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May 28, 2008


I think -

Mike - crisps
Abbi - toast
Simon - healthy stuff!

My most interesting breakfast was when I was camping and had only a bag of porridge oats mixed with powdered milk, and a few of those little sachets of sugar you get in coffee shops. Still I was abso-bloody-lutely *starving* and that gloopy porridge tasted pretty goot rustled up on my wonky camping stove. Would have been nicer washed down with a strawberry & banana Innocent smoothie though!

And can you guess who eats these cakes?

Mike - toast
Abbi - crisps
Simon - healthy

Most interesting breakfast was probably when our Shingo, our japanese family chum came to stay over and offered to make breakfast one day. We all thought it would be the usual cereal or toast or oaty things you get, instead we all got a mound of noodle, spicy pork and a heap of veggies. It suspiciously resembled what I might have for dinner, but it was certainly some good yummy nosh anyhow. :)


I think that mike had crisps and chocolate money.
Abi had nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana.
Simon had toast with brown stuff on it.

One of the most intresting breakfast (and enjoyable) was when i was in the car early in the morning, i had your innocent breakfast smoothie (the purple one =]), and we were on our way to a big camp site, i enjoyed siping it whilst looking out at the country side rushing by in the car, twas very tasty.

mike definitely the crisps
simon the hp toast
abi the girly herbal rubbish. drinking nettles? seriously abi.

do you ship to argentina, perchance?


ah, interesting breakfast is here, where they lash dulce de leche onto bloody everything. toast, pancakes, whatever. if it doesnt make you feel sick, its not a proper breakfast. i miss a good fry up.

ah, interesting breakfast is here, where they lash dulce de leche onto bloody everything. toast, pancakes, whatever. if it doesnt make you feel sick, its not a proper breakfast. i miss a good fry up.

Abi had nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana

Simon had toast with brown stuff on it

And Mike had crisps and chocolate money

I had ice cream for breakfast last week. It was goood.


Simon: Healthy girly stuffs
Abi: Les Crisps avec coinage
Mike: Brown stuff on toast

Best brekkie ever has to be cocopops... admittedly it was cocopops whilst sitting at the top of a mountain in Maine... hmm, maybe the location helped a little bit...

I think (largely because no-one else has said it yet):

-Mike had the healthy stuff (because sometimes boys need a good old de-tox too, if only because their girlfriends say so)
-Abi had the crisps (because girls can eat crisps & chocolate too! (but only when we've been very good lately, are stressed, are pms-ing, etc))
-Mike had the brown stuff on toast (because boys will be boys & insist on putting suspicious things on toast, like smelly cheese & dubious brown gloop)

The most interesting breakfast I've ever had was probably vegetable curry on brown toast, because it was all that was in the kitchen at the time. The time my boyfriend promised to make me breakfast in bed & appeared two minutes later with a tub of green & black's ice-cream was also strange, but delicious.

Competition! Whee. Hrm, after in-depth analysis of their jumpers, i think:

Mike: Money and crisps
Abi: Toast
Simon: Tea, cereal and banana

Most interesting breakfast... despite having caviar with bread rolls and toffee-cheese in Norway quite often, i think the most interesting was during my Uni days. One morning was a bag of Jelly Tots (they were on the table, and looked tasty, so...), a can of Dr Pepper, a Mars Bar (i probably found it in my pocket or something, i don't remember), and some super-peppery vegetable soup about 20 minutes later when my uber-healthy and can-actually-be-bothered-to-cook-stuff housemate woke up and provided for me. She's back in Norway now. I miss her. And i miss vegetables.

I think Simon was healthy, Mike had the toast and Abi went for the crisps and choc money.

My most interesting breakfast was probably a camping one. Possibly a p p p p chocolate bar used to suck a cup of tea through and then gobbled. Luurrsh.

mike: crispa
simon: toast
abi: healthy stuff

most intresting breakfast was when i woke up in the middle of a forest with my freinds the purple breakfast smoothie and we all ate rasberries

mike: crispy money
abi: nettles
simon: brown stuff

my best breakfast was in the post office in llandegla. the ladies set us a table to make bread & cheese & people gave us a nod when they came in for their papers. the day before we'd cycled 90 miles & risked our lives to save a mole.

Mike: Toast
Abi: Crisps and chocolate
Simon: Healthy stuff

1 morning I had a banofee waffle: a freshly ironed sweet waffle, topped with loads of chopped bananas all over it, drizzled with toffee sauce, and the biggest scoop of cornish ice cream right in the middle, just starting to melt. As I got near to finishing the best breakfast ever... I added a little bit of butter and maple syrup around the edges where the toffee sauce didn't reach.

mike- toast
abi- cereal and herbal tea
simon- crisps and choc coins

my besty breakkie consisted of beef bacon (very rubbery!), noodles, tommy sauce, pancakes, some cereal, toast, coffee, juice, crossaints, grilled tomatoes, funnny stale hash browns and some water.
This was a buffet breakfast at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur which was very exciting!! As you can tell I made the most of it. If it's free don't waste it I say!!

hi i think mike had crisps
abi had toast and simon had cereal

the most interesting breakfast i have ever had was when i ate last-nights left over pizza with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream splashed on the top. Quite yummy actually. i would definetly recommend it!:)

I think:

Mike had brown stuff on toast
Abi had crisps and chocolate money
Simon had healthy stuff and nettle tea (ouch!)

Best breakfast is normally chinese from the night before (cold, as is recommended!).

simon - neetle tea
abi -toast
mike - crisps

most interesting breakfast was when i decided to miss the toasted ham and chese sandwich at the hostel in santiago and go find a gorgeous little cafe and discovered the wonders of avocado on toast sat in the sun and i haven't looked back since

Abi looks like a nettle tea and shreddies kinda girl. The dude with navy jumper (Simon?) looks like the kinda guy who would be into his brown sauce which leaves Mike with crisps and chocolate dosh. Probably a hangover breakfast.

I've had two interesting breakfasts - one on a Thailand trek was catfish and curried potatoes. Other one was when i was doing Duke of Edinburgh's award at school and we made pancakes and almost set the tent alight.

Mike- toast
Abi- cereal and herbal tea
Simon- crisps and choc coins

I think Simon had the Healthy tea, cereal and bananananana, Abi had the toast and Mike had the crisps and chocolate money (good breakfast!)

My most interesting breakfast was almost not breakfast at all - we were in France, and it included croissants, bread, juice, red wine, pork, and bacon, (among other things) and it lasted from 8.30am til 3pm!

Mike - Crisps
Abi - Toast with brown stuff
Simon - Nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana

My most interesting breakfast (the one that gets the most "Eww - that's gross" comments has to be
Toast with Marmite, scrambled egg, a slice of bacon topped off with a dollop of tomato ketchup - delicious!!

hello everyone, the sunshine is back yipee! simon had the cereal, abi had the sauce on toast and i reckon mike had the crisps and chocolate. the most exciting breakfast i ever had has to be some mangoes i picked off the floor of the rainforest in st.vincent and the grenadines last july. rather tasty if a little messy! yum yum yum i love mangoes...i did have to share them with my lovely lovely boyrfriend and a monkey hmmm lots more where they came from though!

Mainly because I think that it cannot be as obvious as it has been supposed...
Mike (who everyone has assumed had the unhealthy stuff because he looks like the type) Had the nettle tea etc.
Abi had the HP on toast and Simon had the crispies!
My most interesting brekkie? Umm, a "breakfast" cooked by a group of male friends... Which basically consisted of anything they'd found on 2-4-1 in Somerfield and lots of bread...

abi, mike and simon had a bit of a piqunique, and they helped each other scoff the lot. Abi might have steered clear of the hp toast though.

I once grew runner beans. 'Hoorah,' I thought as I plucked them one day, 'some lovely fresh runner beans for my tea!' However, I quickly forgot about them when dinner rocked round with promises of a palak paneer down at the Indian Ocean. All was not lost though, fellow smoothie drinkers, as I just ate said runner beans for brekkers with my bacon sandwich. Just as good.

Mike - crisps
Abi - toast
Simon - healthy

My best brekkie ever was champagne in a hot air balloon at 5am floating over Cairns in Northern Australia on a trip my Dad took me on 11 years ago because my mum hates to fly! We landed on a huge termite mound, and I think someone was sick. :-0

mike - healthy
abi - toast
simon - crisps

most interesting breakfast i've had recently was a surpise boat trip with friends for my birthday - mini crossaints and pain au chocolat and coffee, sitting on the back of the boat, surrounded by purple balloons and tucked up in my jumper - it was still a bit chilly in april!

I think abi had the healthy breakfast, mike had the crisps and money, and simon had toast with brown stuff.

The most interesting breakfast i had was in South Africa. We were heading off to a safari later that day so needed something to give us energy. Energy! More like the runs. It was s gooey, rice-puddingy shlop called millies. Dollops of sugar helped out though :)

I think Mike had the chocs and crisps, Abi had the toast and Simon had the healthy stuff.

Weirdest breakfast ever; cold onion bhajis, stale poppadoms and raita, all left over from the previous nights' festivities and too hungry to care!

Abi - cereal
Mike - chips
simon - toast

Most interesting breakfast - At the Grand Lux Cafe in The Venetian, Las Vegas. Deep Fried chicken stack with maple syrup. Yummy! Just what you need to start off a day of sightseeing and gambling. I had one of their smoothies with it to make it healthy :-)

Mike - crisps & chocolate
Abi - healthy
Simon - toast

Most interesting breakfast - all you can eat pancakes whist on holiday in the US and it only cost £1.50! Bargain!

I guess...

Abi - Cereal
Mike - Chips and Chocolate
Simon - Toast

A few years ago I entered a radio competition to win a cruise. They put us on the 'pirate ship' at the local fun park at 7 in the morning, and each time it stopped we had to eat/drink something in 60 seconds. I feasted on pineapple icecream, sausages in bread with garlic sauce, lumpy porridge and bright pink soda pop in various combinations between swinging sessions. If you threw up, you were out. I won!

I'm guessing simon did the nettley stuff, mike the toast & abi the junk?
i've had 2 very 'intersting' breakfast experiences-
the first(& worst) when I was dating a scot & didn't realise they put salt instead of sugar on porridge(bleuh!)
the second(&best) when i was in portugal & had a seafood stew with loads of shellfish(& shells) in. have to say, was lovely(& cured my travel sickness aswell!)
alyson x x x x

Mike- crisps and chocolate coins

Abi- toast with brown stuff on it

Simon- nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana

The most interesting breakfast ive had was...when i was on holiday, i had tofee sweets, pizza and icecream, +an innocent smoothie :)

I think Mike had the crisps and chocolate money - he's clearly had a childrens party and eaten the left overs for breakfast.
Abi had the 'brown stuff' on toast - possibly not realising it wasn't chocolate-based.
And Simon had the cereal and healthy breakfast - because he didn't get up in time to make a fry up so had to make do!

My most interesting breakfast experience was eating poorly-made garlic and ginger ommelettes in the middle of a forest in Cameroon before going out for a day of primate-monitoring

Mike- crisps and chocolate coins

Abi- toast with brown stuff on it

Simon- nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana

The most interesting breakfast ive had was...when i was on holiday, i had tofee sweets, pizza and icecream, +an innocent smoothie :)

Hmm Breakfast...

I believe Mike is getting in gear for summer and had nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana. Abi had crisps and chocolate money, (I mean why not...) and Simon had toast with brown stuff on it (he would have had bacon as well but he had run out).

My most interesting breakfast was in a hotel on Lankawi in Malaysia. There was everything, rotten looking boiled eggs, brown on the outside with a green yolk. Weird tofu things in neon green and pink, sushi, Indian and Korean style curries, a massive honey cone picked straight off a tree in the jungle, fresh mango and guava juices, omelets made to order, and all the usual American stuff like pancakes, sausages, bacon, hash browns etc. My family and I where there from when breakfast opened until they cleared it away (which was about 3hours later).. It was incredible...

mike- crisps
Abbi- healthy cereal
simon- toast

the most interesting breakfast i had was when i was a student living in good ole Yorkshire. As a treat i would go out for a curry in wakefield and bring home a doggie bag..........and yes the nan bread tasted even better the next day smoothered with honey!!
smoothie lover Alison aka witchyboo*

I'm thinking... Mike had brown stuff on toast, Abi had crisps and chocolate and Simon had nettle tea and healthy cereal.

My most interesting breakfast is probably one my brother, the experimental cook, made for me the other day. It consisted of bacon fried in balsamic vinegar on top of melted mozarella cheese and roasted peppers, on toasted pitta bread. Actually pretty tasty!


Abi - Crisps
Simon - Toast with brown stuff
Mike - Nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana

My most interesting brekkie has to be one morning, burning toast 3 times, last one hot enough to burn a hole on the worktop, realising I had no marmite left at the same time as realising I had no milk for coffee either! It was quite traumatic actually

Mike - crisps and chocolate money
Abi - nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana
Simon - toast with brown stuff on it

My most interesting breakfast would have to be bacon with chocolate mousse, it was a dare which turned out to be very tasty (surprisingly!)

My answers are:
mike - crisps and chocolate money.
Abi - nettle tea, healthy cereal and banana.
Simon - toast with brown stuff on it.

My best, most fun and most interesting breakfast occurred when I visited Toronto. We went to a café, much like one from our very own London town, and I had … wait for it…
Waffles with bacon, eggs and maple syrup, endless amounts of coffee and a smoothie…

Having recently watched that film 50 first dates I made a waffle house with a door and everything, then I ate it and it was super… ‘sigh’

Mike - nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana
Abi - crisps and chocolate money
Simon - toast with brown stuff on it

most interesting breakfast-
has to be when i went to japan:
small glass of fish oil to start (eww) followed by onion soup, next loadss fresh fish (sushi) and to finish some fruit.. rather green pineapple and cherry tomatoes.

hmmm that Mike looks like a mucky piece - brown stuff on toast for him! Reckon naughty Abi had choc coins & crisps, that leaves well-pressed Simon with the healthy breakfast!

Interesting breakfast? - a lovely old boy, our host in a Cypriot b+b made us egg lemon soup - sounds disgusting, but it was soothing, slightly tangy, very filling (had rice in it), and just the thought of it evokes fragrant Cyprus mornings, with blue skies & warm breezes. sigh...

Abi - toast and brown
Simon - nettle tea and cereal
Mike - crisps and money.

In 2002, I climbed Adam’s Peak, a mountain in Sri Lanka, we started at 2am to be there for sunrise. Breakfast was just tea and toast, but tea from a huge tanniny teapot belonging to the hermit who lives there, and toast made from bread carried up the mountain by his three-legged mongrel. We sat and looked at the view, with the sun just up behind us casting the shadow of the mountain over the clouds scudding by below. Awesome.

Hmm...I think Mike had toast with brown stuff, Abi had crisps and chocolate money, and Simon had the nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana.

Assuming that they ate a good few hours ago and based on their perkiness in that picture/ how quickly energy is burnt off:

Mike - toast
Abi - crisps
Simon - cereal

See, I love fruit bread and to my gleeful surprise, a hotel I was staying at had some. They also had one of those revolving conveyer belt toasters next to it so I happily popped my fruit bread on it. I then noticed the sign saying 'do not put fruit bread in the toaster' and so I waited nervously for my toast which didn't drop out only to see the bread had stuck to the conveyor belt on the underside. It then combust setting the toaster on fire. Ooops. There's a good chance I legged it.

I think Mike had the crisps,
Abi Had the Nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana and Simon had the toast.
The best break ive had after a big night is cold pizza and garlic dip yum yum!

I reckon as follows:

Mike - gloopy toast,
Abi - chocolate crisps
Simon - cereal, fruit and free range tea.

Most insteresting breakie:

MarsBar soup. It involved; a non-catering youth hostel; a strange town; ~£2.50; a friendly looking (and culinarily diverse) thai restuarant; and various cravings...

It went down smooth though!

And yes, it turned out to be just warm, melted mars bars...

oh, sorry, and my most interesting breakfast? i think it has to be a peach inhabited by ants.

i was about 14 and enjoying a camping trip in spain with my family. i was half-way through a delicious peach when the stone fell open to reveal lots of ants.

it was a bit of a shock, but i still like peaches!


Mike - Crisps
Simon - Toast
Abi - Health

This morning, for breakfast, I had porridge with mashed banana, and some orange juice. It was nice.

Mike - crisps
Abi - healthy stuff
Simon - toast

the most interesting breakfast i had was in a hotel in israel which had a mega buffet breakfast but along with the usual breakfast stuff like eggs, pancakes (which were awesome my favourite with chocolate syrup and cherries)they had a massive section with salad and all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff. Was odd sitting next to kosher jews eating spring onions at 8 in the morning while I was having my pancakes!!

simon - healthy
abi - crisps
mike - toast

Weirdest breakfast was when we were in france. mum had made a massive bean pasta salad 2 nights before. it was lasting for ever, so in the end, just to get rid of it, she fed us it for breakfast along with some apple juice. not the best combination!

Mike had crisps and chocolate money
Abi had toast with brown stuff on it
Simon nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana

The most interesting breakfast I had was crocodile sausages over looking a creek in the Daintree rainforest in Queensland with my beautiful (and now pregnant) wife. They were spicy and a good start to the day.

I think...
Mike had crisps, Simon had toast and Abi had a decent breakfast! :)

My best ever breakfast was in India. We had been on an overnight train, which sounded like it was falling apart, and our stop was at 6am. We got off, a bit dazed, and found a small restaurant that was open! We bought a dosa (crispy rice pancake) which was almost a meter long, and ate it to the sound of monkeys and parrots... :) Fantastic!

Abi - toast
Mike - healthy
Simon - crisps

My best breakfast? Hmm… probably in Canada after waking early and canoeing out of the wilderness to a tiny shop-cum-restaurant called Bear River Mercantile, perched on the misty shore of the Bowron lakes. After arriving starving and putting the boats away we sat under a giant stuffed grizzly bear and ate bacon and maple syrup on pancakes and those things called English muffins that we don’t eat in England… That was pretty nice.

I reckon Abbi had the toast, Mike had the healthy stuff and Simon had the unhealthy breakfast!

My most interesting breakfast was when I was in America, and you made your own Mickey Mouse shaped waffles, and could then put jam, chocolate and sprinkles on it. Fatty goodness =)


abi - healthy stuff
mike - crisps
simon - toast and brown stuff

the most interesting breakfast was when my cousin came over and had a branston pickle and cottage cheese sandwich with a glass of dr pepper for breakfast, whilst telling me how he wanted to get a canvas picture of margaret thatcher for his bedroom wall. i had cereal, crumpets and tea, but it was still a pretty strange experience.

Mike - crisps & chocolate
Abi - nettle tea & cat food
Simon - brown toast :S

At my uni hall each year we would move the entire catered breakfast service to the pedestrian crossing outside and collect money from EVERYONE going past for Children in Need. The year I helped organise it we raised almost £3000 and my friends, rice crispies, Pudsey and I were in the Manchester Evening News! Definitely more interesting than most breakfasts.

I think it was
Mike- crisps and choc money
Abi -toast with brown stuff
Simon was the nettle tea etc.

My most interesting breakfast - 4am on the roadside in Hungary, foggy morning, convoy of vans/trailers, en route to Romania for aid work. The team leader dressed up in chef hat etc and woke us up with breakfast set out on covered boxes complete with menus!All prepared from packets, cool-box and with a gas mini cooker.

I think that Mike had the brown stuff(he looks like a brown stuff sort of eprson)
Abi had the healthy nettle stuff(very healthy bunny) and Simon had the crisps and chocolate cos its a cheeky breakfast and he looks cheeky.

The weirdest breakfast ever eaten around me was donor kebab. I tried it and felt ill so had tea and toast instead.

Mike - Cereal & banana
Abi - Chocolate & crisps
Simon - Toast with brown stuff

On a recent trip to Berlin I adopted the 'when in Rome' approach and decided to order myself a 'Berliner Breakfast' from the German only menu. Noticing it included a 'Wurst' I looked forward to a plateful of sausages. However, when it arrived it seems that the wurst referred to steak tartare. Worse still, it was accompanied by gerkins and onions!

Abbi: healthy
Simon: toast nd brown stuff
Mike: monster munch nd Co.

Mike - crisps and chocolate money
Abi - brown stuff on toast
Simon - with such a healthy complexion he must be doing the nettle tea, cereal and fruit, that or he's been using the fake tan.

The most interesting breakfast was a super sized double chocolate muffin and a side of bagels eaten in the Rockies. I drool at the memories....

Mike - crisps and chocolate money
Abi - nettle tea, cereal and banana
Simon - toast with brown stuff

My most interesting brekkie? Well, pre-marriage in a rough flat, we sat in our pyjamas and had bacon and eggs with curry sauce. And it was really gorgeous!

i think...
simon had the nettle tea
abi had the toast
and mike had the crisps

my most interesting breakfast ever had to be leftovers from a small gathering at a friend's house the night before. this included: party sausages, crisps, the remains of a cake, half a can of beer and flat champagne. yum yum yum

I think Mike had the nettle tea, healthy cereal and banana, whilst Abby had the crisps and chocolate money.
Simon probably had the toast with brown stuff on it.

The most interesting breakfast I’ve ever had, was at the 6th Haarlem Jamborette (scout thingy) in the Netherlands in 1991. I sat down at our handmade breakfast table made with string, planks and tree trunks, eagerly seeking something good to put on my open-faced sandwich. But all I could find was cake toppings! At least that’s what they were to me; the Dutch seem to think that chocolate sprinkles and hundreds-and-thousands are breakfast foods!

Mike had the crisps and chocolate money

Abi had the Toast

Simon had the tea cereal and Banana.

My most interesting brekkie has got to be chocolate cheese cake. I love eating the night before's dessert as breakfast!!!

I think Mike had crisps and chocolate money (Yum)
Abi had the nettle tea, cereal and banana
Simon had the toast and brown stuff.
My most interesting breakfast was boild egg and soldiors in South Africa because my God Mother who made it used a frankly wierd contraption to cook the eggs, kind of an electric saucepan with egg cups hovering over water. South Africans are strange- thankfully I'm only half South African :)

I reckon Abi had the nettle tea, cereal and banana (I'll be impressed if it was one of the guys!) Mike had the crisps and chocolate money and Simon had the toast with brown stuff.

My most interesting breakfast (and certainly most memorable) was having a banana with chocolate in it when I was monitoring turtles on Kefalonia :) It was about 6am, we'd been up all night tracking the turtles and I just needed a bit of sugar to keep me awake 'til the morning!

My guesses:

Mike - toast with brown stuff on it
Abi - crisps and chocolate money
Simon - nettle tea, healthy cereal and a banana

I actually had my most interesting breakfast this week! I made my first ever vegan chocolate cake (no eggs or butter) and it was so good that I had a slice for breakfast (with a smoothie to try and make it more balanced!).

Abi - crisps and chocolate (do boys have the patience to peel chocolate money?)

Mike - toast with brown stuff

Simon - healthy stuff

Most interesting breakfast was on a trek in Northern Thailand - hand caught frogs from the river by our camp (meant to be eaten whole but I just couldn't stomach the head) with soy sauce and rice.

I'm thinking

Mike - crisps
Simon - healthy stuff
Abi - toast

My most interesting brekkie ... a warm hard boiled egg with freshly squeezed lime juice over it, from the bag of a street vendor in Colombia. It sounds random, but oh so delicious.

Simon: Healthy bran in a bowl
Abi: Brown sauce on toast
Mike: Crisps & Coins

My most interesting breakfast was egg on pizza, The pizza was in the fridge from the night before and after the first bite I realised it wasn't very breakfasty so i lobbed a fried egg on top, perfect!

Mike - crisps
Abi - Toast
Simon - healthy cereal

When I was on the Duke of Edinburgh expedition, my friend bought pancake mix which need FRESH EGGS. (she had wrapped them in several layers of tissue to keep them safe!) And we tried to make pancakes on a weak flame of a trangea and as they became a bit of a mess and we had no plates, we took a bite of a pancake sucked a lemon and put a sugar packet in our mouthes and headed off for the long walk!

Abbie: healthy weed drink and banana etc
Simon : HP sauce on toast (i'm going to go and try this in a minute because I'm bored)
Mike : cereal...

The most interesting breakfast I ever had was on an island off Fiji when I was a lot younger. I had just learnt to dive and was burning all the calories I could eat as soon as they were in my mouth. The island was called ONO Island which was very apt because there was a storm that lasted a week and there was very little food (everything was bought in on a little boat) so this local kid called Moses (who had very memorable scabies) and I lay down in the mud waiting for crabs to come out of their holes and we'd try and grab them. This was extremely time consuming and not terribly sucessful... but anyway, we caught some eventually and had them with home made doughnuts, chunks of dried out mouldy coconut and a couple of immodium, while the local chief told us stories about his grandad being a cannibal. Then we rubbed all my iodine on Moses' scabies. It was the best breakfast EVER!!!! :-)

Yuck - I just realised that isn't cereal. It's chocolate money and crisps.... nice.

i think...

mike-crisps and chocolate money
abi-toast with brown stuff
simon-healthy stuff

my most favourite most interesting breakfast is made with my friend verity...we make a boring oat biscuit mixture, split it into lots of little bowls and mix in different yummy, exciting ingredients to each bowl and tada we end up with lots of different flavoured breakfast biscuits :)

Mike - crisps
Abbi - toast
Simon - healthy stuff!

One morning, when I was about 5 years old, my brother and I were eating cereal at the kitchen table when we spied a deer on our front lawn. We screamed to our mother, who was in the shower at the time, and she bolted out, stark naked, grabbed the camera and took a picture of the deer. I'll never forget that moment and the "nake deer picture" has become one of our most cherished family photos.

When I was 19 I sailed over from Canada to the UK. About half way we thought we were running out of water so we started to make porridge with part salt-water. It was so bad that we were eating a pot of jam per person per breakfast to try and keep it down!

We were down to one cup of hot water in tea and one cold drink per day at one point from memory..

ike - Crisps
Abbi - healthy
Simon - Toast

Mike - sauce on toast
Abi - crisps and choc
Simon - nettle tea and cereal.

My most interesting breakfast: when clearing up the house the morning after a party (we were students) we found a whole and unopened Chinese takeaway. Riches! Cold special fried rice for breakfast and the other things reheated for supper!

Mike - toast
Abi - crisps
Simon - healthy

In Malaysia I opened the lid of a silver serving bowl to see a large fish staring back at me, sat atop a spicy curry. It's too hot for more than a smoothie for lunch, so they start early on the big meals. Weirdly, it was more appetising than the alternatives at that time in the morning!

Abi is the tea, cereal and a banana.

Simon is the hp on toast

Milke is the crisps and chocolate money.

Gah! I too wish to go against type but fear I shall be bitterly disappointed - here goes:

Mike - Tea, fruit and cereal
Abi - Crisps and choc
Simon - Toast & gloop

Breakfast in The Landmark Hotel in London for a friend's birthday was great, mainly because you have a huge buffet of every conceivable foodstuff and some inconceivable ones also: sushi (!!!??), a guy cooking omelettes to order, full fry up kit also, cereal, toast, pancakes, a full range of hot foods including curries AND a pudding table – the idea was to cater for EVERYONE... just in case they turned up; helps that it's unlimited champers too I guess?!?!!

I think:

Mike - toast with brown stuff
Abi - nettle tea, cereal and banana
Simon - crisps and chocolate

Sometimes I bring breakfast to work and then don't get a break to eat it until about 3pm. When you're starving, whatever I've brought tastes like the best breakfast ever! Yoghurt, fruit and honey or wholemeal toast with peanut butter are favorites for 3pm breakie.

mike crisps, abi healthy, simon toast.

best breakfast ever was in innocent drink in irland, watching the sun rise , while stood ontop of a peak.

Mike- crisps and chocolate money
Abi- toast with brown stuff
Simon- healthy stuff

Breakfast- Of course innocent smoothie (cant remember the flavour), pieces of dark chocolate and raspberries, chocolate croissants,grilled grapefruit with brown sugar, and granola stuff with natural yoghurt banana and honey sat on a home-made throne! (ovbiously this is quite a lot for breakfast and it wasn't just me eating!)But it is healthy!:)

I'm voting for:
Mike - toast
Abi - crisps & chocolate
Simon - cereal & banana

My most interesting breakfast was sitting in a 5 star hotel in Vancouver, looking out over the harbour and tucking into the North American classic – pancakes with maple syrup and blueberries. We only did it once as that was all we could afford :)

Mike= nettle tea and healthy cereal

abi= chocolate money and crisps (because she was feeling naughty)

Simon= toast with brown sauce on.

My most interesting breakfast ever has to be papaya that was really ripe and juicy and a fresh lime picked of a tree in mexico. Gorgeous!

Mike= healthy cereal and nettle tea (because he felt he needed something healthy)

Abi= choccie money und crisps (because she felt naughty)

Simon= toast with brown sauce (Yuck!)

best breakfast? Cornflakes!!! (and a strawberry and banana innocent smoothie!) Ah the good old cornflakes! A delicious breakfast!

I think that
Mike: had the crisps and choccies
Abi: had the toast
Simon: had the nettle tea, cereal and banana

The best breakfast I ever had was when it was my 18th birthday last year! i had birthday cake for breakfast for about a week! Sweet!

Mike- chocolate and crisps
Abi- brown sauce on toast
Simon- nettle tea cereal and bannana.
The most interesting breakfast i have ever had has got to be when i was doing my silver duke of Edinburgh award i ate a mars bar a pop tart ,twix and porrige as we had to walk over 20km so we needed it to keep our energy up it was werid but wonderful !

I think...
Mike: crisps
Abi: toast and brown stuff
Simon: cereal and nettle tea

The most interesting breakfast I can remember having was in Norway last summer in a youth hostel. I believe it may have been fish or seafood in a mushy sauce served with spelt bread. The bread is the only part I'm sure of... Regardless of the taste, we were hungry and managed to pilfer enough to last us for both lunch and dinner! What a bargain...

Mike - toast and brown stuff
Abi - tea, cereal, banana
Simon - crisps and money

One morning my fridge was so empty I had to eat leftover spaghetti and canned peas, heated in a frying pan. I was on my way to watch my first rugby game and figured I needed to eat something. The guy who took me was so disgusted by my meal he took me grocery shopping after the game! It was the beginning of a beautiful romance. And better meals.

Mike....Crisps and choc money
Abi...Toast and yukky brown
Simon....Healthy brek brek

My most interesting breakfast was when i woke up after a night out and ate the cold kebab(complete with white fat from it being cold)from the bedroom floor with cold fries and the crust off a pizza - dipped in garlic mayo....washed down with a healthy innocent smoothie making it all good in the end...

Simon - healthy (just look at that complexion!)
Abbi - Toast
Mike - Crisps

The first breakfast in bed that my kids made me was 'interesting'. Totally soggy cornflakes in room temperature milk, toast blackened to a crisp, some form of egg that I never did identify (could have been fried, could have been scrambled) baked beans enough to feed 4, a bottle of ketchup on the side and a cup of brown stained boiling hot water that could have been tea if the teabag had not been discarded after 10 seconds. When I finally got downstairs, the state of the kitchen was interesting too!

Abi - nettle tea, cereal,banana

Mike - crisps and chocolate money

Simon - toast with brown stuff on it.

Me- I once had sweet and sour chicken and toast and a glass of soya milk.

Mike - nettle tea stuff
Abi-crisps and choc money
simon toast

when i was travelling in malawi i was hungover and fancied pizza. restaurants there have v little choice and i was amazed to find one with it on the menu. i ordered pizza, my friend ordered banana pancakes and my boyfriend ordered chicken curry. when my 'pizza' was a banana pancake with a spoonful of chicken curry on. nice. i still ate it!

This is odd.

Abi had exactly what I had for breakfast this morning, the cereal, the nettle tea, I had it all. This I find odd. I didn't think anyone other than me drank the stuff.
Simon brown on toast
Mike coins and crisps.

It sounds obvious but it is the only way to go.

Most interesting breakfast was on Duke of Edinburgh when we ran out of everything in any useful amount so improvised by putting it all together.

For all the adventurous amongst you shreddies, milk, yorkies, custard powder, energy bars, marshmallows and chocolate eclairs, melted down and spread on toast is defiantly what you want for breakfast.


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