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November 15, 2007


Oooh please have badges for us fellow beboers! Please!!!:D I'd much appreciate it!

Extremely funky

I would really like to know where our trees are really planted - see them grow :) So more on the communities the funding goes to, so we can see the real difference please.

I agree with Holly Colleen. I would really like to know more about the actual trees and where they are going. More about the people who plant and tend them too.

yeah it would be great to find out where they are actualy growing, the progress and the families who have received the trees. its a great idea and i just think it would encourage more people to take part if they could see the progress being made.

i think the ability to 'pimp my tree' (the one in the virtual forest rather than the real one) would be pretty cool. eco-friendly graffiti, solar-panel plated trunks and blinging fruit. then we can show people that we don't just care about the environment - we're also creative little chappies.
as westwood would say "that's straite blazin gangster!"

'Buy one get one tree' Brilliant. I don't want you to change a thing, save the pennies rather than research the guy who 'tends' them and put them to really good use by giving them to the person who comes up with the flavours for all those special little drinks! It was a nice thing to do and you've made me feel smiley, i bought two x

Can our widgets tally up year on year to show how many trees we've planted overall please?

Facebook widget would be good, and some more information on the trees and the people and places they benefit. You can use this year's trees to write about.

first of all, 'buy one get one tree' is an awesome idea.
Congrats to who thought of it.
The only thing i was gutted about, was not being able to display the widget on my myspace..
which i use VERY often.

loves <3

I think it's a really good thing you're doing with the buy one get one tree initiative! I hope you decide to do it again.

My only extra would be go get to know more about the people and communities that you're helping.

You know how it is? You see an appeal on the TV and you might be willing to give a bit. But if you get to know about the actual individuals, kind of almost feel like you know them - then they start to really matter to you. And you'll do more than put a couple of pounds in a collection box.

I think that if we felt a more personal connection to the people we'd be (even) more highly motivated to go out and buy Innocent Smoothies.

You asked. ;-)


RE: one hundred thousand trees

A great idea, thanks.

One little thing you might consider changing next time: allow us to enter several codes on one screen, rather than being re-directed to the confirmation page then having to enter new code, plus repeat name and email address details each time.


I agree with the others who are asking for more info on the trees, especially any which are in areas from which Innocent source fruit.

Also, please can you try and fix the counter widget before you do it again? Mine is totally wrong - it says 3 when I've actually planted 7.

I would like to know exactly where the trees .Have been planted.Are they been planted in areas.With good water supply.Are the trees native or providing food or fruit trees
Also can we expect innocent to do something similar again.How about tokens on Innocent cartoons.To provide solar panels on schools in Africa..Maybe five tokens plus five pounds would provide a solar panel to a school.Just a taught

Loved it - well done Fruit Towers team!

How about linking different species of trees to the different flavours of smoothies, so if you want to plant 5 different types of tree you have to try 5 different flavours? Could encourage people to leave their favourite flavour (strawberry and banana for me) and try a new one (like the luscious mandarin breakfast concoction!)

I think it is all a fabulous idea. I think more info about the actual tree would be great, and also the downloadable certificate... as I'd like to 'gift' a tree to someone with no internet access.
Buy one, get one tree! Amazing!


I think this is a great idea. One suggestion I would have is that there is a tree called Jatropha Curcas (Jatropha for short). The berries from this tree are inedible (so they ain't gonna be in Innocent smoothies) but have great potential as a biofuel crop. What's more it can be grown on marginal land that does not compete with land used for food. It is ideal for growing in Africa and India and is apparently one of the most promising biofuel crops.

Maybe if plantings of this tree are increased we could produce a viable biofuel crop for the future and give a much needed source of income for people living in these regions. Its just an idea.

This link contains some further info:

Keep up the good work!



how about a 'treecam' so we can check in via Web and see how things are going?

or more viably, showing a map showing where all the innocent trees are growing?

or extending the campaign, eg to other plants ... 'a marketing push, to plant a bush' etc

or extend to solar panels? 'no more flannel ...'


Hey TREE-mendous!
How about sponsoring some tree planting in this country next time. Something that's native, full of wildlife and everyone can turn up and plant there trees. Well not everyone (100k would be a bit mad) but you get the jist.
Check us out at
We've got loads of acorns to sow this winter and plenty of trees to plant!

Great idea, and I bought loads of the cartons. Was annoyed to find out after drinking them that I actually had to register a code online! I think carton purchase is enough, drop the online code registration please!

Why not have a 'tree-planting' party in UK homes? A bit of Sherry/vino/coffee - better than Tupperware? Perhaps raise enough money for one as I don't know how much it costs


I have a confession to make.

I bought a carton of smoothie, with every intention of remembering to register it so a tree could be planted. Then I forgot.

Is there some way I could remedy the situation (other than the obvious "buy another carton of smoothie")?



Hello Robin.

If you still have the carton or jotted the unquie code down there is still time to register it before Dec 10th.

We need a unique code for each tree registered though so if the carton is no longer in your company then the only alternative is to but another carton we're afraid.

Hope this helps.



i had the same problem as Robyn (several times) would there be a way to make the code detachable maybe? i'd always think to do it after i'd thrown the carton out...


Next time can there be a facility to text the code. I only have e-mail at work and forget to bring the code. Great idea though.

ditch the whole code thing.
Just plant a tree for every unit/carton shifted.
Why have the middle stage of putting in a code. Seems pointless to me.
Keep up the good work though.

The other day I was thinking bout all the people who won't type the codes in- is it ethical for me to photograph the codes of all the smoothies in my co-op and enter them in? its for a good cause!thats like 100 trees!

Loves the trees and all <3
I made loads of my friends buy the smoothies and post trees
I wrote the codes on my phone so i wouldnt forget them and posted them when i was at college or at home <3
Loving the idea of should do it more!

Next year why not plant trees in Afghanistan. The safe areas. Decades of conflict has seen their trees chopped down for profit or fuel! It would be a good natural resource for the poor people of Afghanistan.

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