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April 08, 2008


Dear Innocent drinks

I would like to see more effort from you in being 'green'. Please move away from using Tetra packaging that cannot currently be recycled in the UK and use recycled packaging that can be then further recycled.

Thanks, Darren

I have started making my own smoothies (and obviously still buying yours too!!!!). I have brought your innocent smoothie book with the red cover and almost most of the way through them.... Do you have any other books similar to this?


Yes/No Bins

The day was lovely and a little surreal. The incredibly hairy (and a bit short) guy across the road asked me to wander down to the green with him to have a beer. Feeling a bit sorry for him, I accepted to then find that he spent the entire time 'cruising' chicks and even got someone's number. When we left there was a skinny and very tall ginger guy in a white kaftan dancing by himself. He looked like a match.
I have since made a full recovery.

T-shirts? Mugs? Glasses for the lovely smoothies? Coasters? Hats? And other more imaginative things I could think of if I didn't have the flu. Right now I'm living on your smoothies so thank you :)

Luv you guys

Give peas a chance

Can you make fruit bars for grown ups?

Re: tetrapaks, these can be recycled, see
you can contact your local council and ask them to provide recycling facilities for them (here in camden in london the council has recently rolled out tetrapak recycling bins across the borough after requests from residents, so if enough people ask the council it does work!). innocent, if you could highlight on your packaging that tetrapaks can be recycled that would be brilliant (but of course if you can find more eco friendly packaging that would be better!).

erm....just a wee quick quezzie!!! where is my free stuff?!!! I'm broke and have a wee urge for some of your scrummy drinks!! and yes, i have already subscribed to ur wee thing but see no evidence of ur wee promises yet....I'M PARCHED!!!! loves 4evs
ps. the cups thing is such a brill idea Caz!!!
LETS SEE SOME ACTION.....(you know they speak louder than words!!)

Dear Innocent.

All this pulped fruit and healthy living stuff is great and everything, but I'd like to try your naughty little sister, Guilty's drinks for a change.

Chocolate, Rum, Toffee, Banana, Raisins, Butterscotch, Strawberries, Cream, Cocoa, know - the REALLY good stuff.

Maybe just not all in one drink....

Thanks for letting me have my say, and keep up the good work!


Is it just me, or is this questionnaire a bit annoying? I mean you guys are kings (and indeed queens) of consultation, open forum, say what you think etc. So, why make a questionnaire that is so difficult to complete (print, complete, scan or photograph, post)- in fact it comes across as really just a bit of a joke so people can show pics of themselves plus unreadable questionnaire. Why not have an online one?

Hi Ben.

We're sorry to hear that you find our questionnaire a bit of a faff. I don't think we could argue that it is actually very simple so think the best thing to do is to put our hands up and take your suggestion on board.

So here's an online version of exactly the same survey which should be a bit quicker for everyone in a hurry.

We'd still really love to see real life hand writing and colouring in questionnaires in the flickr group though. We set it up in this way to make it feel a bit more real and so that everyone can see what everyone else is thinking. Things tend to be a bit hidden and numbers/ pie charts led in online questionnaires we find.

There have been some great flickr submissions so far and we've already started to think about some of the comments and suggestions.

Anyway our AGM is all about taking our drinkers comments on board so let this be the first one we act on. One down, a fair few more to go.

Ted, (websites and things).

Hey my lovelys,

i would like to say...Wow
i love your smoothies
but isn't there a chance you can make bottles more colourful...or the smoothie...because i love your drink yet it's kinda a little dull...
fankyou for your time


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