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May 28, 2008


Mike - Selection of Unhealthy Stuff
Abbi - Cereal and Nettle Tea
Simon - Toast

My most 'interesting' breakfast was when i was only 6! I wanted a cheese ommelette for breakfast whilst on holiday in Portugal but, as my parents spoke no portugese and the waiter spoke no English, they tried to translate the menu and i ended up eating some kind of scrambled-egg-sandwhich type thing!

56 Words (see i'm helpful- i dont make you count. You should definetly pick someone like me, (ok, me!)for that fab prize!)

Mike had the crisps im feeling.
Abi had the toast?
And Simon the banana and nettle tea.

My most interesting Breakfast was in italy. We had been away for 10days and on the last morning myself and an unnamed accomplice took our turn at breakfast. Feeling economical we decided just to use what was left over from the week.
So...Fish fingers, stuffed peppers (stuffed with last nights bolognase) and eggy bread. Yup yup. Needless to say, we werent too popular on the way home. Jo.

Mike - toast & brown stuff
Abi - tea & cereal
Simon - crisps & chocolate

Most interesting breakfast...
While training for the british figure skating championships, I spent a week on the following, (in this exact order) as it was supposed to provide a good energy boost:
- a sip of diet coke
- a bite of a banana
- a drink of water

Needless to say it didn't seem to make a great deal of difference to my performance!

Mike: Crisps, Abbi: Toast and Simon: Healthy.

My most memorable breakfast would've been at the diner across the road I was staying from in Orlando Florida some 15 years ago or so. It was incredible! They had everything set up on tables in a sort of horse shoe pattern in this HUGE diner and everything was available.
I couldn't choose what to have so basically went for it all including the ice cream with all the fixings!
Well my excuse was that I wasn't going to eat again for another 12 hours or so...:-0

Ohhh i get it
I didnt get this before! right ill just copy paste....
Right so the girl....Abi, i reckon she had brown stuff on toastThen the smart chap (simon) at the right end had (i think) the cereal and banana?? (I reckon he's married or still lives at home :D)Then the.... normal fellow (mike) at the other end, is the crisps and chocolate money addict

Soooooo, Oh and my breakfast story, wasnt sure if you wanted my bestest brekkie ever or weird brekkie??So ill do my not very funny but its a funny memory story :D:D
My aunty was staying at our house for a few days and on the first morning she made everyone a cup of tea. I sipped my tea, thought it tasted a bit weird, sipped it again and looked at my aunty who just then goes errrgh its salty!
Turns out she mistook the salt for sugar! Well we did keep the two pots next to each other!


But for breakfast i like a good old sausage sandwich with lots of tomato ketchup!!
Not very healthy i know, but i drink enough innocent drinks and go to the gym often enough for it to not matter :D:D:D

Abi- Crisps & chocolate
Simon- Tea, banana & cereal

Most interesting breakfast? My family once made a fantastic breakfast for me on my birthday, consisting of six various cakes (including chocolate-fudge cake , strawberry pavlova and mango tart), chocolate strawberries, various ice creams and coffee profiteroles. All home made. Yummy.

I think:
Mike - Crisps
Abi - Toast with brown stuff
Simon - Nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana

The most interesting breakfast I've ever had was a kebab. I got a takeaway one night with my mates but didn't manage to finish it, so I put the leftovers in the fridge and ate it in the morning. It was yummy :-)

Abbie - Healthy Nettle brekkie
Mike - Crisps & chocolate
Simon - Toast with sauce

My most interesting breakfast was in Denmark whilst staying with friends. Me, hubby and the children were out sightseeing and stopped at a bakery to buy a variety of cakes for everyone at tea time. I had luckily only pointed at one, a huge U-shaped Danish pastry with red berry filling that had obviously not been cut into individual cakes yet and held a finger up with a smile to indicate one piece, (my Danish being extremely limited). The lady in the shop then proceeded to put the whole cake in a large box, and deciding that it would be just too difficult and embarrassing to try and explain I only wanted 1 piece and not the whole thing, I paid up and left not daring to attempt to buy any more pieces. So we had cake for afters and then more Danish pastry for breakfast the following day. It was delicious thankfully!

I think Mike had the chocolate money, Abi had the nettle tea and Simon had the toast and brown stuff.
Interesting breakfast: When I was sixteen I went out with an eccentric guy my parents disapproved of. One morning he collected me from our house (we lived in London), at about 3 a.m. and we walked to an all-night cafe where we ate mushroom curry and rhubarb crumble and custard. The food tasted like dust and glue, but i was in love and found the surroundings exotic. I was home by 6 a.m and my parents never knew I'd been out.

I'm going for this:

Mike - crisps and co.
Abi - toast
Simon - nettle tea, and its friends.

My most 'interesting' breakfast was the remnants of a stodgy Christmas pud & my Mum's CIA-protected truffles on hot buttered toast & a pot of green tea (as a gesture) while simultaneously making a snowman bundled up in 8 layers & two pairs of pants. - it was June - not really.

Simon- healthy
Abbie- toast and brown glue!
Mike- crisps and choc money

A really memorable breakfast for me was "pig in a bun"- delicious thick peameal bacon in a freshly baked warm bread roll. Being with friends at 6am watching the sun come up over the harbour in Toronto made the experience!

Abi = nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana
Mike = crisps and chocolate coins
Simon = Toast with brown stuff on it
My weirdest breakfast was when staying in a hotel in the USA, I had a Mickey Mouse Waffle - with chocolate sauce, two sausages and scrambled egg (all on the same plate) It was an odd mix but it tasted nice!

I think Mike had crisps and chocolate, Abi had the nettle tea etc. and Simon had the toast.

Most interesting breakfast... Me and my friend Rosie invented this one and you have to try it! Marmite on toast, then bake it for a bit (in an aga, cos theyre cool!) then cover it with cold, herby philadelphia. YUM!


I think:
Abi had the tea and cereal
Simon had toast with brown stuff
Mike had crisps and chocolate money

The most interesting breakfast i had was when i was living in India last year as part of my GAP year and we had rice, boiled potatoes and dahl for breakfast!

Well I believe that Mike had the HP on toast, Abi had the chocolate coins and crisps and Simon had the nettle tea, cereal and banana.

My most interesting breakfast has to be when we had bacon rolls outside a pub at 8.30 in the morning, we were 14 hours through a 24 hour, 75km, sponsored hike!!!!! Although the breakfast wasn't much the "break" was certainly appreciated. It helped a friend to raise money to go to Uganda on a Gap year project and work with disabled children and on school projects.

hi everyone!

I reckon:
Mike: cereal n nettle tea (do people actually drink that?!)
Abi: Crisps n chocolate coins(?!)
Simon: toast and brown stuff (yum)

the most interesting breakfast i ever had was a bottle of Fanta, marshmallows, biscuits, apricots, bacon and egg (All on one plate)

Easy peasy: Mike had toast with brown stuff on it; Abi had crisps and chocolate money; and Simon had nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana.

The best and most memorable breakfast had to be when I was just ten years old (way back in 1961!) Camping with Mum & Dad in Borth (Wales). We picked wild mushrooms from the field where we camped, fried them in butter and butter. I can still conjure up the taste ... delicious. I've never tasted better mushrooms since!

Howdy there
i reckon that Mike had crisps, Abbi had the toast and Simon had the healthy food...

and as for the most interesting breakfast i've ever had, i would have to say it would be the one i had when i was on a school trip to china. One day after having travelled by overnight train to Xian, we were taken to a random hotel and given a pan and an egg and some noodles and left to do something with them. There was one bunson burner per table and between us we managed to cook our eggs and noodles by balancing the pots on each other above the burner! I have to say the food was disgusting but hey it was an experience!!


I think Abi had the healthy stuff, Mike had the crisps and Simon had the toast.

My most intersting breakfast was in summer a few years ago,when I went with some friends to the beach in Devon specifically for breakfast. There was a beach hut cafe on the seafront, and we sat in deckchairs and ate. However instead of actual breakfast food we had a challenge to get the most random meal, so I went for scampi and chips...

Mike - toast
Abi - crisps and chocolate
Simon - nettle tea

My most interesting 'hair of the dog' breakfast is pineapple and coconut smoothie - my favourite! with a shot of bacardi. A perfect pina colada!

simon had nettle tea , healthy cereal and a banana.
Abi had the brown sauce on toast and Simon had crisps and chocolate money for breakfast
my most interesting breakfast would be when i went to a sleepover with my friends and we woke up, being really hungry. we then decidded to make the best breakfast ever so we found everything in the kitchen (food wise) such as tomatoes, chocolate, sprinkles, eggs, marshmallows, baked beans and put them on toast!! we even made drinks and put flour and milkshakes in! i wouldn't say it was nice but it was certainly interesting!!

Abi - Cereal and nettle tea
Mike - Crisps and chocolate coins
Simon - Toast with brown stuff on it

My most interesting breakfast was when I was staying in Las Vegas, and they had a whole room about the size of a football pitch filled with food. I had pizza, lasagne, chocolate cake and icecream all for breakfast!

Ok... I think...

Mike had the crisps and chocolate money,

Abi had the Nettle Tea, Healthy Cereal and a Banana,

Simon had the toast with brown stuff...

Best breakfast is a cooked veggie breakfast shared with friends, veggie sausages and bacon, garlic mushrooms, potato bread, baked beans, toast, grilled tomatoes, smoothies (of course!), lots of good coffee, The Guardian/ Observer, and nothing to do for the rest of the day!

Mmmm i'm hungry...

I think:
Mike ate-The crisps and chocolate money.
Abi ate-The healthy stuff (nettle tea, healthy cereal and banana)
Simon ate-Toast and brown sauce (he looks like a brown sauce kind of a man)

The most interesting brekfast i have ever had was erm...
ok i hardly ever eat brekfast let alone interesting brekfast.

I think that...

My most memorable and fun breakfast was on the first morning my mate Ella and I were in New York. We found a gorgeous deli around the corner from our hotel, and had eggy toast (in massive thick slices, but light and perfectly cooked) fried with cinnamon, drizzled with honey and served with heaps of fresh pears and fresh strawberries. We also had fresh coffee and massive glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice (and the man used an old fashioned manual squeezer!).

Gorgeous brekkie, fueled us for the day and I can still taste it 6 years later! Next stop Empire State Building.


Abi - nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana
Simon - stuff on toast
Mike - crisps and chocolate coins

My most interesting breakfast: On a holiday to visit my Aunt in New Zealand the plane had to make an unscheduled stop in LA and we (the passengers) all got put up in a hotel for the night. In the morning we got breakfast and there was a vast quantity to choose from but I had a bowlful of strawberries for breakfast. Perhaps it is not very interesting but it is my most memorable breakfast.

My craziest and probably nicest breakfast was my birthady at 4 in the morning. It was realy dark so we started a fire on the barby and got out the marshmellows and whacked on the choco fountain and rounded up all the fruit, crisps, biscuits in the house and covered them in chocolate- lovely!

Mike: Crisps and chocolate coins
Abi: Toast and sauce
Simon: Nettle tea and cereal(s)

The most interesting and obscure breakfast I've ever had was on the last day of a family holiday in Kent where I had leftover homemade blackberry crumble (made from the blackberries growing in the garden) and local cider. This is closely followed by my daily breakfast in Madagascar of bread cooked by my team on a barbeque (not easy, but after 3 months we had it down to a fine art) with lashings of strawberry jam from a can.

Mike: Crisps and chocolate money
Abi: nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana
Simon: toast with brown stuff on it

well my weirdest and yet surprisingly yummy breakfast was ricecakes with golden syrup on 8-) ... nobody had been shopping and that was all we had lol! ooh and cold pizza (: yummy!

I'm going for...
Abi-brown gloop on toast
Simon-nettles, fruit, cereal.

My best breakfast ever was in Florida. It consisted of: sugary bacon, french toast, pancakes, assorted syrups, biscuits and gravy, ice cream, jelly, and steak. There was other stuff, but i was a little full. :D

abi nettle tea cereal banana
simon toast with brown stuff
mike crisps with chocolate coins the most interesting breakfast i had was a full english breakfast including the black pudding and these strange crispy potatoes but they were nice anyway.

i'm new to this, but my guess is:
Mike had the crisps (it really does seem like everyone's accusing him of this, sorry)
Abi...i'd say the tea and cereal, but Simon's hair is just screaming 'Healthy Boy Here' at me, so it'll have to be the toast (despite me not being able to imagine a girl eating HP sauce on toast)
which leaves Simon with the cereal.

As for my most interesting brekkie...well, my most memorable one has to be following my 18th birthday: i got a very large Waitrose coffee and walnut birthday cake which i proceeded to cut a piece off each morning for the next week. gorgeous. though i'd also recommend last night's leftover pizza, either cold or reheated in the microwave :)

i think mike had the toast and brown stuff, abi had the crisps and chocolate money and simon had the nettle tea, healthy cereal and banana.

my most interesting breakfast i've had was the biggest slice of pineapple cheesecake you've ever seen and a green tea in New York - yummy yummy! :)

I think;
Abi: toasts
Simon: Healthy foods
Mike: Crisps

I remeber having mystery sandwiches (because I don't speak french and didn't have enough money for anything that I could understand) in the Lourve gardens.

Mike had the crisps and choc money
Abi the nettle tea and healthy bowl
Simon the toast with brown stuff
My wierdest breakfast was when we went on holiday and ate what was left in the fride before we turned it off, hard boiled egg with parmesan cheese and some leftover curry... and the last of the smoothie of course.


Mike - Crispahs
Abi - Nettle tea, healthy cereal and banana
Simon - Toast with suspicious looking brown stuff

I think my most interesting breakfast would have to be the toffee and strawberry sauce (designed to be sprawled across a healthy dosage of ice-cream) on toast at about 1am
It was surprisingly appetizing :)

Abi:ealthy cereal and tree tea
Simon: HP toast
Mike: crisps and chocolate money

The most interesting breakfast must have been one time when i woke up about 1 o clock to find that my mum had just cooked Sunday lunch. Roast breakfast, mmm...

Ello ello.
i believe it goes
abi- nettle tea etc...
simon- toast with that rank brown sauce!
and mike with what looks like a gooder gooder breakie of crisps and chocco money!

And my most 'interesting' breakfast was when I went travelling... I kinda got obsessed with These big choclate chip cookies called 'cookie time' in new zealand. Don't know how, they really were nothing spesh... but anywho, i lived off them, breakfast, lunch, midnight feast! Should probably mention it to celebs tho as a diet plan, i lost lots of weight! what a healthy nutritionally balanced ting I am:) I think I need some smoothies to top up my goodness:)

oppps, re-reading that i really cant type properly today:)

Mike- chrisps and chocolate monies

Abi- brown stuff on toast

Simon- nettle tea, cereal and banana

my best/ favourite breakfast has to be farleys rusks... yippy for baby food!

I love breakfast

Mike-Crisps and chocolate money

Abi- healthy cereal and nettle tea

Simon- brown stuff on toast

Most interesting brekkie I ever had- Licking an ants bum! Working on a conservation project in Australia our leader convinced us that the ants with the green bums tasted of lime. We gave it a go- they did taste mildly citrus-like. mmmmmmmmmmm.

right well,
Mike had the nettle tea combo,
Abi had the toast with brown stuff :)
and that leaves Simon with the crisps!
my exciting breakfast was for my 10th birthday and i had those rainbow drop things and milk :) superr special birthday treat!

Mike: Money and crisps
Abi: Toast
Simon: Tea, cereal and banana

i Have a few...
1. In Thailand we had this watery thing with garlic and oats i think... and the left overs from a chicken the night before.
2. At my aunties... we made jelly and then stuck chips out of it then put choccolate all over it... Was delicious... :)

Mike - toast
Abbi - crisps
Simon - healthy

Most interesting breakfast again camping/mountain related like most peoples was after a bad night with a friend needing saving from hypothemia after we'd got lost an camped at the top of a cliff in the rain in canada. We had supernoodles and hot chocolate after no sleep. v reviving and lovely!

I think Abi had the choc and crisps,Mike had the toast and Simon had the super healthy breakfast.
My best breakfast was the morning after my son was born. I had brie on toast! Oh how I had missed that runny, smelly, gorgeous cheese!

Healthy stuff - Simon
Toast - Mike
Crisps - Abi (although I can't really believe someone employed at Fruit Towers would eat that for breakfast!)

Most interesting breakfast - a couple of weeks ago I had reindeer sausages (I'm usually a vegetarian and haven't eaten meat for about 25 years), hash browns and Tahitian vanilla hazelnut tea. I was on an expedition climbing Denali, so the fantastic views more than compensated for the Rudolph based breakfast fare.

I reckon (I can see it in their eyes):

Simon (black jumper) - cereal/tea/banana
Abi - toast & unappetising brown stuff
Mike - crisps

My most interesting breakfast would be the time I went hiking with a couple of friends and spent the night camping at the foot of a mountain looking onto a lake. I went for a swim first thing when I woke up, and then found a hedgerow full of wild berries that went very well with my tea & toast!

I think that Mike had the crisps and chocolate money, Abi had the healthy bits and pieces and Simon had the brown stuff on toast.

During my gap year in China, our fellow teachers often invited us to morning tea, involving bamboo baskets of bite-size delicacies. In principle it sounds wonderful; only along with the custard buns, taro cake and exquisite dumplings, it included fish porridge, steamed chicken’s feet and duck intestines... and always before 8am. Once we even had to make a speech in Cantonese! The food may not have always been to my liking but as breakfasts go, it was undeniably interesting.

Abi-nettle tea cereal and banana. Mike-crisps and chocolate coins. Simon- toast with brown stuff on it.

my story is:
I was sitting down at the breakfast table, and I was about to eat my shreddies when an elephant came in and sat on my sister and I asked him,"why did you just sit on my sister?" and he said,"I wanted her cheerios." so we smiled and talked and ate our cereals. He was very friendly and now we're best friends, but my sister is slightly flat and scared of elephants. Oh well, he had good intentions.Lola!!!
p.s. simple things please me.and also, that was the best breakfast ever.

Mike -Crisps
Abi- Toast & HP
Simon - Healthy dude

Interesting and weirdest breakfast was when I ate the contents of my fridge before returning home from hols, i'e, 2 litres Coke, several yoghurts, lettuce and tomatoes, cheese etc. you get the picture.

Abbie had the crisps and chocolate, because girls need chocolate.
Simon strikes me as the sort who would drink nettle tea, so that was his.
And Mike had the toast and brown stuff (which I'm thinking may have been marmite).
Most interesting breakfast was in Thailand from a petrol station. I recognised the cornflake packet but I don't read or speak Thai, and it turned out that what I bought and poured all over them was not milk. To this day I do not know what it was, but it tasted like liquid sugar. Then I tried to eat it from a cup using a spork whilst the minibus continued its journey very fast and bumpily. Not a good plan, but the sticky mess I got myself into was extremely popular with the ants!

oh no i hope i'm not too late for this comp...ive been revising and havnt checked emails!
abi; nettle tea, mike; crisps, and simon; toast because he looks like a marmite kinda guy.

the best brekkie was hot chocolate and chocolate digestives at 6.00 in the morning after me, my sis and the rents all got up and went sledging in the freezing cold one very early snowy morning.

mike- crisps
abi toast
simon cereal

most interesting breakfast was a big bunch of grapes halfway up a mountain watching the sunrise on my 18th birthday good way to start adult life!!!

Hello there

Who knew pizza and chocolate sauce was such a popular breakfast combo?

You can see the correct answers and find out who won here

Thanks so much to everyone who entered. Great stories.


Abi - healthy stuff

Simon - toast with brown stuff on it

Mike - crisps and chocolate money.

My most interesting breakfast was a cadburys crunchie with tomato sauce on it.


Mike- nettle tea, cereal and a banana
Abi- toast with brown stuff on it
Simon- crisps and chocolate money

Well, hmm... the coolest breakfast i've ever had was one me and my friend fixed up after a late night of partying... :s
It was about 12 pm, and we made a smoothie (from your awesome recipe book),popcorn with toffe sauce, followed by tomato and basil soup and then an apple each - all in the space of an hour and a half. :S
Then, a few weeks later, we had another sleepover and made some pancakes which we tried to make into interesting shapes with a plastic cutter; but it melted... oops.

Mike - healthy
Abbi - crisps and chocolate
Simon - toast and brown stuff

Most interesting breakfasts are definitely American ones! I've had whole lunches, dinners and puddings all by 8 o'clock in the morning.

i think mike had the crisps
abi had the toast and brown stuff
and simon had the good healthy stuff

my most intresting breakfast was in marrocco a few years ago eating pigeon pie and drinking hot apple tea on the roof our hotel

I dooo believe that the yummy healthy breakfast is Abi's, Simon= toasttt and Mike with the crispies ;)
however i've debated wether i should go for the obvious or the abstract...i decided to play it safe, i just want to share my most bizarre breakfast!
Stumbling home quite merry in the early hours of the morning is not so good for thinking straight. My friend and i were starved, and we decided to be a little experimental, so we cooked some rice, made scrambled eggs with soy sauce (it looked like cat-sick) and grilled some fish fingers then gulped it down whilst videoing our reactions. I have to say it wasn't half as bad as it sounded ;) but i still had to wash it down with some of your smoothie!

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