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September 21, 2007


That is excellent news!!

When you work on the labels can you make the glue a bit easier to get off. I tried everything I could think of to get the glue off so I could reuse the bottles but couldnt.

Fantastic! Innocent just keeps getting better (and you were great to start with). Keep up the good work.

Love the stuff you make. We probably drink our way through about 8 litres a week. However as a recycling aware family we find that tetra packs are pretty unfriendly. Am I wrong and if Im not do you have any plans to change the packaging. Great stuff though and a good vibe. Keep it up

Hi Allister,

Thanks for the query about Tetra recycling. We think about all levels of our packaging pretty hard, so if you're keen, you can read all about our thoughts here:

With reference to Tetra particular though, the reason we use cartons is that they ensure that our drinks remain fresh which means less waste.

This has a large positive environmental impact as wasted food is wasted energy. As importantly, they use very little material (extremely light) and are made from sustainable resources (managed coniferous forests to ensure the trees are constantly regenerated).

Despite most people thinking otherwise, our cartons are fully recyclable. The issue is that most UK councils currently don't recycle them, in the same way that most councils didn't take plastic bottles 5 years ago.

Cartons are a great packaging format, we just need to put pressure on our respective councils to pick them up as well as other recyclable materials. It sounds as if your council isn't on board yet, so if you want to help, we've made a template for a letter you can send to your council, which can be found at

Tetra Pak provided an initial £300,000 National Recycling Fund last year, and along with industry partners in ACE UK, they have invested a further £1.2m to support local authorities in setting up recycling and collection facilities. They are now offering a cost neutral bring bank solution to all local authorities that are not yet collecting cartons, so there really is no excuse for them not providing a service.

To find out more about this, please click:

The best place to go to check the current list of those UK areas that are collecting and the type of collection, (as not all of these schemes are run through the Local Authority e.g. there are some bring-bank schemes at retailer sites) is here:

We know that this isn't the perfect answer, but we've decided that causing more environmental damage by switching to more plastic to get round the current difficulties of Tetrapak recycling will never help change the status quo. A lifecycle analysis of tetrapak versus PET plastic (recycled or not) shows Tetrapaks puts a lighter load on the environment overall due to much less processing of source material (ie trees not oil) and much less transport emissions and energy usage. Added to the fact that they are carbon neutrally made, we think that although they're difficult to recycle they are better for the environment overall.

I hope that helps a wee bit and that you understand our thinking on this.

If you have any more queries, feel free to email me on


If only everyone made it as easy to recycle as you guys do!

Well done all! Even more reason to drink your smoothies (as if I needed another reason LOL).

xx Alex

I actually can't believe how good this company can get. Everytime I think you've gone to the top you go and get even better!

Er, it's all very well and good but surely this is still less green than the compostable bottles?

Well done. Keep up the good work

I had reason to believe that you were using PLA as the plastic for your small smoothie bottles. Is that not the case? If it isn't the case any more, why did you stop?

Thank you.

Hello Josh. We tested out PLA on one recipe a few years ago. Unfortunately, we found that too few local authorities were able to process PLA, so we ended the experiment and started using recycled plastic in our bottles instead.

Do your bottles contain bpa? I'm glad the bottles can be recycled. We need to respect the environment.

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