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August 05, 2008


the ping pong balls in the ping pong light switch link!!!

Your Orange Juice is the Orangest thing ive ever seen!

And why is it not in my shops


My boyfriend - he is a ginger

FACT: orange is the royal family of the Netherlands. Admittedly they are not the most orange thing i have seen however on my travels passing through ysbyty ifan last autumn i set my sights on the most amazing little copse of trees, with the most orange looking leaves on the turn. Painting them was fun.but my painting ended up more orange than anything i've seen before!!!

My kids hair!!! Long live the Gingers of the world!!!

My dad dressed as the Orangutan Librarian from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. I made the costume, taking 2 weeks and 3 sewing machine needles. All made from long pile faux fur. Please bear in mind that he is pictured here in late August last year.

My hair. It's ginger, which is the orange of the hair world.

My bleached hair in years 10 and 11 - deciding foolishly and against advice that I could home dye my black hair to blonde.

As a result when it grew out a year later, my last ever day of school shows me in all pictures with half black roots and half orange hair.

This picture now hangs in our hall wall thanks to my flatmate who finds it hilarious.

I'd have to say that the orangest thing I have ever seen is an orange.

I mean, it is such a fantastical hue, they actually named the colour after it, therefore making the fruit the epitome of orangey-ness.

And just to make sure nothing else could mock the uniqueness of orange, they made sure absolutely nothing else could rhyme with it... :-D

The orangest thing that I have ever seen must be the contents of my son's nappy when I experimented making homemade carrot puree when he was being weaned onto solid food! Not nice!!!

The rowan berries on the trees just now, before they ripen to their more usual red. The trees are heavy with them, making me think of jelly-making and the autumn to come.

The Orangest thing i have ever see is our fish bubble, you can see a picture of him here He likes eating rocks and orange fish food!!

My brother.
When he gets his hair shaved he looks like a baked bean. Now he's not had it cut in 12 months he's got an orange afro.

One day I saw a competition
On a website browsed for free
They asked for ammunition
Fuel for japes and glee

Orange, they asked
Stories they needed
Funny things seen and where?
Some cried Oompa-Loompas
Others their Granny’s hair

Me, myself and I,
Well we saw an orangey beast
I tiger chowing down
On a carrot-laden feast

Twas truly a sight to see
Mine eyes were wide with wonder
For Panthera tigris there and then
Had made a wonderous blunder

For those carrots - they were still alive!
And accosted the poor old cat
Tied him up, in a tree
And made him wear a hat!

Oh woe! Forsooth and all that stuff
Plainly will I state
That of all the orange-hued things I’ve seen
That, my friends, was great!

The orangest thing I’ve ever seen was my friend’s hair. She decided to dye-it-herself a reddish brown colour. It was a beautiful day and we sat in the sun waiting for the right time to rinse the dye out. Well... oranges and carrots were not as orange as her hair! She rushed to the hairdresser straight away. Only later did she find out she was not supposed to expose her hair to the sun with the dye still on... Oops.

Although it is unusual for western population, when you goto Northern India and pass by the Ganges River, you get to see the river filled with "Sadhus" wearing orange (though meant to be saffron, they are mostly orange).
Especially during the hindu festive period, the whole place looks orange.

The most Orange thing I ever saw was a fleece I was given to wear by my Boyfriend's Gran. It was hidious but sad to say, I did wear it in public, and even worse, I still have it! And she gave me another in the same colour! How bad is that! If innocent smoothies would like to have two sad orange fleeces and give them a good home and lots of hugs, they can!

An Orangutan eating an orange

Dutch football supporters at the 'home side' end in Holland, against a backdrop of a magnificent sunset.

My photography logo is darn orange - and what makes it more interesting is that it was taken in the land of orange... the Netherlands!

My cats Ziggy and Stardust are orange. They don't like oranges though. The smell makes them run away from me.

The orangest thing I ever saw was the *bright* orange hemp fabric used as wallpaper in my hall. It was hidden by some also rather orange looking tounge-and-groove pine - yum, but i'm betting your juice is even yummier!

Dutch football supporters in Holland watching their team at the 'home' end against the background of a magnificent sunset.

Carol Decker's Vitamin flavoured wee, as she tried to surrepticiously let it go in a public swimming baths - the orange chord struck with her hair was downright shocking! China in your hand indeed.

my face when i dressed up as an orange for a fancy dress party. The face paint was stuck on for weeks and i couldnt get it off. i am now called 'orange' at work and have never been allowed to live it down!

Some of the schoolgirls legs around here. There seems to be a fashion for fake tan but only on their legs! Some headteachers have called for it to be banned, don't know why, it sets off their uniforms really well!

A youtube video called "Yum!Yum!ORANGE - Precious Days". I couldn't understand a word of it but it was kinda catchy...and VERY orange!

I have orange tinted sunglasses, so everything is orange!!

The Dutch Footie team!

oranges are pretty orange ...

future grass.

red that's been left out in the sun.

An orange.

We think that Magda from "There's Something About Mary" is the most orangiest in the world!

Please give us the juice!! We're the only ones who would really appreciate it!!

p.s. we love you xxx

We think that Magda from "There's Something About Mary" is the most orangiest in the world!

Please give us the juice!! We're the only ones who would really appreciate it!!

p.s. we love you xxx

An orange

The orangest thing I've ever seen has to be an orange - it's simple but that's the way I like it, like your orange juice.

(Yes, I'm a suck-up!)

The Orangest thing i've ever seen has to be Yazz from Yazz and the Plastic Population (The Only Way Is Up) she even made baked beans look pale.

Last year I was mugged by a gang of Oompa Loompas. One of them jumped on me from behind (must have been a fairly big jump for him; I'm over 6 foot) and covered my eyes with his little hands while the others bit me and beat me with sticks. I assume they were sticks - they could have been candy canes I suppose, but I'll never know - all I could see was orange. It was horrible.

2 things. Firstly, the 'burnt' orange dress & fascinator (I know...) I wore for a very boozy work trip to Ascot. Secondly, the many orange pieces of 'objects d'art' in my colleague Ian's flat, that I drunkenly discovered matched very nicely with my dress, thank-you-very-much, upon our return from Ascot. Pictures available on request :::shudders:::

that is a picture of my pet fish hanging out in my sink. i was cleaning his bowl and noticed that despite being small he is really rather orange.

The Tango man (remember him) was the orangest thing i have seem!!


David Platt on coronation Street

The Orangest thing i have ever seen is my mum's annual 'orange meal'! Always on Halloween, she makes Butternut Squash soup, roast Butternut squash, carrots, roast potatoes, roast pumpkin and oranges in Grand Marnier - with Mango sorbet and special orange cocktails!

The rue: Only orange allowed!

Some of the girls at work, working in McDonalds is bad enough but when the girls start turning orange with fake tan (or streaky tan) is weird lol.

Also the cheese we use after it has been left out for a while (yuck).

An easy jet billboard they are bright orange. The most orange thing i have seen were three huge easy jet billaboards near fulham broadway. I almost needes sunglasses it was so bright!

My daughter's favourite teddy is orange and his name is blue! We are not colourblind, honest....

My friend Fran. Whose nickname is Frangerine. Also African dust, which is my favourite colour for dirt to be, it is much more beautiful than brown dirt. And a crowd of Dutch football supporters is about as orange as possible, I think:

An orange - obvious but true

A Ginger Tom in an orange pumpkin suit. It was Halloween, and we were VERY festive. The green stalk even lit up. It's OK, though Mr RSPCA, we cut leg holes in it and he purred like Larry. he likes looking inside empty Innocent cartons, he puts an eye up to the nozzle and pushes it around the table.

The orangest thing ... the ping pong balls in the ping pong light switch link on this weeks innocent news!

Honestly apart from the sunrise on top of mount kenya...which felt like the top of the world...

a nice big glass of innocent oranges and mangoes smoothie.

My friend's hair... and she chooses to dye in that bright orange. I'm not being Gingeracist, some of my best friends are ginger, but her hair is very, very orange!

The orangest thing I ever saw was my ex (in his vile orange mororbike leathers) the day Dynorod came to unblock the drains. (And the Dynorod man had red hair.)(And I don't want to go into what the orange-themed thing was, blocking the drains.)

the most orange thing i hav ever seen is .......... Dale Winton

Me - when I used a bottle of Henna on my hair one boxing day - I left it on for ages to get the full effect.... and I looked like I had been tango-ed when I washed it off!

What, other than a glass of Innocent Orange Juice?

I'd say Mick Hucknall on a strict diet of carrots and pumpkins, surrounded by a goup of dutch hippies... also on carrot and pumpkin diets.

Well if I did see him like that it would befinately be the orangest thing I've ever seen.

Does my recent orange dream count? I somehow found myself swimming in a sea of chocolate orange (mmm delicious) and was joined my millions of Oompa Loompas who were a particularly vivid shade of orange. When I looked up I realised that I was in a jungle and everything around me was a beautiful shade of orange. The the sun set and I woke up.. and was no longer orange which made me sad.


The most orange thing I have ever seen is my dogs poo. he ate three packs of saffron I bought for a posh (oohhh get me) dinner party (well a pee up with food) and it ruined the whole menu. Still Max had lots of orange poo for 1 week

Bryce Canyon, Utah. Far more impressive and a lot lot quieter than the Grand Canyon, and a dazzling orange glow at sunrise. My girlfriend also has curly orange locks!

A big refreshing glass of the new "innocent orange juce" (with bits of course!) and ice through a straw, outside on a boiling hot day!

Many years ago I was on holiday and came across 'La Fête du citron' in Menton on the Côte d'Azur. There were absolutely huge statues made entirely from oranges and lemons (I feel a song coming on …) Being only 7 at the time I was a tad confused with a giant, orange bunny rabbit but hey, you live and learn.

Sunny delight. That stuff was more orange than orangeness itself, and it turned that kid who drank too much of it orange too (apparently) but I never met her.

(BTW a random 'orange' fact - it DOES have a word that rhymes with it - sporrange. Look it up, lovlies).

The hottest orange thing I have seen for a while is my cross-bred nasturtiums. South Wales seems determined this summer to float away on days and days of rain, accompanied by sodden grey skies and soaked dark green foliage. These are a great colour-contrast backdrop for my hanging baskets of nasturtiums. I planted them a while back for the flowers and leaves, which are edible in soups and salads, and to encourage bee visitors to an urban garden. Originally there was a basket of red ones and a separate basket of yellow ones. The bees have done their work and now they're producing astounding orange flowers! They look sensastional, even in the rain. And yes, the new flowers are edible.

My pony is a chestnut mare and she is very orange, especially when the sun shines on her

My adopted cat 'Fudge' is very orange. He is a beautiful boy and very cute :-) He looks more like Marmalade or Garfield, rather than Fudge - but his personality is soft and sweet!

A pair of knitted dungarees that my mother-in-law made for my four month old baby girl. There were so bright orange that if I had had the courage to put her in them, she would have glowed in the dark. I can't remembered what happened to them.

a baby orangutan and it's mother in the rainforest in Borneo

The new Ford - it is almost as orangey as your new juice -but not quite of course!

First it was this man I saw when I was at some gymnastic trials in Lochgelly and there was this completley and utterly bright orange man (sorry completley and utterly bright orange man, but seriously, I'd give up body building, it doesn't suit your skintone) but anyway, he had obviously gone OTT (but like a million times the "O" part) on the protein tablets.

The next time was when I went shopping with my friend and we saw this flourescent orange bakini and my friend dared me to buy it so I did and then she told me I had t wear it every time we went swimming together. Luckily when I went home and tried it on it didn't fit so I didn't have to wear it.

the next thing is cheese and then carrots and old books and ,well, just oranges, I guess.

Oh, and the latest celeb who's just been to Hawaii or Barcelona. Or the local tanning beds

An orange. Duh.

Actually there is a rhyme for orange if you have the surname Gorringe.......
The orangest thing I've ever seen,
Is a beautiful sunset, fit for a queen.
The second orangest thing i've seen of late,
Is innocent orange juice, fresh from the fete!

Erm ... an orange?

A tangerine. I didn't take a photo though so I can't prove it. You'll just have to take my word for it.
PS I don't least not about orange stuff....

The orange VW camper van erin's dad bought to go round portugal with when he was six (erin, not his dad) and also sal's fantastic hand-knit birthday hat-present from her flatmate this year (with a flower knitted into it and everything!)

and also said flatmate's new "copper" hair (we would laugh but that is cruel)

An Orange :D

An orange smartie!

Two items stand out for me in the Things-That-Are-Remarkably-Orange category. One was a trouser suit that I bought in 1977 (on purpose, for myself; am still in therapy for that decision). It was made of neon orange polyester; the jacket had very wide lapels and the trousers were flared and of course worn with very tall orange platform shoes.
The other strikingly orange vision emblazoned on my brain is of my friends Helen and Dick, a very attractive couple with extremely good taste. They worked for Kosmar Holidays in Greece for a few years. It MUST have been after they signed their contracts that they discovered that their uniforms were of that same neon orange polyester. How clever of the company, I remarked, to select a uniform that staff would be sure to return at the end of the season.

Judith Chalmers!

Donatella Versace!

The EasyJet uniform.

Bonnie Langfords hair

The presenters of GMTV

The lady who works in boots where I live, she literally is orange all the time!

Having read all the comments, the word 'orange' is starting to look really, really weird...


The orangest thing I've ever seen is... my mum's hands!!

She is addicted to carrots and her hands are all orangey, she eats them soo much that even our dogs like them now.

Hmm, either that, or an actual orange. They are quite orange tbh.

Cheerzzzzzzz x x x x

The "Orange Juice" that the McDonalds in North America provide with kids' Happy Meals. It is such a lurid orange colour it looks radioactive! I had to discourage my 9-year-old Canadian cousin from drinking it. There was no way it was good for her!

I think the most orange thing ever apart from an Orange is either Jordan or Jodie Marsh.
Or my orange very 70's bobbly lampshade that I used to have in my room when I lived with my mum but it mysteriously disapeered!!

An orange bomber jacket that my friend had when we were about 11 (yes they were cool then) It was all silky and puffy and i was very very jealous - on reflection she looked like the michelin man but orange!

The orangest thing I've ever seen- Olympic hopeful Tom Daley:

He might be a top diver but what's all that about?

the stall in a French market that sold nothing but ornge clothes. I have a pair of orange trouseres from there... It was run by a little man wearing.. guess what... ORANGE!!!!

orange juice in an orange glass being drunk by an oompa loompa who dyed his hair orange to make a statement about unfair wages and time off in the chocolate factory.

Orangest thing I've ever seen? when a busload of easyjet employees crashed into an orange car carrying Dale Winton and Judith Chalmers, causing it to career into a nearby carrot juice factory. Im my dreams, at least :-)

Ummmmm . . . an orangey orange of deliciously orange orangeness

Female Chav faces. they clearly use a garden trowel to apply their foundation. Someone should teach them how to pick the right shade and how to apply it.

my legs :( fake tan gone very very wrong...

If you're talking about all things orange, the winner must be Holland...

My baby dressed up as a pumpkin last halloween (plus all the other baby pumpkins!)

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