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May 16, 2008


Your blog is enetrtainingly informative, i spent my whole day(work day)reading it , and laughing ,some bits are absolutely hilarious , I am addicted to it. cant get enuf..... but now its 4.30pm, and i think i shud get back to work

Please please don't sell your smoothies in Mac Donalds....I know that peeps will say that children will get more fruit and i agree that it would be good for children of today to have that option but not in Mac Donalds. If they want that option then they shouldn't be taking their children to a burger joint! i really really love your smoothies and your ethics behind everything. It would be a shame if you would let ronald macdonald take your name for their own profiting reasons...if they want kids to have a healthy option tell em to make their own great smoothies!!!! keep up the hard work innocent, don't let the multinationals use your name!!! i better go now i gotta work! ha ha!

im ben and im 14

I love reading your little blogs like this, and its always funny what you put on the back of your cartons/bottles.

i just wanted to leave a comment saying your smoothies RULE, and the company far beats any other company in my opinion. I buy at least 5 cartons a week :).
Id love to work there oneday, cus it sounds awesome and fun to be part of such a great company. I just had your smoothie for summer with my breakfast, it was reallllly nice :)

Thanks you guys



I'm Mark and I'm 37.

I also feel that your Smoothies rule. Not only do I feel so, but so does my five-year-old and my three-year-old.

You'll be glad to hear that, as far as I know, my three-year-old doesn't actually know the word "Cola."

As far as my five-year-old is concerned, lunchbox smoothies are the finest invention since (and in this case, the context is even appropriate) sliced bread :-)

Great to hear that your products' value is being recognised.

Hello :)

I'm Jo and I'm 29 (is this a new rule of introduction?)

I concur with the lovely Ben and Mark on all their points - I can recommend your 2nd smoothie book to them too, both for humour value and inspiration, as I was reading it on Monday night and kept snorting involuntarily with laughter and interrupting my fiance to make him read a page. Except it was virtually the whole book. He was quite annoyed by the end of it. And I have decided to make a different smoothie from the book for my brekkie everyday in an attempt to boost my 5-a-day (I got three servings of fruit into my banana and strawberry one) and be a bit healthier in general.

Thanks for keeping us amused and making the quest for 5-a-day a damn sight tastier than it would otherwise be.

The soon-to-be Mrs Young, in Bristol


I'm Dan, I'm 34 and I am a smoothieholic.

Yes sir, I have a serious addiction to your delicious creations, particularly the goji berry one, (which by the way I am blaming for me getting my lovely lady knocked up!). It's definately true that the goji's give you more ~~o ;-)


I'm also Dan and I'm old.

Thank you for all of these positively excellent comments. Made me smile.

I'm Sara and I'm 32. (Why break the pattern?)

I just want to tell you that I love you and I miss you terribly. I spent three years living in the UK and was continuously joyed by your ebullient presence in my home!!

I moved back to Canada in March, and I've been feeling the smoothie void ever since. (There are some decent smoothie brands here, but nothing like Innocent!)

Luckily I have your recipe book to keep my husband and I going! Which reminds me... I think I should go find some Goji berries ;-)

Miss you loads.

(If you ever want to start selling your product in Canada.. I'm looking for a change of career!)

well i'll do the introducing thing like everyone else. hi i'm James and I'm 15. I think you should sell innocent to a company like Unilever who will try and copy your funny packets and family attitude, let them fail at it so the smoothies become rubbish and then buy it back off them for much less, then make it good again.
But this new thing about smoothies being better for you might give you a bit more business so dont sell it yet!

Hey again

Id thought id tell jo that i have all of innocent books
and they're totally awesome, every page is sparkiling with humour =]

smoothies rock!
(kind of addicted)

ben :D

Mike. 44. Single. Percussionist. But even more importantly, do I read correctly? innocent maybe being sold in Macdonald's??

Life is so hard these days but to think yet another ethical company is going to be sucked into the Big Mac and all that company stands for, fills me with dispair. Perhaps I should just buy Coke then? innocent will certainly have to change their name if this is the case. Tell me, tell us, it ain't so?

Hello I'm Gemma and I'm 17.
I'd like to make a confession, I got smoothie withdrawal from my time spent in a small french village last month. Plus, trying to ask the locals at the supermarket in limited french if they sell any doesn't work, I've found.
P.S, you've got nice ethics too :)

Aw, I wish every day was like this blog - full of nice people and positivity - almost as revitalising as the smoothies! I might have to expand my 'Innocent' library Ben (like I need an excuse to spend more on Amazon) and retrieve those shrivelled goji berries from the back of the cupboard...who'd have thought the wrinkly little dudes would be so full of joie de vivre?! Congratulations Dan!


I just looked at your faqs, and saw that your drinks have shellac in, im really upset now, cus that means i cant have them due to the fact im vegan. =[ =[ =[ =[ =[

If you guys realise that your drinks dont have shellac in, please change it, cus i cant drink my favorite drink anymore.


hey I just love your smoothies. I want to share something that I tried with the smoothies once and it hapenned accidentally actually and since then on I and my kids have been having your smoothie like that. My kid diana accidentally put purple this drink with high antioxidant 7 fruit juice punch in the smoothie and voila!! It tasted amazing and further I found out that purple prevents premature ageing and cancer what more would a mother of two would want huh! . If you want more information to check whether what I am saying is right you can get it at , You can get it at GNC and drug stores. Please let me know if you tried it and liked it or not.

Hey I am from holland and years ago I dicoverd how good Smoothies are for your body. I allways felt tired but now after I started to use Fruit smooties and green smoothies I am full of energie again. Here in holland they are not popular at all, started a website to let the people overhere know how good a fruit-green smoothie is.

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