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January 23, 2008


Future small thingy holder

Future small snowman model

Future whirligig

use me, reuse me, reuse me

future message in a bottle

Future model boat bailer

1, Cobwebs!

2, I feel so empty.

3, Fill me up, me too.

Does my fruit look big in this?

Toutti Frutti Bum Bum

i feel so used!

made you look!

happiness isnt found at the bottom of a bottle

Bottoms! . . . Now that made you smile :)

Of all the days not to wear pants

Do you think this is how a baboon feels?

I hope the lid was on

collect 9 more to play skittles

fill with water and attached to bicycle pump to make a tiny rocket

warning: may experience nausea when held upside down

WARNING: Addictive

I've shown you mine - now show me yours..

Insert genie here

I hope you screwed my lid on tight!

Darn! How did you find me?

Fancy some tonsil hockey?

This message is round - testify!

Hey, quit messing around and drink me!

Gosh, you really need a hobby!

Don't look for answers at the bottom of a bottle

I like you, will you be my friend?

wipe after spillage

you little pervert

"c=πr2 mmm, pi"
(the 2 is meant to be the higher to stand for squared symbol)


"dogs like sniffing bottoms too"


"i hope you've got a cloth"

Much love

I must be part of your detox-retox diet.

Wow exactly 40 characters.
I must be really special!

liquid gold :)

For snoglobe add water + coconut flakes

Add lenses to make your own telescope

Why not try tapdancing?

Kindness costs nothing

A wise man knows how little he knows

Please re-use creatively

'Hand-reared by Innocent'
'You've hit rock bottom.'

I like a healthy breeze...

Nice bottom!
Nice from top to bottom!

Did you expect there to be a message in the bottle?

turn me back around I'm getting dizzy!

do you do this often?

do not turn upside down

smoothies are better shaken not turned :)

the world looks different this way :S

shake it baby!

smile it makes you AND me happy!

directions: revert, shake, twist, enjoy!

turn bottle to continue

don't look at me like that!

dont cha wish your bottle was full again!

Save trees, eat a beaver!

Innocent was 'ere

Innocent rules..ok

I love the smell of wet tarmac on a hot day!

Because your worth it

I'm a smoothie, get me out of here!

Nice sentiments my occur naturally

Smoothie does it!

Do not disturb.

Bungee jumpers do it upside-down!

With a bottom like this who needs a label?

Buy more Now!!!

recycle me... or shame on you

now you can tick two from your five a day

yummy bummy =]

ooooh no-one's ever noticed my bottom before! thanks for looking!!!

Bottoms up!

* Bottoms were invented in 1905

*message-in-a-bottle capable

*in event of boredom make into a telescope

*wish you were me

*if you lived in here you'd be a fruit

*anything good to read on your bottom?

* Distracted you didn't I?

* You forgot the milk

* Turn me over, I get seasick

* innocent - better than guilty

Both sides were proved innocent

Innocent from both ends

Irrepressibly Innocent

Shut up, Face.

Smile! =]

Greetings from down under

I hope the top was on.

'does my bum look big in this?'

'shake that thang!'

'just bumming around..'

'I'll be your message in a bottle'

'Drink this way up..'

'You have the wrong drink. Try Again.'

'Have you ever wondered how this writing gets here? GOD'

'Shouldn't you try drinking this?'


Where's the genie?

Everything's upside down!

Cut off bottom to make monocle.

Was it good for you too?
Who knew innocent would feel so good!
Wow. You really have time on your hands!
Go outside and play, for goodness sake!

Please find my Twin & give her a good home too!

Lift me up , press me to your Lips,Boy that`s Heaven!

Why Does Everyone Drain Me Dry?

Missing Me So Soon ?

Mr Darcy I am Undone!

Bet That "Smoothie"d out your wrinkles!

A Smoothie a Day! sends your cares far away !

Innocent, Innocent ! Where for art thee..Innocent?

You are granted three wishes

Do not turn upside down... Too late

Thank`s for looking me up !

I just knew you`d fall in love with me !

You`ve just experienced the wonder of "innocents"

Did that drive you Bananas ?

The Vessel with the Pestle has the brew that is True !

Help me ! I feel really Drunk!

The Chalice with the Palace has the pellet with the poison !

Okay, the dealine is past...But...

As much use as a trapdoor on a lifeboat

A better butt than concentrated OJ : )

A lot of time on your hands, Eh?

There’s no-one quite like your mother

Drink it like a gangsta

Ingredients: Not here

Nature – keeping Innocents, innocent :)

I’m the foundations of your health

The Foundations of a smoothie

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

Cold bottom, warm heart

(Just hope you kept the lid on)

Eee – Aww! (Ass…Arse, Geddit?)

Don’t Waste the Innocence!

I’d tap that.

I used to be some other plastic thing.

Take a picture, it’ll last longer

There you go XD
From Orlaith

Someone has alot of spare time on their hands....


Should you not be looking where you are going?

Arnie for president!!

Bite my clear transparent a**

Don't Read this. Ahh look ya just did, you lose.

I used to be a piece of steel.

Where am I?

God! I'm attractive aren't I?!

Open at other end

and so the end is here

fill me with sand and make me a skittle

i'm the best bottom you'll see today

i've got a nice firm bottom

i've got a nice firm bottom

Innocent smoothies do not turn upside-down
Ha ha! you lose!

I know im a bit late but still! How about...

I'll Tell My Mum!

Ooh... all the blood just went to my head!

I dont feel too good...

Look! Handstand with no hands!

I could use some pants y'know...

Yes, I even have a nice bottom.

Warning: does not bounce

No smoothie slamming please (with a picture of a splatted smoothie character)

(I know the competition is over, but for fun) :

no cellulite on this bum!

Well hellooooo there!

The sell by date is on the lid silly!

I'm all shook up, aha huh!

My you are an inquisitive soul aren't you?

Bums are the best.

How can innocent things taste so good?


Bet you can't skip without smilling :0)

Thats Prime Bottom you av' there

Warning - May Intoxicate you with Eternal life

"Bottmoms Up!!"

Gulp... WoW! I didnt know you could see the top from the bottom!?

Anagram time! I then come to no sin?

Am I tasty?

Why are you standing on your head?

how does my bottom look?

I know it's too late but....

"In my previous life, I was a magic lamp"

Beware,Innocent Smoothies make you smile!

Phew, you saved me! (Picture of one of the wee fruity blobs next to comment)
Hope we're not too late...!!

At least my bottom isnt as big as yours

no need to concentrate here

whatever tickles your fancy

was that good for you?

i guess you're looking for your 3rd portion of fruit and veg?

milk, milk, lemonade, round the corner smoothies made.

deadline 24th jan

milk, miiilllk. damn wrong product.

Thanks for all of your entries (all 1593 of them, wow).

The deadline has now gone but you can see the 7 chosen winners here if you like.

Thanks again, it was a pleasure reading them all. We were immensely impressed.

Not made in China!

Watch out for the innocent ones

Damn! Check out what my mamma gave me

It sure looks good down below

Your bottom is nowhere as nice as mine

See! I told you i was good

kiss my nice little round bottom

Im to good to be true

You like my juicy little bits?

Make the most of what mamma gave you

Ooo la la

Good things sure do come with small bottoms

I bet you never had one this good

You can touch my bottom anytime

its a right handful init?

its a nice view down here isnt it

you like?

you like the look of my booty?

What time is it? its booty time

Does My Bottom Look Big in this?

The other way is up

Did you ever expect a corporation to have a conscience,when it has no soul to damned,and no body to be kicked?Do you understand?

This was an age of innocence and happiness.God bless you all, and God bless America !

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