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September 08, 2008


Awesome I will have to try one

These look cool! I'm going to buy one to tonight and see how they taste!

These look great... can't wait to try them!

Thai coconut curry sounds right up my street!

Brilliant but which other shops will stock them - some of us live in a Waitrose free desert land !

YUM, I can't wait to try them. I also live in a Waitrose free desert Island so can you send some to Asda or Sainsburys pleeease :)

oh dear, i don't have a waitrose anywhere near me. october it is, can't wait!

My nearest Waitrose is miles and miles away. Please get them into Tesco, Sainsbury and Morrison soon so I can try them.

Our veg pots are only out in Waitrose for this month, but do not fear if you live in a Waitrose-free area, they'll be on sale in other retailers from early October, so you'll definitely be able to find them near where you live very soon.

Sounds excellent, please get them into Sainsburys. My nearest Waitrose is miles away, and boy is it an expensive shop!!!

Could we have them in recyclable paper based cartons for a more environmentally friendly option?

Yum! We've finally got a Waitrose in Newcastle so I really hope they have them in. I've got a feeling pea & broccoli is going to be my favourite.


We'd love to, but the paper based cartons we found couldn't hold the product - the liquid goes through it and it's all really messy. We found some that have plastic on the inside but then you can't recycle them so back to square one. When we started with our bottles, they were 100% non recycled plastic, but we worked with the bottle people gradually to get 100% recycled plastic. We will be working to try and do the same on veg pots.

Without wanting to go overboard...I think these are going to change my life.

They are little pots of exactly what I want to eat but I never want to buy all the fancy ingredients because they end up going off if you don't use them all at once.

And they're properly healthy too.

When I woke up this morning I never imagined just how happy news about a pot of vegetables might make me.


Stupid question, please don't laugh, but do you eat them hot or cold?!

hot, hot, hot

Thanks Innocent for making it easier and more interesting to get my five a day!

These look FANTASTIC !

Not only are they a feast for ones eyes but I can already be sure its gonna be one helluva party on me palate...

However, I am near MORTIFIED and disappointed to see that the thai curry has fish extract in... why would you do that ? WHY ?

With love from a dismayed vegetarian x

Initial excitement faded to deep disappointment when I checked the ingredients and discovered that not one of these is vegan! Vegetables, pulses, grains and no funny business - so how did honey, milk and fish end up in there? I would love to try one but until you offer a vegan recipe, no veg pots for me! :(

Thanks so much for making these. I love Innocent and your philosophy and the way you work but, frankly, the texture of Smoothies make me gag. Now I can legitimately enjoy all your wonderful brand values in veg form instead of just being a wannabee sat on the sidelines of Innocent-opia.

Yippe! something decent to take to work for my lunch on a cold wet winter's day - this will make my working life far happier knowing I can have one of these for my lunch! I just have fingers crossed it's all microwaveable!

this is actually my idea of lunch heaven!!!

Oh no, the thai curry one has fish extract? I'm sad now.

I am vegan as well like Brian above and I agree with ur comment! They are a great idea - perhaps Innocent will think about working on this?

These look great but its so sad that none of them are suitable for vegans.

I really thought these pots could be the solution to finding good quality vegan food on the go.

Ufortunately, honey, creme fraiche and fish sauce mean they arn't suitable for people like me. How sad :s

Would be amazing if you guys could launch something (or even a couple) with no dairy, honey or fish!!!!

p.s. for any vegans out there who are looking here disappointed!

Clives Pies to a very nice range of veg pots that look very similar to the innocent ones, and in very similar flavours. They are vegan and gluten free!

To any disappointed vegans out there. Fear not - there are clives veg pots which are in very similar flavours (moroccoan tagine, Thai curry) which are completely vegan and gluten free.

Boo for a not being vegan! Looking forward to a lovely vegan friendly veg pot in the future. I'm sure you wont forget about us. Shame, they do look yummy though....

ooh fancy pants Waitrose... now i have a good excuse to go to the luscious supermarket; a wonderful veggie pot. Pots of goodness for me!

amazing idea.. but i just read the ingredient list.. :/ could you make a pot for vegans too?? or better yet.. don't use dairy, honey or any other animal product in those new recipes..

We would also like to see a vegan option available, otherwise we'll have to stick to the smoothies.

Great idea!!

All we have is Somerfield and Co-op. Well, there is a Tesco, but it lives on its own, a long way from all the nice little shops, so I don't often go there. Co-op is said to be taking over Somerfield soon, and it has a better ethical stance than many, so how about planting some of your veg pots there?

Is this the answer to pot noodles?

Oh no!! Got really excited about these new veg pots (as they look and sound very tasty) and then looked at the ingredients and not even one of them is suitable for vegans! Am so utterly gutted... Please, please Innocent, don't punish the vegans?! :(

Hello Innocent people,
have you tried bio plastics firm * Stanelco Plc
* Starpol Technology Centre
* North Road
* Marchwood
* Southampton
* UK
* SO40 4BL

Tel: +44 (0) 2380 867100
Fax: +44 (0) 2380 867070
Skype: Stanelco
Stanelco on Skype
General Enquiries
Investors Email:

Sales Enquiries
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Registered Office as above, Registered in England & Wales.
Registration No:1873702

re containers for your veggies. Their products are starch based biodegradeable and they specialise in food containers and packaging. I do hope this helps.
best wishes and looking forward to taste testing tomorrow. Lucky me, i have Waitrose round the corner.susan

Oh I didn't realise that the Thai one had fish in it. I was just saying how happy I was that I could eat them all as a veggie and now I find out that I can't :(

I'm agreeing with Sagar on this - at first glance they really appeal, above all, to your vegetarian and vegan fans, you should be taking advantage of this Innocent, re-think the recipes pleeeease!

Hope you've got some vegan alternatives lined up too!


Sadly none of our first batch of recipes are suitable for vegans. We used the ingredients that are traditionally used in that type of cooking (be it thai, moroccan etc), and they do contain non-vegan elements. We'll work on it though. Let us know if you have any good recipe ideas with fully vegan-friendly ingredients. You can post them here or send them to

These look fantastic and I'll certainly be trying them, but I'm disappointed to see them packaged in plastic, even though I'm sure you'll be working on moving to recycled plastics like you did with your smoothies. My concern, though, is that these are presumably intended to be microwaved, and microwaving food in plastic containers is horribly bad for you - you end up with carcinogenic polymers leaching into your food. Surely there's some other way they could be packaged?

Omnomnom! I picked up the last pot* in my local Waitrose, a Moroccan Squash Tagine, and I am eating it now.

5 people intercepted me on the way from the kitchen to my desk to ask me what I had for my lunch and where they could get one.


*And I have the pic to prove it, but my cameraphone is not playing ball :(

I agree... sounds amazing but please, no fish sauce! And there should be at least one Vegan option for sure.

The Green One Looks Lyk Baby Poop.

And The Rest Look Lyk Chunder.

Theyre Horrible. Ill Proberly Throw Up When I See Them In Shops.

Have A Nice Dayy (:

They Look Lyk Sick Thooo!

wow,it sounds great!
in Japan now....please think about make some partner in Japan!


Susan thanks for that info. We have looked at bioplastic -we understood that they can't currently be used with hot foods, but we'll look into this company.

Thought I'd leave a comment saying how loverly it is to find a pot with such lush ingredients inside, I will definitely be going out to get one... or four!

And I am sure 'Innocent' will come up with a FAB
solution for the vegans and veggies out there! :)

They certainly come out with some goodies!


If you are concerned about heating up food within a container in the microwave, veg pots can be heated on the hob, in a normal pan.

As a vegetarian, I'm disappointed that the thai pot contains fish sauce. By most accounts, whilst alternative ingredients aren't strictly traditional, they don't make much difference in terms of taste.

Thai fish sauce?

Yannick, we really wanted a this recipe because we love thai food and so do lots of other people. We also ideally would have kept it vegetarian so that more people could enjoy it. So we definitely didn't default to using fish sauce. We tried tamarind, we increased the ginger and the lemon grass, we played with the balance of the spices, we replaced it with soy sauce. We have been trying a lot of thai. But we just couldn't get it to work anywhere near as well, as it does with the fish sauce - it surprised us as well. If you have ideas for other ingredients we could substitute it for, please let us know and we'll give it a go. The other 3 recipes are completely vegetarian and we hope to bring out more.

Pants. 3 out of 4 aren't vegan. (4 out of 4 if you don't eat honey) Can you make some that I can eat!! Pretty pretty please. I promise to buy one for every day of the week. Brownies Honour!

Great idea - I'll definitely
buy - hope sat.fat content is not too high. Be great for days when we have no leftover veg from night before to reheat for lunch next day!

Can't wait to try them! Unfortunately the curry's out immediately 'cause I'm vegetarian... The creme fraiche is a little worrying too (allergies). =/
And honestly, I don't even think there's a Waitrose around here. Dx

I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these! Im a sad single and im seriously throwing the takeaway menu's away as we speak! Lol

Yum yum they look great. Can't wait to try them.

They look great i'd love to have one!
But i just found out that the thai curry has fish extract in it!!! So i cant have it!!!! :-(
Thankyou for making them though!!
A sad Vegetarian! x

If you eat all that veg
You'll be able to jump over a hedge
(according to my Uncle Reg)

I'm also disappointed that none of them are vegan, but never mind. I guess all those other companies will keep on getting all my lovely money. . .

Hello Innocent.

I have had two of your lovely veg-pots now and all I can say is wow, wow, wow!

I'm not normally fond of these products but the tuscan bean stew was superb!

It just shows how a little company like innocent is helping the country with its fresh veg intake.

As for the vegans, then I'm pleased you'll never be eating any - the more for me and my honey loving friends....honestly, go and annoy another blog forum with your little issues over honey et al.

Innocent rules!!!!

P.s. how goes the issues with the big bad Gov. and VAT issues on smoothies? Hasn't Asda done this?

well, I tried the thai coconut curry after expecting great things.

really sorry to say I was ever so disappointed. I found it rather bland, and a bit of a chore to eat rather than the joyous frolic I was expecting.

I managed a third of it then had to turn to my back-up lunch (humous, pitta-bread and cherry tomatoes).


Please can you do a Meal Deal offer where you can get the Veg Pot and a Smoothie with a saving?

What is the rough selling price of these in the shops please?

Booo! Waitrose in Newcastle didn't have any - or maybe they've just sold out.

Waitrose at Russell squsre has sold out. Please resupply them asap!

I've had a couple of the pots now and they are gorgeous. I keep getting envious stares from workmates as they heat up, beause the smell wafts across the staffroom. :)

I'm going to be anti-veggie now and suggest that maybe you have some pots with either cheese or small amounts of meat in them (Panchetta etc) I can understand the veggie point of view though, It would be good for these lovely little pots to appeal to everyone's diet.

Oooh.. and how about supplying a little crusty bun or some crutons to have with the pots?

Price in the shops?

They are £3.49 usually, but they are a £1 off for the next two weeks in Waitrose.

Just wanted to say how great these are - I've worked my way through the whole range now and will be visiting Waitrose regularly to top up!

A great and tasty way to keep up the veg intake - thanks for making it so easy!

Not in your Waitrose?

The Waitrose store managers get to decide whether they stock the veg pots or not. Our list says that we are not in the Newcastle Waitrose, so if you'd like them there then please ask the store manager for them.

We also don't think we're in the Bloomsbury (Russell Square) Waitrose, but sometimes they order them without telling us. Be sure that the store managers ask us for veg pots, they arrive the next day, so not long to wait.

I was also so excited to hear about these! I often go looking for something quick and easy to eat on the go and can't find anything in the stores. I'm sad to hear that now these won't make the list either as they aren't vegan. :( I'll just keep enjoying the smoothies.

Hello new little veg pots.

This is great news!
Anything vegan coming out soon?

few possiblities to think about

gluten/dairy free ones

one for the vegans


organic dairy ones :)

Dear Innocent,

Please make vegan veg pots.

Many thanks,


We've had lots of interest from vegans who'd like to be able to eat the veg pots too.

We're working on some vegan recipes now, so we'll keep you up to date on how it goes.

Like others who've commented here, I'm really disappointed that the thai coconut curry veg pot has fish sauce in it. I'm vegetarian and only spotted this ingredient at the last minute before cooking and eating the meal! I'm very surprised that you'd put a meat or fish ingredient into this range - the name really does suggest it'll be vegetarian.

The words on your labels usually strike just the right tone, but I think the 'in case you're a strict veggie' message is a bit of a misfire too.

Sorry to throw a spanner in the works.I tried Thai Coconut Curry last night and was up most of the night with indigestion.
Maybe they are better suited to a younger set of teeth.
I like my veg lightly cooked but not rock solid.

Um, I'm a little confused as to what you do with them? On the Sainsbury's website it says something about adding chicken?

Do you just heat them up and tuck in? Or can they be used with other meals?

They look great though... ideal for lunches :)

Have just tried your tasty veg pot called Thai coconut curry - wonderful stuff! Look forward to trying the rest of the range. Whoever writes all the funny little bits on your packaging - please award them 10 out of 10! Thank you.

I have just tried Innocent veg pots, courtesy of my daughter. The one I tried was Thai coconut curry and I thought it was really great ,so much flavour and just the right amount in each pot. Will definately try others, well done. P.S. I'm a pensioner.

Wow! In all my 37 years of being veggie (granted the first couple I had baby food!) I have finally been thought about and catered for by you lovely talented innocent people. For some reason everyone else wants to sabotage good old tasty veg meals with that yucky mushroom fungus (which I could eat from my little bro's bathroom for free)boring!! Anyway innocent people a BIG THANK YOU it was worth the wait.

Hi when shopping in Waitrose north Finchley I noticed your product and on reading the blurb thought it would be a healthy option for me to take to work.
I optimistically followed the instructions to the letter.

The first set back was that It filled the staffroom with a pungent flatulent aroma.
It looked quite appetizing but turned out to be so tasteless that I had to add salt and pepper to make it worth eating. May I add that as I have high blood pressure I never add salt to my food usually but this was an exception.
The variety of textures was pleasing but I don't think I will buy the product again.
Sandra Docherty
Pre-entry catering coordinator
Learning difficulties department
Barnet college

I'm just eating the Indian Daal Curry for my lunch and it is fantastic, soooo tasty!! Keep up the good work - these are such a brilliant idea! Coconut Thai tomorrow!!

Just bought my first ever 'innocent' pot. Is it possible for you to cook it longer in the manufacturing process so that it doesn't need 4 mins in the micro.4 mins means the spinach disappears or shorter means the lentils are still hard. Also, why so many peas in a cauliflower and spinach dish? Other than that the taste was good. I'd try something else next time. Liz

Horrid horrid horrid !

I bought the tasty veg pot( thai coconut curry) from whole foods last week.

I shall stick to cooking from scratch.

have tried three now,thai,mex,daal,sorry just too crunchy pulses too hard,dissapointing,you should try asda's copy of curry in a pot its excellent


I'm a bit late to the party. I've tried some of the range and am interested in the curry and chilli ones. Thing is I'm having trouble establishing how hot (spicy) they all are. Please advise? Also perhaps it would be an idea to add this info to the packaging? Thanks :)

love your vegpots theyre nearly as good as i make meself ha lovepiri piri all year round for sure &masala is fab but the thai should be hotter. love you anyway xx susie .

are these suitable for a gluten free diet? im new to the world of coeliac, but i smelt one of these bad boys other day and i want one so much!!

mmmm healthy and easy to eat. Just ate the Mexican veg pot. Bit expensive but it has a 50 pence voucher off the next 2 so happy will buy different flavours next time.

I bought an Innocent Indian Daal Veg pot for supper tonight and I thought it was delicious and solid with vegetables!

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