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July 01, 2008


Ooh, ooh, I am half Belgian and I remember in the 1970's going to visit my aunt Agnes in Eeklo, Belgium. Aunt Agnes owned a sweetshop and at the end of the holiday she gave me an entire box of bubblies AND a huge box of Speculoos. Unfortunately our holiday coincided with the petrol strike, so we filled the boot with cans of fuel (the luggage went on the roof rack, as luggage did in the '70s!) and headed home. By the time we reached our destination, the fumes had permeated everything, and the Speculoos tasted only of petrol.

I still ate them though.

This would likely explain why I've been on a diet since 1980.

Oh my god, I can't believe it. I'm Dutch and really miss my speculaas and other Dutch sweets and biscuits... but I've never heard of this spread. It's a great idea though, I'd love to buy it. Please can you get me in touch with the person who gave it to you or let me know where they got it from? I just have to have it!! Next invention will be stroopwafel (Dutch syrup waffle) jam! ;-)
Thanks, Nousj


Oh my goodness, if they are anything like the German Spekulatius you MUST dig out the address or contact details of whoever produces the stuff ... never heard of a spreadable version but I'm sure there's a market over here as well - pls tell them the can open a Speculoos Deli tomorrow I'm first in the queue!!!!

where did the person get the spread?

I'll be looking out for this,looks amazing.COOKIE LOVE!!!!


Hello there

It's from a company called Lotus Bakeries. According to their website you can get it in the UK but there aren't any details as to how exactly.

I've emailed them to see where you can get hold of this incredible product in the UK so soon as I know, will post it on this blog.

Meantime, you can have a look at their website here,

Then all you need to do is work out where your friends are going on holiday this summer and beg them to bring you a crate or two back...


Wow! I want some too! We went to Lille last St Nicolas Day and ate Speculoos biscuits. They are gorgeous. Where can I buy the spread please?


Half of me really needs a jar of this now, and half of me is glad I don't know where to buy it...yet...

I can see this being highly addictive and delicious!

We want Speculoos!


I'm really excited about all this because I'm sitting here at Lotus HQ in Manchester working on how we can get this exquisite spreadable treat into the hands of UK consumers.
In fairness, it's going so well in Belgium that we're struggling to keep up with demand. But rest assured...we'll have it over here as soon as we can. For those of you that are interested, you can buy our biscuits in most of the major supermarkets. I'll post a pic in a minute so you know what to look out for.



If I send you a picture of the biscuits & spread, could you post it on the blog for me, pleeease?



Hello Ian

Seeing as the people are crying out for your heavenly biscuit spread, if you can send me a case of the stuff over, we can run a little competition for our lovely drinkers to win themselves a pot ahead of launch in the UK

What do you say?



I say - it's on its way!


OMG I must have some of this! My dad's half-Belgian and managed to raise a pair of speculaas-addicted children, can't wait to get some! Just to be pedantic though, it's speculoos in french speaking belgium and speculaas in flemish & nederlands, rather than speculoos referring to the spread and speculaas to the cookie. And there are few things finer than speculaas flavour ice cream!

I must say I'm rather excited by all this, not least because I've just found out Lotus HQ is in Manchester. I've long been a fan of Lotus Caramalised biscuits, and my Mum always makes sure she has some in when I go home. Thanks Mum. Also, where I have my hair done, they have the single ones in little packets. Needless to say I drink a lot of tea when I'm having half a head of highlights ... Seriously folks, if you've never had these before you haven't lived. They did used to do ones half coated in chocolate (I know my Lotus biscuits) but they're not around so much anymore. Boy were they good.


Half-covered choccy variety is on sale in every UK Morrisons store!

Ian @ Lotus HQ

All right Innocent, where's this competition then?!?! You're just keeping those lovely jars for yourselves, aren't you?!? (Not that I blame you . . . but I want some!)

Robyn, biscuit fan :D

Has anyone tried Speculaas ice-cream??? It's my favourite ever. Think you may need to go to Belgium to get it though...

Never mind spreadable biscuits, how about spreadable marshmallow? The stuff you need is called Fluff and can be bought in Selfridges, we bought ours in the Birmingham branch. Comes in a magnificent day-glo pink (raspberry) and is simply superb on toast, crumpets and the like.

Fluff can also be bought in Sainsbury's but it's white and makes awsome 'Fluffernutters' (fluff and peanut butter on toast). But thats not the point of this blog!

I was in Belgium around Christmas a few years ago and a man in a santa suit came around and gave us all a biscuit like this and I thought 'Wow, how very odd' but now I get it!! Oh and I must have some!! I imagine it would go well with jam or chocolate spread. We must spread (no pun intended) the word and start a craze!!

I think I get too excited sometimes....

Just found some of that Speculoos Paste on ebay!

Thanks for the tip Ian. I went and treated myself and my sister to a packet each last weekend. Heaven.

I have some right beside me! I went to Belgium last weekend and bought two jars of it. Mmmmm - it's almost all gone....

I'm Belgian, so for me this blog post is way too cool! :D The spread is an idea from De Bedenkers, a TV program, something like Idols but for inventors. You can buy it in every regular supermarket here and I love it :)

Speculoos Spread is Food of the Gods... I discovered it last year... I need another trip to Belgy land or a Beglian shop in London, as I ran out.
LOve it!
James in SW13

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