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August 05, 2008


a photo my mum showed me (shes a health visitor) of a baby who had had a carrot overdose, they actually turn bright orange.

My twin brother, when he was about 5/6, was feeling quite sick, so my dad gave him some lucozade to make him feel better. Unfortunately, after having a very small amount of this, he vomited all over my parents' bedroom floor! This was definitely the most orange thing I have seen- so orange that my parents had to get a new patch of carpet to cover the stain! :)

1. Orange Punch Orly Nail Varnish
2. Fruit And veg An orange/ carrot
3. Traffic Cone
4. Gold Fish punch orly nail varnish
2. Fruts and veg oranges and corrots
3. Traffic cones
4. Gold Fish

Wes Brown of Man Utd

Durr you lot..oranges of course are definately the most orangest things I've ever seen!

Essex girls...

Colleen Mcloughlin on her wedding day - poor old wayne looked like a milky bar next to her!

a field of pumpkins just before halloween

Going to watch Holland in there bright orange kit with the sunning reflectin of it.

For unmitigated orangeness, you wanted to be behind my eyelids* after sampling, rather too enthusiatically, the locally- (in his bathroom) produced vodka of a Ukrainian friend of mine.**

I really need to win this juice so that in future I can turn this vulgar hooch into a sophisticated screwdriver.

Thank you in advance.

* I am prepared to accept that the orangeness of this experience may have been my percetion and not a "reality". I am further prepared to accept that you probably did NOT want to be behind my eyelids at any time.

** My "Ukrainian friend" may, conceivably, have been a figment, (or is that orange "pigment"? - You decide,) of my imagination

An orange.... no seriously, whats more orange than an orange,
its the only colour I can associate a taste and smell too as well, which is pretty special, its funny I never thought about the word orange before its a word I associate with sunshine and warm happy feelings out of curiosity why do most orange things contain vitimin c?

A tropical storm in the Caribbean. It was over an island we'd just left as part of our cruise. It was absolutely beautiful.

An orange, plain and simple.

The glowing inside of a carved out pumpkin.....and just halloween in general is pretty orange!

The new Innocent Orange juice of course!

Failing that, the girl on the 7am from Fennchurch Street. You wanna see her!

a plate of baked beans, carrots and an orange with a glass of orange juice

My hair!

My ex-boyfriends hair!

Ps - sorry if your reading this, but you know it was..

The hairs on the back of the hands of a guy who comes riding with us!

Makes us want an OJ!!

On our journey to Skye on Friday we passed a lady who'd been tango'd wearing all orange and she wasn't Harri Krishna! As we arrived on Skye, through the torrential rain and mist was a bright orange lifeboat! We were having an orange day!

Mr Tickle. Or possibly Sunny Delight.

It's a trick question .... the real answer is an orange.

my dogs puke after she ate 13 oranges...

my friends snot after she tried to spray lucozade out of her nose...

Orvilles Nemesis; Cuddles the Monkey!

I once made my own smoothie out of 10 carrots, 5 satsumas, some red leicester, half a pumpkin, a spoonful of marmalade, a handful of autumn leaves, a slice of smoked salmon and the sleeve to REM's Monster album, which I served to a roomful of Netherlands supporters while we watched the OC. That was fairly orange.

Dale Winton

A sunset at my parents' house three years ago. I took a picture (which is now here: ) and then sat and stared at it for ages until it had faded. Utterly beautiful.

There's a house in a local village that is completely painted orange, walls and everything. It is a yoga or holistic medicine place (or something similar) and rumour has it that the council wouldn't give them permission to put a sign up so people could find them, so they painted the whole house outside orange. No probs finding them now.

The label on a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne - used to mix with innocent OJ to make a damn fine Bucks Fizz (well I thought it was time to up the class level!!)

My Fiance's hair, my socks, the juice in my fridge, the entrance hall at my old house, my sunshine buddy, my colour swatch book, my pen, my folder, my purse, the coat hanger, my thermometer, and batteries, and tape measure, and rubbish yes/no stickers, my sainsburys bag for life I keep in my draw, my vitamin C effervesing tablets. Gosh I never realised I like so much orange other than the Juice until just now. . .

My grandparents lived in Florida, on a street called Orange Grove Drive. Not only did they have orange trees in their yard, but also when you walked down their drive way I'd be looking at a sea of orange trees. :)

I bet innocent's orange juice will be just as good if not better than my grandma's home made orange juice... :)

an orange

Well, I have heard that the orangest thing around at the moment is the new Innocent Orange Juice (with bits and no bits) but I am unable to corroborate this as I cannot find it anywhere. I have searched in all the ususal places (Tesco and Sainsbury's) but still, nothing. Please help me to prove or disprove the theory that it really is the orangest thing going.

My tounge after too many alcopops, Thats why i need lots of juice to feel better.

My son Kyle, eating oranges - he gets them everywhere! I have the best photo of him and his orange habit but can't upload it :(

Hello there

The lovely Anthony has deliberated over all these entries and picked the following three as the winners for the orangest of things out there.

Very well done to Vickie, Daisy C and Sarah S. Cartons of our very fine OJ on their way to you now.

Thanks to everyone who entered and don't forget to let us know what you think to our OJ here.

We'd love to hear from you.


My hair after a dye catastrophe. My experiment with chocolate brown hair with blond streaks made me look like a hungover badger so I bleached the dye out leaving me looking like I had really bright orange straw on my head. My poor hair was so orange I had an orange glow all over my face and neck. Little oranges from all over the city were drawn to my orange glow, leapt out of their crates and rolled towards me singing that I was their queen and that they wanted to worship and adore me.

That last line didn't happen. But it could have. I was THAT orange.

Phil Brown, the Hull manager. He looks like an oompa loompa

A customer's 3 piece suite way back when I was a 'Tupperware lady'. I walked in, gasped at the awful orangeness of it, then said 'what a lovely sofa!'.

When I used to walk to school with my friend Georgina, one of the local women used to cycle past us almost every day. I'm sure she thought she was glamorous, with her fake tan, white jeans and white vest, toned legs from playing tennis everyday.
All completely lost on us - two cynical teenagers.
All we could see was the tan, so to us she was known as "Stephanie, the Orange Lady".... ;-)

orange vw beetles at action

made me go out and buy lots of innocent orange which was on offer at the orange supermarket with orange carrier bags known as sainsburys

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