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April 10, 2007


Pretty please can you put this fabulous jam in other shops as well as Waitrose? Students can't afford to shop there. (sulk)

doea it have sweetners in?

mmm jam.
he should make a smoothie falvoured jam. :D

This sounds delicious! And also a jam smoothie as suggested would be excellent - you could just stick it in with the yoghurt, vanilla bean and honey one mmmm? Could I please win a smoothie for my yummy-sounding recipe idea??
(Sorry i'm bored at work)
Jodie xxx


Just to answer Jenny's question; SuperJam doesn't have any sweeteners in it. It is sweetened with grape juice so it's much better for you than regular jams.


The Jam Boy

I think I remember seeing Fraser on the TV - wasn't he on a young entrepreneur show on CH4? Kudos for finding your niche - I love jam - yum yum..

Mmm, looks good and I just lurve jam!
Shame they have recently closed my local Waitrose :`[

Dear Innocent people,

The SuperJam article inspired me to say something i've been meaning to share with you for a while.

I am a great fan of Innocent products - I admire your ethics, your recipes and your marketing.

But wait...!

I love your smoothies - especially your children's ones. I buy those boxes for myself and my husband! But - I wish you would stretch yourselves further! Two products I, and many of my colleagues and friends, often buy are vegetable soups and fruit crisps. But it pains me in many ways to buy them and I wish Innocent would get involved in those markets. Here's why:

Apple Crisps - Humdinger.
Yuuuummmyyy. I love them. I would eat tons and tons of them if it wasn't for:
A - the added stuff they don't tell us about because they are made in China (hey, nothing wrong with China, I just wonder why they can't be made here?) and quite possibly don't have the ethics to keep them 'innocent' - mainly because of B...
B - have you seen the packaging? They waste our natural resources. The little buggars come in cardboard containers with plastic lids WITH a crisp-type bag INSIDE. That's what I call making me feel guilty!

I tried making apple crisps myself a few times, and I'm not great at it. I could do it, but it takes a lot of time and patience to perfect that skill. So that's why I'd like to buy them from someone who could apply ethics in packaging and ingredients - will you consider? I'll be queing outside the shop in the freezing cold for them when they're launched - I promise!

'Fresh soups' - Various supermarkets
Many diet and general trying to be healthy attempts has made me and many others a fan of soups. I would happily spend my lunch-money every day on a soup, if it wasn't for all the stuff I don't trust in them. I make soups myself sometimes and I just use natural ingredients and they taste just fine. I don't need to add lots of stuff to artificially add taste and they do keep in the fridge without those sorts of additives. But this takes time and effort and finding all the right ingredients etc.
Please get into soups - it has a nice ring to it, doesn't it: Innocent Soups? Lots and lots of trying to stay healthy people out there would really appreciate it!

Eagerly anticipating your actions :-)

Line (pronounced Leena)

OK,speaking of Jam, and since I've not seen any daily thoughts for a couple of days, have you guys seen this video of David Elsewhere...

You won't believe what this guy can do!

This stuff is the future, I've tasted it.

Seriously though, I have problems cos I just can't have jam on my morning toast, the sugar sends me haywire and by 10am I've crashed and gone all shakey (my body processes sugar strangely). This stuff, on the other hand has no such ill effects.

Now I know you might think 'yeah yeah but i bet it tastes of nothing like all the non-sugar non-fat non-taste things out there' as I first did, but you are wrong. This stuff tastes great.

Miraculous, I'd say!

Good stuff with the jam, jam man. I also suffer from sugar highs, so I shall pop to Waitrose in my lunch break when we've finished our current jam supplies.

As for making Innocent work harder, make some damn ice lollies/smoothies if you haven't already had some other Innocent maniac nag you to do so and it's not on your little cork notice board.

I really should visit you all one day but I'm scared despite your friendly faces and fonts.


I found this page because I had a dream that I bought an Innocent Soup (Carrot coriander and sweet potato) and microwaved it and it was delicious! I thought I'd Google it and it lead me here! I agree with Line, I'd eat a conveniently pre-made soup but I don't like the idea of the additives that are in it, or even the unadventurous ranges available. I'm sure there is a definite market with the kind of people who buy your single serving bottled drinks on their lunch break. Sweet potato and tomato would be ingredients that may even make good bases for cold soups you can drink if microwaving isn't an option in terms of packaging.

I know this is an old post but I hope my comment is read by someone!

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