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January 23, 2008



Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

who is pete?

Oooh I like this...

Bottom up... smoothie downed.
Is my epiglottis showing?
Stop peering down my throat!
Open wide say mmmmm!
This way to the fruit flume!
Going going going... gone :(
Fruit intake valve. Status: OPEN

I'll stop now or I could be here all day...

This way down

Has to be said "Does my bottom look big in this"

"Other way up"

"wow, you're bored aren't you?"

"Tastes better from the other side"

The end.

Nothing gets past you does it?

bottoms up

Shhh...don't tell anyone.

You won’t find them here, you know.

Drink Me.

NS GSOH WLTM U 4 LTR 020 8600 3993 ACA X


Call me 020 8600 1234

Drinking innocent makes makes you nosey.

Same time tomorrow?

you cant touch this

nothing to read down here

You've made the fruit go to my head!

You're so rude!


Don't read this when crossing the road.

Say 'hello' to the next person you pass.

Bottoms up!

Hope you put the cap on first

This side for Australians only

why are you looking here?

Getting to the bottom of it

How low can you go?

Hello table-top!

Going South for Winter?

Genuine 100% Innocent bottom

This is not a subliminal message.

nothing here- what did you expect?

why do people read the bottom of bottles?

The blood is rushing to my head!

Your bottle is upside down.

Nothing get's pasteurise.


Did this get pasteurise?

The fruits of your labour...for me!!


Innocent....until proven average smoothie

How's my drinking? Call 0800-SMOOTHIE-CHUGGERS

Please drink from the other end.

Shake before drinking - not after!

All gone when you can see the other end!

If empty, time to get another one!

I hope you left the top on :-)

Did someone just ask you the time?

Smooth(ie) operator

This way up

Beautiful on the inside

I love my bottom

Don't get fresh with me, sunshine

Does my bottom look big from there?

Handle my bottom with care....

Since you're here, please remember to put me in with the recycling

Hi innocent,

Can you print using Braille characters?

Just a thought.

"Wrong way up, fool!"
"All the smoothie is rushing to my head!"
"I can do handstands!"
"what are you looking at?"

There’s nothing to see here
What are you looking for?
Why not read a book instead
You’re curious, aren’t you?
And the meaning of life is…
2 portions of fruit woz ere

Phwrrr... I bet you're loving this.

Q: What has a bottom at the top???
A: Your legs!

Look a little deeper

The bottom of the matter

Spin things on their head

Getting this far was worth it

The light at the end of the tunnel

Don't you love happy endings?

Bin my bottom

Shouldn't we be doing work?

Drinking the Australian way.

Hope you kept the lid on!

If you can see my bits, give me a shake

I like big bottoms and I cannot lie...

From the heart of our bottom

You didn't take the cap off, did you?

Your message here

Now recycle me

Also available in black(berry)

There's none left!

(To be written backwards so it's legible from inside)

go on... shake the booty :-)

other way up!

boo! (obv for the october smoothie of the month!)

please recycle me!

hope you enjoyed me!


Made you look!

Does my bum look big in this???

Hope you remembered to put the lid back on!!

Drink my friend NOW. We need to be together!

(To be written backwards so it's legible from inside)

Please drink me from the other end.



"have you got your glasses on?"
"are you sitting comfortably? then i'll begin"
"how do you drink yours?"
"don't bin me, i have feelings"
"i bet i'm your favourite flavour"
"don't leave, i think i love you!"
"fill with beans and make maracas"
"do not use as a weapon"
"I can be worn as a hat"

Treasure map not included.

Wow, you ARE thirsty!

This isn't a fortune cookie!

Now go - make the world a better place!

The Answer is not at the bottom of the bottle!

I bet you wish you bought a bigger one now don't you

Don't you wish you were as smooth as me?

Does your smoothie look big in this?

Smile, it makes you happy

PJ who?

There's nothing to see here

Shake it baby!!

Innocent it Bliss!
Innocent until proven otherwise.
Im just an innocent bystander.
Ive lost my innocent.
There Is No Innocenct, Only Degrees Of Guilt

You'll find no additives down here!!


Cheeky Monkey!

'smooth as a baby's bottom'

"turn me round, i'm innocent!"

"innocent by name...naughty by nature"

you want me dont you ?

id be so good for you

all gone!

help im trapped in the innocent factory!

get fruity with me

im full of it

The curious one returns - what kept you?

whatcha lookin at?
the world needs more love :)
10% energy saving committee
love from the cows of west country
the name is bob

smoothie as a babies bottom

Made in England


I'm such a smoothie

I'm getting my 5 a day

What are you staring at!

Innocent - then y r u looking @ my bottom?

Hello - I'm feeling fruity, are you?

Like my bottom? Use me again!

This smoothie is singing… listen!

Are you getting the happy vibes?

This isn’t a smoothie. It’s a penguin.

I love you – is the feeling mutual?

Aagh! I don’t want you to see my bottom!

Teach me to dance. Pretty please!!

All of me is innocent. Even my bottom.

Made you look you dirty duck.

You better hope the lid's screwed on tight!

This bottle will self destroy in 5, 4, 3...

x =D x

You're such a smoothie!

Feeling fruity, cutie?



What a waste, time to clean the floor!

(having watched my 5 year old daughter do exactly this yesterday)

I look great from every angle.

Change the way you look at things.

Drink me, cook me, eat me, love me.

Which came 1st? The bottle or the smoothie?

No one ever looks down here, HELLO!

Now you've reached the bottom there's only one way up

I may be upside down but Im still watching you

Place eye here, view, see...juice

Can you balance me on your nose?

Are you upside down or me?

Can you see my bits from there?

Told you I wasnt wearing any knickers

All fruit juice and no knickers

Butt out, Im naked

Can't a smoothie get some peace?

Bottoms up, juice down

Is the lid on? Is it?! Is it?!

If you can see my bits from there you're standing too close

Boo! You found me!

Honk if you had a smoothie last night

Are you juggling me or just teasing?

Caution:May contain stuff that’s good for you

If fleeces are made from bottles how do they shear them?

You can't drink me from this end !

Have a 'fruity' day now!!!!

drink my grapes help save apes

Caution - do not turn this bottle upside down

Bottoms up.
The bottom line finished.
Scraping the bottom of the barrell arent we?
Bet your bottom dollar on Innocent.
Innocent - from top to bottom.

Whatever you do don't turn around!

I like you, did you like me?


Press here to activate ejector seat

2 out of 5 is a good start

I am not a smoothie, I am a free man!

Shake me like a polaroid picture

And you will live happily ever after

I ♥ Innocent

I ♥ smoothies

Race you to the bottom!

This is the bottom line.

The deepest or lowest part.

What were you expecting?

Drink the smoothie; read a book!

Does my bum look big in this?

Here's my bum hole

Take two, cut in half, et voila surfing

Ooooh don't get fruity with me!

Now you've finished, go, spread the word

I used to be a plastic bag

I'm a fruity bottle of lovely goodness

Drink me, drink me before they come

Stop, you're making me dizzy

Can you put me down, I get vertigo

I can see right up your nose

I'm a secret Smoothie drinker

Does my fruit look big in this?

I would love to be as smooth as you !

my work here is done

Put me down! I'm Innocent!

Does my PLUM look big in this?

To drink, perchance to live

Woh there!

Recycle me please

Hope you're not a fruitarian

Starting to feel dizzy down here

BE ALERT! The world needs more lerts!

A truly wise man never plays leapfrog with a Unicorn.

A day without sun shine is like... night.

Fruit. Squash. Bottle. Fill. Drink. Done.

(Inspired by G. Ramsay)

put me down gently please

Does my bum look big in this?

I used 2 b a pink toilet roll holder before this.

My first job was a shower cap.

Hope you stay faithful to me.

Fruit & Veg goes straight to my head.

Please top up again.

One for the road.

Am I your first?

Cut top off and use as pencil holder.

Innocent...but fruity!

Oh you can see my bellybutton!

This is where they cut the cord (arrow pointing to middle)

shake my ass!!

Tonsil Telescope!
Howdy Stranger!
Here's slurping at you!
Here's slurpin' at ya!
Half Full or Half Empty ?
Half Full or Half Empty :-)?

scream if you want to go faster

Tutti Frutti, o rutti!

Other way up

Take me home,make me into something

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my

smile if you fancy me

Maybe happiness is to be found at the bottom of a bottle!

Hummm that was nice!

Nice, innit?

Was as good for you as it was for me?

You enjoyed that, didn't you?

Have another one! You know you wanna!


Now, don't forget to recycle me!

Have a good day now!

finish, wash, use as a vase or rain maker

made by oompaloompas

Bottle made from 100% bottle.
Not guilty.
Bottled happiness.
Heebeejeebees? Consult doctor.
Love me :)
No smoking.
It's behind you!
Point of interest.
Caution, contents may be tasty.
My time is now.
I'm too sexy for my bottle.
Press here for the answer.
Oral consumption only.Recycle me!
The revolution will come.
Hug me.
Replace lid before Reading.
This way up.
Drinking recorded for training purposes.

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