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March 05, 2008


im the fittest, becuase i climb mountains dasily and carry the yaks to school.

I think im the fittest because ive just started to go to the gym, ive finally got off my lazy lazy bum! spent a whole 3hours in the gym the other day! :)

I think im the fittest because ive just started to go to the gym, ive finally got off my lazy lazy bum! spent a whole 3hours in the gym the other day! :)

I am the fittest because I am running a half marathon next weekend and have never done it before. I have a shiny running top too which makes me look fitter than other people. I don't go to the gym though because I hate being inside so I run around the park.

I think i'm the fittest because I have just started running round Hyde Park again after a 3 month break and I am taking part in two charity runs this year.

i'm the fittest because i took a tumble on a run this morning and bounced straight back up in a superman-esque pose. there was a fancy roll halfway through the fall as well. it drew much applause.

On Sunday the 30th of March 2008, I will line up with approximately 700 other runners from 35 different countries for the first stage in the 23rd Marathon des Sables.

They say that the MdS is the toughest foot race on earth and it may well be. I will run 150 miles across the Moroccan Sahara Desert in six stages over seven days. I will be carrying all of my food and all the equipment required to sustain me over the course – only water is supplied to the runners and even this is rationed. Overnight accommodation is in basic Berber canvas tents. The temperature will vary from a chilly 6 degrees at night to a blistering 45 degrees during the day. The shortest stage (the last one) is typically only around 13km but the longest (stage 4) is a double marathon of around 80km!

For me this event has been the focus of two years training – normally six days a week. Since obtaining an accepted entry some of the training highlights have included running the Madrid Marathon, Loch Ness Marathon, two times completion of the Original Mountain Marathon, two times completion of the Great Lakeland 3 day event (75 miles over three days in the mountains of the Lake District and Wales), the Great Glen Way (73 miles over two days from Inverness to Fort William) as well as numerous fell races, half marathons and shorter 10k road events.

Further information (and general ramblings) can be found at:

You will be able to follow progress and hopefully email me (once the race actually starts) at:

Whilst Innocent Drinks are part of my daily fuel and hyrdation ...sadly I wont have them in the Sahara - not happy :-<

Fittest? I thought it said fattest! I'm sure some nice new gym wear would encourage me to go from fat to fit. I did abseil down the Baltic Art Gallery though, does that count?

I think I'm the fattest drinker of your smoothies as I'm lazy and like pizza. However, if I was to win I'd turn that around and become the fittest. Well, fitter at any rate.

I stand on the train to work, walk 300 yards from the station, skip up the stairs (no lift for me) and walk (unaided) to the coffee machine - a more superfit chap you couldn't find!!!

I go trampollining every Friday, so I reckon I could be the bounciest drinker, does that count?!

I'm the goalie for the Guildford Smoke ice hockey team. I have to be fit to move my bodyweight plus kit up and down all the time. I should win because everybody loves the goalie.

I am the fittest as I am running a half marathon on Sunday - my first ever. And for the rest of the weekend I am helping at work, moving our Stores into our new building. Lots of carrying boxes about, as if 13.1miles of running is not enough for one day heehee!!

On Monday I am mostly sleeping!
xx Alex

I think I am the fittest because, as well as doing a 5 mile daily run, I visit the gym every morning, doing cardio work every other day, then core strength every other day. I also swim twice a week in my lunch hour.

On top of this I have completed 4 10ks: Personal Best - 36:43

3 Half Marthons: Personal Best - 1:21:23

And 2 London Marathons:
Personal Best (For FLM 2007) - 2:48:07

And I'm still only 25. :)

Much Love.


I believe I am the fittest smoothie drinker because I not only go to the gym five times a week I also poledance every day on the lovely shiny pole we have installed in our house! Honestly, hauling my own bodyweight around Ols'f (Our Lovely Shiny Friend) every day is damn hard work! (But I make it look easy of course ;) ) So therefore my housemate and I would greatly enjoy smoothies to drink whilst upside down. Ta.

Let me be the winner cause ever day I'm getting thinner! Whether its cycling, sailing, running or swimming, Innocent ensures my energy's brimming... I must be your fittest drinker ...honest I'm not a wishful thinker!

i might not be the fittest, but my fingers are certainly up there with the best of them. i knit and whisk cakes and i'm good with a yoyo. and surely it's fit fingers that count when lifting smoothies to the lips?

With a innocent smoothie in my bag I NEVER flag!

I want to be the winner! I play rugby five days a week, go runnning and swimming as often as possible with my friends :-)and my boyfriend tells me i look fit :-) heeheehee

I do triathlons. Does that count?

A picture paints a thousand words, so less of the rambling people, I want hot shirtless photo's of muscled men ;-)

After not doing anythng except eat cake and wonder why my jeans were getting tight for several months, I signed up to a ladies only kick boxing class. I go once a week for an hour (although I did two hours last week as I missed a class the week before) and have been told that I 'put a lot into it' which I think is a good thing. I also have a special t-shirt and black and pink kickboxing trousers to wear.
As it involves lots of kicking and punching I think this makes me quite fit! :-)

I should point out that we don't punch or kick each other, it is all non-contact!

I may not be the fittest... most active... or a health freak but I certainly know someone who is... and that person is Super Sammy... once she has slurped a Super Innocent Smoothie she is able to tackle the morning run to the bus stop with agility and grace and of course her ability to fly from her bosses presence when danger is suspected is envied world wide... Super Fit... No... Just Super Innocent Fuelled Sammy!

I'm Fit as I go to the gym every day for Interval training and resistance training with proteiny things afterwards. However what makes me most fit is that I just cut off the 3 feet of hair that used to cover my noggin, so I'm really light now! Amazing

I am the fittest innocent drinker here as i excercise 7 days a week... Monday to friday I go to the gym, and on the weekends I drink INNOCENT SMOOTHIES!!!

I am the fittest because I run lots and managed to convert my non smoothie drinking friends to innocent when shopping for post great north run of them doesn't even like fruit normally!

I am so fit that I wear out my trainers every 4 months and so get to wear nice clean bouncy new ones at regular intervals. This makes my running even fitter!!!

I must be the fittest here because I secretly work for Innocent smoothies, ever wonder how they get so much juice out of a little bit of fruit? It is because they have me locked in their basement, I have nothing better to do but work out.
I have been here for ten years now and I am so fit and strong they make me crush fruit with my bare hands!
I am so fit that sometimes all I have to do is scream at the fruit and it crushes itself Grrrr!

Hello Innocent. I'm your fittest drinker because I've got legs up to my armpits & a killer smile. Oh wait...I'm also your healthiest drinker thanks to ultimate frisbee and hard-core smoothie-drinking. LOVE YOU.

I am fittest because I want to win. Oh and I enjoy collecting pebbles which means carrying them home, so I have gorilla arms from transporting beach material.

Are we talking fit = attractive or fit = healthy?

If it's the first, then I have no problem in claiming my prize ;)
However, I'm not going to pretend to be the sportiest smoothie drinker around, but I'm fitter than the other innocent fan I know, and I play a sport that many think is a MYTH!*

Getting hit everywhere has got to be one of the best ways of getting fit - I spend so much time trying to get out of the way of flying balls narrowly missing colliding with my head that I've become as agile as a cat, and we all know that cats are fit as.


I was going to boast about my inaugural London Marathon in April, after having started running for the first time last summer, or perhaps my personal best on the 12th mile of the Milton Keynes half marathon last weekend, after coming back from an illotibial band injury.

But then I read the entry by Graham, who's doing the Marathon des Sables, and I couldn't type at all because I had my hands full taking my hat off to him.

Surely the 'keep trying to diet, keep paying for the gym, work so hard during the day that we nod off on the sofa when we get home' kinda people need the health-giving properties of your amazing smoothies?!LIKE ME!

I'm not about to win any landspeed records, it must be said, but I'm 33 weeks pregnant and still swimming a mile, so I must be quite fit ... and I'd seriously do almost anything for free Innocents! Go on - try giving birth and then tell me I don't deserve a drink, if not a medal :)

I’ve been drinking innocent smoothies since 2001, which was around the same time I took up martial arts. I have since won British and European titles… coincidence?

I have qualified for the leinster junior squash team for the last 3 years in a row. ive also played men's league for the last 3 years, we won it last year and im the captain of my team this year(so i get to boss around people 20 years older than me!). I havn't lost a match while playing for my team. Ever! Possibly because i drink innocent? Im pritty sure thats what my opponents say anyways.. And i used to play for my school and I've got plenty of medals from that(mainly runners up though!), but i'm in too busy a year this year with my leaving cert! =[. (But not too busy to try to get free smoothies!!)

I also am a qualified sailing instructor, which isnt just sitting on the side of a boat dipsite what you may think!!
And i enjoy cycling, skiing, swimming and drinking smoothies(which I think I could break world records in once its declared a sport)

Hi, I reckon Im pretty fit- Im captain of our ladies rowing team at university. We train atleast nine times a week, much of it at 5.30 in the morning. We've raced three times this term and done really well including Women's Head of the River in London last weekend. Tonight we're all off to do a 2k test on the ergo, the worst and most painful bit of training ever! I adore Innocent Smoothies- my little brother has them because they help him get his vitamins but I like to steal them! I know my girls would love it if you could send us some smoothies for training camp- we'll be training all day, everyday for two weeks and need cheering up. We'd love some kit too and when we win it'll be the smoothies that powered us on! xxxx

I’m only 15 and I took part in Tour De Trigs 2007. Its 50 miles to walk in 24 hours, it was freezing and you only get the route details 30 minutes before and you walk it in teams of 3 cross-country. Hardest thing I’ve ever done! Was also the most fun I’ve ever had!

I’m only 15 and I took part in Tour De Trigs 2007. Its 50 miles to walk in 24 hours, it was freezing and you only get the route details 30 minutes before and you walk it in teams of 3 cross-country. Hardest thing I’ve ever done! Was also the most fun I’ve ever had!

Hi, well now, I think above all the fit people here I am the fittest. Not only do I run every morning, jog through the office at any opprtunity, star jump at the bus stop, but I am mentally fit (very important) as I have to get out of my new bed from ikea with egyptian cotton sheets to do it all, it's so gorgeous it's like sleeping in a piglets armpet (very silky). Now if that's not a fitness achievement I don't know what is.
Plus I really love your smoothies and you can see my bum through my running tights ive worn them so much...

I can't compete with the pregnant lady, or all the really fit people.. but I'm doing the Grizzly this weekend down at Branscombe, Devon (the Napoli ran aground there last year!) - 19 miles of climbing steep hills, running through boggy bogs, freezing water, pebble beaches... I was supposed to train for it last friday, but it was cold and rainy, so I went home and drank wine and ate choklat instead.. hohum..but I will be up at 7am on Sunday and will drink a pint of Acai and blueberry smoothie before heading off to Branscombe..if I survive - a smoothie and some new clean running kit would be very welcome.. (p.s. I've been told I've got a very fit bottom...)

I'm so fit, I flew round the world so fast that it turned back time, and I didn't even sweat. Or was that Superman...?

Well, I spend 6 hours a week crawling around in the mud and going on night runs with the air cadets. Then as a little breather I go on a half hour run everyday with my goal being the innocent smoothie at the end! I walk or run to work and I go swimming on the weekends. So just like everybody elses fitness regime huh! And I do brain-jitsu just to keep my mind fit too! haiii-yaaaa!

im the fittest because i want some free smoothies

Depending on what "the fittest" means, I propose that I am the fittest because I can sleep non-stop for 8 hours, wake up and still embark on a running journey for 1/2 hour.

im the fittest because every morning i wake up at 2am, then i have 3 raw unshelled eggs for my breakfast.
after that i pull my shirt shorts and vest on, and go for a 57 mile run through my local mountain range. this morning it took me 36 minutes [im getting older, i'll admit]
then when i get home to the farm i spend the rest of the morning pulling the plough round the field.
after that i go have a shower and admire my buff bod in the mirror for an hour. why be so fit if you cant enjoy the view? then i hit the gym for a couple of hours on the rowing machine, then a few more toning my thighs. after that its time for a meal of chicken and vitamin tablets before i get to bed about 8pm, ready for the early start in the morning. grrrrrrrrrrrr!

i wont say im the fittest, but i do walk 45 minutes everyday dropping of and picking my kid to school and the little one taking her out thrice a week to lib and toddlers group, and am suffering from Arthritis and a bit of asthma.

When no one is there to help me, I sometimes get up to go to the fridge myself.

Have I mentioned that my fridge is on the moon surrounded by polar bears?

It's not really me you're looking for, but my mum and dad are! Twice a week they do a vigorous hour of Boxercise, my mum does Body Conditioning on Thursdays and she swims a mile nearly every night. My dad also attends a gym class sometimes with my mum. In the summer, they both do some running too. Me? On ewould expect me to be some brilliant school hockey captain. I prefer to hold the stopwatch whilst sipping an innocent smoothie, thank you very much.

My man is the fittest,hes training for the London marathon in aid of the Jennifer Trust for our daughter who was diagnosed with SMA2 she needs a wheelchair so he's running because she can't.

I'm not the fittest yet.....BUT given time and training and fruity goodness of inocent, I hope to run the Great North Run this year for the first time ever. Wish me luck!

My mum has been in hundreds of running races, and is currently working towards a triathlon. She can often be seen swimming in open lakes at 6 in the morning before work! Dedication or what?

My daughter has just been accepted at dance school - she is 15 and trains 6 days a week so she can't go out with her friends much. She buys an innocent smoothie every day to be the fittest!

Brian is the well fit king because two years ago he had a liver transplant and yesterday he was doing handstands in the garden and climbing apple trees. Fantastic. You can sign up on

I may not be quite the fittest person ever but I do go really red & I'm entering a half ironman this summer to try & be half as fit as Fordy from your office

So what if Kristoph has been on the front of More magazine. Isn't that a comic for girls! I could give him a run for his money any day.

Does Kristoph wear make-up?

My friend Craig's the fittest I'm afraid! He goes 2the gym 5nights a week, drinks Innocent EVERYDAY, is visiting InnocentTowers in April &his arm muscles are bigger than my thighs (I'm a girl). Plus he's hot!

I sprint whenever I see the 68 bus, I walk up 7 flights of stairs to get to my university's library and I have to carry my shopping up a very steep hill!

I'm not going to lie - I'm not the fittest - but I blame Innocent... gym or cold smoothie?...

I've just done 30 miles on the exercise bike,I do about 150miles a week.I play badminton 2 nights a week & soccer twice a week with my clubs!

I think I'm the fittest because I'm training to swim 5km (200 lengths)for charity twice a week, I run 3 miles twice a week (training for charity run), I row twice a week (at the gym and on the river), I cycle 15 miles every Saturday, and twice a week I play basketball and do kickboxing.
Beat that lol :)

I started spinning classes 6 years ago. For 4 years it was three 6:30 am classes a week now it’s evening classes. At 32, I am the fittest I have ever been in my life.

Weeeeell, I get up at 6.30am every morning to ride my bike on an indoor trainer, or outside if its not too windy. Or I might go for a run in that time. Then I go to work or University. I might go swimming at lunch time if I'm really lucky and have the time. Then in the evening, depending on whether it is summer or winter, I go for another bike ride, or a run, or a swim, and the about three evenings a week I go climbing.
I am doing La Marmotte in France this year, a cyclo sportif covering many of the biggest French passess and being as long as some of the mountain stages of the tour de france, I'll also be doing three other races in the Alps in that week, which go together to make a series.
I'm racing my road bike in the womens National Series, and race pretty much every weekend, as well as doing time trials mid week in the summer. Throughout the winter I have been doing Cyclo Cross every weekend, thats basically a road bike with slightly nobblier tyres, ridden off road. I'm also doing a 24hour Mountain Bike race in the summer.
Last weekend I ran a half marathon, I'm not really a runner but some friends were doing it so I thought I might as well go along.
Not long ago I went to Morocco for a couple of weeks to go do sports climbing in Todra gorge. That was pretty cool.
I also do a bit of fell running, pilates and enjoy jumping in random water sources when I come across them around the world.
I'm definately not as fit as I'd like to be, but I think I'm pretty fit.

I am the fittest drinker because i run a mile or two after drinking a cup of innocent! i also live for tennis and football (don't forget swimming). I was also picked to represent my school as a swimmer!

in a gala (200 meters, ten types)

I bring the joy of running to my colleagues, sing it big with my choir, and join in all my wife's tap classes! All on one innocent smoothie a day! How fit is that?

I think i'm pretty fit as i do ballet (which is harder than it looks), and i'm going to start doing outdoor stuff like jumping into 50ft ditches to catch a ball. Also i write a lot, so that exercises my hand.

I am the fittest (who else) because I make my own innocent drinks at home every day. (because in hungary innocent drinks are no available)

I am fit and keen, lean and mean, quicker than a runner bean. A marvel that is rarely seen.

I am, without any logical doubt, the fittest person in the whole world and I, my friends, have proof; When I consumed a hearty glass Innocent Mango and Passionfruit Smoothie - enchanted by a certified Wizard - I became bestowed with divine super-human powers, a big cape and a cheesy combed-back haircut. I'd say that's pretty fit.

In addition, I speak no word of a lie

Me and my sports class in college are going to cycle from holyhead to cardiff in the summer to raise money for the air ambulance. The air ambulance costs £1000 every time it flies, so they need our help, and we need yours. if we're going to get fit and healthy for the 3 day ride, we're going to need a lot of vitamins and minerals. If you would like to help us along by donating some of your lovely smoothies (especially the orange and mango ones) [please email me back. 18 of us, plus 3 tutors will be going in early to mid june and cycling just over 70 miles a day. we're hoping to raise at least £100 each, so we can fund at least 2 air ambulance trips. the air ambulance saved 2 of my friends on the same day a few years ago so i have a lot to thank them for.
Joss Lucas

Having read all of these posts, the judges felt tired, then lardy, then tired again.

However, after a few doughnuts to revive them, they finally picked Graham as the fittest of them all. He’s about to do the Marathon des Sables, a 150 mile endurance race over 6 days across the Sahara Desert. Some smoothies, a medal and the very best of luck to him and his soon to be very sore thighs.

Thanks to everyone who entered this competition. Give yourselves a well deserved pat on your very fit backs.


Good Morrrning fellow Yummy Juice Drinkers!

i Doubt im the fittest at all here after i read all of the above comments.. BUT i do play my part in keeping fit!

Yoga every monday, Gym twice a week, swimming on Sundays and Salsa classes on tuesdays and thursdays!

On returning home.. i guzzle down a bottle of Innocent yumminess every day! (Top Flavour: pineapple, bananas and coconut.. try it with some crumbled weetabix! its like a granola type snack!)

thankyou Innocent for your bottles of goodness =] x

wow its such a great games.I go once a week for an hour (although I did two hours last week as I missed a class the week before) and have been told that I 'put a lot into it' which I think is a good thing. Kickboxing London is a club where a training center for boxing.visit at-

To get a fit body need some exercise and yoga etc.the gym every day for Interval training and resistance training with protein things afterwards. Kickboxing London is good culb to fit your body,there are so many things to fit your body and learning course.visit at-

A trainer in mixed martial arts who is trying to organize a national youth league warned that bans will just drive an increasingly popular sport underground.visit at-

Come on people.

I went and bought a Tuna Nicoise salad today for lunch

Only I asked them to hold the dressing, potato, and carrot.

That's when you know you're fit

When you're picking apart a salad as you know some of it isn't good for you!

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