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June 05, 2007


Woo-hoo! Congratulations! Happy blogday to you!

Personally I think it's really cool that you are reaching out and talking to your community. It's awesome.

I had an idea that you guys ought to print up some cards to distribute to blog readers and have them hand out to people in shops... something like "I'm Innocent!" with a logo and a blog link. Particularly those poor coffee shops and places where they just don't stock Innocent smoothies... :-(

As for what to blog next... more craziness. It's that simple.

How about interviews with all the workers (not all at once).

Maybe you could release the name and job title of the next person under the spotlight and then readers could send in the questions, with the best so many getting selected.

I really enjoy the Innocent sense of humor. It'd be great to see more about how you come up with the text for the bottles. Maybe you could post some rejected ideas, things that didn't quite make it onto the bottle. I'd also like to see more about what goes on at Fruit Towers. Who are the people behind innocent? Also, I really think you should have more guestbloggers. Not that I don't enjoy you guys, but I'd also like to hear what everyone else at the company is up to. Maybe you could have each of the ~200 employees each take a turn at the blog (that should get you pretty far into year 2, right?).

Thanks for reading my rantings.


P.S. Are you going to start calling the smoothies "This Smoothie"?

Happy 1st Blogging Birthday Innocent! I don't think you should try & specifically think of gimmicky things to do, you do enough quirky & enivronmentally memorable things as it is. I like hearing about the things/events going on at Fruit Towers, maybe more intersting ideas to help the environment? Other than that keep it simple x

Actually James could be on to something - but I think you *should* interview everyone at once :-) Let the audience shout out random answers!

Happy Birthday! Entertaining us for a whole year... I think using the blog to spread great thoughts and dees is a good plan like these chaps:
Can't be a bad thing - entertaining and charity fun!

Hello, not sure this is where I do this and you probably had this a million times before but......

Your drinks are brilliant and I won't have a bad word said against them, you or the people you love (I save up all my bad words for George Bush and the makers of Big Brother). I love them so much I really hate the fact that so much sticks to the side of the glass. I want every last drop in my gob, not down the sink. How about Innocent non-stick Mugs that deliver the full pay load?

I know what you shouldn't blog about .... company direction and the decision to supply to McDonalds!

Dear me, now that was a bunch load of trouble wasn't it?
Cripes - it nearly put me off me morning coffee, after my morning de-tox smoothie of course!

Happy Birthday Blog
x x x

Happy Blogday!

You know what, these blogs are so special and warm fuzzy feeling inducing you don't actually need to blog anything special. Just keep going like you are. I like just reading about all the cool stuff you cool people do! 'Cos it's cool! (Like a nicely chilled smoothie...). We love you innocent, you're doing great!

Overly serious suggestion but amid all the usual stuff you should not avoid addressing the fact that Innocent is growing fast and facing increasing pressures to stay true to its origins while becoming a big business. There's lots of mutterings out there about how the two are incompaible and this is a great place to address it and keep yourself honest.

Hopefully people do realise that everything we say on this blog is honest.

And having worked here for eight years, and being the fourth person (after Rich, Jon and Adam) to work here, I'd love to hear what those mutterings are and hopefully help to address them. That's what this blog is for - to find out what people think and to be able to give them a decent and honest reply to their questions.

For what it's worth, innocent doesn't feel any different to the day I started working here. The only difference is that there are more people and more recipes, both of which are excellent things. The reason we make healthy, tasty drinks hasn't changed, and the way we make them hasn't changed.

In fact, getting bigger means we have lots more smart people in the building, so hopefully in the next few years we'll be able to do loads more interesting stuff, whilst remaining innocent.

I'm proud to be proud of what we do and what we're going to do.

Happy blogday Innocent!

We'd like to see a place where Innocent drinkers could send in their own ideas for recipes and products. And if you choose one to produce, that person could be named on the bottle, eg.

'Grape, blackcurrent and banana smoothie, designed by Amy (with a little help from Innocent).'

There could be few sentences about 'Amy' on the back too.

If we could make a product it would be Innocent Ice Lollies, made by freezing a smoothie. Perfect for the rare bit of sunshine we're seeing this week. You could have your nice copy on the lolly sticks or the classic jokes which you don't really see anymore.

Another idea could be to have End of Season Smoothie Sale drinks (A bit like clothes sales). When a certain fruit is coming to the end of its growing season you could sell the smoothie at a reduced price.

Sorry Dan, maybe I phrased that poorly - I wasn't suggesting any dishonesty, it's clear that that is not the case on this blog. I was just talking about the kind of public self-examination that keeps you true to yourself and that you've already been doing.

Hola, Innocent.

We've just come back from Sunday School, which has given us another idea for the Innocent blog.

At one time or another, we've all let-off a naughty little tommy squeak* in the office and not owned up to it. Or, left that single sheet of toilet paper on the roll so your girlfriend has to change it...hmmm...perhaps that one's just us?

Anyhoo, the point is, it's not easy being 'innocent' all year round, so why not give all your drinkers who stray off the path to 100% purity the chance to confess all their little sins?

Name June 5 'Sinnocent Day' and open a virtual confessional booth.

'Father Dan', you can impose a particular penance for the sinnocent to perform. For example: Not letting fellow drinkers out at a junction, would be forgiven by drinking a breakfast smoothie everyday for a week.

Gawd bless ya, Innocent.

*A tiny trump which sounds like a mouse.

'Father Dan'...that brings to mind the immortal words of 80's anti-hero Yosser Hughes, when he goes to church to confess:

Happy Blogday to you.
Happy Blogday to you.
Happy Blogday to innoceeeent.
Happy Blogday toooo yoooou.

I would love to follow one of your bananas for the day. Or apples or pomegranates. You could blog from it's beginning to it's lovely end in your smoothies.


what to blog about?

Give us loads of info on the ethical stuff - not just about the good stuff you guys do, but what the alternatives are (I know u won't be able to mention 'bad' companies by name, but stats etc are ok). I would really enjoy blogging on that kind of thing - and you would be able to find out what is more or less important to your customers! I think the whole McD's debate has highlighted that!! It would be nice to focus on ALL the ethical choices you're faced with to keep Innocent innocent.

that hannah....what a hottie!!

Woohoo have a blogalicious birthday blog!

you should talk about exciting crazy exotic stuff that you can put in smoothies.

Stuff that I've never heard of before... so all the more reason to try it because i probably never will otherwise. like durian. and acai berries. and goji berries.

And even better you should go on missions to find these crazy ingredients... and fight dragons and leap over firey volcanoes and stuff. and blog about that.

(or just make up stories... and pretend. I'll believe you.)

Happy birthday blog!
Lots of extra comments for you! :D

Surely two pop sensations... don't forget that you had the lovely Scouting For Girls at Fruitstock last year and they are about to be huge popstars, with their first ever single out to download on Monday 18th and in shops from 25th June.

Don't know if I should put this very wicked comment on such an 'Innocent' website, and I know you never put any additives in your wonderful, wonderful drinks, but I felt that I just had to tell you that when I accidentally added a slug of vodka to my banana and strawberry smoothie, it made the vodka taste a whole lot better, and I was able to drink it without any trouble at all.

I've always been a horribly fussy eater - usually can't stand fruit drinks with 'bits' in and god forbid I put anything that didn't previously have a heart beat into my mouth. Horrid but true, but innocent have helped me vary my diet in a painless way - I can eat stuff with bits in now and I finally feel like a grown up! (I'm 25...) as an aside I'm considering the previous comment with interest....alcohol+innocent.....such a juxtaposition, but could make my evening even more fun! Thanks and keep up the good work.

Happy blogday!
Innocent drinks rule!
I especially like/liked the cherries and strawberries one for June! Yum!
Also, I really like the new one... Mangoes, Guavas and something-berries... anyway it was really nice. Thanks bye!

I love innocent smoothies, especially the kids' ones!

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