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August 06, 2007


As an inexperienced aunty I was slightly concerned about finding things to do with my 4 year old nephew but coming to fete was fantastic, lots to do, good clean healthy fun. High points included helter skelter and duck herding! Thank you very much.

My hubby and I had a brilliant time yesterday (especially lovely clean loos!) apart from one thing... We were desperate to see Seth Lakeman but when we got our info pack it said he wasn't playing so we didn't bother heading over to the Acoustic Bandstand at 2pm. Weren't very impressed to find out he'd played after all... Any chance of keeping the guides more up to date - or at least telling staff to inform people that timings and acts had changed when they were handing them out?

Cheers for everything else though - roll on next year!

My housemate and I went along fairly late on sunday evening but were pleased that the atmosphere was still buzzing at 5pm! loved the free smoothie tasting and the maypole dancing!! We thought that it was a lovely event - not something you get very oftern really, just good clean wholesome fun - thats what innocent is all about isnt it? looking forward to next year xx

p.s. human fruit machine - brilliant! you can never loose!

My friend Sachin and I went to last year's and the year before's Fruitstocks, and we were really impressed at how much better the fete was than last year's Fruitstock, which felt like there were too many people at it. Little things like lots of gates for entry rather than just one like last year, and also proper notices explaining about bag searches were really good. I loved the geese herding and ferret racing, and also thought the Yorkshire Tea tea room was brilliant (could have done with highlighting this, as we stumbled across it). I'm not sure that the music fitted the fete atmosphere - maybe have louder music later on? It would also be really good if you could come back in later on, as it got really busy around 3.30 and much too hot (Sat), but I'd have loved to have come back later on. Maybe timed tickets for next year, or one that costs a bit more but allows re-entry after a specific time to avoid over crowding? The only other thing is that the directions from the tube stations were better last year. Overall, really good though.

Seriously, guys - TOO MANY PEOPLE. We were expecting something a little quieter than last year but on Saturday afternoon we could hardly move. Horrendous queues for food/drink and barely a square foot to sit down. The only way anyone was 'pretending they lived in the countryside' was if they were thinking about the restrictions on movement because of foot and mouth.

The stalls and entertainment were GREAT but why did you sell so many tickets? I really DON'T want to be mean about this but the overcrowding kinda dented my affection for innocent.

Next year, why not sell fewer tickets, at a higher price (if it's about the money)? Or just get more space in the park?

But I'll probably give it a miss to be honest.

I had a great time at the fete and was impressed with the variety of things to see and do. There were loads of great freebies (gin springs to mind)and a good atmosphere. The barn dancing in particular was great! The festival was much less crowded than fruitstock last year. The only thing I thought was too expensive was the helter skelter - so I didn't go on it.

Hello! I came yesterday with my best buddy Zoe, her 3 kids (my God children) and another very good chum Ali. We were a little surprised that the Fete didnt appear to be very well (if at all) sign posted from the Tube stations! We made our way by following people with picnic blankets! Being a real country person, I was dissappointed with the farmers market! The food was fab though, and the handing out of free suncream was a nice touch! We all had a great day until my god daughter Lauren lost her purple leather bracelet (has her name embossed on it)! If anyone has handed it in, or any of you nice "innocent people" as Lauren refered to you found it, please can you let me know! Oh and can you please hold a fete in Oxfordshire soon! XXXX

The only thing I would say is have a clearer map, showing ALL the stalls on - and have a specific timetable for the bands! I missed so much on sat because I either couldn't find it or I didn't even know it was there. Also, the queues for food really were terrible, and it wasn't signposted at all, which suprised me - not even a sign outside the gate! Also, I epected it to be a lot quiter - this was my first Innocent festival.
But overall I really enjoyed it, there were lots of nice people, very generous smoothie tastings :D and lots of very good activities. The main things you need to improve are;
+ overcrowding - there were way to many people for my liking.
+ timetables - they certainly didn't show everything that was going on, and I was really looking forward to the Innocent Drum Club, but I missed them!
+ signposting - which was non-existant this time !!!
+ maps - the ones you handed out were ok, but a lot of the time finding stuff was mostly guesswork, and I missed so much because I wasn't aware of it!
Apart from that - brilliant fete, Innocent!!!

Brilliant! All in all, a fab day for extended family outing (everyone from 60+ grandparents, to 4 year old hyperactives and including usually stroppy 14 year old, as well as a couple of 30 something parents).

A couple of things for your consideration next year, but please see this as constructive - we really did have a great time!

Litter - great to see recycling, but by early afternoon, everything was overflowing - maybe replace / empty during the day?

Signposting of the stages for music could have been better - maybe a running order by the side of each and a sign on the top saying which was which (and, given how busy it got, maybe a screen outside the big tents so those of us who were outside could still see - additional expense, but maybe worth it?)

There are a couple of comments about how busy it was - yeah, it was, but I didn't think that this was a bit problem. Some clearer 'paths' where people aren't sitting would have been useful, but given the wonderful weather (how did you manage this - rains all summer, except the Innocent weekend!!!), people were gonna wanna come! We left at about 3.30 and we heard that no more tickets were being sold - maybe you could count people out, so more could have experienced the grooviness.

And get more real ale - all gone by 3pm! Grandad wasn't happy!

All in all, a great day. See you next year.

We tried to go on Saturday which was sold out when we got there, but managed to get in on Sunday afternoon and we had a great time. We met some really friendly innocent people and innocent foundation people. It was a great atmosphere, with lots of fun stalls, games and music. Very pleased to see so much recycling too!

It was a shame that there was so much queuing for ticket collection and for food/drinks. And maybe it's an idea to count people out so that people coming later in the day can buy tickets that aren't being used any more. It was a pity to get there on Saturday and to go home empty handed, even though there were loads of people leaving, having spent the morning hours there. Resold tickets could even be sold for the innocent foundation - which is brilliant! The staff and security people on the gates also didn't have much basic info: where to get tickets, even the opening times they didn't know.

We had a great afternoon once we were in, and we'll be bringing more friends next year. Looking forward to it!!

We were in London for the weekend and saw the ad in the Times on Saturday evening.

We went on Sunday and thought it was great.

Freebies & music, rides for the kids, who could ask for more.

Lovely event, spoiled by too many people. Really. it was a total scrum all weekend. I don't remember having to queue for 20 minutes to get a cold drink at childhood fetes (maybe cos Mum did all the queuing). But seriously, guys - half as many people would have had twice as much fun.

Lovely event, spoiled by too many people. Really. it was a total scrum all weekend. I don't remember having to queue for 20 minutes to get a cold drink at childhood fetes (maybe cos Mum did all the queuing). But seriously, guys - half as many people would have had twice as much fun.

love love love love loved every second of your fete on sunday! there was a grreat buzz around and of course the smoothies were scrummi as usual. SCHLURRP.
One of my highlights (& my mumi's) was Geno Washington and the ram jam band. I had a good ol' boogi to their mooosic!
Food was lovely and so was the weather (dare i say too hot? not quite.)
The ferrets were really cute too, despite the huge crowds surrounding them. (I did get to see them eventually.)
The best bit of mine & my sister's day was near the end when we were running to the toilet and saw innocent worky types giving out free cartons of smoothie! We got loooads- we now have an even bigger smoothie filled fridge than before. That should last a couple of days... But anyway enough rambling, me and my family had a cracking day and will definitely be back next year! Thank yoooo. :)

Ooh I had such a lovely time. So many good ideas and such a buzzy happy atmosphere. I particularly enjoyed Kitty, Daisy and Lewis (is there any instrument they can't play?) and the choice of stalls with fun activites. Well done for sorting out the weather too.

Ideas for next time? Free drinking water fountain if the weather is that hot would be nice. And an opportunity to join in with the morris dancing! A competition for fancy dress perhaps. Invite the WI to run a tea and cake tent. And have a tombola.

Thank you for a lovely day!

Hi all! Really wish I went to the village fete! Looks like it was a great day out for everyone! Well done Innocent for throwing such a cool bash! Must be a great company to work for! ;) Wink Wink!

hi there innocent,
i thought your fetival was fabulous. Everything was organised and had genrally had been planned out.
Well done you should feel proud!
next year i will be bringing alot more friends.
thanks innocent xx

What a wonderful time we had!
My husband and I were keen Fruitstock goers but as he told a nice innocent woman who fancied a chat: “difficult to believe, but it got even better this year”.
Starting with the weather. Honest. How did you manage to do that? Okay, Fruitstock always got it good, but this year I thought I’d better prepare my wellies and raincoat. Forgot about the innocent magic.

We went both Saturday and Sunday and met different sets of friends for picnics and little wanders. Everybody loved it. Our musical highlights were Seth Lakeman, Adem and Geno Washington (was he fruit powered?)
Then there was all that fabulous food to suit all tastes (queues were not too bad compared with Fruitstock), all the fun games (I managed to hit a coconut, but not strongly enough)... The helter skelter was fab! We also enjoyed watching the Morris dancers, the ducks (or geese?), the dogs and the ferrets - although we felt sorry for them when it got too hot.
I did a bit of shopping too. But I missed companies like Howies and People Tree. Unless they were there and I didn’t see them. That would be quite possible. There was so much there that it was impossible to see it all.

In fact, we thought there were more people at the fete (certainly on Sunday if not on both days) than at the last overcrowded Fruitstock, but somehow it didn’t matter too much because it was more spread out – except at some places like in the tents. By the way, the sound system in the Village Hall was awful. On the other hand, the sound at the Acoustic Bandstand was excellent – and so were the attractions.

It was a bit upsetting to see tetrapak only bins filled with plastic cups and general rubbish going everywhere, including the grass.
But then one of the problems was placing a tetrapak bin right next to where people were tasting smoothies and not by the side of where they were sampling the kids smoothies. Unfortunately, most people go for the first bin they see.

The overall atmosphere was great, though. Where else could you chill and see so much in Central London? All in all, it was a totally brilliant weekend.
Thank you!

Too overcrowded - please sell fewer tickets next time.

Hard to find from the tube stations.

And better maps and signposting within the fete as it was very hard to find things.

Other than that, it was great - a really good event with lots to do and lots of nice freebies. Thanks!

Very disappointed that we had to pay this year and could only stay for a short time as it was too busy.last year we had much more fun arrived at 12 and stayed till 6.The kids area was also a lot better last year as there was far more for the under 3's and it was free BIG DISAPPOINTMENT with the fun fair long queues and more to pay out

I went last year and I agree that the childrens area was much better. I did enjoy this year's fete but I felt it was spoilt by the presence of the funfair, which was commercialised and out of kilter with the otherwise ecofriendly fundraising feel of the fete. Your staff told me that the fair people were doing it for profit not charity - why have them? - it really wasn't necessary - I would be more inclined to come next year if they were'nt there. Also not enough general litter bins. To end on a positive note, the free smoothies were fantastic and the facepainting skills of your staff were amazing!

The fete was excellent - great music. Great fun and credit to OCADO for the Human Fruit Machine!! The kids loved it and the guys doing it were brilliant.

Couldn't get to the fete - it was too far away. How about having the next one somewhere more central - like Leeds

Joan Brown

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