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June 12, 2007


Think it might be easier in future to list which awards you haven't won.

bishops park could do with a continued revamp now it has all that lovely new turf from trafalgar square

Aaah it's so delicate - I don't know much about London - but somewhere safe, where it can watch passers by - kids on bikes, couples picknicking, - where birds can call it their home & where yobbo's won't try & dig it up! x

Maybe you could dig up some of the concrete car-park and fill it with earth. If you cover it with grass and put the tree in the middle it would be a lovely place to sit in the summer, especially once the tree is big enough to sit under.

How about one of the hospitals? Most of them have open spaces that could use a tree for people to enjoy...

Car parks are very good places for trees - trees keep your car cool in the summer, they make a nice place for birds to sit, and when the tree gets older you can hang lots of bird feeders in its branches in the winter, thus keeping some birdies alive and making a interesting thing to gaze at from your window.

Remember you'll need to dig up quite a big piece of tarmac for it though - it may be small and cute and cuddly now, but in a few short centuries it will grow into a jolly big tree. Once it's done that, you can put a bench near it (not a wooden one - thats like taking your pet chicken to KFC) and it will be a lovely oasis where teenagers can fall in love, wistful men can write great poetry, and beautiful ladies can dream of loves lost.

So, the point I'm making - stick it in your carpark!

You could have a ceremonious tree planting to open your Village Fete...

Then at future village fetes people can dance around it and wave sticks with bells on and stuff. It could be like a whole new tradition!

I concurr with the ceremonial fete tree-plantage. That is a fabulous idea and I promise to come along and wave sticks if you do.


I agree with Sally and Enola, ceremonious tree planting at the fete would be great...and someone should make a speech...and we should eat cakes...and drink some champagne.... to celebrate!
Thought about naming the tree?

Talk to theise guys:
I;m sure they could do somthing with it.

Why not donate it to one of the groups who knitted the hats - I think there were some Age Concern or Help the Aged groups who knitted tonnes of hats. Am sure some of their venues could do with a nice tree.

How about planting it in an old people's home. The one where my mum lives - those that can't get outside like to look at nice plants and trees in the garden. And it links up with the supergran theme.

Donating it to an old peoples home sounds like a great idea, perfect for a supergran-related prize! :D

I also like the ceramonial tree planting. Maybe you could plant it in a central place and plant some strawberries around it or something? I think you should definatley plant one of your fruits near it to make the tree more innocent; and it definately needs a name!

Once the decision has been made where to plant the tree perhaps you could plant the tree on International Day of Peace on 21 September.

Could you plant him/her (not sure which - probably a her given the pink ribbons), on top of one of the Innocent cow vans? That way 'sappy' can get to see the whole of London in a sort of 'open top bus victory parade' way...

Go local - Ravenscourt Park.

I think you should plant it in an old peoples home in London. One with a very big garden and preferably an old protected house (so no one can chop the tree down)
Then have a party and name the tree. We could sing knees up mother brown, then we could wave sticks with bells on at the tree and everyone's happy :D

I like the care home/age concern idea but if that's not working out for you then you should plant it in the garden of your most deserving innocent employee - you could have a vote through your newsletter!

Just make sure it's somewhere that it can grow up big and strong and not be at risk of getting chopped down later in its life.

You should plant you tree in Cheshire- it'll make more friends in Cheshire because there's more green things here- whereas in London it'll grow old and lonely and end up phoning the Samaritains and trying to touch the overhead electricity cables to end it's lonely little life.

The solarium of West Kensington Court could do with some more greenery.

why not give it to a kids nursery so they can watch it grow

Hey there.
How are you all today?

I think you should plant the tree in the Big Smoke somewhere... perhaps outside the headquarters of an unethical, irresponsible company such as 'Tescos' or 'Microsoft'. You put them to shame innocent, honestly you do... if companies took a 'leaf' out of your book (see what i did there?) then the world would be a better place. BIG wednesday love****

why not plant the tree in memory of madeleine mccann,the little girl abducted in portugal.where would be yours and her parents decision but innocent she was and innocent you are.

OOh do the old people's home thing - there was one on BBC Southern news last night where the old darlings hadn't been able to leave their rooms for 6 weeks as the lifts had not been working!! 6 WEEKS!!! It beggars belief - and did these little sweethearts complain - not a jot. They were just very pleased when it was fixed. Surely these lovely laides deserve a little tree joy?
Ahhh go on

Somewhere with other young saplings so it doesn't feel leaft!!!! out


sorry, i'll get my coat.

I think it should be planted slapbang in the centre of the pitch in Wembly Stadium. They wont know what hit 'em!

Old Peoples home, Nursery School, all good ideas, doesn't really matter which one as long as the premises are going to stay the same for a long time, which unfortunately, nowadays, is an extremely unreliable prospect... Failing that howabout .. Epping Forest - Hyde Park is a safe bet as is Regents Park, Holland Park .. etc etc ...

Can we suggest Treesa as a name?

how about North of England? Yorkshire? Yes life does exist outside the London area.
Sowerby Bridge has a new market that is nearly built- would look really nice as there isnt much greenery - will become a focal point, in an area which will become a social gathering place for all generations.

How about all Big Tick winners planting a tree in the same place perhaps with an appropriate plaque, starting a wood of honour.

Ahhhh, it would be so lovely if it was planted in Bishops Park as then I could see it when the Mustardtonians (my house mates) go to have innocent smoothies and biscuits on the river and we could go and talk to it to make it grow , "oh-so very well". It would fit in so well with the beauty of the park and the little church in th park in the river. I'm sure he would love a spot near te river!

Maybe we could call it " Joseph" -the father of good things to come" and water it with special water.

Oh that would be lovely.

plant it near some eggs

I think it should be planted in the garden of the old folks home whose residents knitted the most hats.
Hopefully you will then get even more hats next year as all the knitting grannies will get competitive and want to win a tree for THEIR home the following year.

Does it have to be planted in London ??? What about somewhere like erm.. say ... Wivelsfield Green in Sussex ???

My son's school is moving to a brand new building in September - they are building it as we speak (well not right this minute 'cos its 10:00pm - but you get my drift).

Anyway your nice new tree could come and live at his nice new school. I'm sure the kids would love it and look after it and send you pictures of it and everything. You could come and talk to them about healthy eatting at the same time !


I like Marjorie's idea actually. the youth have enough thrown at them in terms of wildlife/health etc. The elderly are getting a bit left behind in terms of attention. I think the tree should give some smiles to the elderly!

Leaf it alone!! Sorry Joon -stole your pun. What a punter. Perhaps next year the best knitting old lady can win a tree house? With some eggs in it. x x

Now THAT would be fun! Tea party and knitting in the Tree house!!


Perhaps you could plant this tree outside your main office to remind all of you how your readers do respond to your appeals?

Well, because it was won for Age Concern, maybe some kind of retirement home near your HQ? or somewhere those survivors go a lot - a war memorial?

I think the idea of it being outside an old people's home is great - especially after all their hard work for Supergran!
But how about donating it to a school - there was a lovely oak tee in the car park of my primary school, and it was great. We used it as base when we played tig, and hid behind it when we played hide-and-seek. And then it can watch the generations of kids grow up and leave. The one at our chool had been there since the start of the victorian era - so who knows? And perhaps the children can dance around it with sticks at their summer fetes and hey days. Then everyone's happy.

I think you should get some school kids to own the tree (Treesa) protect it and choose somewhere to plant it.

As it's an oak it will need a lot of space. As it's summer, it'll need watering until it's established. It can't just be planted and left.

You'll be even more innocent, as reduces your carbon footprint :)

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