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May 28, 2008


Mike - crisps and chocolate money
Abi - toast with brown stuff on it
Simon - nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana

I used to love Kellogg’s red berries but they discontinued it! I wrote to them and ask for any last stock to be sent to me and even went on a hunt to the shops to find the last packs! But no luck! It took me a while to get enthusiastic again about breakfast! But a new era has just begun with your breakfast thickie!

The weirdest breakfast I had was on a small village in Thailand! Warm rice soup, quite watery with pork pieces and of course with the option to add chillies and sugar!! It was delicious!

I'd say..

MIKE - Toast mit brown stuff
ABI - Crips, chocolat
SIMON - Nettle teaa, cereal, banana

And I cant say I remember any particularly interesting breakfasts,
but this morning i had a litre&1/2 of ice tea
(b-e-a-utiful! but am now verr bloated)
and shedloads of history revision.
(not so beautiful..)
take pity perhaps?

Mike - crisps
Abbi - cereal
Simon - toast and brown stuff

The most interesting breakfast I ever did have was on my exchange trip to Madrid when I was at school. I discovered that people could eat quite a lot of meat at the first meal of the day. I went on to discover quite a lot of toilets across the Spanish city.

Abi had healthy stuff, Simon had toast (which I reckon had marmite on it, not brown sauce as suggested) and Mike had crisps. No offence Mike; it's just that your hair looks a little dishevelled, and hence that you grabbed the first thing that came to hand...

Most interesting brekkie... not so much the breakfast but what came before it. I was on holiday in Greece, and slightly hung-over. I snuck out while my friends were still snoring happily and decided to swim to a nearby island, which was a little further away than it looked... Arriving back to shore two hours later, the Greek yoghurt with honey, and coffee so strong it made the spoon wither, was the food of the gods.

mike - crisps
abbi - healthy stuff
simon - toast

Most memorable breakfast (wasnt particularly interesting though) was on the ferry on the way back from a music tour in Salzburg. We hadn't eaten real food for a week - we had been given the weirdest smelling salamis - so we gorged ourselves on a full English breakfast at 2 in the morning. Truly amazing.

i think that:

Mike - had the crisps and chocolate
Abi - had the toast
Simon - had the nettle tea and cereal

the most intresting breakfast i ever had was when i was 8 on my way to newzealand and we stopped off in singapore. the breakfast was huge! and it had flowers and fountains decorating the whole buffet area it was amazing!

Mike - crisps and choc money, mainly because it doesn't look like he shaved this morning, so maybe he was in a rush (or simply likes the look, but anyway...)
Abi - toast + brown goo)
Simon - cereal, tea and banana (thats a big breakfast!)

Most interesting breakfast i had: early one new years morning, after a night out at the local goth club with a bunch of mates, we had gone back to their house, stayed up till morning and had champagne breakfast. That was good, lots of interesting conversations!

Mike - crisps and chocolate money
Abby - Toast with brown stuff
Simon - nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana

Most interesting breakfast...woke up really late and had breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time: Bacon sandwich, cheese and tomato sandwich and then stir-fry for dinner...with apple pie for desert!


So I reckon Mike - chocolate, Abi - healthy stuff, Simon - toast.

The most interesting breakfast? Well it's not as interesting as it is tasty:). I'm a big chocoholic so my breakfast consisted of 2 brownies and pancakes with chocolate, bananas and strawberries and believe it or not - an Innocent smoothie.

Simon- The Healthy Stuff
Mike - Toast

My favourite breakfast with mickey and Minnie in Florida i was 32 at the time! Crazy i know but got to be done!

Mike - Toast with Brown
Abi - Crisps and Choccies
Si - Tea, Cereal and a Banana

My most interesting breakfast...

Sweet Rotten Egg Omelette. Scrumptious! may not be the word you are thinking of.

It was my brother's attempt at breakfast when I was about 8. Eggs were the only thing left in the house, which turned out to be a bit 'off'. So a spoonful of sugar helped the omlette go down.
All I can remember is that they were really light fluffy!

mike=had crisps and chocolate money

abbie=had nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana

simon=had toast with brown stuff on it

my most interesting breakfast was...

pancakes.. with frozen innocents 'yoghurt,vanilla bean and honey mini thickie' inside it... oh and some verrry poorly squeezed grape juice drizzled on it (it was considerably more like grape mush) .. i call it a - Yonilley mushcake !! :D its err.. strange ;) TRY A YONILLEY MUSHCAKE!!! x

Mike- toast
Abbie- crisps
Simon- healthy

The best breakfast I ever had was my Grandma's home-made apple pie and custard! I was supposed to have it the day before for tea but I forgot so I ate it for breakfast instead. Afterall- waste not, want not!!!

Innocent rules

Mik; crisps and chocolate money
Abi; toast with brown stuff on it
Simon; nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana

When I went to visit my little brother, he presented us with gruel (porridge and water made solid by heating) to which we could add curry powder to make it more interesting. It was indeed interesting but not wholly successful.

Mike - Toast
Abi - Crisps
Simon - Healthy brekkie

The most interesting breakfast I have ever had has to be a peeled banana, wrapped in bacon and fried. It sound horrific when it was suggested, but there is something about the taste of bacon juice and the sweet sweet banana that really works... Try it and see!

Simon- healthy stuff
Abi- toast
Mike- crisps

I had my best breakfast on a boat in Holland. We were on a cycling holiday where you sleep on the boat, and the chef made pancakes for breakfast. There were loads of toppings to choose from and I went for milkyway chocolate spread, 100's and 1000's, chocolate sauce, marshmallows and banana! When the chef saw it he laughed and said it was the best breakfast he'd ever seen and took a photo!

Mike = Crisps
Abi = Healthy cereal =]
Simon = Toast with brown stuff...:s

My most interesting breakfast was better than all of those silly breakfast's put together. Although I suppose it depends on how you define 'interesting'. You can make up your mind in a sec...
Ok, my most 'interesting' (define later) breakfast was when I woke up one morning thinking it was the morning (as you do) when it was really 2am. Anyway, I got up, stumbled downstairs all tired and weary and sleepy etc (in the pitch black) and put on some toast, and got a can of baked beans, emptied content into a bowl and put in the microwave. The usual beans on toast. Still sleepy, chucked the tin away, not looking at lable (rookie mistake...) and prepared my meal. Sat down to eat, still half asleep and in the dark, to find that the so called baked beans were actually a rather tasty concoction consisting of 'chunks with beef in jelly'. That's right folks, i ate dog food. Well, about a forkful, but i think that's enough, don't you???
Now define 'interesting'...

Abi-Nettles and Cereal

My most interesting breakfast was during a visit to Singapore. I got friendly with a local who made me try all the local delicacies. The morning in question I devoured a local fruit (can’t remember the name of it - but it tasted like vomit) as part of my 5-a-day, followed by a course of cockroach kebabs on skewers. They weren’t bad actually - a bit crunchy but covered in a rather moreish toffee like syrup - YUM!

Mike- crisps and choccy coins
Abi- cereal and herbal tea
Simon- toast

breakfast: Thought I'd be all smart and I figured I'd try all this fancy vegetable juicing I'd hear about. I found possibly the most vague recipe in the history of the universe and gave it a go. it had 3 (yes 3!) cucumbers, 2 bags of spinach (veyrverybigbags) 4 bunches of parsley, some carrots and an apple. I tried putting it in the microwave, tried it with hot pepper, but it made me a little bit sick. I'll stick to my innocents cheers.

Mike-chocolate money and chips,
Abi-toast with brown stuff on it,
Simon-nettle tea, healthy cereal and banana.

My most interesting breakfast was when my dad told me that my uncles eat cornflakes with orange juice, not milk. So i tried this and it turned out to be quite an interesting experience. I must try it with the strawberries and bananas smoothie soon, it may prove to be the breakfast of the century!
Yours innocently,

Abi had nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana

Simon had toast with brown sauce

And Mike had crisps and chocolate money :)

Hmm interesting breakfast ehh? Probably this new years day as a treat I had jelly and cream with sprinkles and a syrup covered pain au chocolat - very tasty :)

Mike: toast.
Abi: Healthy stuff.
Simon: Crisps. ((how can you do that!?))

I had Ice cream, jelly and chocolate cake for Boxing day breakfast...with a little bit of fruit cake as well..

It was yummy...and filled me up until lunch time!!

you should try that one day...

Well I would say:

Mike - Brown stuff
Abi - Crisps
Simon - Healthy stuff

When I went to Disneyland, they served the usual continental breakfast but it wasn't the food but what people did with it that made it interesting. They'd eat their breakfast then bring out huge rucksacks and make sandwiches and fill up litre bottles of orange juice and stow them away to be eaten for snacks, lunch and possibly tea. All for the cheap sum of 10euro! We watched the first day of our stay and joined in the next.

Mike - crisps
Abbi - toast
Simon - healthy

The best breakfast I ever had was made better by the fact that it was 12.00 in the afternoon, so it was a sort of brunch. I had a sweet crepe with chocolate, hot chocolate and coco pops (I'm a bit of a chocoholic) and an innocent smothie obviously! I saw the buy one, get one tree thingymabob the front of the carton, and planted a tree, making me feel good about myself and my breakfast :)

mike- crisps
abi - healthy shizz
simon- toast with brown stuff

hmmmm my most interesting breakfast was in cyprus a coupple of years back when we were staying with friends and we went on one of those touristsy boat trips in the early morning and we were supposed to be able to dive into the sea in a place where there was no salt and then eat breakfast.

we did the whole swimming thing (they lied - there was salt!) and we went to eat breakfast and my eight year old self looked up to see a whole load of tanks filled with scary army men pointing at us (quite far away admittedly - just not far enough for me!)

Apparently it was a training exercise which we had stumbled into but I just remember being too scared to eat! however we didn't get shot as i was convinced we would!

Mike - toast
Abi - nettel tea
Simon - crisps

Imy husband and I were in a remote part of Germany years ago and the menu had no translation at breakfast - we confidently ordered to find we had 5 different types of egg ! I didn't mind - I don't eat eggs....and the waitress didn't say anything

Welll Simon looks very bright eyed a bushy - like a labrador or golden retriever. I think he had the nettle nonsense. I recognise Abi from brown sauce anonymous... 'This has got stop! You can do this Abi, come on!'
I am her sponsor.

Which leaves the obviously hungover and a bit unwashed Mike as the chip/choc money lover.....
Who needs Columbo.
The most boring breakfast I have ever had was in Bolivia when every day it was 'jam sandwich', 'jam sandwich'. Come on Bolivia, you are supposed to be exotic?! Best was in Thailand where I joined those hardy Thais in the consumption of Larb Gai with 6 chillies, sugar, vinegar and fishy stuff for brekkie. Mmmmmm mmmm. Better than jam sandwich.

Mike had the healthy stuff, Abi had the crips&choc and Simon had the..umm...oh yeah brown stuff on toast. (I hope)

My most interesting breakfast was a selection of Indian snacks (onion bhajis, samosas etc.) eaten in a maths lecture at uni. My friend declared my breakfast as 'morally wrong'. Not sure why though...

Abi- crisps
Simon (navy jumper)- cereal

I always have my most interesting breakfasts when I write all over the skin of my breakfast banana, I never know what I'm going to write, I just let the banana tell my hand what to do (that's what makes it interesting). It makes your hand feel very relaxed and saves the trees. Gotta love them trees.

i think it is

abi - cereal and nettle tea
simon - toast with stuff on
mike - crisps and chocolate money

my most interesting breakfast was a barbecue at six o'clock in the morning. i was camping and we had no food left apart from barbecue food. there was sausages, burgers and pork!

I think Abi had banana (nice) and cereal, simon had toast with brown sauuce, and mike had a seven year olds dream breakfast.

My best breakfast was a few weeks ago i was feeling rather worse for wear in the morning so my very nice boyfriend went to the bakery to buy some breakfast, he returned with some steak slices much to my dismay as he had evidently forgotten that i dont eat animals.
To apologise for his forgetfulness he went back out and returned with a GIANT MELON and a pineapple and strawberries and grapes and bananas and made me a very tasty fruit salad! yum yum.

Abi-nettle tea breakfast
Simon-toast with brown stuff

My most interesting breakfast was when we went camping in the mountains. Having no more eggs left, the only option was to light the fire and have beef chops for brekkie!! With some brown stuff of course!!

Mike - Crisps
Abi - Toast with brown stuff
Simon - Nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana

hmmm.... once on my birthday i drank melted chocolate, some ice because my mouth was burnt, and then a banana to be healthy. then i ate six chocolate covered ants, and threw up the rest. :(

shortly afterwards i ate what appeared to be popcorn but was actually some kind of retro bath salt which fizzes and makes the water sweet... it wasn't great.

The melted chocolate was nice though XD

I believe this is the order:
Simon - Healthy Stuff
Abi - Toast with brown stuff
Mike - Crisps and chocolate!

My most interesting breakfast had to be left over tuna pasta bake from the last night which i ate cold from the fridge and then i was still hungry so for some reason i thought chewing gum would fill me up. Apparently not! :-)

Simon - Nettle tea etc (looks the sort lol)
Mike - Crisps etc
Abi - Toast and HP (yummy!!)

My most interesting breakfast was on holiday in Mexico when we were served up pork and beef enchildas for breakfast. We were told this is normal there but I still think that they were trying to get rid of the leftovers from the night before! Happily went without that day......No smoothies there sadly.

I belive this is who ate what:

Simon: Tea Cereal Banana
Abi: Toast with brown stuff
Mike: Crisps and chocolate!

My most interesting breakfast has to be when i ate left over tuna pasta bake from last night cold from the firdge. Yum! After that I was still hungary so for some reason I hoped that chewing gum might fill me up. Apparently not! ;-)

My guess is:

Mike - Crisps
Abi - Toast with brown stuff (so wrong but so good!)
Simon - Nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana

the most interesting breakfast i've ever had was when i had a tummy upset in india and the lovely hotel staff told me they would make me a special breakfast to make me better. expecting toast or idli, they instead gave me fried fish, murruku and whisky to wash it down. i didn't really feel better after!

Simon ~healthy and Mike ~ Brown on has to be a girl thing to save those chocolate coins from Christmas stockings for emergency brekkies (even though we hate getting the foil off) Hope it did the trick Abi!

My best breakfast was one I served as a treat for my Mum and Dad. Breakfast in bed..cornflake sandwiches, with milk and sugar, carried lovingly to their room stuffed in my pyjama pocket..well I was only 3 or 4 at the time..and it's the thought that counts!

Mike - toast with brown stuff
Abi - nettle tea and cereal
Simon - crisps & chocolate money

My most interesting breakfast is toasted turkey and stuffing sandwiches every boxing-day morning! It is only once a year and I really look forward to it.
Rest of the time it's a fruit smoothie so I don't feel guilty.

mike..... choc-crisp-oholic
abi.... toast
simon... healthy stuff

when i was little i was a skilled artisan in creating the stripey wheatabix... spread one stripe of margarine at a time onto the wheatabix and cover with alternating brown and white sugars. aesthetically pleasing and tasty!

Mike - Crisps and chocolate
Abi - Toast with gloop
Simon - Cereal and niceness

For a school trip in year 8 we had to make our own meals for a day, and my group had a magical meal of smash and sausages for tea, with those packaged cheese slices you get, grilled on toast for breakfast. Everyone complained about how disgusting it was, but I loved it! Yum yum.

Simon - nettle tea etc, seems far too smooth(ie) for his own good
Abi - chips etc, just to prove to men that not all women are saints
Other Bloke - toast,

Most interesting breakfast?
I once ate Battenberg cake for a month of breakfasts whilst living with Austrian Army.. no, that was my worst.

Breakfasting on blackberries one summer's dawn on a fifteen mile walk having missed my lift after a party is right up there..

Mike - cereal
Abi - chips
Simon - toast

Californian eggs benedict (with avocado, bacon & fresh fruit on the side) with a freshly squeezed orange juice and never-ending coffee one sunny Sunday morning, accompanied by my wonderful hubby in a wee diner in Marin county, California, would have to rate pretty highly. James Hetfield (lead singer of Metallica) came in for breakfast and we tried not to stare too much, either at him or his camouflage-painted Hummer outside.

I think...Abi had the healthly nettle tea and cereal concoction. Mike had the yummy crisps :D annnnd Simon had the brown sauce toast.

My most interesting breakfast would haaaave to be...when I was 17 and my mum and dad went on holiday for the first time on their own - therefore leaving me on my own for a week. I was surviving, coping pretty well but by the third day I had run out of bread, milk and anything edible and (due to a lack of money - thanks mum and effort) I ended up eating chicken nuggets and sweet chili sauce for breakfast. It wasn't particularly satisfying :(

Abbi - toast and brown stuff.
Simon - nettle tea etc.
Mike - crisps and coins!

My most memorable breakfast is a bit of a toss up...
1) Rice and peanut butter (for 2 months) while living in a tent in rural Madagascar on a research project.
2) Tinned ravioli (also endlessly!) while on a boat in the Caribbean when I was 8. Mum really struggled to find non-perishable supplies and I still can't face tinned ravioli to this day!!

I think Mike had the toast, Abi had the crisps and Simon had the healthy stuff....

Interested to find out!

As for my most interesting breakfast story... when I was about 12 I had a friend stay over. And I was terribly excited about such and decided to make her breakfast.... only for her to discover a patch of green mould on the toast she had almost fully munched through.... that was one unimpressed 12 year old! Me mammy wasn't much happy either!

Mike had the toast(the brown stuff is to hide the taste of the burnt bits. Mmmm Carbon)

Abi had the nettle tea etc. But it was just to make herself feel virtuous before a yummy unhealthy lunch.

Simon had the crisps....and probably pretended he was a pirate with the gold chocolate money coins.

My most interesting breakfast was made my by lovely 'academic daughter' at Uni, who prepared a feast of:
Pancakes + Waffles + Maple syrup,
Chopped Strawberries and Bananas,
French toast,
Orange Juice,
Apple Juice,
and Chocolate mousse(why not?)
which about 12 of us all sat round the table to eat together! :D

Mike - Crisps & choccy pennies
Abi - toast n brown stuff
Simon - Nettle tea, cereals & narna

The most interesting breakfast for me had to be at a Youth Hostel in Amsterdam many years ago. It consisted of really warm bread, butter, chocolate spread and multicoloured sprinkles (like the stuff used to decorate cakes) and for that healthy (optional)addition, a banana...

Mike:toast with that disgusting brown looking sause.
Abi: herby tea and banana and cereal.
Simon: crisps and chocolate money.
i'd be worried if one of the 'men' had herbal tea!!

Most interesting breakfast has to be when i went camping a while back with my school. We had these boil in the bag things and it was meant to be baked beans and bacon, but it was more like something that had been regurgitated a couple of times! It was one of the most disgusting things i have ever had to eat and not the most pleasant of experiences.

That diserves about 10 cratefulls of smoothies for reminding me of that unpleasant experience!

Simon had cereal and banana
Abi had chocolate money and crisps and Mike had toast and brown stuff. Most interesting breakfast I had was toasted marshmallows with fried bread, peanut butter and cheese slices as last ingredients on a camping trip.

Mike - Cereal, fruit and weirdy tea
Abi - Crisps and chocolate
Simon - Toast and brown stuff

I once made the mistake of going out on an all-nighter the night before I was due to move house. I woke up to a bad hangover and nothing in the kitchen save a bit of muesli and a bag of leftover prawn crackers from the previous evening's Chinese takeaway. As I couldn't face even the thought of muesli, I scoffed the prawn crackers and I must say that was the most interesting, and surprisingly satisfying, breakfast I've ever had.

i'm going for:
Mike: unhealthy crisps and money
Abi: nestle tea, cereal and a banana
Simon: toast and brown stuff (Y)

the most interesting would have to be...
greek yoghurt and green pesto. it was one of those creative moments in the kitchen...and it was actually delicious! didnt half make my breath smell though :S and it was a slight waste of pesto...
it looked kinda gross too. and my dad thought it was disgusting...twas quite good he wasnt eating it :) but all in was a good experiment :P

Books and covers, guys. It goes against the grain.

Mike is the only one I would judge and he has to be guilty of brown on toast.

Abi - is it possible that she ate crisps and chocolate coins? And is that a bad thing? I'm sure I could not say.

Simon is a fresh-faced chap who does good work for "charideeeeee" and cycles to work. Only a lot of good carbs, from low GI cereal and a Ju-u-u-ust ripe banana, washed down with something anti-ox would help him sustain his lifestyle and complexion.

I had a breakfast once. On my day off. It started just after I got up (and my blood sugar was dangerously low following a night that I still can't talk about) and straggled through til Tuesday when I had to go back to work, and included white things, butter, chocolate, an introductiuon to the bloke I met coming out of my shower room and some more wine.

Swear to God, I'm not doing THAT, (ie breakfast,) again!

I think (and belive me that doesnt happen often)

Simon scoffed the healthy stuff
Mike gulped down the chocolate and
Abby polished off the brown stuff on toast

I say that because none of the girlys I know would have brown sauce and I think your hatching a cunning plan to trick us smoothie people

Ms Scarlet in the Study with a Candlestick!


simon - healthy stuff
abi - crispees
mike - toast

weirdest breakfast i ever had: pinapples, mangos and ragu sauce. (naw...not really =])

Books and covers, guys. It goes against the grain.

Mike is the only one I would judge and he has to be guilty of brown on toast.

Abi - is it possible that she ate crisps and chocolate coins? And is that a bad thing? I'm sure I could not say.

Simon is a fresh-faced chap who does good work for "charideeeeee" and cycles to work. Only a lot of good carbs, from low GI cereal and a Ju-u-u-ust ripe banana, washed down with something anti-ox would help him sustain his lifestyle and complexion.

I had a breakfast once. On my day off. It started just after I got up (and my blood sugar was dangerously low following a night that I still can't talk about) and straggled through til Tuesday when I had to go back to work, and included white things, butter, chocolate, an introductiuon to the bloke I met coming out of my shower room and some more wine.

Swear to God, I'm not doing THAT, (ie breakfast,) again!

ohhh boy this is a hard one. i would say....
abi had the crisps and chocolate, i generally feel like that mostt of the time!
mike had the toast
and simon had the cereal, pretty clean cut!
but to be honest i would have a different one on each day!
Most interesting breakfast would be a big waffle in the centre of the plate with syrup and powder sugar sprinkled on top, surrounded by 2-4 scotch pancakes with the same accessories, all sat on top of a big crepe spread out across the plate, and lined with chopped strawberries and blueberries, with an extra sprinkle of sugar. mmmmmmmmmm. sat on a sunny sandy beach on holiday of course.

Abi - Healthy stuff
Mike - crisps and chocolate money
Simon - Toast with brown stuff

My best breakfast ever was when i was in Egypt with my boyfriend and we'd been trekking the previous day and were staying in this pretty grotty hotel. At like 4 in the morning we got up and rode donkeys down to the valley of the Kings. We sat on this large rock and watched the sun come over the valley whilst our guide opened up his pack to reveal fresh fruit (oh so good) and pittas and also some fuul which is like mashed up boiled beans like chickpeas. This all came as a surprise out of this tiny pack!!

Amazing view, amazing breakfast and amazing company. First thing in the morning. What's better?

simon = healthy stuff
abi = crisps
Mike = toast

I had to get up early, pack up a tent and run to catch a train home from cornwall once. On the train I was hungry to break my fast but all I had left were some weetabix and (because it was cornwall) some clotted cream and jam. So i put the said cornish treats (in generous dollops) onto the aformentioned cereally delight and tucked in. yum yum!

Mike - Brown stuff on toast
Abi - cereal, tea and banana
Simon - crisp gunk

Most interesting breakfast I've ever had was about a year ago, when my Breakfast suddenly started talking to me (true story) about all these really fascinating topics and issues. The key thing I remember was that the Breakfast is extremely annoyed with Dinner for intruding on its territory and unhappy with Lunch for not helping it out in its plight. My breakfast refused to discuss Brunch.
Really interesting breakfast.

Mike - Crisps and choc money
Abi - Nettle tea, cereal and banana
Simon - Toast and brown stuff

Most interesting (though not necessarily good) was a common student brekkie of reheated pizza!

ok, i think..
Mike had toast with brown stuff on it;
Abi - nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana;
Simon - crisps and chocolate money.

i will tell you about the breakfast i had some years ago while being in camp (in Latvia: sleepin in forest next to the seaside.we were collecting garbage, cleaning the beach). it probably sounds weird,but it was a fried apple on a stick that i had!!! i overslept breakfast time,so one cute boy fried it for me. was sweet (both apple & the boy,lol) ;)

Mike - healthy stuff
Abi - crisps and choc coins
Simon - toast and brown stuff

I cant tell you about my most interesting breakfast so I know I wont win, but as I have sat here trying to pin one breakfast down as most interesting, I might as well tell you - every breakfast is interesting in our house with our 8yr old autistic triplets! Thats why I cant choose one - its always a bit mad and very strange here (food choices as well as peculiar behaviours!) but it makes us laugh a lot. The sign in my kitchen says "good morning, let the stress begin" and that pretty much sums it up - in a good natured way!

It's a tough one... but I'm going to go with:

Simon - nettle tea, cereal, banana
Abi - toast and brown stuff
Mike - crisps and chocolate-based currency

The most interesting breakfast I think I've had was actually a couple of weeks ago when we camped at the bmx trails. It wasn't so much what we had but the events surrounding it that made it so special.

Having had a hearty day's BMX jumping, and an equally hearty evening's singing around the campfire, we awoke to discover that some devious foxes had extremely carefully extracted our bacon from it's packaging and made a run for it. All we had left was some forlorn-looking (but very neatly opened) packaging. Those crafty foxes.

In order to rectify the alarming situation, we rode our bikes to the nearest supermarket and bought some more. At the same time we also bought sausages, bread and some tin foil.

Our plan was to wrap the food up in foil, cook it in the embers and extract it when it was ready. The major flaw we had overlooked was that we had no way of knowing when things were actually cooked.

At that moment, a crowd of younger kids arrived, all on their BMX's, ready for a day's trails riding. It was like a scene out of The Goonies or something. Anyway, spotting the chance for a bacon sandwich, these kids industriously searched the woods until one of them returned with a massive sheet of scrap metal.

With their help, we carefully wrapped the sheet up in foil, and stacked rocks up in piles at each corner of the fire. Finally, we laid the sheet on top of our stacks of rocks, and "TADA!" we had ourselves a makeshift griddle.*

And so on went ALL the bacon and ALL sausages, all at the same time (luckily it turned out we'd bought way more than we'd ever have eaten on our own), with everyone using sticks and twigs as cooking utensils**, and so it transpired that everyone at the BMX trails that morning had a bacon and sausage sandwich for breakfast, with ketchup and brown sauce.

And everyone lived happily ever after. Even the foxes.

* It was at this point that Bear Grylles came riding by on a wild boar and told us how impressed he was at our ability to survive in the jungle.

** Ditto Ray Mears.

Mike had the strange toast
Abbi had cereal and banana
Simon had crisps and chocolate

My most interesting breakfast was during a summer in Norway selling health books door-to-door. I was a poor student and lived for free in a basement room of a church. Without a fridge to keep milk fresh, I decided to buy powdered milk. Next morning the box yielded baby cereal. And no wonder babies spit up. I mixed it with water and ate it anyway. Then I learned Norwegian as fast as possible.

Mike- nasty brown toast
Abi- chocolate money, monster munch and wotsits
Simon- shreddies,banana,prickly tea

My most interesting breakfast was in Japan, I had strawberry chocolate and 2 octopus tenticles. Chewy.
Glad to be back home, they don't sell innocents in tokyo [booo!]

mike had the crisps, abi had the cereal and simon had toast.

i was in honk kong a few years ago and the hotel we stayed in gave us a free breakie (bargain) they gave us beef noodles and something else that to this day i have no idea what it was. i think thats why it was free!

Mike had the crisps (and why no indeed!)
Abi had the cereal ('cause she's a sensible, healthy kind of girl!)
Which means, by default, that Simon had the toast. Which, apart from the random topping, is pretty normal really!

My most interesting breakfast? Got to be cold pizza, with Nerds on top. (please tell me you remember Nerds.. those weird sweets that were around about 10 years ago?). Anyway.. they go GREAT on cold pizza from the night before! :)

I think that:
Mike had crisps and chocolate money.
Abi had nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana.
Simon had toast with HP sauce!
I would say my most interesting breakfast was when I was walking my dogs very early in the morning and came across a rasberry bush, so collected some then put them in a bowl with cream and a weetabix then had an innocent rasberry smoothie too! It was yummy! - I also gave my dogs a rasberry too :P

I think Mike had the crisps and chocolate money, Abi had the nettle tea, healthy cereal and banana, and Simon had the toast with brown stuff on it.

Most interesting brekkie was a few years ago, camping with some friends. We sat down for cereal and milk. Mine tasted a bit different but I didn't think anything of it. I got to the bit where I was drinking the milk out of the side of the bowl, I came face to face with a large snail which was trying to swim through the bottom of the milk and make its escape....!! haven't been able to face cornflakes since!

Mike - crisps and chocolate
Abi - toast with hp
Simon - healthy food

The most interesting breakfast i had was when i was in China we went down for the breakfast buffet and there was fish heads! I decided to skip breakfast for that day but the chinese people ate it instead! ugh!!!!!!!!

Mike: toast
Abi: crisps
Simon: healthy

My best breakfast was in Toronto - where breakfast merges shamelessly into brunch. You start off easy. Cereal, fruit, freshly squeezed juices, coffee, yoghurt. Then bacon, eggs, sausage, pancakes, with some pastries and croissants to keep you going. Finished? You haven't tried the fried seaweed. Worried that your habits (and dirty plates) are going to cause embarrassment? No need – they disappear and replacements appear as if by magic. So you can safely start the whole process again ...

Mike - toast with brown stuff on it
Abi - nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana
Simon - crisps and chocolate money

I went exploring one day
To India - far away.
I met an old gent -
A lucky event -
Cos he said with him I could stay.

His breakfasts were really a treat,
Dozens of good things to eat:
Chapatti with pickles on,
Curry and poppadom,
A paratha as big as my seat.

Then he gave me a mango to try.
"Scrumdidliumptious!" I cried.
He fetched more of them,
Then more again,
‘Til I felt like a smoothie inside.


Abi - cereal and nettle tea.

Simon - Toast and sauce.

Mike - Chocolate and crisps (an inspired choice).

My fave breakfast was an old student recipe. Wake up after lots of beer the night before and discover leftover pizza, curry and chinese in the fridge (we were a hungry lot). Slop it all on a plate, microwave for a few minutes and wash it down with a half empty can of lager off the windowsill. It all goes down the same way, and cures your hangover. Voila!!

Mike-HP on Toast
Abi-Nettle Tea & Healthy cereal
Simon-Crisps n Choc

U lot are nutz!!! got any jobs?

The most interesting breakfast I've ever had was when i was about 8 I stayed round my nans house, got up early feeling hungry and wanting breakfast.(AS YOU DO) but there was no food in the house.. we went down town and my nan made me steal a few packs of bacon from the butchers while she distracted him by chatting s#@t!! then we got home and cooked it on the BBQ in the garden, because nan was to paranoid to eat it inside. just in case she got nicked for being the bacon theif... Made sence when i was 8 :op

Mike: Toast
Abi: nettles and things
Simon: money and crisps

my best breakfast was staying with a farmer in romania. we had sheep we'd killed the night before and marinated in it's blood with salt and pepper cooked on a fire along with bread, sheeps cheese, and apples. this was washed down with local plum brandy called tuica and sheeps milk. warming on a cold morning in transylvania!

Mike - crisps
Abbi - Toast
Simon - Nettle tea, cereal and a banana

The most interesting breakfast I've ever eaten was squid and potatoes, (sprinkled with salt crystals), cooked, primarily, for the Spanish riggers on board a Dutch crane barge. It was superb!!

Mike= crisps
Abi= toast
Simon= healthy

The weirdest breakfast I've ever had was at Guide Camp. A wet, holey field on the I.O.W but on the last night, we raided the stores and we had hot chocolate, with Weetabix for dunking, bananas with custard and angel delight,ice-cream sandwiches and baked bean rolls!!!!!

Abi - Healthy
Mike - Toast
Simon - Crisps

The most interesting breakfast (and the most gross breakfast) I ever had was in India on my gap year. On my very first morning at the project I volunteered at, I was presented with a bowl of what looked like fish eggs (although I'm pretty sure that's not what they were). Anyway, they were a very "appetising" grey colour, had a jelly kind of texture, were covered in a floury sort of substance, and were so so spicy I needed to drink a whole bottle of water afterwards! I still don't know what they were but it was definately interesting =)

mike-nettle tea and other heathly things

abi- crisps

simon- toast with the good old HP!

the most interesting breakfast ive ever had...
was a massive bowl of cornflakes with honey...
then splurted with ketchup.
I didnt really know what to do, so as i was still hungry i tried to carry on eating it.
lets just say i gave up very quickly

Hi - Simon had Nettle tea etc, Abi crisps & chocolate, leaving Mike having the toast & HP sauce (whoops - "brown stuff"!).
My best breakfast was in a Cape Town Hotel with the biggest buffet spread ever, ranging through eggs (any way possible!), meats, cheeses, scones and numerous "breads" and waffles, to SO much fruit that even "Innocent" would gasp! - but whilst surrounded by dozens of Olympic hopefuls - tall, fit, slender and gorgeous young men there for the Olympic Trials. DELICIOUS!!

mike had the crisp and chocolate

abi had the healthy stuff

and simon had the toast!!!

oops the story well was in thailand just outside puhket as the sun was rising i had a mango which is my fave fruit but i was wearing a white top and all the juice went down it so it looked a mess for the rest of the morning..

Mike: Crisps and chocolate money.
Abi: (who is a bee and therefore should have had honey) Toast and brown sauce.
Simon simply had the nettle tea, cereal and banana.

My most interesting breakfast was a banana and a cup of reasonably warm thermos Earl Grey tea inside the burial chamber of West Kennet Long Barrow, Wiltshire, having spent the night inside the tomb. After breakfast I played the didgeridoo.

Abi-Tea cereal and bananas
Simon-toast and brown sauce.
Mike- Crisps and chocolate money.

My best breakfast was in New York where me and my boyf had pancakes and syrup, a full english, a bagel with a tub of philli on and tons of coffee as cheap as chips and as nice as rice.

I propose:

Simon had nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana;

Abi had toast with brown stuff on it;

And Mike had crisps and chocolate money.

My bestest ever brekkie was in the Ice hotel in Sweden, where I was served breakfast in bed by my boyfriend - raspberry schnapps, coconut rum, grenadine syrup and pineapple juice in an ice shot glass. Must be at least 3 of my 5 a day?! x

Mike had the crisps and chocolate coins. He seems like he would. Abbi had the healthy food - she seems sensible like that. And Simon. Dear, sweet, Simon had the toast. Which would have been my choice too, thank you very much.

I had my best breakfast in a County Durham pub! My uncle took me for a full English at his local, but they catered for the Real Man's appetite - they hollowed out a full loaf of bread, and using the top of the bread as a lid, filled the hole with a Full English - sausage, mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes, beans, black pudding and, of course, hash browns. I didn't need to eat for two weeks afterwards.

Mike - crisps, Abi - healthy, Simon - toast.

My most interesting breakfast was in Mayalsia, having just arrived in Kwala Lumpur (can't spell). Would have sold my mozzie net for a bacon butty, couldn't find anything to eat except red hot duck curry. OUCH. :)

Abi looks the nettle tea type,
Mike looks the part of crisps,
So Simon must have had the toast.

My most unusual breakfast was whist visiting the Transylvania region of Romania. The lovely spread included sliced meats, toast, tea, cheese, and hard cooked eggs. Nothing so different here, just a lovely continental breakfast. My hostess then took out a small glass. She held it up and said, 'Schnaps?' It is the custom to drink the homemade alcoholic cordial with each meal. I declined.

Mike - Crisps & Chocolate Pennies
Abi - Toast & Stuff
Simon - Healthy (but not very fun sounding) stuff.

My best breakfast was a couple of weeks ago. In Missouri. I had scrambled egg, toast and hash browns. Then made the mistake of asking what grits were, so got some for free (surprisingly alright). Then heard a waitress tell another how her date for the evening was going to tame her wild goats.
Much hilarity ensued. . . .

I think
Mike-healthy breakfast
Simon-Toast with brown stuff on it.

The most interesting breakfast I have ever had?
eeerrrr...I think that would have to be the sheeps eyes, my mother in law insisted I had, when we visited her in Sicily.
Interesting? yes.
Tasty?Not really.

Mike - the crisps & chocolate money
Abi - the toast and brown stuff
Simon - nettle tea, cereal, banana

My best breakfast was a pizza I found in the boot of my car which I think had been in there for two days...I put the box and the pizza in the aga for a while and out came the best breakfast ever! I was feeling slightly rough at the time.... before the pizza obviously, not after it!

I'm hoping Abi had the crisps & chocolate as quite frankly a period is the only excuse to eat that for breakfast (the time of the month when a woman can never be wrong!) I think Mike had brown stuff on toast, and Simon had the nettle tea etc

The Most interesting breakfast was in my student days, when I was hung over. I made a left over kebab meat omelette. On the positive it cleared the alcohol out of my system (Along with everything else I hadn't fully digested!)

Mike: Toast with Brown Stuff
Abi: Crisps & Choc Money
Simon: Healthy Stuff

My most interesting breakfast was brown toast, buttered topped with mashed avocado topped with baked beans and lots of pepper(mmm delish - the baked beans have to be cooked until they go thick and gloopy yum!)Followed by strong cup of tea!

I'd say:

Mike - Crisps
Abbi - Toast
Simon - Cereal & banana

Every year at a fesival we attend there's a morning were my breakfast will usually consist of beer & a curry followed by an hour trek to an actual shop for fruit & smoothies as my guilt levels are huge!

Hello! I think that Abi had the tea, cereal and banana; Mike had crisps and
chocolate money; and Simon had the toast and brown stuff.

The most interesting breakfast I've had was with friends in Japan - we went to get bread from the bakery and only when poor Jonny bit into his roll did he realise it was filled with curry paste :s

I think :
Mike had the brown stuff
Abi had the crisps, and,
Simon had the healthy breakkie.

My staple diet at collect was a apple tango and twix for brekfast, followed by a dodgy cuppa soup out of the machine, unconventional but I was student!
Most memorable brekfast for me was probably a full english new years day about 3 years ago. There was about 10 of us squashed into my tiny front room, choffing the works whilst watching monty python and nursing hangovers, still in our fancy dress from the night before!

Must be---
Abi - Nettle Tea and healthy stuff
Simon - brown stuff on toast
Mike- crisps!

The fam and I were in New York City at a pancake house. Dad decided to go for the 3 LARGE blueberry pancakes…to the surprised expression of the waiter he asked how big are they?… “pretty big”. In all his manpower, he decided to go for it. An hour later, with an applaud from everyone else in the restaurant, came 3 Manhole Cover sized blueberry pancakes. We managed about ¼ and gave the rest to a homeless guy!

Mike - Crisps & Chocolate
Abi - Healthy cereal,banana,tea
Simon - brown sauce toast

I had the lushest breakfast last week. A bowl of sugar puffs, then 2 slices of toast with local honey (as I have hayfever),deux petit filous, 2 buttered crumpets and a buttered potato farl, then finally a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. (Then I came back to the fridge after all this for a sippage of the heavenly strawberry&bananas innocentsmoothie. Then I realised I didnt have anything left for breakfasts that week so went shopping again.

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