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February 27, 2008


I will be working on my day job, then I'll be going out on my first shift as a Special Constable for the Metropolitan Police.


I'll be using the extra day to recover from my birthday by glugging loads of Innocent smoothies to nurse my hangover before heading out to do it all again on 1st with the bestest bunch of mates in the world. Yeeeehaaaa!

I will be having the day off from teaching, and going to my little sister's sixth birthday party... since it's a leap year, there is a leap theme to the party. Lots of bouncing around for sure :o)

If you're in London on Friday... Come to the One Life show at Kensington Olympia (Friday 1pm till 7pm also Sat and Sunday!) and come and visit me on One Green Earth's stand F62 to find green products and services for a sustainable future! :-)

As the 29th comes round every 4 years, I will be behaving my Leap Year age all day, which is 6 years old. This will mean spelling incorrectly any large words, not sitting still, and avoiding anything with small parts that could be swallowed.

I shall be doing something whi I've not done since the late 80's...

Breakdancing on a square metre of lino which is has been rolled up in my mum's garage for the last 20 years.

I can't see anyone beating that.


Its my 8th birthday so im hoping my husband will whisk me away for a romantic weekend. My mother in law has offered to have our four kids all weekend (bliss!). Anyway i will live in hope...

I'll be slinking off to my purpose-built underground lair in the New Forest to teach a troupe of chimpanzees how to communicate using semaphore. The letter of the day will be C and the word of the day will be Conquer. We're covering Dictator next week. Mwah ha ha ha ha.

Chilling with my gnomies

SLEEPING, as when i am not taking myself to work, working, giving my sis lifts, or breaking down (constantly), i have no time to SLEEP....sleepy, sleepy, must not sleep now, must wait til Friday

I shall be mainly doing a handstand for 6.5 hours dressed in a jumper once owned by Val Doonican between the two piers of Brighton.

The rest of the day will be a small seminar focussing on what originally lead me to do this.

Feel free to join me.


I'll be doing the same thing I do every night - trying to take over the world! mwahahahahahaha!!

As my lovely boss has given us the day off because it's a leap year, I'll be flying to Spain to surprise my mum for Mother's Day! Hurrah for leap years and great bosses

Well, seeing as it's not really a day, I plan to wake up very early, go to asda, buy an abundance of food, DVD's and alcohol that will last me for the whole day then sneak back to my house, turn my wretched phones off, and dine like a queen with the biggest bubbliest bath ever with multiple episodes of Scrubs being watched whilst eventually getting drunk on champagne and smoothie cocktails. (half a small bottle of the mango smoothie & champagne is delish) and then, return back to stupid reality.

Getting over the fact that there are actually 24 hrs extra cos I didnt know that, for which my partner is berating me for as in in 'lack of general knowledge'... organising/helping 2 friends of ours with their hand-fasting ceremony soon...and yes, probably hoovering....

oh and also, the following day I will not be at work, I will be gym-ing all the calories off from the previous pig out. Mmm, chocolate, watch out, I tell thee. Hey, make a chocolate smoothie too.

Pushing Ben W into the swimming hole and taking his milkshake (why isn't he drinking a smoothie?).

I bet he'll be wearing flip flops anyway.

I will wait an answer from Innocent to know if I can do my internship with you!!! to give me some luck i will drink fresh juice all day long!!

Guzzling as much pomegranite and raspberrie smoothie as possible and then a little bit more for good measure. And maybe playing leap frog to celebrate leap day.

As it's a leap year, I intend to step into my quantum leap accelerator and vanish. I expect to wake to find myself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that are not my own, striving to put right what once went wrong and hoping each time that my next leap… will be the leap home.

On Saturday I’ll probably do some shopping. Oh Boy.

I will spend my day waiting for an answer from know if I can do my internship with you!!
To give me some luck I will drink fresh juice all day long!!

it's my boyfriend's birthday so we'll be out celebrating the fact that he's turning 6... (or 24, depending on how you look at it!) he's been waiting a long time for this birthday so there will be party hats and cakes and hopefully jelly and ice cream!

As Saturday the 1st March is my birthday and the leap year is making me wait a day to celebrate, I have decided that I shall be having an Innocent birthday on Friday by being angelic & good ALL day but on Saturday I am going to very naughty indeed!

I will be spinning on a swivel chair as many times as I can within one minute.

Then I will try to beat that record.

I will be lying on a bed, with my stomach exposed and covered in cold jelly seeing my unborn child on a fuzzy black and white screen for the first time ever!!! Exciting stuff.

The lemon & ginger in the Smoothie for Winter has really helped with the morning sickness btw, so many thanks!

Unfortunately I will be at work. I'm only posting this to float the suggestion that the 29th of February should be a public holiday. Companies employing people on a salary are getting a freebie on us. It just doesn't seem right. Especially if it turns out nice on Friday.

drinking 29 cartons of Innocent smoothies, and getting a smoothie moustache which i will sport at work

Why I shall be karaoke-ing my heart out with my other half & our friends! & it's for my birthday so I get presents too - whoohoo! :)

I'll be staking out our pond in the back garden as it's the time of year when the frogs start mating - which always looks hilarious! Having said that, this makes me sound like some sort of frog pervert....

I'll be at work... It's just another week day people!

Working like a dog, I presume. The company hasn't mentioned anything about giving us the day off as a special Leap Year treat (the swines!) - so I am gonna need loads of superfood smoothies to keep my energy levels up to get me through the day.

The 29th of feb is the day I started going out with my boyfriend 12 years ago, so I will be hoping for my 3rd ever anniversary present!

Therefore I hope to be whisked away somewhere romantic or suprised with a spa day voucher, but will probably go to work and have a romantic pizza for tea(and I will hopefully get to choose the topping if he is feeling really romantic).

I shall spend the day in a bunker, hiding from women: I have learnt of a 1288 law by Queen Margaret of Scotland (then age five and living in Norway), requiring that fines be levied if a marriage proposal is refused by the man. Having been made redundant a few months ago, I can ill afford it.

my sister-in-law has her once in 4 years birthday
so party on like its 1999 again. your only 50 once.

I'd say I'd strike as it seems to me that work get an extra day out of me for free!!

I'll be a tourist in my own town. Look around me while I walk, possibly get lost, take some pictures, go to a museum, read about it in my guidebook, learn something new, enjoy a meal out...

I work for Cancer Research UK and we will be asking people to use their extra day to help us raise some extra funds and help to make the extra day really count.

If you'd like to help please visit

Have a good day whatever you do though!!

I am going to surprise an old friend with a carpet picnic. She is on her own whilst her family is away without her, and needs cheering up. There will, of course, be innocent smoothies.

How about drinking 29 innocent smoothies - that will be rememberable apart from the fact you'll get far more than your 5 fruit a day thingy, maybe it will give you magic powers too..........

Looking for my birthday presents,the kids must have hidden them some where!!Perhaps under the bed!! Ihope i look innocent on saturday when i receive them!!

I will be dressing up as a King Penguin and singing "Ice, Ice, Baby" in my local shopping centre.

I'm going to film myself wheeling and drinking my wheelbarrow of smoothies around Finsbury Square at lunch time, post it on youtube and submit the file to Lilly Allen and Friends. You had better send a lot of smoothies to make it look good.

Searching for the world's biggest wheelbarrow in eager anticipation...

I'll be campaigning to make February the 29th a Bank Holiday (or if it falls on a weekend the following Monday a Bank Holiday). I get paid the same salary every month no matter what, so I'm not happy about my boss getting an extra day of work out of me for no extra money.

In 2012 I'll be expecting an extra bank holiday and backdated pay for all the previous February 29ths I've worked.

Sleeping... if only! The little'un is now nearly 8 weeks old and I haven't done much sleeping for a while.

although it's an extra day work still exists, but i will be spending the evening acting like a look eating far too many sweets and ice cream at the cinema and then getting an EXTRA NIGHT OF SLEEP before preparing for a friend's hen do on saturday!!

i'll be at school ): haa!

Get born - then you'll be 25 when you're 100.

Hurray baby!

I will be enjoying a free day off from work! We have all been given the day off as part of the Great Green Leap Day as long as we participate in a green activity. I was planning on preparing to grow my own veg and recycle some old clothes into something new... Might get on my bike too :P

coating myself in some sort of buttery substance....possibly butter....

then wrestling a wild hog!

I shall be walking the dogs down by the river with my best bud and a picnic which will of course contain a number of innocent smoothies! Then I shall high-tail it to work for a performance of "Midsummer Nights Dream"! Joy abounding!

I'll be doing random acts of kindness for other people and encouraging others to do the same.

I'm going to take the saddle, pedals and breaks off of my bike and find a mighty steep hill and free wheel down it!

Welly Wanging over Tower Bridge...

Making space in my fridge for that wheelbarrow load of Innocent smoothies that I hope to win.

Oh, and enjoying the extra daily Innocent smoothie that I get to indulge in this year.

Smooth enough for you?! x

In reality (what is reality?)I will be writing an essay about postmodernism (or will I?) But in my head I will be snuggling with a wrinkle-faced pug, eating a picnic dinner with marshmallows and crispy-duck, snuggling in plentiful duvets and watching Disney films all day.

... though I like Jen's idea of 'Welly Wanging' - got a spare welly there, Jen?


My son was born on the 29th February 2000, so although he will be 8 years old, this is only in effect his 2nd birthday! We will be having an extra special celebration on Friday to make up for the lost birthdays! He is having a football party with 29(!) friends, and hopefully it will be a very happy, if somewhat noisy, fun-filled day.

Walking up & down horse guards parade in a pantomine horse outfit - for charidy!

I would get married because if I decide I don't like my husband we don't have to celebrate our anniversery so often.

I will be performing random acts of kindness like topping up peoples parking meters - holding open doors and carrying shopping - just to prove the world is a nice and fluffy place - yay

An extra day to prepare a nice hot 'Cawl' (welsh broth) for St David's day on Saturday! yummy!

I will be mourning the week anniversary of the loss of my favourite cardigan. I hope it's in a happy place now.

Its my birthday and I will be 10!!!
My husband has a mystery day planned so I have NO IDEA what I will be doing.... slightly worried I must confess

I'll be spending the evening serving food to a group of middle-aged Norwegian folk dancers.

I will have an extra 24 hours to drink Innocent Smmothies ! What else would you want to do with an extra day?

As we've got 24 extra hours I'm going to try and think of 24 new things to do and then do 1 a day for the next 24 days. As this is the first time I've commented on a blog, I reckon I've got 23 to go...

I'll be volunteering in my local Cancer Research UK shop as part of their Make Today Count campaign.

Doing good followed by a bit of shopping. Not a bad combo!

Though both are thirsty work ;-)

Phil: The fine levied if you refuse a proposal is apparently 12 pairs of gloves :-)

I will be spending it with my husband who will be the grand old age of 11. He's really looking forward to having a real birthday so we're having a kiddie party to celebrate his real age in style!

well the country should follow National Trusts plan and give all workers the day off!

While you all are busy, i'll be digging for burried treasure!!mwahaha!! I'll find it first!:):)

it should be a national bank holiday, seeing as we have so few, maybe bankholiday smoothie day? yay.

Well i'm going to my friends leaving party (giving her innocent smoothies as her present as we both love them), and then getting slightly drunk :)

Or maybe I would dress up as a giant luminous green frog and leap around london telling anyone who'll listen that it is a leap year and that I like flies.

Celebrating my 6th proper Birthday with a Mad Hatter's Tea Party. All the guests will be dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland, or as Pirates (but only if they come from Penzance). Every now and then everyone has to move one conversation to their left to make sure everyone has a supply of clean conversations.
If only I could find a recipe for Mock Turtle Soup...

I will be donning a masque and placing some feathers behind my ears to celebrate my wonderful and silly friends birthday at a performance of 'The masque of the Red Death'. An excellent excuse for me to cross-dress, wear hats and get deliriously confused by modern interactive (?!) theatre and perhaps a few's their last performance so I say bring on the burlesque, count me in for cabaret!

i will me going to a samaritians meeting to hopefully end up helping them out with some time! then with any luck drinking some cocktails with my bestest friend in the whole world before painting london town pink! Also i may head over to camden and see the damage as i haven't done it yet and leaps years always make me optimistic!

On my extra day i will be entering as many prize draws and competions, on line and via snail mail so if I actually win one, it will be a very memorable day. I am going to make a start with this one!

Oooh, I think I will spend 29th February being pampered silly by my sexy Italian boyfriend. Yum.

1. Get up early (I mean, properly early).
2. Make sandwhiches
3. Get on my bike and ride...

I will be learning the words to 'The Start of Something New' from High School Musical so I can duet (karaoke style) with my god-daughter at her 8th (or 2nd!) birthday party. We have the backing track but no screen with the words to the song!

Attempting to fly to the moon in a home made rocket. If i fail i will only have to suffer the anniversary of my shameful defeat once every 4 years. Genius!

My daughter and I are going to make some crazy egg head cress people ... we have been collecting egg cartons and we're going to make a full family of little cress egg heads to give to family and friends to have yummy egg sandwiches at easter !

I will be spending the day crocheting angel outfits for my apples and bananas so that they don't develop self-esteem issues when I bring home my weekly quota of Innocent Smoothies.

Well aware as you are, fruit feeling haveth.

(may the force be with you)

Hell, let's go all out, I'll make them light sabers too.

Im going to spend it lazing around in my hot tub sipping
innocent little tasty drinks

Working, but would rather be sittin' knittin'!

I've got 7 lovely ladies coming round for afternoon tea (and pink champagne!!)and girlie treats (facials & massages) and I am making loads of cupcakes and little sandwiches with no crusts! Even been down to the charity shop to buy proper tea cups and a cake stand!

we're having a 16month late housewarming party!

In the morning I am going to hand in the final version of my honours thesis on diagnostic microbiology. Then I have lectures for a couple of hours...

BUT: At night I will be going to see a musical with my partner and afterwards I aim to take her to a good restaurant to celebrate our anniversary, there I am going to ask her a question that is very special to me.

I will be at work but will refuse to shake hands and instead greet everyone with a firm high five. It helps that I have already handed in my notice.

High Five.

Well I am going to my friends birthday - she only gets one every 4 years! xx

I will spend the day reading every single answer for how people will spend their day -- and then, I'll select my favourite and do that!

I'm going to invest my extra day in a westwardly flight to Australia. You don't get extra days that often, so when you do it is important to try and double your initial investment.

I'll be leaving the city behind and heading out into the Chiltern hills.

Spend the day smiling,laughing, kissing and cuddling! Tell a joke ! Relax and giggle like school kids! buy someone a little treat they are not expecting.

I shall be spending the day in bed, after campaigning for student election this week. i will spend the day sleeping followed by a glorious pampering session. it doesn't count as time not spent doing anything else it's a free day! zz

I agree with Chloe, although am unfortunately not part of a union. Will therefore be taking a 'sickie' and picketing outside gordon's pad for an extra bank holiday every 4th year. unless i'm too hungover that is...

Seeing that my birthday falls on March 2nd, I have to wait an extra day for my birthday. And for Mother's Day, in fact.

I shall spend the day at Uni, working hard (or pretending to) then coming home, having dinner and hopefully having a laugh with my hall mate. I shall make a consious effort to make the day count.

Inviting 24 mates round toshare the smoothies i won on the internet,i only share every 4 years,thats enough.Innocents are to good to share.!!

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