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April 26, 2008



Thanks for a lovely day and for letting us sit on colourful beanbags in your cool industrial unit office place....

You are all amazing happy people and it was so clever of you to invite us all to take part in your meeting.

I am so pleased and proud to have been part of what will most definately become THE greatest most respected awesome food and drinks community in the entire world.

There...I said what I wanted to say.

Oh.. and thanks..
Lots of love and hugs,

P.S. it was much better than partying with Janet Jackson xx

Thank you to absolutely everyone at Innocent. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that was the best AGM I've ever been to and there have been a few.

Everyone at Fruit Towers is lovely and smiley and they have the best cupcakes (I want the recipie!)

All I can say is can I please come back nextr year?? and to Tim can he please remeber where we have met before because it's really bugging me.

You all rock and thanks again

Rachael xx

P.S. My gold bottle will have pride of place in my office!

A big thank you to all of you at innocent.

What a wonderful welcome AND cakes AND tea AND smoothie talk!!

Found it inspiring to meet you and all the innocent community invited you think drinking the drink helps make them great people??
or is it that your whole outfit/idea attracts good folk?

Thank you for the goodie bag too drinking from the mug as i type, gave samples to the Deputy Head of School last night so we will be investigating selling 'innocents' at school... and the gold bottle is on my mantlepiece!!!

Hope you all have a good rest today and the sun keeps shining...
Looking forward to the fete. See you all there...tell Becca I'm off to Joanna's Restaurant for brunch love Ruthxxx

The biggest of Thoughtful thank you's to everyone at innocent who made us feel so welcome (and more than just a little bit special). You all must have worked incredibly hard to make it happen, and run so smoothly.

The AGM was the most special of special days and our bosom's are swell with pride at being a part of it.

We hope we can be there in 2009?

James, Chris & Stu

Thank you so much for the AGM. A brilliant, interesting, inspiring, thought-provoking, edibly (sp?!) super day.

PS We (in the passion fruit group) were talking about the merits and otherwise of the word "finest" in relation to your fruit/smoothies etc. We weren't so sure it was the correct word for how we feel about Innocent and that was compounded today when I saw a billboard ad for a competitor brand of smoothie using that very word. So I feel we were correct in our group.

PPS Thanks so much again.

hey there!!!! kinda saying the same things as everyone else...had an AMAZING day so thanks to everyone at innocent!!

now i dont care if anyone at home thinks we're MENTAL for flyin from belfast,lol:D

great day, see yas all at the village fete! keep up the great work:):) xxx and i agree about wantin the recepie for the cupcakes;)

Hello, Thanks for the hospitableness and cakes that you presented to us on the day. The innocent family are unique in listening to its customers and valuing our contributions. I had a great day, met some lovely people, ate some smashing cakes and left with some lovely goodies. Thanks so much for the opportunity to attend the AGM, give yoursleves a good pat on the back. Ben

Jumping on the bandwagon also! I had a lovely lovely day and made a nice new friend in the process!

The stash of smoothies i found in my bag this morning worked wonders for my hangover.

Stephi :)

I too wanted to say thanks very much for a really lovely and interesting afternoon. It was great to have the chance to see Fruit Towers and to meet the team at innocent. It makes drinking the drinks even more personal! Not only was everyone warm, funny and friendly, but the issues discussed were thought-provoking and it really seemed to be a useful sort of day too.

I do hope innocent can continue to lead the 'edibles' market by shining example and that you continue to become more and more innocent too.

Thanks for the gold bottle and the lurverly mug.

Deepika x

- now where are my knitting needles?!

Thankyou thankyou thankyou!
I had the VERY best day at fruit towers and have used my mug at at least 6 times already!

It was so much fun and lovely to meet everybody and make some new friends!

also, yes please for the cupcake recipe!!! They were incredible!!

loved meeting you all and having a little sit down on the wicke beanbags.

thanks again!!!

also hello will! was great to meet you! & Giles!!

Thank you all for a lovely afternoon.
Fruit Towers may not be as towery as one would expect (a fruit flag was definitely missing) but it was all I imagined it to be. A great place filled with great people.
Loved the workshop with Sustainability Jess and the chat to Lucy (who makes my days happier with her innocent recipes).

Thank you for the goodie bag too!

However, as I was coming back home, a couple of absolutely fundamental questions came to mind:

1. It’s all to do with mums – and apparently Richard’s big sister.
I’m all for girl power, but... what’s wrong with dads?!?

2. What’s the deal with the weather?
How come every Fruitstock and Village Fete and even the AGM happen to fall on the only sunny days in the land?
Coincidence... I think not.

And, finally, Happy Birthday!
May the next 9 years be as fruitful!
(or even more)

Thank you for letting me be part of it

Love you, innocent

me xxx

We now have that very special cup cake recipe in our hands (thanks so much for sharing Alice).

We're going to reveal it in next week's newsletter. Baking gloves at the ready.

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