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September 30, 2008


Yum yum yum....have tried all of them now and they are fab for lunch with a nice cheese sandwich!!! Great for winter and a difference from your normal boring lunch sandwich on a cold day! But, when go up to £3.49 might have to give them up, too expensive in comparison to usual lunch sandwich - even from Starbucks! No chance of keeping them at £2.49???

I tried the Thai Coconut Curry one, it was nice for a change, good for getting more portions of fruit and veg. Could probably have done with stronger taste maybe some more chilli. I have the three other flavours, so will try those too!

Oh my god - lovely. i have tried 2 so far and cant wait to try the others. Great for busy mummys to make quick and munch whilst being healthy!

I have just eaten the pea, broccoli and rice pot and it was really very good. It is so good to have something easy and tasty which doesn't contain things I can't eat, like cheese,sugar and "yeasty things. This is just full of the good stuff.

Thank you Innocent. I shall certainly be eating them in future.

These are absolutely amazing, I'm sitting eating the squash tagine and raving to anyone that will listen. the thai coconut is the best I've tried so far. A little expensive though. But wow.

Just tried the Thai curry and with a little salt and some chilli flakes added it was seriously delicious!

What a brilliant alternative to the boring sandwich for lunch - and at under 300 cals - I think I'll be eating them every day.

Yum yum!

Ok, now this is my meal on the go I love it. As I work 9-2 as temp I don't have a meal break, so it means making something to eat after picking kids up from school. Anyway enough about me back to the pot. I picked one up in my local Sainsbury's. It’s the best ready meal ever. The smile and taste is month watering. Great !!!!!!!!! After I finished eating I called my friend and told her all about it. This is suitable meal for her when she’s on shift work. Price point at the moment is £2.49 special offer just the right price for now. Please use recycled pots.

Well-done Innocent

pea- delicious, thai very fab
morrocan- too sweet for my taste and has put me off trying tuscan bean- price-once off special offer huge gulp

have to say though that eating natural food makes a huge difference to my well being- my aquaintances have commented on my happiness- please develop more but without the sweetness!!

OMG your veg pots have changed my life! There's so few healthy ready meals for vegetarians (that aren't full of processed stuff and fat) that I jumped on these in my local Sainsburys. I have only tried the Thai curry one so far, but I know the others will be just as brilliant. Love the fact you've used Kale. Thanks!

I have tried the pea and broccoli and the Moroccan.
Both were really very tasty - and this is a good idea - it will appeal to those who want to get in their 5 a day in a delicious, convenient way. 2 comments:
the price point of £3.49 is too high - I don't think they will be successful at this price. I bought mine as about 30 had been reduced (as sell by date was today in John Lewis Oxford Circus) to £2.39 - I would pay this but not much more.
I think they would be more successful if they were pre-cooked or completely edible hot or cold. This would widen their appeal to those without access to a microwave etc at lunchtime. I ate pea/broccoli raw and it was still great.

Just tried Peas & Broccoli Rice, perfect for lunch as on a diet and only 303 calories. Totally full and quite happy i have had 3 of my 5 today. x

Just had your Pea & Broccoli Rice pot, it's delicious. However, I bought it for £2.49 (introductory price). I would not pay the normal price of £3.49, £2.99 maximum.
Also, please keep them all veggie. Calling them veg pots and then adding fish paste to the thai one is misleading.



I wrote into innocent recommending they go down the Veg road and justifying why, and got a reply saying "thanks for the idea, but we are going to stick to fruit" Maybe someone used my idea....but i got no thanks :-(

I think they taste great and I love the idea...however, I would by them regularly for a cost of £2.50, even up to £2.99....but not over £3.00!

I had the pea and broccoli one. I LOVED it!! So much! It tasted very nice raw as well, since I don't microwave food. Is there any possibility of one without dairy?

I am in hospital for 6 weeks and my daughter just discovered your veg pots. We tried two tonight and they were both really excellent. We never have ready meals at home partly because by my husband needs a gluten free, vegetarian diet. The one veg pot which is gluten free was out of stock today. So I am requesting that you consider making some gluten free ones and that if the Tuscan Bean Stew had the Farro (wheat ingredient) removed it would be perfect - I am sure that there could be an acceptable substitute. Please can you let me know more about your plans for expanding the range.?

I dropped by the nearest Waitrose a few weeks back and they had none in! Hopefully the supermarket will have some next time I manage to get there. =/

Fantastic idea - absolutely love them.

Couple of suggestions though:

1. Please leave the fish stock out of the Thai veg pot - there are loads of yummy Thai veg recipes that don't use it and that way they'll appeal to the strict veggies too.

2. Please please leave the wheat out of your recipes or make some more wheat free pots. Most food contains wheat in some form or other and there are an increasing number of people trying to avoid it for health reasons so I'm sure they would be delighted to discover a few more lunch options. Quinoa is wheat free and is a yummy alternative to cous cous and bulgar wheat.

3. Um, could you also leave the dairy out too? - I know dairy makes things nice and creamy but lots of people are allergic/intolerant to it. Perhaps you could use coconut milk instead or provide a separate sachet of dairy stuff so that people can add it if they want to?

So to sum up - make more varieties (allergen free!), and could you also increase the number of outlets that stock them so that we can scoff them more easily please - personally I'd have one every day for lunch if I could! (although they would have to be wee bit cheaper for me to be able to afford that).

Keep up the good work!


Just had a pea and broccoli rice pot and it is fabulous!!! They are such a fab idea - just what I'm looking for in my life. Can wait to try the other flavours.

Thanks Innocent xx

just brilliant at last a ready meal that isnt trying to kill you by being full of rubbish and taste great - lets hope supermarkets keep stocking them!!

Please put in less pasta and more veg!!!!! The tagine had far too musch cous cous in it. I was disappointed that what i though was going to be veg-tastic was in fact mainly pasta... just ike a high class microwave pasta-pot!!!

But the Bean stew was absolutely yummy (best meal i've had in AGES!!!!)....

All delicious - my favourite is the Thai one - will still be a bit of a luxury purchase for me once they go full price - have been taking advantage of the introductory special at Sainsbury's. Would love to see an Indian based one with chickpeas?

Just after Thai coconut. Yummy. Bought on offer price. Would not buy regulary @ full price.

Just after Thai coconut. Yummy. Bought on offer price. Would not buy regulary @ full price.

Delicious, please make an artichoke veg pot!

Oh my god these pots are amazing! I am a university student and I dont have a Sainsburys or Waitrose near. My kind parents supplied me with 2 Thai curry pots and 1 Pea and Broccoli. They have so much flavor and really fill you up. If you are a student who wants a healthy, quick and delicious lunch I strongly recommend these.

Brilliant idea, great for taking to my university department and popping in the microwave for lunch! and I have many usefull ideas for my empty pot!. the introductory price is good, not looking forword to it going up! Also I am very much looking forward to the vegan veg pots! thankyou innocent.

Hello I've tried two of them and they were great! when are you goingto get your act together and do a nice veg chilli?

Had the Thai Coconut Curry last night and added a few king prawns from the freezer before heating in microwave. Absolutely delish! Portion size was just right too! I am off to Waitrose at lunchtime to try out another Vegpot!

really delicious, just a bit pricey..

Love the veg pots, particularly because the veggies are in chunky non liquidised form,identifiable and plentiful. Huge innocent fan, so are our three daughters aged 16, 13 and 12. The 13 year old is a veggie, so lives off your stuff to fill in between main meals. A godsend from my point of view!

Please get a contract to distribute with the Co-op!!!

Love them. Really tasty and fill you up a treat. Great if you're counting calories too! I'm a fan. Please allow more chains to sell them!

Just had the Tuscan Bean Stew which was flippin' gorgeous and I can't wait to have a go at the others.

Keep up the good work!

I'm obsessed with the Tuscan Bean Stew - have it for lunch every day last week!
Am looking out for the Moroccan Squash Tagine - that sounds divine.

I found the veg pots in my local Sainsbury's at a special introductory price, so worth a look around!

I've tried 3 out of 4 of your veg pots and think they're a tasty and great idea - a convenient and healthy way to have a quick lunch. I have found them all to lack a bit of flavour/kick though. I imagine you don't want to add salt (as it'll undermine your healthy credentials) but I wonder if you could add something else to give them more oomph? Distribution could be improved - the Belgravia Waitrose doesn't seem to stock them and only the Sainsburys Market in Victoria does (as opposed to the three other Sainsburys in the area). Hope this helps!

Loved the veg pots, had my first yesterday. Really tasty and obviously an easy way to get the veg in.

Cracking stuff!

Like quite a few other people that have commented, I too purchased the Thai Curry Veg Pot only to find out just before I cooked it that it contained FISH PASTE. I also find your choice of words on the packaging quite alarming - "Also contains Thai Fish sauce in case you are a STRICT VEGGIE". No Vegetarians eat Fish (as it's clearly not a vegetable).

I look forward to trying the other three pots (when waitrose stock enough of them to last more than 5 minutes on the shelf) - and also perhaps to a VEGETARIAN Thai curry pot in the near future.

We have now tried all four and love them. They are the best thing since slice bread! (except maybe chocolate ice cream!). My fav is the Tuscan Bean one. We have been having them for lunch at work. A great healthy alternative to sandwiches and much more filling and warming than salad!

Only suggestion is that you make some more varieties, and only negative is the price. They are on offer in Sainsbury's at the mo so price ok, but full price is a little expensive to have a lot.

Well done innocent

I love them I have been buying 5 each week until Waitrose ran out!!!! They have been out of stock for 2 weeks now - HELP!!!

The Moroccan Squash Tagine tastes wonderful. I also like the Pea one. I think it is a shame that the curry isn't entirely veggie - also that it refers to "strict vegetarians" on the tub. You are either a vegetarian or you aren't!

The squash tagine pot is great! Nice fresh coriander taste. Bought cos it was on special offer, would be a bit too expensive at full price... A good idea for lunch, soup & sandwiches get boring

At last! A guilt free lunch that fills me up and won't make me pile on the pounds! I have veg pots for lunch in the office and have also added chicken and bacon to the Tuscan Bean Stew for dinner at home. Well done Innocent!

I love all of the Veg pots. Completely yummy & perfect for a quick lunch or meal for one. The only downside would be the price, when thespecial offer ends, they will be too much for my budget. Delicious

I had already selected a 'take-it-home-and-microwave-it-cos-its-slightly-better-for-you-than-the-real-takeaways-when-you're-too-lazy-to-cook' when I spotted your veg pots - AND they were cheaper!! (I'd decided against Food Doctor as being too pricey)

I tried the Thai Curry. Good texture and tasty, but the sauce was somehow a bit flat. I'm sure you'll be able to develop a bit of cunning zing though!

With a little more time and less laziness, I could even cook some fish or chicken to go with it...

I've got the Tagine to try next, later in the week.

Congratulations on a fab and innovative idea (the whole world and his wife seems to be doing soup now)

OMG, just had my first Veg Pot, Thai Coconut Curry and it was FANTASTIC!!! Thanks :-)

Just tried the tuscan bean and it is delicious... makes a great alternative for lunch, especially as the cold days are not too far away!

Just had my first veg pot - thai coconut curry. It was really filing, and very tasty. I did want to try the squash tagine, but my local waitrose had run out. Given that I work in central London, £3.49 doesn't seem unreasonable to me for the amount and quality that you get.
More flavours please, and I agree that a little more chilli wouldn't go amiss.

We dont have a Waitrose in Scotland, well, at least in Glasgow :o(
Send the Veg Pots up North please :o)

The veg pots are fabulous - particularly if you know that you need a quick easy meal that will fuel you for a big night out... Can't wait for them to be more available as don't often get to a Waitrose. Already created a stir in the office when my veggie pot was spotted in the fridge a week or so ago, so interest is there!
I'm hoping the news about aubergine means that they will feature in a new flavour soon - YUM.

hmmm, veg pots. do i like them? yes! thats cool u know, veggies. maybe you could do something with like nuts? coz nuts r good. like a little bag of nuts by innocent, ahhhhh, i can see it now, selling by the millions, and then everyone will say: 'who's it by?' and you'll say 'lola, the 12-year-old genius' - okay, maybe not. lol. but seriously, all is good, its nice to be a bit extra healthy and go 4 veggies sometimes...bravo, keep going.

Hello innocent! I love the idea of your veg pots and as a nutritional therapist, would really love to be able to recommend them to my lazier clients who want to eat well, but refuse to cook! When will you be selling them in Ireland, we have no Waitrose or Sainsbury's here!!!

Haven't tried one- Because none of them are suitable for vegans.. I'm not impressed. =[

Sorry, but very disappointed. I saw these in Sainsbury's today and, as a vegan, they certainly DO contain nasty things I wouldn't add myself. There is so much available already for vegetarians which could easily be made suitable for vegans but isn't.

I'm glad to see you will be introducing some vegan ones, and I hope that will be very soon.

time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

Hi I tried the Moroccan Tagine and Thai curry recently and loved them. I had mine with a nice piece of salmon and my other half had a homemade (by the children!!) burger on top - lovely. The children loved the suggestions for re-using the pots, we've tried the galloping horses and I think they are about to be turned into fish aquariums!!!

Had both the thai coconut curry and the moroccan squash tangine veg pots for my lunch at work last week (not on the same day!) Impressed everyone but they were none to pleased with their poxy sandwiches after that! I don't do veggies but i do do these veggie pots, thanks for my 5 a day!

I've tried all of the vegpots as was very excited about them. The Pea and Brocolli was definately the nicest and I enjoyed them all, apart from the thai curry one which needed to be spicier as it was quite bland.
What I was particularly surprised and pleased with was how filling all of the pots were. I didn't need to eat them with anything else. I also liked the interesting text on the pots which entertained me whilst I was waiting for the pot to cook!
Thanks for introducing these healthy, tasty quick meals. :o)

So far I've had the tagine and the curry and I've got to say they are superb.

Please please work hard to get Asda to stock them which is where I shop all the time and get all my smoothie's from.

Nice to see Sainsburys have started selling now which although out of the way personally it's closer than the Waitrose.

Our local Sainsburys is now selling the pots - woohoo! So far I've only got round to trying the thai curry pot.
As nice as it was it certainly needed something extra - I ended up adding a shed load of tabasco sauce to give it the required eye twisting fire I like.
The word Thai suggests to the consumer that the product will have a certain kick so come on Innocent peeps get sourcing those CHILLIES!!!

Absolutely LOVE them! Eating them at lunch.. all very delicious and nutritious.

Please can we have more NEW flavours very soon.. something with lovely lentils or even a Japanese inspired veg pot would be very nice.

Love them... love them... love them...... just tried the Tuscan Bean.... and it was yummy.... brilliant brilliant idea.... so easy to use and nice to know can trust what's in them... :-)

mmmmm, what a scrummy pot! i cant move! had the Moroccan, was lovely, and a good alternative to soup! I think you should make more!

I'm a bit disappointed that none of the veg pots are vegan. What a shame!

I tried the Thai Coconut curry today when it was wet and windy outside. I stayed nice and warm and felt all fuzzy inside after eating it but felt it just lacked something. That said, I'm still determined to try the other 3 pots based on the feedback the others have left! :)

I had the tuscan bean stew tonight for my dinner and was very impressed. I bagged mine at Sainsburys but unfortunately it was the only flavour they had! As a long standing veggie I get bored of only having cheese sandwiches on offer at lunch times so think may have to get another for a lunch time treat - very impressed Innocent you are doing a great job.

Had the pea and broccoli one yesterday. It was delicious! Really filling too. They're deceptive things! Need a wider range of stockists though!

These are a fantastic idea! I've just had the pea & mint veg pot & it was fab. Beats the dull sarnies on offer in supermarkets. I'll work my way through the other veggie veg pots & let you know :-)

Love them! Stocked up on all 4 as soon as i saw them, tried all but the tagine so far. I wanted to add salt to them, but added some pepper instead and they were lovely! I'm afraid I do de-healthify them - lots of grated mature cheddar in the bean stew and cream cheese in the mint and peas... but they are still healthier than what I normally eat and sooo yummy! Good on you guys (but please do try and keep the price down!)

The Thai coconut curry is lovely, though not spicy enough for me - try adding a good sprinkling of dried chillis, then it's perfect. The Pea and Broccoli pot is pleasant but a little bland. Could we have an extremely hot vegetable chilli one? I agree that £3.00 is probably the top price for these to become really popular but it's a great idea. Maybe you could also do a thicker version of smoothies - with chunks of fruit in so that they could be used as a dessert?

Thank you, at long last convenience food with all the goodness and taste of home cooking. The pea & broccoli was delicious.

Im in my last year of sixth form and i have one for lunch every day :)

I really like them as they are yummy and make me feel healthy, exept some of my friends say they look disgusting. I dont mind that they think this... all the more for me!

However they are impossible to get in most supermarkets, please stock them in more places!

Next year i will be a student and won't be able to afford them, how upsetting.

Apart from this, what a great idea! Thank you innocent!

I was looking for a conforting warm soup at my local waitrose and came accross the innocent veg pot, which looked really appealing and like a good alternative to the soup. So tried the tuscan veg pot and absolutely loved it! Like a soup but better. I look forward to more choices of more european type recipes. Well done!!

Im 8 months Pregnant & love your veg pots!! They are heavenly. The baby love them too!!!

Mmmm...the moroccan squash tagine is lovely, but a bit more of it would have been nice. I purchased mine from Sainsburys, where it was on offer, but I'm afraid at about £3.50 full price I won't be buying many when the offer ends.

Yum - get bored with soup and Thai pot is delicious. Please bring out more flavours (but no peppers please - being purely selfish but it already rules out Moroccan and Tuscan options for me!) - what about chinese greens and rice with blackbean sauce or something?

being Italian I am accused of being fusier than most when it comes to food. Your veg pot was deliciously satisfyiny,really tasty and the missing evolutionary step between cold sandwich and full blown hot meal. Thank!


I've bought three of your pots, but have only tried the Thai Curry one so far.

It tasted very fresh and clean, which was nice, but it was otherwise a bit bland.

Thai food is based on the balance of four flavours - sweet (usually palm sugar), sour (lime juice), spicy (chilis), and salty. There was no sweet or sour to this dish. Maybe adding a bit of palm sugar and lime juice would perk up the bowl?

Please don't take this as a criticism, as I love the idea. As they stand, the pots are 8 out of 10, but I thought an emphasis on defining the flavours could take it to 10 out of 10.



WOWOWOWOWOWOWW!!!! I love them! I'm so excited about Veg pots! They stock them in the Sainsburys near my house. They are going to make a huge difference and make it so easy for people to eat more veg. And make it tasty too. They a perfect to take to work and stick in the micro in the staff room on my lunch break! Everyone was so jealous as it smells so lovely! As i am Wheat and Gluten intolerant, the rice ones are perfect for me! Thank you innocent!
Muchos love xxx From Sophie in Manchester

I've had the Tuscan Bean Stew and the Morrocan Tagine and they're both great. Best microwave lunch that I've had.

I'll try the other flavours next (from Sainsburys).

I love the idea of having greenery in the pots - give the inventor of that a medal.

To the truly fantastic person who invented the Veg Pot!

Don’t normally communicate with food manufacturers- in fact have never done so before, but just had to write and let you know that your new veg pots are truly fantastic!!!!!!!!

I work shifts and am so bored of ready meals it’s untrue. Now I’m actually looking forward to my breaks and my delicious Veg Pot. Our canteen culture is one of burgers and curries but loads of colleagues have been coming up to me and asking me about the Pot- which is totally unheard of!

You are definitely on to a winner imho!!!!

Two suggestions, please can you give me lots more flavours as I am hooked and need a bit more variety and please please please can you sell them at £2.49 rather than £3.49 as my house is going to be repossessed if my addiction continues!

Or, how about this? You get a token in each veg pot and when you collect 10 you get 4 pots free? That way you could still sell them at £3.49 but give £1 off to Pot addicts like myself!

Soup is dead, long live the Pot!

Best wishes,
P.S. Will keep evangelising on your behalf and if you need a taster.... hint, hint!

Could you please tell me why we can no longer get the apple and blackberry smoothie for kids. It is the only one my granddaughter will drink. She is a fussy eater and will only eat cracker and cheese so it is one way my daughter-in-law can get all the vitamins into her. She doesn't like any of the others. She is six years old. Please help

Hi Janet.

Although apples & blackberries definitely had its fans, we found that it wasn't as popular as the other recipes. And as there are lots of other children's drinks based on apples and blackcurrants, we felt we could make a better and more exciting recipe, using different ingredients.

So we came up with our pomegranates, blueberries & blackcurrants and it’s got the thumbs up from both Mums and kids. Fingers crossed your little one likes it.

I have tried 2 so far and loved them, I agree with other posts, that £3.50 is a bit much, I don't think I would pay that much for a veg dish, especially if you get lunch from Sainsburys/Waitrose everyday. Good luck though, great idea

I am sick of fish being added into vegetables dishes which means I can't try them being allergic. Can more products be truly veggie friendly.

Just tried the mushroom risotto one, and found it tasteless, looked like babyfood and high in calories!! and left me feeling hungry I was very disappointed.

It really looks good!I Hope I can taste it! :)

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