie?

Or is it too dangerous?


My dentist says Smoothies wear down my teeth enamel but who cares. I will drink them until I die toothless!

What better way to get over Freshers' Flu than by drinking Innocent Smoothies? It worked for me.

They're (sometimes) good for making new friends as well...when you feel like sharing :)

I absolutely love the veg pots! Yum, and they fill me up - if I have one at lunchtime I'm not reaching for naughty nibbles halfway through the afternoon, which is v. good news.

Well I went to the Innocent smoothy village fete this year and drank my body weight in smoothies - heaven - can't wait for next years event...

They are worth every penny! Innocent smoothies taste delicious as does chocolate but innocent smoothies are actually healthy, which makes you enjoy them even more. I have just purchased the new kids one, pomegranate, blueberries and blackcurrants and I have to say it is my favourite smoothie you have made so far and could be my favourite smoothie ever. A smoothie a day is one of your 5 a day, do yourself a favour and taste the flavour!

Just cant beat the old favourite Pineapple and coconut, but need to use espionage (not sure of spelling?) in order to keep it from my Son, putting it behond Brussel Sprouts in the fridge normally does the trick!

I feel like I am being a good mum when I buy smoothies as my two angels? are getting some of their fruit & veg 5 a day. But like the rest of the nation are on a budget - can you push for the government to subsidise smoothies? Oh go on! We could chain a smoothie to the houses of parliament? Sarah xxxxxxx

Attractive on the outside
Tasty on the inside
Interesting on the bottom
Ethically made's all good :D

hey, what happened to the green smoothie that you were testing at the fete this year? i can't remember which one i chose, but my friend chose the same one as me, people power! so, did it happen... was the winning recipe in the shops... did i miss it?

My boyfriend tells me that some of your smoothies boost his libido! As you can imagine, I stock the fridge with these little beauties!

Thankyou Innocent Smoothies!

I love your 'cranberries, yumberries and blackcurrants' smoothie more than anything in the world (maybe even more than chocolate pudding).
It's a delicious berry smoothie with extra 'kick' (thanks to the exotic 'yumberries' - cool name, BTW).

It may sound weird, but I gently heat innocent's super smoothies on the stove at winter time. Try it next time you have a cold. Nothing is more warming, delicious and rich in vitamin C than a mug of steamy smoothie.

Hope I have a chance of winning October's prize, because I'm curious about what this 'innocent shaped prize' is...

Love and smoothies to you all!

The carrots and mangoes smoothie is not only scrumptious but also particularly good for improving the voice (for singing) I've discovered. Unfortunately I'm now addicted. Is it a bad thing to happily drink an entire big carton in an hour or so? Without sharing?

Can't be :)

Hi Viki.

We're still working on the green smoothie we were testing at the fete this year. Still messing about with the spinach (it’s a pain). Hope to have some news in a month or two (fingers crossed).

The few I managed to fit into my week-long stay in London were indescribably yummy, funny, and made me feel good for choosing something ethical, healthy and environmentally friendly.

Unfortunately this was two years ago. So my only issue is that you don't have any in Canada! I get the emails for your day-brightening "And Finally..."'s, (they're wonderful for procrastination) and in the hopes that one exciting day an email will come proclaiming an Innocent expansion across the Atlantic!

This is a great idea, Innocent are one of the best brands out there in terms of embracing the Digital Channel.

It's a brave move and I'm sure it'll come off.

It does help that the product is great!

Thanks for helping me get (near) my 5-a-day!

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