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August 05, 2008


My hair on Red nose day 2007

My school were having a non uniform day and we all wore red clothes , noses and in my case red ( and orange ) hair.

Since i already have ginger hair , the red hair spray i bought dyed my hair bright crimson ... and the "pink" dyed it bright orange :S

So i went to school with Mainly ginger hair , with bright red and orange streaks!

the other orangest thing i have ever seen is me and my friends wearing stage make up during my schools Summer production of Oliver! We were workhouse Waifes that could easily be mistaken for dalmation spotted oompah loompahs!

We had such a laugh though in our orange make up and the show wenty briliantly..

Funnily enough i always brought a kids carton of innocent smoothies to my rehearsals... most of the time i wasnt the one drinking them! They were very popular with my friends and i always longed for my innocent smoothie to cheer me up after an hour belting out 'Food glorious food '

From Daisy Cross
Age 12

I once saw a goldfish, dressed in a Holland football jersey, working for he Orange phone company covered in orange juice. And beside him was the orangest thing I've ever seen... a spray painted tortoise.

My hands the day after the evening when i decided to fake tan my whole body but failed to wash my hands after rubbing it in. I was perhaps a bit tipsy. My legs were also stripey orange, but my hands were something else.

Haven't actually seen this - and can't quite visualise one - but in Maths at Univ we were taught about 24 dimensional oranges

The trees in my garden in autumn are very orange. And the rose bush "Harold MacMillan".

But the most surprisingly orange(y) thing I've seen was the Dan-yr-Ogof Caves (swansea valley).

david dickenson most defineatley

Mash made from Sweet Potatoes-a very vivid colour and absolutely delicious with a bit of butter, salt, pepper and a dash of cinnamon added to it.

The orangest thing I have ever seen has to be the bathroom suite in the bungalow that my mum and dad have just brought! I thought avacado was the 'in' colour in the 70's. How wrong can you be!

I once tie-dyed some clothes with a friend, but we didn't realise that you had to 'fix' the dye. The socks I had brought to her house to dye and then subsequently wore for about 2 hours in the baking sun, stained my feet a wonderful shade of oompa loompa. I had to wear socks for 2 weeks throughout the baking summer to hide them!

Lesson for the future? ALWAYS read the label!

I must ask....

Why is a Carrot more orange than an Orange?

This puzzles me deeply...

Anyway... back to normality

or not...

In the Beaulieu ( pronounced buh - you - lee ) Motor Museum ( which I visit with my Grandparents frequently ) there is a small Orange shaped car. Said car is brilliantly orange and even has a few green leaves on top.Like a real Orange . How fantabulous.I enclose the URL to the picture.

If you look closely you can see that there is in fact a Tax disc so this great Orange can be driven around the roads of Beaulieu for every Orange fan / Tourist to gaze at stupidly and take pictures of.


Giles B

My socks
i brought a pact of socks from good ole primark
they were flouescent orange
they were really bright =S

an umpa lumpa

Honestly, it's all about the oranges.
They are so strange. I was wondering, when oranges were deciding they would be oranges, why they chose to segment themselves off. You've got the peel to protect it and more skin on the inside which segments it. Apples and pears arent segmented and they have pips but are tough too. That wee bit of skin isnt going to protect the seeds if that's what it's designed for. Obviously, back when the orange was thinking 'yeah, this is how i want to be, all squishy' the only thing to eat it was animals like birds and bugs. So... they are going to pick it clean either way and the rind is the most difficult bit to get through. If the orange wanted to protect to seeds that much, why isnt its hard? And then theres the skin which covers the juicey bits, and they are loads of them. So really, there are three layers of skin until the juice. But isnt the point of the orange the pips?
Ah, but it might have been the trees having a big gathering talking in the way that they do with lots of swaying and such, deciding that this, this orange, is how they were going to distribute seeds. That would make me think they didnt give the oranges themselves a choice and the trees werent that bright. They could have asked the apple trees or cherry trees for some pointers OR maybe they were one of the first trees to carry fruit so they were like the experimental trees perhaps, not making them seem so dumb. Then all the other plants which wanted fruit too looked at the orange and copied it but, made it slightly different or just took the basics and expanded.
Now, strawberries must have been one of the big revolutions as they have the seeds on the outside but they couldn't have done it without oranges. The original fruit.

the sofa in our living room in my second year at uni - it was a sofa bed and you had to keep pushing the cushion back on if more than one person sat on it.
oh and the carpet when me & my hubby moved into our current house - well, it was terracotta really but that's kind of dark orange - isn't it??

This lizard in St Lucia basking in the sun.

My ginger friend with sunburn in a florescent orange shirt. I'm pretty sure I damaged my retinas...

David Dickinson

The orangeade I bought last week in South Korea must be the most orange-est thing on earth. It glowed! It made the whole room orange and probably lit up my insides.

I felt like a mad scientist drinking it, like I should fall to the floor behind a sofa, clutching at my throat, only to re-emerge moments later as a ginger Mr Hyde.

Definitely not natural. Maybe innocent orange juice can be the ying to it's yang!

A drink I had in Sri Lanka when I was a child. I was later told it had bits of beetles in it. I'm still not totally sure it was a wind up. Yuk.

My wee after drinking Berocca vitamin supplement! :

The orangeade I bought last week in South Korea must be the most orange-est thing on earth. It glowed! It made the whole room orange and probably lit up my insides.

I felt like a mad scientist drinking it, like I should fall to the floor behind a sofa, clutching at my throat, only to re-emerge moments later as a ginger Mr Hyde.

Definitely not natural. Maybe innocent orange juice can be the ying to it's yang!

Behold it's toxic glory:

Irish Railway carriages!

The hair on this baby;

My friend's lunch about a year ago! To cure her hangover she decided to only eat things which were orange. After carrots, oranges, wosits and cheese this became a much harder task than first anticipated.

The inside on an 'Easyjet' Hotel room - my daughter was appalled!!
Can't wait to try the new Juice

The most orange thing I have seen in a long time has got to be my new office. Unfortunatley, this means that I am going to have to find an alternative drinking vessel (other than a glass) as earlier I lost my carrot and mango smoothie! My walls are the exact colour as the smoothie! And yes, the colour was my choice! There are many positive psychological properties of the colour orange including physical comfort, warmth, security, sensuality, passion and fun. Unfortunatley, it is also supposed to represent immaturity! I have matching orange post-it notes and some orange pens!

An giant orange papier mache camel! lol.
When i was little we used to drive to cardiff to see family. We used to have to look out for landmarks to measure how long we were away. There used to be a large papier mache camel in a field at the side of the dual carriage way. Everytime we saw it, it was dressed according to the weather! This always made me smile just like when i drink innocent smoothies :P ...(P.S it was soo orange it was nearly as bright as the sun)

Drinking orange juice in my saffron tie dyed t-shirt with my pale henna(on blonde hair)at sunset in Morrocco.

An orange!

My orange jumper and socks I wore when I went to a haloween fancy dress party as Velma from Scooby Doo... The worst thing was I did use to wear the said jumper with bright red tartan trousers when I was a teenager! :-S

my mums mate carol - she is a sunbed junkie.

ooh or milla jovovich's hair in the fifth element - orange-tastic!

An orange Blimp

TIGGER From winnie the pooh.

An Orange?!!! I'm not talking about some Superimposed, Super-genetically-modified, Supermarket one though, but a real, bonafide ripe orange hanging from a branch in Seville when I went on holiday there. Now I know why they're called Oranges!!! The smell was amazing too, and as Mr Pierre-White tells us, "If it smells like what it is, tastes like it too." Good advice. Bring on the Innocent Juice!

got to be an oompa loompa really!!!

My own pee after a very, very strong course of antibiotics! Alarming to say the least!

This little pumpkin hat that I knit for preemie babies come Hallowe'en:

a load of oranges, in an orange net-bag.

An orange? Simple but true! :)

innocent orange is very yummy
thankyou says my little tummy!

Me in 1997. Double whammy: I was eating lots of raw carrots, so my skin went bright orange. And I was trying to get my hair to go blond using Sun-In (don't do it folks), which turned it orange instead. Not my best look, I have to admit...

The sun. Sometimes. When its not yellow!

A nice juicy orange!!!

My bedroom walls, as I last decorated them when I was about 12.

My mate's 4 year old daughter who baffled her GP by mysteriously turning bright orange overnight - until her mum solved the mystery by discovering she'd smothered herself in a whole bottle of gradual fake tan moisturiser she'd bought the day before just before going to bed !!!

My wee after not drinking enough water, but drinking too much wine!!

Cristiano Ronaldo, drinking orange juice, in Orange County, on a sunbed, wearing neon orange boxers singing mellow yellow (couldnt think of any songs containing the word orange, doh!)

The most orange thing for me was this year when 2 men dressed up in pumpkin outfits on Halloween were in my local bar. However, it wasn't too pleasant as the orange 'tights' they were wearing were exactly what it said on the tin, and didn't leave much to the imagination!

Whatever it was, it certainly wasn't suitable for crows...

it would probably have to orange.

The most orange things I have ever seen are:
1. My knees after playing hockey on frozen grass in the dead of winter - apparently when I was cold as a child I turned luminous orange.
2. A bar in Amsterdam during the 2006 world cup.
3. Orange Orange, the pop band. They have a very orange name.
4. My friend's hair in India. Whilst over there on a volunteering trip, the local girls claimed some natural henna would turn her hair a lovely coppery brown. It did not. It was orange for weeks. And you can't dye over henna, nothing can penetrate that orange gloss!

Well when I was 13 I got blonde highlights. A few weeks after I was leaning over our Kitchen table, where there was a vase of flowers including lilies. Now I'm sure you all know how bad pollen from lilies is for staining clothes but what you might not no is that it also stains blonde highlights!!!! YES I had orange highlights for like 2 days! Sadly I dont have any photo to back it up. But it was sooo funny! I look like an orange on top!

All Ginger people.. :)

My own hair when I put bleach over my previously red dyed hair. Very orange - except my roots, they went white!

Buddhist monks' robes, Kyoto, Japan. Serious chanting but the cheeriest gear.

I had this technicolour dream once where I was in this valley with a deep orange clay floor, intensely blue sky and hills covered with bright orange houses nestled in the greenery, everything was glowing hot colour...I think this was probably after my colour theory paper at uni. There were also big scary roosters with talons chasing me but we won't go into that because they weren't orange. Yes, odd dream.

Too many beroccas and your wee can go a very orange colour!

A dulux paint mix that was definitely different to that on the colour card had covered half a wall before wife entered and screamed to stop!!

Oranges... Obviously nothing is more orange than an orange.

The t-shirts of the watching crowds as the Tour de France peleton climbs the Pyrénées.

One of the girls I work with. Her fake tan is soooooo bad, streaky and mega orange.

My sister ...she likes her fake tan and is truly the orangest thing I have ever seen!!

Maybe just an orange? Its 'orange' in more than one sense of the word!

Asda Smartprice Baked Beans

The orangest things I have ever seen, was possibly my kitchen, after an unfortunate incident involving carrots & a blender without a top on.

an orange

I vowed never to speak of it agai but the single most orange thing I have seen was myself in a mirror after and accident on a beach on the Isle of Wight. We were scrabbling around in iron rich sandstone when I slipped into an orange pool of water in a landslip. My face, my hair, my clothes, my back pack and even my socks were bright orange. I still wear the socks but the rest was stained. I was roughly as orange as 3 carrots, which is about as orange as 7.5 oranges, so by a simple equation, where n is me, x is dale winton, c is a carrot, o is an orange and b is a black hole (the least orangy thing in the universe), I can prove that I was more orange.

n = __b__ * 0.5co*5 = 5x

Therefore I was 5 times orangier (it is a real word... I checked...) than dale winton.

david dickenson

my friends living room..... orange carpet, orange walls, it was oraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange!

But in Run Lola Run she has red hair...

Whereas Leloo in the Fifth Element has orange hair. As did I, when I wrapped all my hair in orange wool and dressed up as her. Now that was orangey.

My dog's beard has turned orange with old age, im not quite sure why.

And oranges are also quite orange.

Christina Aguilera definitely hit the bottle! Unfortunately I think she over-egged it!!

My friends Mini car when in the 80's. It was called Jaffa.

A fleet of Easyjet planes and crew at Luton Airport.

My hair after a very bad experience at the hairdressers!

The most orange thing ever was my old VW Beetle. When I bought it the colour was Tinted Blut Orange. When I had it restored a few years later it went back to it's original colour of VW Brilliant Orange.

A grumpy clown in Vienna. His costume is orange. Ish. :)

Most definetly a group of marshalls waiting for their morning briefing before heading out to their posts for when the cars start around Donnington Park. In their orange jump suits you can't get more orange!

I bought a blusher not so long ago - it promised to add a touch of bronze - needless to say I tried it once, liked it, then forgot about it... three years later I cleaned out my makeup bag and it's neon! I doubt I'm gonna use that again...


My old school teacher. We used to call her 'tangerine'. Not quite an orange though...
Any chance you'll make some tangerine juice? Think of it as the new sliced bread.

Our pumpkin from last year is also quite orange. A week eating only pumpkin soup was too much! I was definitely the scariest (and orangest) person at Halloween.

See it here!

Me. Christmas 1982. I made a Christmas Cracker costume for a fancy dress event from some very BRIGHT ORANGE fabric,gold card and paper Santa motifs with green ribbon ties. Worked fine until i realised i needed someone to help me out of it to go to the bathroom!

Well, what about the poor people at Easy Jet...they have the unfortunate orange uniform which does not suit anyone!!! Poor guys

The Orangey-ist thing I have ever seen, ever, is the burger I had in a certain chain restaurant specialising in Portugeuse recipe chicken. Their burger was marinaded in some fruity stuff, the upshot of which was I ended up eating flourescent glowing chicken... Looked weird... Tasted good... As long as I didn't look at it!

The most vivid orange I remember were some carrots my dad grew from a Dutch supplier. They were vivid orange and enormous, am sure that helped as I grew up to make me see in the dark!

an orange. simple

We've JUST had some concrete delivered (literally 5 minutes ago), and you'll never guess what colour the mixer was...

These guys must be rejoicing now that you've released your OJ.
How cool would it be to transport your orange juice in one of these!

The orangest thing that I have ever seen would have to be an orange.

I wish I still had the photo but my husband tried to dye his hair blonde once and it went orange!! THAT was the orangest thing I've ever seen...

American Tan tights from the 1970's

It says it all....

An orange

Someone's nicotine-stained fingers (yuck!!!).

The orangest thing I'v eever seen was an orange- you can't get anymore orange than that because that's what it is!

My hair, popele say its orange and in the mirror it is too and i can think of nothing more orange so i think thats all the criteria filled, so yeah. My hair for the win!

I'm gonna have to go with an orange! Definitely the most orangey thing out there and fully natural!

The orangest thing I've ever seen is.....MY VERY ORANGE SPACEHOPPER! There is no disputing its orangeness oh or it's bouncyness!

my friend is dutch and likes football...need I say more!!
Coming a close second are the seemingly endless amounts of ladies who stay on suntan beds for hours on end, they glow like the sun!

I would usually say about 50% of the girls in my school. But I have infact seen something even more orange! And they are men! (I know, More orange than the British Teenage Girl? Not Possible!? Surley?)

Need I say anymore? =D

David Dickinson

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