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May 22, 2007


You're starting to sound like an older sibling with all your new shiny awards!! Now I know how my little bro feels :)

Well done!

God, almost celebrity status what next??

Well done heard it on the Radio 2 news on Monday I was very impressed and my mu brought carton of smoothie to say well done to you and very yummy it was too!

Congrats xx
If your product was naff you wouldn't have been there, but its not & it better than any rivals you now have, the purest & its yummy, just glad that your success has been recognised.
Think its just reflects your brillance in seeing the need for such a product itself (bout time someone did), the marketing & in our house we all love you sense of humour as well as the drink itself lol...

Well done!!!
Much deserved!

I've been telling all my mates for a while now how great your drinks are and now heres the proof!

Really happy for you all.
Keep making the great drinks, i'll keep buying!

: )

Dannii x x

Hey, you're a good looking bunch aren't you!!! Well done to you all and keep up the good work!

well done guys..yours was one of the only deserving awards i felt! you totally worked for it and i love the drinks..what more could you want?! joy xx

Can you put up a link to the video that was shown of Fruit Towers? I missed it but I wanted to see Mav and Fordy pretending to be as good as a kid's smoothie...

And well done on winning!

From Mav's girlfriend

Isn't the lady behind you from Liberty? erm I think her name is Chakrabarti.

Well done, great effort. Very funny commentary. Good stuff.

Well done you all deserved it! I bought one of your smoothies on the way home from school yesterday, and my dad gets a superfruit carton with the weekly shopping. There the best drinks around. Got my own soothie maker at christams but mine taste horrible. :P

Good work boys!

Any news on the McDonalds debate? Or should I keep my trap shut?

Well?? DID he have the shoes on the right feet????

Well done on both the awards.Well deserved and your humour is fantastic. Only come to work so I can access your comments.

Well done ! Was really chuffed you won this award. My daughter and I love your smoothies. Did you get to meet Daniel Craig ?!!!

Should have taken the opportunity to ask Gordon the tighfisted pink face baboon if its "game on" for slashing the tax down to 5%.

But well done, keep it up!

Well done ....lurve your drinks, u deserve the award... u clever boys arent u? mmmm just thinking about a delicious acai and pomegranate, yummy, sweet, purple...sweet, super delicious.... super scrumpcious, super fruit, detox, gold top smoothie...hey i dont no the proper name ;)


Well done =]

The Kringle story was sad (ala your newsletter), I hope it has a happy resolution & you keep us updated :( !

Well done guys!! Congrats on winning and looking great while doing it. I would also like to be updated on whether Jon did have his shoes on the right feet.


Well done, you deserve all you achieve. Love the smoothies and jucies too luvly luvly luvly. I want one now but haven't got one in the fridge :((((

Congratulations! I'm sure you must be running out of room for all these awards. I'd happily look after them for you, might just need to put my name on them for security purposes, you don't mind do you...

Good grief-you guys scrub up rather well dontcha?! Must be all those vitamins..well done you clever lot.

mega well done...totally deserved. I also started my own biz last year and you are an inspiration ...and of course the product is just fab! i always buy the little bottles when I'm traveling and working away and the humour keeps me smiling lots. with your screen saver on my lap top I'm advertising for you all over europe too! Fab product - Gold stars to you all. Lis

So pleased to read that you've won some very well deserved awards.Well done to all of you.

well done all!!!!!!! were Jons shoes on the right feet or was he just checkin u guys hadnt tied his shoelaces together ?

Well done- a great achievement!

Wahey! Good on you guys.

I propose a toast - with my innocent - to the best people in business altogether! Well done. And no, Adam, your hairdresser DOESN'T beat mine.

Bye x

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