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September 30, 2008



have just had your tuscan veg pot and it was really lovely, just diappointed they are only stocked in Waitrose as I live a fair way from my nearest store!

Many thanks though


im sitting at work and i really want the thai curry veg pot. but we have no waitrose in chiswick :(

I had the Pea and Broccoli Veg Pot today and it was delicious!!! I get so bored by soup and this was such a great change. Please come out with more flavors so I can have one everyday and not get bored!!

LOVE them! They are a great idea, only had the tuscan bean one so far but will def be buying them all.
GOOD stuff :o)

Thai curry pot was very good, it made me realise that I am probably used to eating too much salt! Have not tried any others yet, I'm a bit put off the tagine by the presence of dried fruit in it (just a rare thing that I have an aversion to).

After eagerly waiting for the veg pots to be made available in our local Waitrose, I am now sitting at my desk sipping on your vanilla yoghurt thickie to cheer myself up. I have just bought your thai coconut curry pot to eat at my desk and whilst checking the microwave instructions, I spotted the dreaded words 'conatins fish paste'. Noooooo! Why didn't I read this before I bought it? Doh!
(I know I should have read the label properly before buying, but come on guys, I expected better than this, especially your comment regarding 'strict veggies'. tut tut)

yum yum yum!

just shared the pea and mint veg pot with my 8 month old daughter and we both thought it was delish! Can't wait to try the rest!


Veg pots will be hugely successful. After trying one today, I thought about buying some shares in Innocent, only to find it's a private company!

The vegpots are good, but they could be great if they had more of a spice kick. Chillis needed !

I couldnt see it in my Local waitrose the other day, will try again after work

Absolutely YUMMY! Today it's miserable, chilly and rainy and my veg pot perked the afternoon up a treat. Very nice with a spot of cottage cheese on the side - gotta have the protein! Good portion size - I ate mine at 12.30 with said cottage cheese and some salad and I'm not hungry again yet, which is ususual for me, for I am greedy.

They're a bit expensive for everyday (I bought one coz it was on special offer) but a nice treat and guilt free too. Kudos to Innocent for making a yummy snack with no nasty additives!

Our local Waitrose doesn't have them yet (it's only small) and I am waiting for them to come to our local Sainsbury's (which isn't). Even better I'd love to see them on the Sainsbury's online store as I'm disabled and that's how I do most of my food shopping.

I'm looking forward particularly to the butternut squash pot or, failing that the Tuscan bean pot.

I think veg pots are an excellent idea. I tried the Tuscan Bean Stew recently and thought it was great.

However, I tried the Thai curry one and didn't really enjoy it. I felt it was a bit too bland and needed something a bit extra. Probably just me though.

Very yummy indeed - tasty, convenient and fresh! Only tried one so far, so a few to look forward to :-)

The pea and Broccoli rice one is heaven, eating one right now XD
but the others look spicy. harrisa, curry and that. I'd love something less spicy and more refreshing :P

I think it is a fantastic idea. I love the Pea & Mint and the Tuscan Bean. Hurry up and get them into the other supermarkets :o)

I think the veg pots are a fab idea, a really easy way to get some veggies in your diet when you're busy or on the move. Just two things though... I can't get hold of the pea or Thai ones at my Waitrose, they all sell out too quickly! Please supply more! :) Also, once the Waitrose special offer ends, I may have to stop buying them as they are a little too expensive for me... Otherwise, yum yum yum!

Brilliant!!!! Don't do soup, everyone does soup. These are fantastic, a really good way to eat well without the fuss of having to cook.

Keep up the good work!

I've tried 3 so far - minted pea is favourite to date. Good filling stuff for lunch - a veggie pot and an apple keeps the munchies away!

What a great idea. Why didn’t you do this sooner! They are so healthy, yummy and easy. I do have to concur with Anna, the Thai Coconut and Pea & Broccoli ones sell out super fast. The other two are great pots but a tad sameish. Please get stocked elsewhere asap. I think the £2.49 price is a great price. I am not sure I would justify them when they go to £3.49. Up to £3.00 is good but not above, me thinks.


I would eat these every mday, but.......when the special offer ends they will be too much for my budget..... Back to soup for me, sorry.

We like veg up north as well! Please, please, please hurry and extend your stockists or send a stern memo to Waitrose in Newcastle and tell them to start selling these forthwith!

I am desperate to try as they look yummy just can"t get hold of one of the bad boys!!!

I've had three of the four pots so far and all have been delicious (In spite of workmate's comparisons to baby food...) They would be even better with crusty bread (As suggested) but maybe you could sell them with a packet of crutons attached? As has been suggested, they could do with a little more kick but overal, they are superb. I have them at work and although I haven't used a microwave for years, I managed to get them to turn out ok!

Please get Boots to start selling these so I can buy them for my lunch!
I can't see them anywhere in Liverpool and I badly want to try one. But please make them very spicy and tasty!

I think they are great idea, but haven't come across them in the shops yet - let's hope my local supermarkets stock them soon....

I really liked the brocolli one and the moroccan one was good too, but i thought the tuscan bean stew was bland... it needed some some fresh basil in there or something like that to pep it up.

My nearest Waitrose is, um, hundreds of miles away. HUNDREDS I TELLS YOU!!

I hope they take off well so you can start stocking them elsewhere.......*hint hint*

What a great idea these are, and the offer at Waitrose certainly helped. I'm eating the Thai Curry for lunch and it's rather tasty. Just wish the label was a bit more explicit about the fish thing.
Had the butternut squash pot for lunch yesterday and that was really tasty - getting lots of envious looks from work colleagues...but of course this helps to pass the veg pot gospel along!

along the same lines as Benners comment above - we love your drinks but when we came to try the veg pots we saw that the curry had fish paste in it, and the 'strict veggies' comment on the packaging was a bit poor. Surely you can find an alternative to fish paste for your curry recipe? My wife is a lifelong vegetarian and would really appreciate it.

Wow these pots look and sound yummy!, but there are no witrose near me, please please please, harras sainsburys to have them in so I can try them!!!

Fantastic idea, so good to have an alternative to sandwiches and soup that is filling, healthy and delicious. If you could keep the price to a level that compets with sandwiches... say £2.99. What price will it be once you have trialed it?

I haven't been able to find them in sunny Banbury :(


I live in Northern Ireland, and there are no Waitrose stores here. When will the veg pots be available in other shops, and not just on the mainland?

Your products there is no doubt are excellent and I may well try some of your veggie pots when I see them. As far as sending recipies in I don't think so. When you were first beginning I sent in one of my own since I thought your moral stance warrented it and as both an anthropologist and Buddhist I believe that knowledge should wherever possible be free. To give you credit you did send me a nice letter of thanks and said you could not wait to run some off in your kitchen. No probs I thought why not. I also had no problem with seeing it on the shelves of shops for sale a couple of years later under the guise of the detox special. I was however slightly surprised upon writing to you again after this stating my joy at finding it on sale and cheakily, I admit, asking if there was any chance of a crate of your drinks as a token of gratitude. The reply unveiled a side of your company that I naivly thought was absent from the usual capitalistic ones that we are all used to. Your reply claimed that you had been making it all along however it would have been more than just coincidence to exactly select the 5 ingredients.
I realise that whoever is reading this is probably not the one who lied (and a lie is exactly what it was)and if the cap fits wear it.
In summery your company does indeed produce a good product but you should not maskerade as the public friend in the way you do although it is an effective marketing ploy.
Yours Tony

Tried the Thai one - very nice but agree with others that it could do with a more spicy kick.

Why would you put fish paste in the Thai Curry one?! It's a shame for all us veggies out there. Is it really necessary? Sure the fish would prefer it without too! :-)

Chris, apparently the old Woolworths on Chiswick High Road is becoming a Waitrose so maybe you'll be able to get them soon!

Veg pots are yummy! I don't mind paying the price they are as it's the same as a Boots Meal Deal nearly and fills me up more! Yum!

I actually ran around waitrose trying to find them as, i brought all four I LOVE THEM SO MUCH

I want one!!! My nearest Waitrose is a 90 minute drive away, which makes them rather expensive with petrol factored in.

But if you send me one for free, I'll tell you all about it :-)

My nearest Waitrose is an hour and a half away!

Loving the concept.

But seriously, ditch the fish thing... or, call them 'Veg & Fish Pots'.

Haven't seen them anywhere - is Waitrose really the only place to get them?? come on - you can do better than that Innocent!

I'd like a Waitrose nearby please because I haven't got to try one yet :(

Can't wait to try them but like a lot of people I am nowhere near a Waitrose in Notts. Stocking them in Sainsburys would be perfect!

you need to make nicr one s

I have already eaten the tuscan bean one and the tagine one. They were great!! I love them. I've been back to Waitrose and bought all four. Looking forward to trying the other two varieties! So far my favourite is the tuscan beany one. I like beans...

Three minor gripes so far:
1) The two I've had so far did taste quite similar.
2) I washed out the pots to use again, and they are stained a bit orange.
3) I bought them on an introductory discount in Waitrose but I think once they're up to full price they might be a bit out of my price range (I'm a lowly, impoverished student).

I'd really like to see some recipes for them so I can create my own!

I've just had the pea and broccoli with rice pot - Yummy!!!! can't wait to try the others - What a great idea for lunches!

i havent seen them in any shops near me!! where are they being stocked?

Yummy and fab to get so many portions of your five a day but their full price will be out of my budget - especially in these lean times I'm afraid. Vegan options are an excellent idea (my daughter is allergic to dairy) and more flavours so, in theory, you could have a different one everyday - if you could afford it!

Delicious! Everyone in the office was curious after having seen my stock of pots in the fridge. Think they would benefit from a bit more 'kick. Please can we have more flavours soon!

Can't comment cos my local Waitrose didn't have any veg pots! (Wandsworth, shame..)

Would love to try them but there isn't a Waitrose in my area - why are they only stocked there?

i bought two varieties of your new veg pots and absolutely loved them both, fresh, healthy and yummy! 1st one was after work and i was too tired to cook and 2nd i was at work and as we only have microwave it was perfect! there are not many healthy ready meals available and i was super happy when i spotted these in waitrose but upset i cant get them anywhere else! hopefully the other stores will see sense!!

Aren't they vegetarian?? Innocent if the rumors are true this is wrong very wrong, you are marketing a vegetarian product that has fish paste in :( Please give me a hand here if you can explain it...


I am going to tip the boat here but...I have just started my lunch and I thought this would be a nice change to my normal pasta salad however i am very disappointed.

I had the Pea, Broccoli rice and I've had a spoon full and thrown the rest away. I now have nothing to eat until I get home tonight! eeek!

Tried them all and they are great. Perfectly balanced nutrtionally and taste fantastic. On special offer in my Waitrose. Bit pricey when back to normal price but will still buy them


The thai curry and morrocan tangine were great - very tasty. The tuscan bean stew tastes a bit bitter or soemthing, not sure what it is really.



Any chance you might find a distributor in Ireland?
I'd love to try one of those for my lunch but there are no Waitroses around here...

Dear Innocent,

I like the veg pots very much - just the right amount for a quick lunch at work and lots of good-for-you veggies. I did think that the Tuscan bean stew could do with just a little more flavour (chilli? garlic? herbs?) but I particularly liked the thai coconut. Will definitely be buying them regularly.

Yours tastily,


These veg pots are just what I have been looking for! Perfect for lunch at work, although they are perhaps not quite big enough to satisfy on their own. Loved the Tuscan Bean and Pea and Broccoli pots but not the Thai Veg Curry or Moroccan ones as I really hate coriander! Looking forward to seeing more choice, hopefully with fewer ones containing coriander!

Just tried the pea and broccoli - really enjoyed it and it's great that it's gluten free - more gluten free ones please because lunch is difficult when you can't eat sandwiches

I really enjoyed my first veg pot. Please can you make some without peppers/chillis?


Only in Waitrose?

Veg pots are only in Waitrose at the moment, but from next Wednesday they will be in ~400 Sainsburys stores and some Sainsburys local stores.

They will also be in Tesco from the New Year.

Unfortunately, we can't yet get them to Ireland - they are put together in the UK and a really fresh product, so getting them over there can deteriorate the product quality, which we don't want to do. We are working on solving this one.

Hi Tony,

When developing a recipe we take inspiration from recipe books, food magazines, restaurants and juice bars not to mention the wealth of knowledge and expertise from our ladies of the product development team.

We have and always will appreciate our drinkers writing in with their suggestions, as it helps the team understand what our drinkers would like us to make next and see if this feedback marries up with what they've been developing. Unfortunately we don't get the opportunity to try out all of these ideas as we're also developing our own, many of which don't get launched. We don't like keeping new recipes under our hat, but with the nature of business, we don't have a choice. Quite often suggestions can be very similar to what we're working on, but to avoid disappointment we can't let on to our drinkers just in case it doesn't end up on the shelves.

Thai one vegetarian?

The thai veg pot does have fish sauce in it and so is not OK for vegetarians.

We tried loads of ingredients instead of the fish sauce, because we'd rather everyone could eat it, but it made such a difference to the taste, that we stayed with the traditional ingredient.

The thai one does not say on pack that it is suitable for vegetarians nor does it carry the vegetarian symbol. It states on the pack that it is not suitable for vegetarians because it contains fish sauce.

Good idea, haven't tried one yet (as I live in Ireland)... but am surprised and disappointed (as a vegetarian and a fan of innocent) to hear that one of them contains fish. Surely not necessary? Especially as you've spent years joking about the dodgy unneccessary things you DON'T put in your smoothies. If your smoothies are squeaky-clean and " nothing but fruit", why wouldn't you take the same approach with your veg pots? Killing fish doesn't go with your lovely innocent image.

I am particularly surprised as so many healthy living and environmental enthusiasts these days are vegetarians.

still waiting for them to appear in my local Waitrose - they sound great.

Lovely Tuscan, was a bit dissapointed to learn that none are vegan and there's some fish in the thai, but yeaaaah, otherwise some good nosh to yum down on these cold days. nom nom nom.

There is no Waitrose where I live...can you not persuade Sainsburys to stock them? I would love to try them. :(

Any update on vegan recipes? Getting most miffed that I can't eat them. Makes me sad every time i'm in waitrose

They're brilliant! It would be nice if you could get Tesco to stock them.

Excellent idea, very tasty, filling and healthy. Happy tummy. Thanks!!!

bloody well done for making 2 gluten free veg pots for those who have coeliac disease!!!!!!!!!!!!

more like this please!!!!

there is so little we coeliacs can eat, you have tapped into something here

i imagine these would be extremly popular with coeliacs

I think they are very yummy but you should make ones which don't have to be heated up as well, so that I can take them to school with me :)
Also make more flavours :)

take the fish paste out!
i have a serious allergy to sea food and so cant try the veg pot with it in :(

LOVE the Moroccan one. The fresh coriander makes it, and I love the giant cous cous. Loving the Waitrose special offer! I'll be sure to try the others soon. Thank you!

LOVE the Moroccan one. The fresh coriander makes it, and I love the giant cous cous. Loving the Waitrose special offer! I'll be sure to try the others soon. Thank you!

Hi Dr. Shilps,

I'm getting a bit tubby around the waist region. I think it is because I'm eating too many samosas and pakoras. What can I do to stop this?

Which innocent smoothie goes best with lamb samosas, and which ones with veggie?

Thanks - your huge (literally) fan,

Dr. T.I.K. Pakora

I had a tuscan bean pot last week and had to show off my 'new find' to everyone in the office before I ate it! Much more satisfying than normal soup, completely yummy and left me feeling very virtuously healthy afterwards.

A bit more spice would be good, and recyclable pots too - I re-used last week's, but I suspect I'm going to be eating more soups than I can think of re-uses for!

Thai veg pot - delicious! So glad no croutons etc - will try the rest this week, and probably buy a roll with which to scoop up the last drops. Only £1.99 at Waitrose - hurrah! I look forward to the family-size tetrapak.

Really really yummy, perfect for a warming lunch. Not sure i would pay more than £2.75 for them though. How about a lentil one?!

We don't have Waitrose in this country. Hurry up and export them, please!

I've had six or seven of these so far, in three of the four flavours (I've never seen the pea one on the shelf, and I've only managed to get *any* varieties on about half of my (now frequent!) trips to Waitrose because they sell out so quickly).

The two BIG selling points of these for me are:

* the three portions of veg per pot, and
* the sensible salt levels (which rules out just about all available soups for me for a regular lunch idea - many of those have *scandalous* levels of salt in them).

My favourites are the Tagine and the Tuscan. The Thai curry did seem a little lacking in flavour.

But a great idea, very easy to prepare for a quick lunch, and very tasty.

On price, I checked "comparable" lunches. Most soups are sold in larger packs for £1.49 - £2.49. Sandwiches go for £0.99-£2.49. I think the price point of £3.49 will be too high for many people (including me) for a regular or even semi-regular lunch.

£2.49 would bring it into the regular bracket for me (perhaps twice a week), but at £3.49 it would have to be a rare treat (once a month or less).

Love the concept, uber healthy, lo-cal, 3 portions veg. Sadly think they are a bit bland, and pricey. Tried thai coconut curry (5/10), needs something sweet. Pea & brocolli (6/10), more seasoning ... lemon juice, herbs, pepper, garlic, can barely taste them. Would need to be better to pay full price for them.

I want one I want one I want one! But sadly I cannot, for there are no stores stocking them near me :( Please get them into other supermarkets!

I have tried 3 flavours so far and love them - agree with other people that they could do with some more kick however. They are great for lunch at work, and now I can finally practice what I preach and have my 5 per day and still manage life as a busy working mum

haven't tried one yet but I think they look awesome! And they probably taste awesome too!

By the way, it's sort of cloudyish today.

I've just shared a Thai curry and pea and mint one. When I bought it, I thought it was a salad pot - i only saw that it was best heated up when I sat munching it cold reading the sleeve! Think if sleeve said in big that it's best eaten hot, you'd sell a lot more in this weather! I understand the Tuscan Bean Stew thing now - I thought it sounded a little wierd for a salad! Curry could be a little spicier/tangier/wow-ish. Not sure which one as they were in the same bowl, but one was quite gritty. Fantastic to have something healthy to eat at work - just put that it comes out like a warm and comforting vegetable stew on the sleeve and you've got a go-er!

I would love to try these but it looks like our local Sainsbury's don't stock them! When will you be getting them in the bigger supermarkets?

Veg pots are the best! they are perfect for a busy Mum with two kids to tuck into at lunchtime. I have had three in as many days :-) Well done and I look forward to many more flavours

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Yummy!

Such a great alternative to soup! I am now the envy of all my office friends and their boring soups and curled up cheese sandwiches!

As a veggie I'm really looking forward to trying these - but it sounds from the comments like they are only available in Waitrose. Please let us know when other supermarkets are likely to stock them.

I tried the Moroccan Squash Tagine for lunch in the office today, and it was great!

I very rarely eat 'ready meals' but I trust the Innocent brand and was bored of soups and sandwiches, so I thought I'd give it a go.

As a workplace lunch it's ideal - quick to heat in the microwave and it still tastes fresh because the vegetables aren't all pre-cooked. I ate the tagine on its own and it was a perfect portion size.

In terms of taste it was pretty good - I'd have preferred a bit more spice and salt, but that's probably just my personal liking and would make the dish less healthy.

The £2.49 offer price is a good price point - I wouly buy the pots regularly at that price. The £3.49 price would make it more of a 'treat' item, and I work in central London so there is a lot of competition on our local market in that price range!

Just had the Tagine, and it's delicious! What a fab idea, and a brilliant way to get your portions, too... I agree - the trial price is fine, but anything above £3.00 feels a bit like a luxury item.

Keep up the good work!

I loved the moroccan squash tagine, very tasty.

However, like John Taylor above I tried the Thai curry one and didn't enjoy it. It was a bit too bland, in fact I struggled to finish it. Bit disappointing really, but based on the other comments above I'm looking forward to trying the Tuscan bean.

I loved the vegetable pots, but why are they only available at Waitrose (and actually Waitrose keep running out).
Will they be available at other supermarkets shortly?

In Sainsburys from today

Veg pots are in ~400 Sainsburys main stores and selected locals from today.

Hopefully that helps those of you who said that you were not near a Waitrose.

Big fan of Thai. The pot hit the spot if you know what I mean. Great idea, will be trying the other flavors. Im a tight git so £2 would be a better price for the pot. But other than that, great for people like me who love veg!

Hi, i've just had your thai curry pot with a slice of bread and butter and it was delicious! I must agree though that they could do with a bit more bite but they are fab and a great way for me to get the 5 a day!

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