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September 30, 2008


love them. far too difficult to find though!

love them. far too difficult to find though!

love them. far too difficult to find though!


As a veggie of 25+ years standing (and a great cook ...), this is just the sort of thing I'd be making for myself, if only there was enough left over to take for a work lunch. I bought the pea and mint one (from Tesco), and will be buying others to have at work and at home for when I can't be arsed to cook myself.

Everything about it was great: peas and broccolli were lovely and crisp, not at all overcooked; great mix of textures in the mouth and very satisfying.

Only 2 slight reservations: 1) The whiff of broccolli and cabbage, on lifting the lid, was a real Humdinger and might put some people off. Try a less whiffy variety ?

2) Other half complained I was "garlicky" later in the day!! Small price to pay, I say ...


£3.49 would be expensive, but not considering the quality - and certainly not in comparison to usual work lunch from Pret, which works out at £3.99 or above!!

Really enjoyed the Moroccan pot and want to try the Thai but it is never in stock at Waitrose Swiss Cottage or Brent Cross.. Love to have them for my lunch when I'm working a great alternative to wheat (past and bread) but they always seem in short supply when I arrive at Waitrose - they eith cant be ordering enough
Think £2.49 is a great price - not sure I would buy over £3 ...

Totally yummy! Such a great idea, i had the morrocan tagine one tonight, and it was really good! Discovered in John Lewis Food Hall Oxford St yesterday. i will go back!

A-MAZE-ING!!!they have livened up my lunches, great price now, but may have to limit myself when they go back up in price

Fantastic! One word to describe your new veg pots. I have had pea and broccoli rice on Tuesday and Morrocan squash tagine on Wednesday - they are both great ... the flavours are delicious, they are fully of healthy goodness and are also easy and quick to cook! I shall definitely be purchasing this product again - I could easily live off these permanently. Fab job!

Love them. But any chance you can take the fishes out of the Thai curry one so us veggies can eat it? Not quite so Innocent otherwise.

But again....I do love love love them.

I tried the moroccon squash veg pot last night and it was delicious!! A bit pricey...but nice for a treat!!!


Just eating the Thai Coconut curry veg pot, really nice but one point is it could do with a lot more garlic, I'm afraid I am a garlic addict.

Just thought it lacked flavour a little.

But great idea and apart from that nice!

Fab, one a day for lunch in the office - need a fifth variety.

How lovely these are, I have now tried all of them. The first week there was almost a battle in Waitrose to get to the last few on the shelf, please sell them in other shops. The minted pea is my favourite, but don't let that upset the other flavours, they are nice too!:)

Hi! I really love your veg pots, especially the Tagine one, also tried the Tuscan bean and the pea and mint ones - all good. I have been taking them to the office for my lunch and they make a nice change from soup - my ususal staple diet in the office! They were on special offer at Waitrose - when they are at the full price I may have to have fewer veg pots and more soups again - sorry guys. Anne xxx

They've just started stocking them at the Sainsbury's near work, I just ate the Moroccan one and it was delicious - I love giant couscous!

I've just had the Morroccan squash and it was gorgeous. A really great idea and such an easy way to get three of my 5 a day. Can't wait to try the others, though I have to agree with the others, as good as they are, when they go up to full price they are a little to expensive for my poor student budget!

When are they coming to Ireland??!

i loooove the tuscan bean stew.

So yummy an filling and full of goodness i can taste the loveliness when eating it!

Have come back from Sainsburys with 3 of your veg pots (the green one didn't seem so appealing at the time). Popped in on my way home from work as I knew I didn't have any proper food at home.

I bought them as they were on special offer (2.49 down from 3.49) - they're expensive, but I suppose they're aimed at the sort of person who doesn't have the time to chop their own veg and will merrily pay someone else to do it. I'm a woman who has regular guilt trips about how often she skips meals and how little greenery she eats, so your target audience! (Or whatever the edible version of an audience is.)

I'd check the heating instructions - I followed to the letter and it came out scorching - so hot that I couldn't really taste the first half. The second half, however, was absolutely delicious (the moroccan tangine) - I ate it on its own on the sofa. I loved the texture of the giant couscous and butternut squash in particular. I'll take one of the others into work tomorrow, looking forward to it.

I had the Pea and Broccoli Veg Pot today, little dissapointed of the taste, I think for the price it could be little bigger and more tasteful. But will buy again. You still are king of the smoothies though ;-)

Whilst everyone around enjoyed the traditional 'Friday Bacon Butty!' I had a Thai Innocent Veg pot - and i would rate it much higher than a Bacon butty, really tasty and filling, a wonderful alternative to the comparatively dull sandwich ... sadly the price means they be a treat though :-(

wow, just had the tuscan bean stew for my lunch, it's lush. super way of getting some more veg, i'd eat them everday if i was rich enough!

Please start selling them in Tesco! it was quite a trek to waitrose

perfect portion size. tasty and healthy. quick to cook. love 'em.

Fish in the Thai veg curry... Why!? I was looking forward so much to that veg pot. Your packaging misled me. It should be much clearer that this is not suitable for vegetarians. Someone who eats fish but no other meat should not be considered a vegetarian. He or she is a pescetarian.

they dont sell them in ireland :(

I've tried three of them and think they are amazing. I wish that you would make the Thai curry one vegetarian, as it sounds fabulous!

I love the thai curry veg pot!!!!
Shame about the price though because it would be nice to take it in a lunchbox. You could do mini ones for kids lunchboxes, sweet!!! :D


I was looking for a way to eat in a healthy way during the day. So instead of the boring sandwich and soup, I decided to try a veg pot!! Fab!! Please come out with more varieties so I can have one every day at work (and then spoil myself at the weekend!!) Keep up the good work!!!

I've just had the pea and brocolli rice - absolutely delicious. Also had the Thai coconut curry and it's very yummy. Only bought them because they are on special offer, otherwise would be too expensive for my budget. Love the Innocent range, but unfortuantely, has to be a treat for me.

sooooo good! i had the moroccan squash tangine for lunch yesterday and really enjoyed it.

Mmmm, just eaten a Moroccan tagine & couscous pot after a morning in the garden. Fantastic! The best vegetarian 'ready meal' I think I've ever eaten, it's really tasty and nutritious. More please!

at last something more for lunch than soup or sandwiches ! i had the thai pot and it was absolutley wonderful reminded me of the time i spent in thailand im looking forward to trying the other flavours, was hoping they may stay at the special offer price as could work out quite pricey to have a couple of times a week

Yum Yum Yum!! Have just tried the Pea & Broccoli Rice and it's really delicious. I bought it on special offer at Sainsburys; sadly it's a bit too costly at normal price to buy all the time. Wish I could though coz they're great. Boo!

Yum! Feeling very healthy now just had a Tuscan Bean Veg pot & some Yumberry smoothie to make up for the chips at lunchtime :)
As said before just need Waitrose or Sainsburys to move closer to me!

I saw your new veg pots in Sainsbury's yesterday and at first was pleased... until I saw what it says on the Thai curry. This item contains fish and it says on the back 'in case you are a strict veggie'.
In fact, NO vegetarians eat fish, no matter how strict. If you are happy to eat fish then you are not a vegetarian of any kind.
I am hugely disappointed that you were unable to make this meal suitable for vegetarians as there are many good veggie curry pastes available. I'd really like it if you could review your recipe and your misleading labelling!

These look lovely but as with Zoe's comment I am surprised that "Innocent" are unaware of what constitutes a vegetarian. Fish eaters of any kind are simply NOT vegetarian and as such I think that particular product should definitely be relabelled.

These do look fab and I will be looking out for them, but have to agree with Zoe's comment. I would say a strict vegetarian is someone on the way to veganism, not someone who doesn't eat fish! Veggies don't eat fish. I would have thought a responsible company like yours would have thought a little more about your labelling.

Give veggies a break and please relabel, or here's a better idea, make it veggie!

Dear Innocent,
I love your fruit smoothies & would love to do the same with your veg pots ...please make them vegan ( like me!!) so I can enjoy them as well
thank you

p.s.Veggies & vegans are a growing market ..not only on cruelty grounds but also because meat & dairy free food has a v low ecological footprint 150 % lower than a full on meat eater!!...good selling point??

Have tried three of these now and think they are fab. Finally a convenient, filling and healthy lunchtime alternative! At least while they are on offer as over £3 they will be out of my price range sadly.

I bought the Thai Coconut Curry veg pot from my local Sainsbury's and I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted great and I will definitely try the others. I just hope you don't change the range too frequently as it's really annoying when manufacturers 'update' their range and withdraw all the ones I like!

So pleased you're now stocked by Sainsbury's. Just tried Tuscan Bean & it was gorgeous with a great consistency. Excellent alternative for veggies like me to take to work. I hate aubergines so I couldn't try the Moroccan one, which was a shame as I love Moroccan spices. I was really looking forward to the curry too, until I saw it had fish stock in it. Is there any chance of making it veggie in future? I can't wait to see what your new flavours will be - I think you're on to a real winner!

dear innocent,

i am very interested in any foods which can help us veggie students, busy mums and brown baggers to eat more healthily than having the usual * yawn * egg/cheese sarnies or beans on toast for lunch!

so imagine my horror when reading the small print ...



please make your products veggie and vegan friendly!

thankyou innocent!

LB x

hehe i've been waiting for this day for AGES!!just tried one in sainsburys today and they're amaaazing!!thank you sooo much and keep them coming!love all the innocent things....and now loving more choice - please make more juices tho!hint hint grapefruit juice??hehe
thank u innocent!

p.s.....perhaps make them a bit cheaper?budget wise not so good :( if i could afford it I'd eat them everyday!

You would sell a lot more if you made them all veggie. And veggies DO NOT eat fish by the way!

You would sell a lot more if you made them all veggie. And veggies DO NOT eat fish by the way!

Delicious - make more please!

Just found these in Sainsbury's in Nottingham! It was the packaging that first caught my eye - so cute! (Sorry if they are not supposed to be cute, but they are). Have just had the Thai coconut curry and it was delicious - just right for cooler evenings when soup isn't quite filling enough. I also bought the Tuscan bean stew for tomorrow. I didn't buy them just because they were on offer - more because they really look like the kind of food I would want to cook for myself if I had the time. May be a bit pricey when the offer ends though...anything up to £3 I would consider a bit more reasonable.

I bought the thai curry after seeing it advertised- a great idea for lunch on the go- but it contains FISH paste so not suitable for me as a 'strict' veggie. I expected much better from innocent

They are soooo good! It made my weekend when the lady is sainsbury's asked me to try them!
I'm a student living in catered halls and the food is far from tasty, these are bloody perfect for when they've decided to cook us potato korma, with rice.. and bread.. AGAIN.

I'm eating my first of the Moroccan Squash pots and it's great, really nice different lunch. Though agree that anything over £3 is a no go for me.

Just eating the Tuscan bean one at work. Quite nice flavour but would prefer a richer tomato sauce. Also I'm afraid I had a couple of gritty mouthfulls - maybe the veg could be washed a little better!

Portion size is good and hearty and overall these are a very good idea. I also bought the moroccan tagine for lunch at work. I would have bought the Thai curry one but can't stand lemongrass which gets put by the bucketload into anything classified as "Thai" these days :-)

veg pots great but contents even better !

One gripe! intro price at 2.49 great.....regular price 3.49, will think twice!

Tried the pea and broccoli rice and Moroccan squash tagine pots at a samples stand in Sainsburys. I have never really developed a taste for vegetables but they were absolutely gorgeous - I picked up the last two pots on the shelves, and I'm looking forward to trying the other flavours. Hopefully I can use these as a stepping stone to eating more healthily!

Absolutely scrummy. Just devoured the Thai coconut pot and it was heaven. Flavoursome, fresh, crunchy, and healthy too.
Thanks for inventing it.

Absolutely amazing. Have just polished off the thai curry one and can't wait to get to the supermarket tonight to get some more. It's such a nifty idea and a really really easy way to get me on my way to five a day!

Guys, these are delicious and such a needed solution for a healthy and quick lunch.

They are more substancial than soup, but are really convenient for microwaving in the office.

My only request is that more receipes are bought out which aren't spicy based. Spice is a bit heavy for lunch plus smelly in the office.

Other than that, and the fact that Sainsbury currently have them on offer... FAB FAB FAB!!

Currently eating the pea & broccoli rice at my desk and it's amazing! Will definitely be stocking up for my week at work. I get so bored of sandwiches so this is a brilliant change. Healthy and yummy! Fab!

Ordered a couple of pots as my Sainsbury's online suggested them to me (as I regularly buy the smoothies). So far I've had the Moroccan one and the Thai one - both very filling and plenty spicy enough for me! Throw in some prawns or chicken to the Thai one, or some sausage to the Tuscan bean one, and with a bit of crusty bread that's a meal for two. I try to do homemade soup for lunch (for both health & money reasons) but these will make a nice occasional treat.

Tried the Pea & Broccoli Rice - great taste but too high a pricepoint for the product

make dairy free/wheat free ones :)

I have very much enjoyed the three vegetarian veg pots. I am a vegetarian and wouldn't eat the one with fish. They are particularly useful for me as I am unable to cook due to extremely disabled hands after a distressing illness. I shall keep a look out for more!

My mom just got me the Coconut Curry Veg Pot, thinking that it was suitable for vegetarians.

Anyway. I was so excited to try it, then whilst reading the back of the pack i noticed it said 'contains fish paste' then another comment saying something along the lines of 'which is good if your a strict vegetarian'.

Well I am a strict vegetarian, therefore i CANT EAT FISH.

Basically get rid of the fish from the veg pot, so vegetarians can enjoy it too!

My flatmate picked some of these up at the supermarket over the weekend and I snaffled a squash one to take to work today. It was fantastic. Filling, convenient and with the added perk of being healthy to boot! Exactly what we've been waiting for! We're heading back to the supermarket tonight to clean them out of whatever they have left ;)

Just one thing, please please consider keeping the price as it is now as it makes for a real viable alternative to what I'd normally pick up for lunch, but at an extra £1 a pot it would be back to the soggy sandwiches for me and I think a lot of people with the current economic pressures.

Really nice idea! Finally something a bit more substantial than soup. I had the Morrocan one for lunch today. Could do with a bit of lemon & chilli to give it a kick & must admit a bit pricey for everyday consumption.
I'm doing Slimming World - can you tell me how many Syns are in each pot?

Oh my...I just had to drop by again and tell you that I've just had the Moroccan Squash Tagine veg pot and it was soooooo yummy. I could eat another one!!

Being a breast feeding mum to a very demanding 5 month old, and also a veggie, I think these are a fantastic product. They allow me to eat a healthy balanced meal with little preparation (2 mins in microwave-perfect!) and give me instant energy boost with no chocolate involved.
As suggested by others they could perhaps have a little more kick, but the Moroccan Tagine and Pea and broccoli rice are both delicious.

Hi, i love these veg pots. i eat at lunch time at work. i think the portion size is perfect for me. i LOVE that each pot has 3 portions of veg- thats the most important thing for me. thank you

I loved the Pea and broc rice Pot. I found mine in sainsburys and will be going back for more.

Love the vege pots but you need to have a little chat to Waitrose in Twickenham as they are always sold out.

I've just eaten a Thai Coconut Curry pot. It was nice, although the lemongrass is quite overwhelming. It might just be that I'm not that keen on lemongrass (which I'm not!). Think it might need some more rice to give it a bit more stodge. I'll let you know if I'm hungry or not in a couple of hours lol!
From my brief look at the other pots I can't eat any of them because they all have wheat in them. :-(

I love the veg pots, they are ideal for lunch at the office and are so tasty and as a bonus they provide three portions of veg! Please dont stop making them, i am a wee bit addicted already!!

I think the idea of veg pots is great. Which makes it a real shame that they have dairy products in them as I can't eat dairy.

I've been waiting for you lot to come up with something like this for ages so was very excited when I saw the vegpots. Just tried the moroccan squash tagine and as we say here in Bristol 'LUSH!' You say vegpot and a smoothie - all we need for 5 a day. I say why stop there? What we need now is something sweet. I saw Hugh FW was making a beetroot brownie on the trailer for his programme. Hows about it? Something fairtrady, organiccy puddingy and yummy perhaps?
Keep up the good work.

Fab idea, just eating the Thai curry pot and it's scrummy! Can't wait to try the others!!

Absolutely delicious! Have just finished the Thai curry pot which I picked up in Sainsburys (well done) at a reduced price. Do not agree with the person who said that it was bland, it was really spicy and very tasty, though for me needed a touch more salt. I will definitely try the other flavours, more please!

Really great idea. Your orange juice got me through first trimester morning sickness and now your veg pots are the healthy lunch I've been looking for for my growing baby :) I'm thinking of having the Tuscan bean one at home on a jacket potato or with some pasta.

Wow!!!!!! Just trying the tuscan bean one now, so so yummilicious! I managed to get mine at Sainsburys in wandsworth so going to run back home after work and stock up on more! Highly recommended and wow so low in calories too!

Just tried the Moroccan squash and thought it was really, really delicious. To be honest, though, I bought it because it was on a half price offer and I don't think I would be able to pay £3.50 on a regular basis. I'm not saying it isn't worth it, because the quality is fantastic, but I just wouldn't normally spend that much.£2.75 would tempt me, but the over-£3.00 psychological barrier is too strong!

How about an Indian spiced lentil dhal version?

I am loving your veg pots! Had a Pea and Broccoli yesterday for lunch at work and other than the fact that the broccoli makes the office smell a bit (got a few sideways glances!) it was delicious and really filling.

I'm now tucking into a Tuscan pot and loving it - so healthy. Can't wait to try the other flavours. Keep up the gerat work!

In a word: unpleasant. And I'm also really cross that you'd make the Thai curry pots with fish sauce. I've only realised this when I came online after eating one yesterday and wanting to know whether other people found the taste sour and lacking.

I'm a lifelong veggie and to be honest, didn't even consider looking up the ingredients having read about 'veg pots' and given the reputation of Innocent. Fish sauce isn't what you expect to find...

But my bigger issue is the taste. It really was a struggle to finish the meal - the sauce had no balance to it, just a sourish, almost vinegary taste, nothing like the (admittedly higher fat) Thai sauces I've had both in the UK and in Thailand.

I wonder whether it's possible this is a dodgy batch because, as a fan of your smoothies, I can't imagine this passed quality control. I ate it yesterday, heated in a pan because we don't have a microwave, and the sell-by date was yesterday too.

I was tempted to try the other ones but now I'm unsure. Also I agree with another commenter: £2.49 or, at a push, £2.99 seems more reasonable than £3.49.

The moroccan squash tagine veg pot was fab !!!! just what i needed :-)

I had the morrocan one as it was vegan, which i thought was very tasty, however I bought it whilst on special and I don't think I will pay the normal rrp for it is too expensive.

I was in Sainsbury's buying some ingredients for a tasty veg lasagne and spotted your thai curry pot. I was a little unsure of it but needed a munch and as a lover of your smoothies I had to give it a try :o). Got home tired and hungry, popped it in the microwave and entertained myself during the cooking time by reading your packaging (always keeps me entertained!). It smelled delicious, and so you won't be surprised to hear that it tasted fabby too! It's a healthy, cheap and filling vegetable party in a tub. You guys are amazing.

Had the pea & rice one today, supreme idea - so refreshing and all sound delicious. The broccoli is unpleasantly smelly stored this way tho and I had numerous comments when I had it at lunchtime at work. I wont buy that one again for that reason. Might it be possible to produce them in the cartons (like Covent Garden soups)? We can only save so many of the plastic containers to re-use.

Great Idea - Thank you!

can you cut the honey, make it more vegan friendly..? Thanks...

I have just had Pea and Broccoli Rice for my lunch and it was yummy! I saw somebody else's in the fridge yesterday and thought Ooh looks nice! Only problem is, they're selling out soooo fast!! As per a few other comments, they are lovely but once the price goes up I couldn't justify buying them all the time, maybe as a treat!


I just had the curry one and really liked it! Its VERY filling and I had it for lunch at work. Im a bit miffed that I can only get them from a couple of places! Get em in ASDA!

Morrocan squash one is simply ace. What a nifty idea! LOve having a satisfying, crunchy alternative to soup - Love Innocent!

(P.s. Is it still OK to follow with chocolate?)

I've tried the Pea & Broccoli and the Thai curry ones so far and loved them both. Don't touch the Pea & Broccoli one, it's superb as it is (went brilliantly with a small salmon fillet for a filling but healthy dinner). The Thai curry one was also delicious, but lacking the spicy kick I expected and would have liked.

They're absolutely perfect for when my husband's away on business and I really can't be bothered to cook just for me - quick, tasty, healthy, and no effort at all, even for those of us who don't have a microwave.

Just had the Thai Curry pot - flavour was good but a bit too much chewable stuff, I discovered & don't like soya beans! Hopefully, however they will still be on special at my local Sainsbury's as I want to try the other varieties :0)

Please get Tesco or Morrisons or even the Co-op to stock them....... please!
I'd love to eat these for lunch but I don't even know of a Waitrose in the north!

Have tried the Thai and Moroccan pots so far. Both delicious and filling. Please get them into Asda or Tesco, Sainsburys and Waitrose not really handy for me!

I've tried the Squash which was really yummy & left we wanting another one for lunch tomorrow!! I also tried the Thai & and it was tasty but would like a bit more of a spicy/chilli kick!
I agree with some other posts that the offer price in Sainsbury's of £2.49 is the perfect price as that's what I'd pay for a sandwich, but £3.49 is a bit too expensive for me for lunch... boo hoo, back to sandwiches when the offer ends for me & my hubby!

In response to the idea to sell the Veg Pots in containers like Covent Garden soups! I'm all for the green view but can you do them in pot shaped containers in the same stuff the Covent Garden soups are made from so they are squashable?? Only I find the shape of the pot is perfect for heating in the microwave & the taking in the car or sitting in the park to escape the office for a bit! The shape of the CG soups doesn't let you do that so easily!! :O)

I absolutely love veg pots! I have tried them all apart from the Tuscan Bean stew and I liked the Thai Coconut one best. Sainsbury’s near me have now run out so I can’t try the final instalment!

I think Innocent should do them in a multi pack so you can have one each day of the week.

I feel so healthy now that I’ve eaten it and also very full – which is unusual for me!

On Monday I had a Tuscan Bean Stew Veg Pot for my lunch. It was absolutely delicious, and I have been raving about them to everone that will listen ever today I needed a little pick me.....screwy day at along I went to Sainsbury's to buy me another one. BUT they are ALL frozen, maybe this is okay I guess I just assumed that because the fruits you used were fresh the veg should be too?? But then they say not suitable for freezing on the pack. The cooking instructions are from chilled ....confused me.....

Thanks for working on making vegan ones! I can't wait to try them!!!

these little pots are soooo tasty 10 out of 10 for me i get 3 pots a week love them!!

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