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August 05, 2008


I had an orange toe nail once. It wasnt ment to be orange but a horse named tom trod on it and wouldnt get off. It went orange, and the doctor removed it while i was looking the other way. I was allowed to keep it and its in my loft somewhere!

This is a bit disgusting..but I'm afraid it was my sick after one too many orange reefs as a teenager. I never knew sick could have such a bright and vivid colour.

I think Red Leicester cheese is pretty orange, failing that orange Smarties are a sure contender!

The orangest thing I've ever seen?

It's an orange! :D

My sister, (she painted herself orange, all over).

My sister (she painted her whole body orange). I may have already posted this comment, but it didn't show up.

The "Orange Flame" a unique orange diamond, very big, one of a kind.

Scientists don't know what turns diamonds orange - they just do. Well very few of them, and almost none as big and orange as the "orange flame"!

A bit like innocent smoothies and what makes them so good! Who cares what the secret is, they're good, and that's that!

I did the taste test, drinking Innocent v. competitor's brand, same fruits on the label. No comparison! Innocent rocks.

Disclaimer: OK, so I hope flattery will get me a prize Innocent orange juice... but the fact I am flattering you doesn't mean it's not true. I did do the test, and Innocent just rules. I remember your first few bottles, little ones, appearing in just a few lucky, and slightly random shops. The taste and the sense of humour made me a fan even then. Good on ya.

When I returned home one evening to find our tiny bathroom had been re-decorated using Dulux's "mandarin suprize" colour emulsion. 'Surprize' was definately the operative word, and sunglasses were obligatory!

My orange nintendo 64, with an orange controller in my orange room :D

the curry from my local takeaway.
too many food colourings and rubbish.

Surely it has to be a delicious carton of Innocent Orange Juice? ^^ Being held by any member of Liberty X... At a point in time where tangerine is the new black :)

The most orange thing i've ever seen was myself in the mirror 5 mins before the show I was in after letting the make-up team loose... I did my own make up after that!

the yolk of an egg.
i know there normally a yellowish orange anyway, but this one was just worryingly orange :|

The orangest thing i have ever senn is my friend tim he would beat the oranges by a long shot, his hair is not ginger but really bright orange

An oompa loompas face, a very deep orange i must say,

My walk back home is usually orange:P

The fans crammed into Bloomfield Rd (Blackpool FC)on a Saturday is definitely the orangest thing I've ever seen!!!( although they call it a delicate tangerine!)

my friend tom at work grew a bit of a beard. man it was very ginger!

A painting of two oranges on orange dayglow paper (I kid you not)

My awesome yummy mummy thighs, they look like orange peel without the orange, lol! Cellulite City, lol! Love you innocent!

The orangest thing ive ever seen is my mate Luke's beard!

Then again the remains of the Wotsits he has been eating that are sat in his tash are VERY orange!

My daughter : when I woke up after testing some 'organic' rum and her Dad had bought her the new Chelsea kit. Now that's ORANGE!

me and my friend steve had a picnic outside costcutter the other day.
we randomly met whilst topping up our phones [we're both on orange] and then we stopped and chatted and decided to have a picnic so we bought jaffa cakes, satsumas and your smoothie of the month, which is very orangey itself.

Well the orangeist thing Ive seen was an orange... That isnt very creative is it? Errm... the orange was called Marmaduke and he took part in swimming tournatments in his spare time. What else could be more orange than an orange!

Oh, ive changed my mind; the orangest thing ive seen now is the pingpong balls in this weeks new-letter-links.

An average street in Holland during the soccer European or World championships (including the residents).

The city of Amsterdam on Koninginnedag (Queens Day) is the orangest thing in the whole world, bar none. And it's also the most fun, thing too. I'm sure your Amsterdam office know all about it!

I think the most Orangey Thing i have ever seen will have too be a, wait for it...

I mean lets face it your not gonna get anything More Orangey than an Orange.
Everyhting about it is Orange its name and its colour.
And i think you will have too agree. Lol (:

I once fell face down into a tin of baked beans. That was pretty orange!

The dining room in my previous house- it had light and dark orange striped wallpaper, and an orange man-made fibre carpet - which used to give you static shocks!

I once fell face down into a tin of baked beans, that was very orange.

an orange

Karl Pilkington eating carrots dipped in marmalade with an oompa loompa on Halloween!

The orangiest thing I've ever seen is several of my colleagues gathered in one place, all wearing their glowing bright orange Explainer shirts.

But the little aprons we provide for kids playing in our water area are pretty orangey too.

We are extremely orange and also very thirsty - from all the Explaining we do all day. Please share your lovely Innocent orange juice with us so that we can be as orange on the inside as we are on the outside!

p.s. sometimes you give away free smoothies on Exhibition Rd and we always try and scurry out to get some. Thanks for sharing - you are very kind. We like your funny, furry, greeny-grassy van too.

The sauce at a Chinese 'eat as much as you like' buffet in London where my friends and I were having post exam eats. If it wasn't luminous we wouldn't eat it! Upon contact with human skin it stained it such a vibrant orange even washing wouldn't get it off!

your new give me a crate of it...........................please !

when i was in Australia i saw this amazingly orange orange. ironic i know. but it was incredible almost as orange as my friend.

My friend Jaz in a band called Tankus the Henge, their slogan is that Orange is the New Black, and at gigs, the crowd is always just a mass of people wearing crazy Tankus orange Tee-Shirts, with orange glo-sticks in their hair, and orange paint on their faces. Brilliant!

Orange is the new Black!!

Here's some proof, that I'm telling the truth! Not my photo.

Er an Orange

My freshers helper t-shirt. Anyone could see me from a good mile off! It said "here to help" in MASSIVE letters on the back!

My Guinea Pig Muffin ;)

When I was in my 20s I used to henna my hair. Usually it came out OK, but one one occasion I used a different brand of dye and instead of my hair being strawberry blonde, I looked like a chestnut horse! In fact my hiar matched the fur on my friends horse exactly! It was a great source of amusement to my friend

My youngest daughter about 1 week after she was born. She looked like she'd been tangoed!!! She had jaundice but instead of turning yellow she turned orange!

An Odeon Cinema ticket.
Can't get more orange than that..!!
Got so many on stuck on my wall it's like I've got orange wallpaper..!!

The Tango Man, Oompa Lompos, David Dickinson, some fake tan jobs, and a bad handbag I saw on a market stall!!!!

my gran's swirly patterned carpet...not a nice yummy orange, a scary one....

The grass on pics my son drew as a youngster-we didn't realise at the time he was colour blind!!
Hes now 21 and still can't distinguish green and orange

The two strips at the top and bottom of train tickets

Ross in Friends when he got his tan and it got SO orange it was hilarious. I haven't ever seen a tan as orange as that. I'm sure thats as orange as things get, mightly hilarious!

The orange shirt I almost bought for work (instead I went for a bright lime green) ... makes me stand out in the office ... should really have got the orange one too hmmm.

Oh, on that note, fancy making a smoothy with a squeeze of lime? ;o)

The Clockwork Orange was way ORANGE with bits! Whilst Orange County lacked the substance for me - well each to their own, but I'm more of a Pulp fiction man...

The orangest thing i've ever seen was when i dyed my hair 'copper'- after hours of having my head wrapped in cling film, the first sight in the mirror afterwards was as orange as orange gets.

innocent orange juice..., not really.

HALLOWEEN, when there are pumpkins and orange stuff is everywhere! AND MY FRIENDS HAIR (it is natural by the way)!!!!

SAINSBURYS PLASTIC BAGS!!! they are the colour of (orange) sick!

Oh yh and the ping pong balls on the you tube thing from this weeks newsletter. :)

P.S. The quote from the film...

"Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh. It was like a bird of rarest spun heaven metal, or like silvery wine flowing in a space ship, gravity all nonsense now.."

the light pong master's ping pong balls. either that or an actual orange.

An Orange

The most amazing Orange sight: the amazing uniform of orange craziness worn by the Dutch football fans wherever their team play. The stand is a mass of all manner of very orange shirts, wigs, hats, overalls and shoes. Orange face paint daubed on (even more orange than a celeb bottle-based tan).

An orange. =D
It's even orange in French!

A couple of months ago my step sister bought a new house and the kitchen was BRIGHT orange. That happened to be the first room she painted...can't imagine why!

A couple of months ago my step sister bought a new house and the kitchen was BRIGHT orange. That happened to be the first room she painted...can't imagine why!

My white t shirt and then my fingers when I brushed past some lilies, got covered in pollen and tried to wipe it off. The stain is indelible!

When i was 8 me and my friend went trick or treating. He dressed up as a pumpkin. He was ridiculously orange, Orange face, orange flares (where did they come from?!?) and an orange jumper of his mums stuffed with pillows.
I was well impressed, i only put on a pair of devil horns....

well, the orangest thing i've ever seen...probably the girl who works in accounts in my hotel, she's more tanned than david dickinson

Sometimes when i look at my phone, it looks orange. =] I also like it when i watch the mighty boosh and noel fielding makes a reference about howard being about as edgy as a satsuma =]
now THAT'S orange =D

An orange.

David Dickinson !

My mini fridge at uni...
it always had at least ten litres of orange juice in it.
Hence why freshers flu passed me by

The orangest thing I've ever seen was a serving of 'smoked' cod at a chippy in Dublin. It was radioactive orange, to be sure!


My flatmate Fliss, dressed as a carrot in orange trousers, top and shoes with orange nail varnish to top it off. She doesn't even like the colour orange!

Probably Easy Cinema in Milton Keynes. and a second time, once I'd had my retinas fixed. Looking at it a third time would be too expensive.

Also, does 'door-hinge' count as a rhyming word for 'orange'?

I had this really nasty infection once...

the freshers' reps at ou rfreshers day. they were all in orange t-shirts and there were thousands of them, or at least it seemed that way. poor freshers they can't help but be overwhelmed!!!


I had a very orange haired boyfriend for a while - bit of a phase, we used to say that he had his own ready brek glow - Hope the counselling worked and he still does not have nighmares about us!

the glasgow subway: orange ticket machiness, orange pass holders, orange signs, old orange subway cars with orange upholstery and all of this accessorised by bottles (full and empty) of Irn Bru...that's a lot of orange especially at 6:45 in the morning.

Driving from Nashville Tennessee to Mississippi to see my brother....much to my surprise there was a huge water tower in Clanton Alabama that was suppose to resemble a peach. It was so orange that you could see it for miles!

The sunset behind Ayers Rock. The most incredible orange colours I have ever seen. Chaning from brights to beautiful deep orange. Amazing!

My friend Frankie's hair! She is having a baby later ths week, and I hoe she has beautiful hair like her mum! Here's us on a log flume when we were kids, guess which one is Frankie....

My cat Chiswick is very orange.

It's pretty orange (though I have to admit perhaps not the most orangest thing I've never seen), but it is damn amusing:

Hours of fun to be had there.

Going through a rather worrying Gillian McKeith phase, I once made an orange and carrot juice. That was pretty damn orange!

My face (Just before Motherwell FC played in a cup semi final)

my bright orange car! and my ginger hair, and when i have done my shopping at sainsburys it glows orange.

My second chakra - it's orange and determines sexual appetite and I'm in lurve so mines as orange as an orange can get.

A Holland football crowd.

My hair! :D

Oh without a doubt it was the 'Bond Bug' three-wheeler, made by Reliant in the 1970's. I'm sure that David Bowie had one!

Mr Tickle is very orange!!!!
so glad you've done a with bits and without. I love the bits and the half doesn't!!!

My Dutch colleagues at a conference in Las Vegas. Orange boiler suits for 4 days solid. Those crazy guys.

dale winton, he used to be the most orengest thing on the bbc. i read that he lit up the chrstmas light in Blackpool, which must have been a role that suited him well.

I currently work for easyJet and my whole world has been orange for the last 10 years!

Just like Simon on of the orangest thing I have seen was my colleague after she had a fake tan. Was especially funny as she was adamently denying she had applied a fake tan and it was real. We were a bit dubious naturally as the west coast of Scotland isn't exactly renowned for it's exotic weather..

The as thing I have ever seen was Tigger at Walt Disney World!! Cuddly, gorgeous and very orange!!

I used to work with a protestant guy from Northern Ireland, so not only was he an Orangeman but he had the most orange beard that I have ever seen.

my old orange ballet outfit it was so bright then after i got it i started loving orange !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The orange paint on the walls of my house when I first moved in - it didn't help the lime green carpet much!

The moon! A couple of weeks ago when driving back from a nice sunny day out at a friend's barbeque, the moon was really big, low and orange! Amazing, but no picture unfortunately :(

Oranges oranges all around
and not a drop to drink
But innocent have solved that now
What else? Now let me think

Fake tan, orange creams,
Orange jeans and tangerines,
Terry’s chocolate orange balls,
Could be the orangest of them all.

What about orange toes?
Or orange bogeys from your nose?
A bit unhealthy, you’ll agree
Right down to granny’s orange teeth (eurgh)

All these things are pretty orange,
As is this very poem,
But the orangest thing what so ever
My favourite orange drink forever…
Has to be that innocent juice,
So fruity and juicy and fabulous!

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