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August 05, 2008


My mate after she got a fake tan...

The make-up counter girls in John Lewis's. They are roughly as orange as three actual oranges.

When my daughter was a baby we went to the local toddler group where there was a little baby boy who ate a lot of carrots, and he was so orange it was amazing! He was truly the orangest thing I had ever seen!

My boyfriend's brother's flat! Orange kitchen cupboards, orange sofas, orange picture frames (and pictures in them), orange table! I first saw it over a year ago and thought "oh dear" - then I moved into a (furnished) flat with orange curtains in the lounge and, you know, it's actually quite nice! Very sunny :)


David Dickenson! Not only is he orange, he's also... quite sweet? No? Ok, but he is definitely orange.

Our bathroom suite. We moved into a 1950s house, with a bright orange bathroom suite. Even better, there are brown and orange tiles and a pale pink carpet. We are looking to replace it, obviously.

David dickenson and his orange fake tan wearing an orange suit holding an orangatang eating an orange.

Me after I took (the now banned) suntan pills. They made me the same colour as the FT.

Dale Winton? Oh and someone that I used to work with that we knicknamed Tango....she's soon to be seen on pop idol I believe...

Grandad Jones...I have a pic but not sure ow to get it on here?

David Dickinson's tan

An Oompa Loompa.

An Oompa Loompa.

Most orange thing......The Grand Canyon....No I didn't go - my boss did and sent me a postcard (thanks **humpf**)

You don't get much more orange than a crowd of motorsport volunteer marshals. It gets thirsty out there all day, so some nice chilled juice would go down a treat!

A golfing friend of ours has an obsession with the colour orange and had various shirts, waterproofs and even shoes. We recently went on a weekend to St Pierre in Wales and had a Orange Golf Day. We all wore Orange shirts and even played with orange golf balls. It did rain and the orange waterproofs came out as did te orange/black umbrellas!

Carrots are orange. Apart from the purple ones that you could buy a while back. They were of course purple. But normal carrots are orange. Lindsey Lohan is also frequently orange - I think that is fake tan.

There is no rhyme for orange in the english language. Weird.

Very excited about your orange juice, thank you!


MY OLD FLAT'S HALLWAY! Get this for a surprise... I go to University for studying type stuff - and my other-half took the day off to have some paint mixed to decorate the hallway as a surprise.

While I was doing learning stuff - the other half was Dale Wintoning the Hallway. I came back to the flat and it was the most hideous bright orange you have ever seen.. I am not joking it was highlighter marker glo-esq ... this was the most overwhelming surprise ever. Mainly as I had to be pleased that it had been painted.

It really was orange. I got back and had to fake delight and we lived with it for about 5 years... thank goodness we moved...

But what I did do was buy low power halogen spots and just lit the pictures on the walls... this totally dumbed down the orange..

It was so funny, when people visited... everyone remarked about the hallway and I had to pretend I liked it for years...

I could also swear that there was bits in the texture of the paint too! I have kept this secret for years - I hated it - but please, please, please don't tell the missus.. shuuush... it's a secret...

I feel much better now... I've kept that "bottled" up for ages!

Oh and my Open University t-shirt is orange!!!

Queensday in Holland

Do you remember Red from Fraggle Rock? Her ears have to be the most orange thing everrrrrr! Oh, well, perhaps apart from the orange-clad person in the Tango adverts who used to slap people after they had a drink of Tango.

Lola's hair in Run Lola Run.
It is the orangest hair I have ever seen.

My friends skin after becoming highly addicted to raw carrot - yes, eating carrots not only helps you see in the dark, but also makes you glow like you've been over eating readybrek!

An Orangutan from Orange County sitting on an orange tractor eating oranges?

I actually saw this, honest.

I was definitely the orangest thing many people have seen! When I was at university (theatre student) I went through a phase of wearing nothing but orange. My favourite going-out outfit was a pair of bright orange flares, with a one shoulder pointy front orange top, about 50 orange jangly braclets up one arm and orange trainers. And an orange fake-fur jacket over the top if it was cold. Unfortunately I don't have photo to show you of this magnificent outfit (but that's probably a good thing really!)

Leeloo Dallas - multipass! Orange hair, orange Jean-Paul Gaultier clothing, what's not to love?

Also, the remanants of the tomato pesto noodles I had for lunch. Quite scarily orange.

My home grown nasturtiam's in my garden which are growing in abundment at the minute and threatening to take over my garden. So i may just have to throw them in a salad to keep them under control!

the orangest thing ive seen? innocent orange juice that was launched on my bday!!

An orange. Note to self, must get out more.

My brother's orange hair, carrot coloured from the day he was born!

When I was coming from my local shopping centre saw a girl with an orange tan, she looked like an oranutang still will the colouring on on fingers but the trouble is she had only done the front half of her body and her back legs and underside of arms were still white!!!

My new retro Space Hopper!

I had one as a child which I played with so much that it faded to a pinkey-orange but the one my partner bought me last week is a brand-spanking new orange!!

Sunset in Ibiza

Me after my lovely daddy filled my sandpit with builders sand because it was cheaper than the processed propper play pit stuff!
I looked like an umpa lumpa for at least 3 days!

The orangest thing that i've ever seen,
was neither satsuma nor tangerine.
It wasn't a carrot, the sun, or a cheese,
it wasn't a pumpkin or fake-tanned girl (please!)
No, the orangest thing, i must declare, was the hair peeping out of my underwear.

my daughter's face last week after eating (and smearing it around a bit) her favourite tomato and pasta baby food!

The Namib desert...huge sand dunes as far as the eye can see made up of tiny grains of orange sand...stunning to look at but a bit of a pain when it got in your camera!! It also had a handy way of making everything look orange (trainers, underwear, skin) and was near impossible to get rid of. I have a rucksack which still drops orange sand everywhere whenever I use it even though it is 5 years since my trip!!

Cheryl Cole :)

We have large orange spiders living in our bathroom. They can swim too - I came home once to find one swimming round and round the toilet bowl - very disturbing (and orange)!

A clementine. But the taste is displeasing. A tarty oj is far superior.

Visiting the 'Big Orange' outside Berri, in Australia. (
It's not just coloured orange, but is two stories high. It's therefore an over-expression of the very essence of orangeness. And one of a series of giant fruit animal-shaped buildings in Australia.

My mate Kat got quite drunk last week and fell asleep on her bed next a bottle of fake tan lotion. She woke up to find herself lying in the spilled contents and very very streaky around her feet - but her disgruntled cat came off a LOT worse. Now she has a cross tabbie :-)

I saw an orangutan last week in Glasgow, he had just come off a sun bed and was on his way back to his job on the rail network wearing the proprietary orange HI-VIZ jacket, he was casting a warm "orangey" glow over all who looked at him, his name was Dave and he was drinking a strawberry and banana smoothie (and if I'm honest, his table manners left a lot to be desired)

The curtains inside ALL caravans made in the UK between the beginning of time and about 1990. They were ALWAYS very, very orange.

I once ate a Minute Maid orange lolly in one such caravan. If someone had seen me then that would have easily been the orangest thing they had ever seen.

You have got me thinking of The Curious Orange off of TMWRNJ in the 90s, now. He scared me.

surely nothing is more orange than an orange itself?

My husband in his high visibilty work clothes!! He looks like the Orange Man (anyone unfortunate enough to have holidayed at Butlins will know who I mean!!) When I wash has kit and peg it on the line we blind the neighbours!!!

Orange Calippo.... melted down the fron of my little girl's T Shirt. It was a lovely new T Shirt and the stain didn't come out even after I washed it and then I rang a well known detergent company for help. Moral of the story.... don't ask

My newborn baby's dirty nappy!!!!

my orange thong, then me with fake tan gone wrong lol

The dust in Uganda was very orange. I went there to work/volunteer for a summer and as we were zooming about in the minibuses (with the winows open as it was to stuffy) everything slowly turned orange...face, hands, hair, bags, shoes, clothes...everything!!! I remember trying to wash my hair in the sink and the water turned totally orange in 3 seconds flat, and i was still coming across orange stains on my clothes 5 months after getting back to the UK. It's not a abvious one, but Uganda = orange!

A Lamborghin Gallardo!

A dutch girl on queen's day, with loads of fake tan (might even work at a make up counter!) and juggling with oranges...that did not happen but that would be the orangest thing ever!!!

definitly the orangiest thing i have ever seen is jodie marsh on monday night richard and judy - she looked radioactive!!!

Easyjet's everything! argh

My last (rented) room had bright orange wallpaper and matching curtains. With the contrasting black fireplace and curtain rail (the only non-orange items) it was a little like living inside an electric fire.

i'm guessing an orange is too obvious an answer?

ok then, how about that god awful liquid poison SunnyD - the stuff that turned you luminous orange when you drank too much. how the hell they got away selling that gunk full of E numbers and additives I'll never know. orange. it was refreshingly, ummm - orange.

Robert Kilroy Silk. He's as orange as that orange on the tree that all the little oranges look at and say 'gosh I wish I was that orange'. That's how orange he is.

Anyone else starting to find the word 'orange' funny, bizarre and little bit meaningless?

2 ladybirds having sex?

has to be David Platt on Coronation Street it just gets worse and worse!

A Pumpkin! Which rather misleadingly looks like a huge Orange... think how many cartons you could make from Oranges that size. Yum!

Molten Glass.

Seeing it for real, with all the heat it gives of is just incredible. Nothing on Earth is as orange. (except maybe moltan magma in volcanoes, or molten steel. In fact, many things with a very high melting point are very orange when molten) check out molten glass/magma/steel on google images.


going all retro now but we used to wear neon towelling socks in the 80's, the orange ones were very very orange, especially under uv light! i also had matching nail varnish! my sons hair is also fairly orange!

Your new orange juice at ASDA this week

The inside of an Easycruise ship cabin, when Easyjet first started doing cruises....literally everything on the ship (including the hull), was orange, (the Easyjet corporate colour). eg.the walls, units, bedlinen etc. They had to reduce the amount of orange after the first year because of the number of complaints they got from people suffering migraines and claustrophobia!

my horse, shes a bright bay, but when we actually have bright sunny weather shes a bright orange.

Quite simply... an orange.

The orangest thing I've ever seen was a can of cheap carrot soup I got from the supermarket. Seriously, it was radioactive.

Ayers Rock at sunset 6 years ago, I'd go back in a flash if I could, oh soooo beautiful!


David Dickinson - "cheap as chips!"

Behind the radiator in our house. The previous occupant thought that orange was a great colour - as we cannot reach behind the radiator to paint over it we are always reminded of this fact

My husband and his friend painted their camper van bright orange. It is a lot of orange as it is a converted minibus which used to have a lift at the back. There is a lot of surface area on this machine!

Clementines are also very orange :-) as is Clemtine's hair in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.


The colour my dinindg room used to be and I was proud of it at the time lokking back I think eeerrrggh yuk!!!How we ever ate in there I don't know.

I watched the most wonderful programme by the BBC - Lost Land of the Jaguar - totally captivating, especially the Howler Monkeys - I've heard of them before, but I was totally amazed when they cam on screen - their beautiful bright ORANGE fur was stunning. It just reminds one again how important it is to help try to conserve our planet's rainforests and preserve good business ethics, just like you Innocent guys seem to do. orange? Yes this has to be the orangest thing I ever saw because not only is it coloured orange but it also tastes orange - you can't get more orange than that, surely?!

I'm surprised to read so many other people have had to deal with orange rooms/halls in their houses, as the most orange thing I've seen is my boyfriend's living room, it's almost unbelievable that anyone would paint a room this colour! Sitting in there really does your head in, I think it's bad feng shui or something...

Check it out:

Innocent Orange Juice, I've never seen so many oranges in one carton!

My own hands and feet after a rather unfortunate incident in my early teens.
I'd rapidly consumed 2 very large bottles of 'Sunny Delight'(or Sunny D as the 'cool' kids called it back in the day) - low and behold, the next day morning I awoke to orange fingers and toes. I do recall later that year the manufacturers had to resolve issues with the excessive additives in the nasty stuff!!
It's nice to know I won't turn orange when I guzzle all the OJ I hope you send me!! x

The organgest thing I have ever seen was 'Orange Wednesday' Mans trousers in the office in Holland. Orange is the national colour of Holland, and when I first spotted a man wearing day-glo orange trousers in the office (of a large stripe is way too dull for the Dutch!!!) it was right around the footy (no idea which one....Euro 2008 maybe???) so I assumed he had got these Tango-esque trousers made especially for the footy. But when I asked around the office they said that this bloke has always worn orange trousers....but only once a week - and only on a WEDNESDAY!! Did he do this to take the mickey out of Orange Wednesday (you know, where the mobile company Orange gives two cinema tickets for the price of one?) I never had the guts to ask him! Incidentally his apple green trousers were just as interesting - I def miss working with the Dutch :-)

My son when he's been eating spag bol.

Orange from ear to ear - including the smile in between ....and the hair, hands, arms, t-shirt (he's only 21 months old, so we can forgive him)

Hari Krishna's at sunset on the beach at Bognor in front of a blazing bonfire

EasyJet employees. Orange uniforms on orange people in orange planes flying past orange suns to orange destinations....well, ok, getting a bit carried away, maybe not orange destinations but destinations where orange juice will be served!

xx thanks Innocent, love your yummy liquids!

How can you get more orange than an orange?

Those dyno rod vans come pretty close mind...

Just about everything in the stonking 1993 film "Addams Family Values". Seriously, watch it and you'll see. I watched it with a mate once and pointed out the proliferation of orange to him, and his mind was blown.

It's in people's clothes and makeup, the walls, a giant orange present, the t-shirts and swimming costumes of a whole summer camp... there's something orange in every scene.

I'll bet you never noticed.

Too much fake tan!!

My CV. I trying to rewrite it for a fab charity job by highlighting bits in orange. But it's all orange now like a cardboard cutout goldfish.

Radio 1's own Scott Mills!

The orangest thing I have ever seen was me when I dressed up as a pumpkin for Halloween. The orange hair dye I used went all over my face and skin and took about 3 showers before it all came off! Still, at least I didn't lose anyone on the night out as I shone out like a beacon!

I had a jumper and matching orange socks when I was 15. They were neon orange, I thought I was the business!!!!

My daughters face after eating wotsits =OD

Working for easyJet everying is the orange culture, we lived and breathed orange uniform's , Pens, Notpads, Coats, you named it it was Orange the working culture was Orange

The centre of the Earth. Well, except I haven't really seen it up close and personal obviously, except when it burps up via volcanoes. I have seen one of those. And it was very orange. And scary.


The orangest thing I have ever seen was me when I dressed up as a pumpkin for Halloween. The orange hair dye I used went all over my face and skin and took about 3 showers before it all came off! Still, at least I didn't lose anyone on the night out as I shone out like a beacon!

I went on a day out to Beaulieu Motor Museum in the New Forest, Hampshire and I saw possibly the most organgey thing on earth that isn't actually an orange...

This is the Outspan Mini which was built in 1972 to advertise the then popular orange juice brand. It has a top speed of 30 mph and can actually roll!

Robert Kilroy Silk.

I'm down to two orange things; it's a tie.
1. The Champs Elysees on the day that the Dutch were playing in the European cup in Paris ago.
2. My orange handbag, co-ordinated with my orange lipstick. People look at it, pause, gulp and say "**** me, that's orange!"

The orangest thing I've ever seen was a fleece my dad bought for me when I was 15 to do a practice D of E expedition. He claimed bright colours were better as, ever the optimist, rescue teams could better see them on mountain sides. We were 'trekking' around Watford. The 'fun making' (a term I've always though inaccurate. I wasn't having fun at all) was relentless and that fleece is still a fond memory for everyone in my group, but me, to this day, and I'm 24. It's still in my cupboard somewhere, probably lighting it up with its neon glow and giving moths something to both fly towards AND eat. A pleasure I imagine they are afforded but rarely. GIMME THE JUICE!

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